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Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Terry Osborne 10-5-08  
I am needing a wiring diagram for an 84-86 Peterbilt 359.
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Julian Ardis 1-11-09  
Need of 85 Peterbilt 359 wiring
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram greg 2-14-09  
I need a wiring diagram for a 1996 379 peterbuilts tail lights. thank you
Re: 1978 359 Peterbilt Wiring Diagram ken 2-15-09  
No brake lights for trailer. when turn key on brake lights come on tractor.
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram brent 1-3-09  
I'm looking for a wiring diagram on a 1994 peterbuilt 379 long nose. to fix my tail lights. thanks
Re: 2002 turn signal flasher location Adrian Medrano 8-9-10  
I am trying to find a diagram to assist in locating the turn signal flasher on a 2002 peterbilt 379
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram jeff tilley 11-7-08  
If you have the wiring diagram for a 379 pete that would be great
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Dwayne 3-27-16  
I need a wiring diagram for the alternator on a 98 379 pete
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Glen leftwich 10-22-08  
Looking to get electrical diagram
for 379 pete yr 1998
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Glen leftwich 10-22-08  
Wiring harmness diagram for a pete 98
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram MARTIN JANZEN 11-25-10  
Hi i am working on a 1978 peterbilt with 4 6 volt batteries -24 volt system - i would like a wiring diagram if this is possible - i think it goes like this - if i label batterys 1,2,3,4, - bat 1 neg to bat 2 pos - bat 2 neg to bat 3 pos - bat 3 neg to bat 4 pos - bat 1 pos to starter and bat 4 neg to ground -

thanks martin
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram steve douglas 11-17-08  
1983 359 peterbilt I do not have brake lights but everything else works. I am in need of wiring diagram. I have been told it may be in the turn signal switch. Any help will be appreacited. Thanks
Re: Peterbilt brakeswitch failure? brian 9-23-10  
I have lost brakelites on tractor and to trailer.need to know proper power testing for switches.3 switches,the two at end of block have one post hot and center one has none.
Re: Peterbilt turn flasher location ira 4-21-15  
Where is the turn signal flasher located on a 379 pete
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Rod 5-8-15  
I am looking for a diagram of the wiring for the brakes of a 1989 Peterbilt
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram joe hugya 7-1-15  
Need the wiring for a 80 pete 359, with a 8v91,need too know where the power comes from for my fuel shut off, thanks
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Dave 8-10-15  
Got new in cab manual fan switch but still fan is not turning on. It works fine other wise when temp go over 215'. Need to know what to do.
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram lee griffin 2-3-15  
Marker lights on headlight bracket stopped working realys are good
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram dan 1-9-15  
1998 Pete wiring
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Rusty 12-5-10  
I found a bunch of wiring diagrams here.
Most are peterbilt with different engines. I didin't open them all, though.
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram mike morgan 10-3-11  
Fan selnoid wont get fire to disengage clutch fan. runs all the time. need wiring diagram to see where the problem is.
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Charlie Heroux 4-7-12  
I need to find a wiring diagram for a 94 peterbuilt 378. Any help would be great.

Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram tobey 9-4-13  
Please help me with a wiring diagram for a 2002 peterbuilt 378... for the ac
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram eddie morton 12-19-14  
I need a wire diagram for 1995 pete 378 with detroit eng. Please anyone
How do i wire my new stop turn &stop light on my 98 p/b david 10-20-11  
How do i wire my new rear light bar panel to a 1998 peterbilt
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Erasmo Guerrero 12-21-09  
Speedo & tach diagram
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram cindy 5-25-12  
My fan will not automatically go but I can override it. I need go trace all the wiring to check for broken wires. I have relaced all fuses sensors relays, and still nothig. I have a 1998 Pete 379 with a cat 3406E eng. Can you please help thanks
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Jon Pevey 10-26-09  
Need wiring schematic for '98 pete 379 w/series 60 detroit. Problem in speedo circuit. Wire numbers and pin positions at ECM and firewall would get me by. Sensor and speedo head new, have speed reading through a scan tool.

Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram john 4-6-16  
Looking for peterbilt 378 ac wire diagram
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram john 12-28-12  
Need wiring diagram on cruise control for 98 peterbilt 379 cat
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Wade 11-2-15  
Need location of cab ground
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Greg 3-11-15  
Would like wiring diagram for engine brake and cruise control
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram scott 9-14-13  
Have no headlights power to switch no power to relays
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Neil 4-5-09  
I need a wiring diagram for a 1998 Pete 378, thanks.
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram courtney 11-18-10  
I need a wiring diagram for a 1998 379 peterbilt
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram juan carlos 4-23-09  
I am looking for a brake wiring diagram for a 1975 peterbilt 359 can somebody help me please i apreciate thank you
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Tino Caruso 5-24-09  
Were you able to get wiring diagram
for your pete,

Can yo tell where you were able to purchase?

I have a 379 96 having a problem with

that will be a big help

Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram darrell 8-19-10  
I have a1984 peterbilt 359 I have no brake lights i was wondering where the brake light switch is located
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram mr g 4-22-14  
Need diagram for the turn signals wiring systme for a 379 peterbilt. the issue is when the left turn signal is engaged it causes all the brake lights to flash with flasher. isolated to inside of cab but cannot locate short circuit. checked all the grounds and put in new grounds just to be safe and problem continues. any suggestions. just not sure where to look in side of cab.
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Meredith Smith 3-21-11  
I am looking for a wireing diagram for 2001 Petebilt 379. I can't get my speed / tact to work, but it appears I do have juice to it.

Thank you
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram peter 9-14-10  
Heater actuator does not work. [checked a
actuator works/heatercontroler ok/need to find resister
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram breah 5-3-12  
Ned wiring diagram for fuse box on 1995 379 pete
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram john 12-11-08  
Wiring for turnsignals
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Ed 8-13-10  
I am in need of wiring diagram for turn signal switch for a 2001 pete. Or maybe even some ideas. I have all my lights on back with the flashers on but right turn don't work. any help would be greatful.
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram warren 3-25-15  
Why cant get eny where on this site wireing brake ltghts
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram richard 9-27-11  
HI I HAVE A 1983 PETERBILT AND TRYING TO RESTORE IT Where can I find a free wiring diagram FOR ALL THE GUAGES TU
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram ward 12-31-16  
I need a wiring diagram for a 1988 peterbilt with a 444 cummings
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Ronald Power 2-2-17  
I need a wiring diagram for a 2005 378 peterbilt trying to find the flashers
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Sonny stepp 3-3-17  
Trying to setup marker lights to be able to blink as courtesy lights without having to turn off headlights
2000 model 379 Pete with 3406E and super 10 trans any help would be much appreciated
Re: 1978 359 Peterbilt Wiring Diagram mike 3-6-09  
Im having trouble hooking up the wires on the startercould realy use some help thank you so much
Re: 1994 378 Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Roger Soulière 2-2-10  
I need this wiring diagram
Re: 1978 359 Peterbilt Wiring Diagram George Bailey 3-12-13  
Need battery connections to starter and

Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram ken 11-4-11  
2008 389 have no power to cab, but I have power to sleeper batterys are good can any body help
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram raonm martinez 11-15-11  
Working on c15 600.

379 2002yr

won't start,crank all day.
need to know where are any fuses along the frame rail
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Fran McClure 11-19-11  
I have a 96 pete with 379 had some wires burn up and cannot tell where they went i am looking for a wiring diagram. thanks Fran
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram william lowery 4-14-12  
Re: 1994 378 Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Jay Connell 5-18-12  
Looking for wiring diagram for 1994 378 Peterbilt. Trying to install electric brake contro, box for electric brakes on a gooseneck trailer.
Re: 2002 turn signal flasher location joseph 2-23-11  
Turn signals dont work or hazards but high an low beam light do what s the problem all relays and fuses checked ok
1998 peterbilt with cat motor jamie pascual 8-9-11  
Air con in front is working however back air condition not working at all. How can I make it work. What do I need to test..does this have a separate a/c compressor....not blowing at all or making any sound when turned on.
Re: 1998 peterbilt with cat motor Mike 10-11-12  
Need wiring diagram for my 1998 Peterbilt as I am stuck on the road with signal light problems
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram junior shiver 3-17-15  
I need wiring schematics for ecm to cab an inside cab to ecm on a 2003 379 peterbilt with a mbn10610
Re: Peterbilt Wiring Diagram phil di franco 10-30-14  
98 Peterbilt pyrometer wiring scematics Glenn 12-12-13  
I need to know the wiring for the pyrometer on my 98 Pete 3406E Cat. It hasn't worked since I bought Trk & I want to trace it down & get it working
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