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Ford 460 engine Marcel 6-15-09  
We have a 1994 E350 Class C motorhome,
460 engine. Hesitates/jerks while driving along,this does not seem to happen when pulling hard. Could it be fuel filter,fuel pump, transmission, shifting problems? This happens in all types of weather. Another problem..in hot weather truck won't run, have been told it is vapor lock, when we let it cool off problem seems solved. Any suggestions to the above questions.
Re: Ford 460 engine conrad posch 7-23-11  
1997 ford 460 engine works fine for 1000mi or more then sputers and misses if i keep the throttle steady it seems to go away until the time
Re: Ford 460 engine NEIL 8-6-11  

Re: Ford 460 engine Tom 9-22-11  
1994 E350 miss fire.
Changed all the wires plugs and etc no difference. Problem resolved with MARCEL's 4-9-10 fix. Changed the 10MFD polarized electrolitic capacitor in the ECM. There are three capacitors in the ECM one 10 MFD and two 47 MFDs. No need to change the 47 MFDs. Make sure you solder in the new one the same way as the old one. The positive wire is indicated by a black stripe on the capacitor. The old capacitor was rated at 16v. I used one rated at 160v. Its just a little bigger but works the same. If your not used to soldering circuit boards get someone that is.
Marcel, thanks so much for your invaluable fix.
Re: Ford 460 engine Andy 6-4-11  
460efi idles great falls on its face off an idle
Re: Ford 460 engine Mike Ramsey 8-13-11  
I have a 96 Ultra with a 460 engine. I too am experiencing sputtering @ low idel. I have inspected the wires and all looks okay. My next suspect is the fuel filter. Can someone tell me where it is located. I was told on the frame, but I am having a hard time finding. Thanks.
Re: Ford 460 engine jerry sorrells 5-17-11  
I have a ford f350 year 1988 engine is a 460 I need to know the order the plug wires hook up could someone please draw me a diagram so i can get this right thanks JERRY
Re: Ford 460 engine Ralph Jones 2-13-11  
460, RV air stream 1995 fuel pump, missing and back firing through throttle body. What else can it be?
1992 Ford 460 Motorhome class c Linda 2-15-11  
When I drive between 35 and 45 mph I get a vibration from the motor. Sitting idle I can smell the gas fumes as if it was running rich. When I hit 50 mph it seems to smooth out, but not perfect. Any suggestions?
Re: Ford 460 engine donny 3-12-11  
I purchased a 1986 Ford motorhome and i cant seem to get it to run as it should. It will not start unless I remove the breather and manually choke it with my hand...The previous owner purchased a new 4 barrel holley carb several people has advise me to remove the holley and replace it with a elderbrock.This has the 460 big block it only has 36000 k...so can anyone help me with this if so..what should i ask for when purchasing a new carb...
Thanks for your help!

Re: Ford 460 engine Tessa 12-3-11  
Hello Marcel!
Just wanted to thank you for your post. I too have a class C with an E350 that was hesitating and stuttering. Just like your description.

I started with replacing the wires and spark plugs to no avail. When I read your post I pulled my computer and sent it away to get fixed.

It worked! It runs great!

Thank you again,
Re: Ford 460 engine ray 1-7-12  
I have same problem except when i go up a hill it starts jerking,come to a stop it quits but starts right back up.mechanic changed fuel filter,still the same.changed the idle air module,still the same.any one else have any ideas?also changed plugs,spark pick-up in distributer,carb cleaner in intake.help
Re: Ford 460 engine frank 5-3-12  
I need a belt diagram for 1987 e350 460 engine it has four belts and i am replacing the belt and i dont know to put the four belt back. please help
Re: Ford 460 engine bob 5-26-12  
I have a 1988 jayco class c with a ford 460 and cannot locate low pressure side of air condition for recharge
Re: Ford 460 engine dave 6-20-12  
Re: Ford 460 engine mark 7-6-12  
I have a 94 motorhome with 460 engine.
The engine starts fine and idles fine for about the first minute then starts to idle rough. Sometimes it seems like the engine will die, but it keeps going. Driving at low speeds it misfires fairly often. At higher speeds it runs better but misfires every so often.
I've replaced plugs and wires.
If you have any advice, please let me know.
Re: Ford 460 engine eric 4-27-12  
I have a 76 Ford Lindy with carburetor.It has an auxiliary fuel pump to boost pressure.It usually chuggs up most hills. Switching on the aux. pump solves this problem.
Re: Ford 460 engine Leon Stewart 3-19-12  
I have a 94 Pace Arrow with Ford7.5 for some time now a slight amount of oil in coolant showed up, the oil never indicated a problem. While changing out the water pump found the oil cooler had oil film on water side. I could not get any info from ford. What is the recommended repair?
Remove completely? After market?
Re: Ford 460 engine Stacy 10-24-10  
I have a 1985 ford 460 E350 that used to run great but now has major selniod problems. The starter keeps sticking!! Replace the selnoid and runs great until i go to start it again. Battery is getting drained with no cause. Hook up new bat. and it turns over with no key in ignition key in locked position. replaced ignition switch. Changed selnoid 3 times in last 4 months and still has problems. Anyone out there that can help? It would be muchly appreciated.
Re: Ford 460 engine in coachman class c motor home betty malone 2-19-12  
Cranks but bogs when accelerating idles rough and falls dead but cranks back easily. Accelerator has to be patted several times to get it going. Will not take gas going up a hill but will maintain speed at 55 mph. When accelerating, backfires through carb.
Re: Ford 460 engine Jessie Hill 2-20-12  
Want to do a diagnostic test on my 1997 F250 with 460 engine. Can,t find where to plug in the tester. Who can tell me ?
Re: Ford 460 engine Lee 12-22-11  
I have a 1988 Ford Fleetwood Jamboree class c 26' with a 460 efi, ran good parked it, went out 3 days later to start it and it just turns over wont start. Replaced fuel pump relay and high presure pump mounted on the frame still no luck, tested the wires going to the new pump and I have no power to the pump with the key on, any ideas? checked the fuel trip button by the pasenger kick panel it was fine please help.
Re: Ford 460 engine Al Barrs 6-12-10  
1987 Fleetwood Jamboree 26 ft Class C Motorhome on E-350 Ford Chassis, Gas Carburetored with 40 gal gas tank behind rear axle with single in-tank fuel pump and inline gas filter attached to driver side frame. Have replaced both in-tank fuel pump and inline filter.

After unit sits for a while it takes forever to start the engine. The fuel either leaks out of the carb or back into the gas tank, or something else is not working properly. Once the engine does start it runs fine. I am worried about burning out the starter, so stop between a few seconds spin to let it cool. Also worry about running the battery down.

What's my problem and fix?

Al Barrs, Retired
Greenwood, FL
Re: Ford 460 engine jason 8-29-09  
Have a 1995 class a motorhome with a for d 460 it spits and sputters and dies hard to start but put in nuetral seems to run ok when i rev it up
Re: Ford 460 engine Ernie 8-29-09  
1987 e 350 motorhome with a 460,i loose power going up hills i've replaced both fuel pumps ignition coil ignition modual spark plugs fuel diverter valve thats just before the carb, new one has a smaller orfice for the return of fuel to the tank, new filter, rebuilt the 7 year old carb, it will run fine if i floor it and then about 8 seconds i loose power, when i let off the gas and lightly touch the gas peddal i can resume but if i put my foot into it again i can stall the engine, its so bad now that i can only get to about 40 miles an hour if i push it the engine acts like its running out of gas,thank you
Re: Ford 460 fi engine Bill 9-4-09  
I have a 1990 Ford 460fi Cobra Motorhome, F-53 chassis. 54,000 miles. It runs great except for a slight speed increase with slight pressure on the accel, or going up a slight incline. It is as if it is changing a half gear between O/D and Drive hardly noticeable.(not a gear change) It does need a new thermostat, would that make a difference? Also it has a new c-6 tranny. When I let up the speed lowers slightly. What would you suggest I check? Thanks.
Re: Ford 460 engine Steve 9-8-09  
Hey John, we have the same problem. Did you find out what it was? I would love to know................Steve
Re: Ford 460 engine Marcel 8-28-09  
Marcel here once again..just got back from an 1,800 mile road trip and our motorhome with the Ford 460 engine worked great..not a hesitation or sputter or burp the entire trip. Our problem is fixed,see my post of:7-14-09
Good luck to all...hope this helps.
Re: Ford 460 engine John 7-22-09  
I have an 88 Winnebago with 460 w/4bbl carb. Most of the time I go to start it and it cranks good but no start. Sometimes it starts, but I don't see a pattern to it. Put my timing light on tonight and there is no spark while cranking. Replaced the wires, cap, rotor, plugs. What's next? Module? Pickup?
Also, when I go to look for parts online (e.g. Autozone) the latest 460/4bbl listed is 1986, then they only list the fuel injected engines. Should I be looking for parts for a 1986 to fit my 88?
Re: Ford 460 engine BUBBA THE BUS TECH 6-16-09  
OK to diagnose: find the fuel pump relay and figure out how to bypass it. Second figure out how to do an easy check for spark. I have been left the dog house loose so I could yank it in a hurry for this. When it quits, Check for spark. If it has spark hot wire the fuel pump and see if it runs. If no spark you have a bad pick up, module or if its all integrated into the engine computer perhaps one of those. The pickup and module are most likely as they take the most heat punishment. The fuel pump relay should not be run hot wired as it is an important safety item! The computer controls that, and you will need to figure out if the control system (Computer and wiring) works or the relay is bad. (Cheap and Easy fix) The Fuel pump itself may be bad. Look at all the Dodge Mini vans sitting beside the road first really warm day of summer. My freind in the parts buisness sells out almost every spring. Good luck
Re: Ford 460 engine Scott Dittrich 7-6-09  
I just posted a very similar issue with my 90 Ford E350 with a FI 460 / C6 driveline. Where you able to resolve the issue? Please share your findings with me, thanks.
Re: Ford 460 engine Marcel 7-14-09  
Marcel here again. Just picked up the motorhome this AM and this is what the mechanic did:
Diagnosis engine"miss and hesitation"...performed a lab scope test on MAP sensor. Check spout and PIP signals, scope pattern showed A/C circuit spikes on MLP sensor circuit.Replaced the MLP sensor and had his friendly TV repairman fix the leaking capacitor. Works great on the trip home. Going on a long road trip and that will be the test.
Have a good feeling about this, hope this helps others.... Marcel
Re: 87 Ford 460 engine 4BBL Mike 9-22-09  
John and Steve, same problem here, have either of you had any luck solving this?
Re: Ford 460 engine f,i. mike. 9-29-09  
I have 87 e350 motorhome w fuel injection i have replace both fuel pump and presured tested it 45 lbs.when key on 35 when running when i test drive it it looses power when i put foot in it i back off & it will go for a bet replaced fuel filter 2 times and the black fuel canister on frame rail what else can do ???
Re: Ford 460 engine Marcel 4-9-10  
Re: Posting from July 14/09
Just to clarify what was done to our unit that has fixed the problem.
MLPS switch was replaced. A leaking 10UF capacitor in the ECM unit was replaced as well. Works great.
Re: Ford 460 engine scott 6-3-10  
me again reporting back on the note above:

I took the truck out yesterday on the Left saddle tank which has it's own fuel filter.

Although I didn't have load on the truck I pushed harder than normal and did not have a sputter.

Saturday I will replace all three fuel filters and come next weekend I will head for Ski Valley Palm Springs area and test the truck under load.

I have to make sure this problem is fixed before the long trip to Big Sir,
El Capitan Beach and so on..

I will keep posted on this issue.
Re: Ford 460 engine Stu Nickolson 6-6-10  
I have a 1986 E350 with 460 engine. The transmission only on occasion will shift to Overdrive. Does anyone know what the corrective measures would be to fix this condition? Is there a speed sensor in this make and year of transmission?
Re: Ford 460 engine Roger 7-17-12  
I have a 1988 Ford Lindy Motorhome.I have had the head gaskets replaced. Had a new radiator put in. New Fan clutch, all new hoses and belts.2 gallons antifreeze. runs at 190 in town but when I try to take it to the mountains it starts heatingup to 205 and i pull it over and let it cool down before proceeding. It will start heating as soon as I start climbing the hill again. It has a 460 in it.What tempature range should I expect it to run also has a new waterpump
Re: Ford 460 engine dale 12-5-09  
Re 460 ing 1987 will it fit into 1970 ford torino will it need modfid to fit allso hope tranny will fit allso ing has 52000 miles
Re: Ford 460 engine dale dunn 12-5-09  
I have 1987 460 en out of camper will it go in a1970 ford torino runs great in camper
Re: Ford 460 engine mike. 9-29-09  
Also on this 87 on my motorhome when its sit in the driveway it runs great when i put it under a load it drives for a while then act if it starving for fuel but if i pull of the raod let it sit for a min it goes for a while and does it again. i replaced the map sensor and cked vac hoses its a fuel injected 460 motor and replaced both fuel pumps too and filters twice. i need help..mike
Re: Ford 460 engine Jason 10-6-09  
I have an 1987 Minnie Winnie motorhome with the Ford carberated 460 and it starts after pumping the gas 5-10 time, runs for 5-10 seconds and stalls, I pump it again 5-10 times and starts again...I have replaced the carb, plugs, wires, coil, fuel filter seems good...any ideas would be really appreciated as it is stuck in a campground with winter knocking on the door....
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Re: Ford 460 engine Jim Wildrick 8-29-10  
I have a 1986 F-250 Ford truck with the 460 V-8. It was equipped with an oil cooler which developed a serious leak. My mechanic replaced it with a different oil filter which eliminated the oil cooler. A new oil pump was also installed. Now there is no oil pressure to the top half of the engine. The pump fills the oil filter but does not get up any pressure. This truck sat for a long time before doing this work. Could there be oil passages that are clogged with sludge and stopping the pressure?
Re: Ford 460 engine MikeD 10-16-09  
I have fought the fuel wars with my coach for 10 years. I think the design is a poor one.

There is a sock filter on the fuel pump in the tank that gets dirty and can cause the problem. It only comes with a new fuel pump. So drop your tank, pull the pump and clean the sock with some kind of solvent and blow clean.
Re: Ford 460 engine Mike 3-16-15  
I have a '89 F350 w/460cu.inefi motor. The truck hesitates on acceleration, while driving on flat surface is fine, however climbing a steep grade the power fades and the motor dies out. Replaced to Fuel pump, fuel filter, ecc, spark plugs, distributor. Any ideas?
Re: Ford 460 engine Greg 7-11-15  
I have a 1990 flair motorhome and it runs good but with temp out side above 100 it dies and I have to wait about 2 hours. I have changed fuel pump, filters. It seems to vapor lock. Fuel injected engines should not vapor lock. Fuel pressure regulator was replaced also. I am replacing the distributor next, any one have this problem ?. Let me know what you did to fix. thks
Re: Ford 460 engine Greg 7-11-15  
I have a 1990 flair motorhome and it runs good but with temp out side above 100 it dies and I have to wait about 2 hours. I have changed fuel pump, filters. It seems to vapor lock. Fuel injected engines should not vapor lock. Fuel pressure regulator was replaced also. I am replacing the distributor next, any one have this problem ?. Let me know what you did to fix. thks
Re: Ford 460 engine steve reed 8-18-15  
I have a 1989 coachman e350 motor home. the problem is the shear pin on my distributor gear that drives the distributor keeps shearing off. i can drive for 40-50 miles, engine runs great. than all of a sudden the engine shuts off. i take the distibutor out and replace the spring pin for the gear. some guy thinks it is cam spring or cam bearing. any help would appreciated
Re: Ford 460 engine Mike 3-16-15  
I have a '89 F350 w/460cu.inefi motor. The truck hesitates on acceleration, while driving on flat surface is fine, however climbing a steep grade the power fades and the motor dies out. Replaced to Fuel pump, fuel filter, ecc, spark plugs, distributor. Any ideas?
Re: Ford 460 engine james clark 3-4-15  
I have a 1986 Tioga motorhome class c E350 with a 460 motor Where is the voltage regulator thanks
Re: Ford 460 engine Gerald 1-15-15  
I have a 1986 travel air Ford I have to crank the egine over and over., while pumping the excel erator when it's starts I can shut it off and start it again wright away. But if sits for more than a day it's hard to start.
Re: Ford 460 engine john brown 2-4-15  
91 sprinter e350 with 460. want to install tach but cant find what wire to connect. anyone know?
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Re: Ford 460 engine cindy lovett 2-14-15  
Wher do I find the fuel pump at in my 1982 ford 460 holiday rambler motorhome?
Re: Ford 460 engine Robert Weeks 10-8-15  
I have 1 989ford tioga with a 460. I drove it from Arizona To New York and back with no problems. When I got back I decided to take it to a shop and have a complete tune up. When I picked it up I drove it approx 15 miles to my shop. I have a small shop so I had to pull it in and out everyday. This went on about three ties before the batteries started going dead. I ran the geng45n2eraotr one time to excercize it. than it would rund at all. I had it towed back to the shop, east valley rv in apache junction they told me the crankcase was full of gas and wanted to pull the pan and put a new oil pump in. I couldn;t see the logic in this so now I have it back trying to figure out what to do. They also put a new fuel pump in.
Re: Ford 460 engine mike 3-7-16  
I have a 1995 ford f350 7.5 ruff idle but when u try to take off it will still run (sometimes) it almost dies but will pick up but every time u try to give it more gas it spuuters them will pick up and run like a striped *** ape starts fine
Ford 460 EFI engine Lee 11-13-16  
1988 Sprinter motorhome built by Mallard 460 EFI engine. Been sitting not started or run for 12-13 years. Could someone give me a bit of a sequence of steps to get it running? 70+ years old with very little help available here.
Re: Ford 460 engine Ron 1-30-17  
I have a 1989 class c triple e motorhome with a 460 engine. The engine dies in hot weather. I have replace feul pumps in line and in tank. I have replaced feul filters. I have replace module attached to distributor. What should I try to do next?
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Re: Ford 460 engine Rielle 7-19-12  
Smell of gasoline inside my 1992 minnie winnie rv when im driveing
Re: Ford 460 engine Tom 11-9-16  
Just bought a used 1986 26' Fleetwood Jamboree with a carbureted 460 CID motor. Runs great around town and on freeway until you get to a hill. As soon as I start going up hill it starts sputtering and back firing. Once back on flat ground it runs fine again. Don't know what might be causing it. Carb? Fuel Pump? Fuel Filter? It had about 1/2 full gas tank when I wen't up the hill. If it's the fuel pump, is it in the gas tank or external for that year model? I suspect it's electric as I don't see one on the block.
Also noticed the engine starts easy when cold but after it is warmed up it cranks very slow and seems like it is pulling a lot of amps. The + and - wires from the battery look good and the connection is solid. The ground connection on the block is good as well. Seems crazy but could the starter be over heating from the heat of the engine? Soleinoid maybe?
Re: Ford 460 engine Dave 8-10-16  
Just started when stopped, on acceleration hesitates,losses power, back fires thru throttle body, then kicks in and way you go?
1995 Fleetwood Pace Arrow with the 460 cid, 35' mh.
Re: Ford 460 engine Todd 4-12-16  
Engine starts great but runs rough at low rpm say 1200 to 1500 can smell fuel in the cab its a c class 1978 motor home e350 chase then seems to run ok at higher rpm, I have changed plugs,wires,rotor and cap, wires are in proper order.Any thoughts..
Re: Ford 460 engine Joe 6-17-16  
Have a hmc rv with a 460. Replaced the heads, head gaskets manifold gaskets amd exhaust gaskets. Drove from the shop to home lights worked up until a block from the house and all the lights went out. But running really good. Checked and removed the altenator because it seemed not to be charging the battery. Went ahead and put that altenator back in started the engine and it didn't run like it did before the altenator was removed. It wont stay idleling run really rough and backfires and wants to die when the excellorater is pressed. What the heck has happen. Can anyone give sugestions or maybe tell us what to do to fix it please!!!
Re: Ford 460 engine Dave 8-10-16  
Just started when stopped, on acceleration hesitates,losses power, back fires thru throttle body, then kicks in and way you go?
1995 Fleetwood Pace Arrow with the 460 cid, 35' mh.
Re: 1991 Ford 460 engine james wiggs 11-2-14  
I've have a Oakland mobile home and it idles great but when I put it in gear to drive it has no power top speed on flat road is 25 it has no cat on it and has good flow coming out of tail pipe can anyone help
Re: Ford 460 engine cindy lovett 2-14-15  
Wheres the fuel pump located in my 1982 ford 460 class c motorhome ?
Re: Ford 460 engine doug 6-1-13  
1988 ford motor parked for winter now wont run
Re: Ford 460 engine Johnny 10-26-14  
I have all of the problems listed above. I just bought a 1996 Triple E with 460 Ford, and it would lose power, and pop back through air breather, then slow down to 10 MPH. By accident, I turned off ignition switch, and restarted in about 30 seconds, and it ran like a striped ape. This would last for about 15 miles, then start all over again. Finally, rather than pull off on the shoulder, I would just kick it into neutral, turn off switch, and re-start and problem would go away for another 15 miles, then do it all over again. I don't know how turning engine off, then re-starting would cure, but I made it home.
Re: Ford 460 engine fixit 7-22-13  
I have an 88 winnebago with 460 fors am looking for the diagnostic plug to hook my snapon scanner to anyone have an idea of location fixit
Re: Ford 460 engine Chris 9-12-13  
I need a belt diagram for a 460 ford in an 89 sunvista. It has the extra hydraulic pump on the bottom passenger side of the motor that runs the driveline brake when the shifter is in park. It is a gulfstream on a john deere frame. thank you any help would be great.
Re: Ford 460 engine Aaron 5-25-13  
I have a ford 1987 itasca with a 460 in it. It has been sitting for quit some time and when we try to get it started it starts,runs for 30-40 seconds then quits and when you try to start it back up it fires no problem.
Re: Ford 460 engine colby 3-25-13  
I have a 1985 motorhome with a 460 idle fine but it backfires when i give it gas help
Re: Ford 460 engine Robin Stack 7-27-12  
I have a 1989 pinicle 34 foot motor home with a 460 motor I want to recharge the dash air condition,I don.t know where the low side hose is and what type of refridgiant to put in
I recherged the A/C in my 2004 dodge caravan last year and it was pretty easy.
any information tips for me

1985 ford econoline 350 mrv ed valencia 9-2-12  
I just purchased a 1985 ford 350 econoline mrv and want to know what the size the engine is?
Re: hellllp Ford 460 engine after driving while no power on hills any pedal it backfires casey 9-21-12  
1984 coachman Ford 460 all new tune up Carb gaskets it drives fine for little bit then from seventy to 20 MPH on any slight incline can't push pedal barely at all or spits sputtered and backfires other than that idles great please email me I'm going from NY to SC moving and have to take the RV in two weeks I need you Guy's LOL could it be ignition module thank you sincerely Casey W......
Re: Ford 460 engine Autry 3-21-14  
I have a 1997 Winnebago 34' with a Ford 7.5L, 460 EFI engine. I just returned from a 1400 mile trip and noticed a pool of antifreeze under the right side. It was coming from the cabin heater. I can't find a part number in any of the manuals I have. Can you give me a point in the right direction for the correct part?
Re: Ford 460 engine daniel 7-20-13  
Idles great going at a low speed it runs great but if you gas it has no power an back fires out the carb I no nothing about mechanics what could I check also have trouble picking up speed with no power
Re: Ford 1997 F350 long bed crew cab 2tanks, V8 460 engine Danielle 7-24-14  
My truck is having this on going poblem. Ive taken to the shop many times to no avail please help.Tack goes crazy as im driving it.it sputters and stalls.recently in hot weather, it will misfire,stall& will notstart up again after being turned off. What is the problem.
Re: Ford 460 engine E350 class C rv Jacki 8-8-14  
My RV has a dog house - where is the carb?
Re: Ford 460 engine Dave S. 4-18-14  
Can't get our 1989 Lindy with a Ford Motor 460 engine to go over 50 miles an hour. Someone said it might be the accelerator pump. Where is this located or does anyone have any ideas what is wrong.3
Re: Ford 460 engine al peterson 9-13-14  
Time to spread the word. Have a 1994 ford 460 in a motorhome. Spent year and a half working on a misfire/sputter/poofing out of the exhaust. Spent close to $800 letting others try to fix it. Changed plugs, wire, coil, cap rotor, TPS, ICM, PIP........
Finally, found the thread on one of the forums describing how ford trucks/suv in the 1990 to 2000 range suffer from "popping a cap", meaning one or more of the 2 or 3 liquid filled barrel capacitors on the
ecm leaks out. Now, there are all kinds of stray voltages running around that do very strange things.
Look up Ford Ecm capacitor failures on the web. The fix is removing the ECM (easy to do) and inspect the board. If the wires to the caps are bad or there has been leakae, take it to an electronics store and it can be fixed for about $20. Three caps are about $4.50.
Re: Ford 460 engine mike 7-15-14  
Had the same problem and couldnt find the answer anywhere online.

turned out to be the pcm. got it fixed in la for $125 and problem solved.
Re: Ford 460 engine barb 9-4-14  
Engine caught on fire burned up the carboratef and the wires and hosestz
Motor for brakes, on a 1988 ford champion, lasalle rv oscar ortiz 4-30-14  
Is there an motor to power to power the brake system, when key is turn on?
Re: Ford 460 engine bob 6-5-14  
1989 ford e350 with a 460 engine. where is the low side ac port, i need to recharge or update it to r134.
Re:92 mini winnie 24 Ford 460 engine leah 6-9-14  
Considering buying with 30,000 mi on it. Any advise vs Ford 350E V10 Engine on a 98 22' mini Winnie.
Re: Ford 460 engine Mike Lee 7-6-14  
1985 Minnie Winnie w/ 460 engine. Suddenly unable to put more than 24 gal into our 40 gal tank.
Re: Ford 460 engine Ed Morris 7-3-10  
I have a 1990 Cruise Master motor home with a Ford 460 in it. I parked it over the winter and when I tried to start it this spring, it wouldn't start. There is no spark to the plugs when I turn it over. Any suggestions. Thanks
Re: Ford 460 engine Dave Bear 1-16-14  
I have a 1997 Ford E-350 7.5L motorhome that 50% of the time howls at idle. I can kick the pedal and it will go away. Many times when I let off the gas to idle it will do the same thing even though I am moving. I can't find the source of the problem. I changed to a K&N air filter and checked for obstructions. Any ideas?
Re: Ford 460 engine Chris 10-13-09  
I have a 1993 Ford Minnie Winnie DL (460). Never had a problem with it starting and running until today (30 days after i drove it 30 miles). Now it will start good, but only run for 2-3 seconds and then die. If i manually push the gas pedal it will run, but it has a loping about it (up and down) on the down side it dies.
Just put a fuel pump on 2000 miles ago, replaced fuel filter, plugs, wires, dist. cap/rotor and still the same problem. Can you please help give some suggestions.
Re: Ford 460 engine Dave 8-27-16  
Re post: 8- 28--09, what did you do to fix the problem? Stuttering and no power, and the odd backfiring on acceleration: 460 1995 Ford 530 Fleetwood motor home with 92,000 miles.... 35'.

Running fine, put in COSTCO gas, after that this started to happen.

Replaced the fuel filter, New plugs, new PCV, no change.
Re: Ford 460 engine chris 4-3-11  
I have a 1994 winnebago rats chewed some plug wires and vacuum lines. I have replaced cap rotor plugs wires and all vacuum lines. I did a self eec test and code 5-3-6 Brake on off open or shorted to ground. Engine runs great until you put it in any gear. Then when you try to go feels like a brake is stuck on. Is there a wire under the hood that the rat could have chewed that would cause this problem. There was no problem with vehicle until the rat problem. Hope you have some imput
96 e350 7.5 no power to ignition switch Anitra 11-29-14  
The bus worked for a few days.I found a red wire on the relay that went to nowhere. I thought it was a ground and grounded it. I'm positive I shorted something out but I don't know where to start, or where to proceed, please help.

Replaced: starter relay, ignition switch,nss, starter

Cleaned: battery terminal cables, starter relay cables, connectors to starter

Tested: battery, hot wires to ignition switch(no power), signal wire to starter relay(no power), cables to starter(large wire gets 12, small wire doesn't with key in start).

I can start and run with online toggle to ignition switch but starter over runs and fails.
Re: Ford 460 engine Ronnie Hester 10-11-10  
Re: Ford 460 engine Ryan 10-11-09  
I spent hundreds of dollars at Mieneki trying to resolve this very same issue with 1987 Coachmen with 460. I found an inline fuel filter along the frame rail. Replaced and issue is resolved.
Re: Ford 460 engine Lee Munoz 4-9-12  
I have a 1990 ford f250 4wd with a 460. While driving steady and then i give it a little bit of gas, it hesitates. What could be the problem?
Re: Ford 460 engine Mark 4-6-13  
Re: Ford 460 engine karl lightford 4-22-13  
I had this problem and it drove me crazy. I finally put in a 1-6 psi fuel pump on the rail under the drivers door and it started right up and runs great. The problem was that the after market fuel sending unit in the after axle tank was not having enough pressure to get the fuel to the front quickly enough to keep up with the carberator demand. There is one other thing it could be. On the back of the engine on top there is a oil pressure sending unit. It has two wires, It is bypassed in the crank mode but once it it starts if that thing is bad and don't send the signal that there is sufficient oil pressure it will cut off fuel flow. Once you turn key off and back on your in crank mode again so it will start. It is not that expensive really for either part. The fuel pump is made by Mr. Gasket and can be bought in any parts store. The sending unit is more difficult to find but I found that oriellys could order it for me and I had it in a couple days. Be sure to take the sending unit to the store with you and they will have to go to old school way of finding things. By that I mean they will have to look it up in the books not the computer. My RV is a 1986 ford Lindy but it has the exact same motor as yours. GOOD LUCK!!!
Re: Ford 460 engine Rhonda 7-5-11  
I have a ford E-350 RV with a 460 in it. It has some sort of fuel system problem. If you spray the carborator it runs for about a min. or two them dies out. I replaced the fuel pump in the engine, the filters and checked all the lines. Besides the pump in the gas tank is the anything else I should be doing?? I have a very sick daughter and need this RV fixed asap to get to Ga.from RI. She has two little children that need my help. We are short on cash and time so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Ford 460 engine Michael Cline 7-18-17  
I have 95 e350 mini winni 460 when running has black smoke when I take off have to pull it down into first or will not move while driving on level ground dose fine as soon as starts up hill loses power will not go over 45 any ideas what is causing this
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When you make renovations in your home, you ought to prevent just selecting the most affordable value from your contractor. Often, it will likely be also excellent to be real and you will need to shell out a great deal of funds to correct damage. In addition, it can be really nerve-racking for yourself. Save yourself the hassle and find the best service provider you will find rather than the least expensive.
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Slow up the process of aging with these recommendations RichardGycle 3-7-18  
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Whenever you clean your the teeth may be just as essential as the frequency of which you clean your tooth. Even though most dental practitioners advocate scrubbing twice a day, it is essential to make one of those particular brushings before going to get to sleep during the night. Producing saliva is significantly slow during sleep, and less saliva can allow harmful microorganisms to cultivate.
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Try to resolve scratches in watch cup prior to waste dollars at a jeweler. Observe faces can certainly get damaged by their constant exposure to the weather. To correct this, attempt rubbing a tiny bit of your toothpaste in the encounter in the see. Use spherical motion to see the scrapes go away like wonder.
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The iPhone allows you to help keep your camera continuous and take a clear picture. Use the volume switches that are situated on the earbuds. Becoming by framework the photo that you want for taking. While you are prepared to click the photo, you may bring it simply by urgent the button about the cord.
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Everyone at some point or any other complains about forgetting stuff. Our recollections come into enjoy each day of our own day-to-day lives. The higher the recollection you might have, the greater number of profitable you can be in your life. Beneath is really a compilation of ideas to help you build and boost your memory.


You could add existence and shade to any room just by introducing potted plants and flowers. Attempt different types that grow in different colors to synchronize using the furnishings from the place and you will have a quick right away from a journal seem. Greenery from the restroom is extremely nice if it is fragrant.

Tips in terms of preparation the ideal wedding party Brentrailm 3-7-18  


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Spread your compost out. Mulching is great for the garden. Include just as much of your garden as you can by using it. Just be aware that should you enable compost pile up towards trees or constructions, there may be those to decay. No person wants rotting shrubs and sheds, so be sure your compost is spread.

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Give your plant only the direct sun light it needs, it is harmful to your vegetation to acquire to small or too much sunshine. Every time a herb gets more sunshine than it needs it will become stressed, burn and perish. Once your herb gets insufficient direct sun light it can grow to be misshapen, will never bloom as well as expire.
How to trade industrial parts Williamton 3-8-18  
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Participate in a breastfeeding school in pregnancy to understand the essentials of nursing jobs. These sessions prepare you for the knowledge of breastfeeding your baby, and may even supply strategies for dealing with typically came across concerns. You will also find out about helpful information on nursing help in your community, including nearby La Leche League chapters and meetings.

Very good tips on how to deal with ones back problems Merlinviste 3-8-18  
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Your body of the vino is a wonderful way to match it having a dish. The "body" of the wine identifies how large the wines is. It often also correlates with the alcoholic drinks articles, with fuller-bodied wines made up of much more alcoholic beverages compared to a lighter weight red wine. Weightier dishes should be coupled with a full-bodied wine, as a lighter weight wines runs the potential risk of flavored watering when associated with something such as a hearty steak.
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If practically nothing works for your obstructive sleep apnea, consider receiving surgical procedure. Having your tonsils or adenoids taken out or some work to your nose area may make your symptoms vanish entirely. Before you get surgical treatment, be sure you know what is causing your apnea: your medical professional will be able to acknowledge over-scaled tonsils.

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Re: Ford 460 engine Tom 9-22-11  
Ford E350 miss fire.
Changed all the wires, plugs and etc no change.
Performed Marcel's fix (4-9-10).

Changed the 10 MFD capacvitor in the ECM. There are 3 capacitors in the ECM. One 10 MFD and two 47 MFD. No need to change the 47 MFDs. I bought a polarized 10 MFD 160 volt rated capacitor (voltage rating can be anything greater than 16 volts). The positive wire is indicated by a stripe on the capacitor. I belive the old one was rated at 16 volts. Make sure you solder in the new one with the stripe in the same place as the old one. If your not comfortable soldering circuit boards, get someone to help you.
MAERCEL, thanks for your priceless solution.
Re: Ford 460 engine Scott 6-1-10  
I have a F250 1987 460 carb.

I think I may have fuel filter problem
when pulling the Fifth wheel trailer experienced a sputter when accel on the freeway to increase my speed over 60MPH.

It put a scare in me because, I was too far away from home. As I let off the gas and maintained speed at 60MPH.. No problem I drove a bit longer on that tank again when I

Anyway, I switched tanks and the problem seemed to go away. I'm not sure the problem is gone, I didn't push it too hard..I sweat in my seat to get home about 20 miles to go..

I didn't have a problem the rest of the way home, even on surface streets but, again, I didn't try to push too hard.

I,m going to take the truck out after work and try it but, I won't have the load on it. So, my question is if the engine doen't skip without a load do you think fuel filter on that tank could be the problem?

I'm thinking the fuel filter
Re: Ford 460 engine CHUCK WRIGHT 11-9-14  
Re: Ford 460 engine bob 8-18-11  
Having the same problem as Stacy
Re: Ford 460 engine Robert trejo 5-13-14  
1994 pace arrow 460 engine, starts fine, under load it stumble a little, as engine gets hot it has no power and if you give more throttle it back fires and continues to worse, at times when going down grade or level road it might run fine as long as no load
Re: Ford 460 engine chuck 9-9-15  
460 ford 1992 motor home check engine light comes on when hot motor advance idle will not down shift down, replaced choke censor and some times will not shift at all park for awhile runs great for hundreds of miles then acts up again help!
Re: Ford 460 engine Loretta Sweet 11-5-14  
Just to let you guys know this is a woman of 55 and I'm still working on my 86 motorhome I love it firing order 1234 left side passenger side. 5678 right side driver side. looking at the cap far back right side number 1 5 2 4 6 3 7 8 counterclockwise.am i right? I have replaced the cap and rotor the wires and plugs the alternator or starter front u joint solenoid and I guess I have to keep going because now I have to do the power steering belt can somebody please help me. I really should be crochet you know and going to the Senior Center but I'm not I'm homeless in a Walmart parking lot and I need some help with this.
Re: Ford 460 engine Loretta Sweet 4-26-14  
Yes I'm a girl and I do know the firing order of had to work on my motorhome myself here is the firing order its a picture out of a book called tune ups its an old one that I found in the yard sale it is comin tremendously handy since I have a 1979 Chevy luv its in here too. 15426379 v8 460motor spark plug wires going into the engine is left side 1234 right side 5678 looking at the motor and the distributor you start with the one on the far right back counterclockwise and it was not easy for me to do this myself I just got done putting a new alternator in now I'm working on the starter as you I have also had a battery drain it is due to all three the battery alternator and starter and yes I'm a girl 54 years old thanks I hope this helps
Re: Ford 460 engine in coachman class c motor home Steven 1-14-16  
Did you find out what was wrong. My 96 Fourwinds. E350 460 doing exactly same thing
Re: Ford 460 engine teresa 5-31-15  
4 people have tryed to replace my belts on a 1987 460 ford itaska winabago class a moter home and cant do it please help by showing me the belt diagram its got 4 belts. Thank you Teresa
Re: hellllp Ford 460 engine after driving while no power on hills any pedal it backfires P.J. Kelly 9-30-12  
Had the same problem. Was rust in gas tank which plugged filter in external electric gas pump. Check for filters and replace or clean them. Found filter in bottom of fuel pump which was plugged. also put extra filter ahead of fuel pump. solved problem.
1983 ford econoline E350 7.5L V8 travel camper shawn clueless 10-28-14  
I cant find how to adjust the timing in this P.O.S.
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