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Ford A4LD transmission John 12-16-05  
I bought the book from Helm Inc and is a helpful book. But it did not have the wiring placement of the two wires that go to the transmission for the 3-4 upshift or the converter lockup. Where else can I find this information. vehicle is a 1987 ford ranger with a 2.9L V6.


Re: Ford A4LD transmission Larry Rodden 9-18-07  
Have the same problem.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Eddie Paradiso 9-9-07  
When i put my 92' Explorer into any foward gear, it takes 10 seconds to go cold or hot. All gears shift fine, at their points, but when i put the truck back into park, i have to wait 10 seconds all over again for the truck to go foward.
Reverse is fine.

Help, thank you.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission John 8-13-07  
I have a '87 Ford Bronco II. Tranny been rebuilt at least 12 times( not by me) suppose to have been someone who knows how to do it. Then they went out of business. Front pump seal blows when it gets hot, can not go over 55mph, and slips in 1st to 2nd gear. Today tanny would not shift at all. Need rebuild kit right? Will attempt to do myself being as no one can do it right and I don't feel like spending $1600 again.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Lucky Mathews 9-26-07  
Looking for a A4LD torque converter with thrust washers. Any ideas on where to find these items? Oh yeah, I have a Hawaii address. Thanks, Lucky
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Mike 9-6-07  
I have a 93 ranger with a 3.0 2 wheel drive a4ld runs and drives fine when i put it in reverse and try to move it does move but it almost feels like the emergency brake is on however it is not. on a hill if i put it in reverse is struggles to back down a hill but in neutral it rolls just fine anyone have any ideas...
Re: Ford A4LD transmission eric 11-28-07  
For the transmission that doesn't want to go into overdrive check your speed sensor.i had a transmission that did this. i replaced the speed sensor and it worked fine.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission garry peters 3-22-08  
I just got a 91 explorer 4 speed auto an it wount go in to overdrive. can u help? not sure what to do, or were to fine info.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Don Ehrhardt 12-17-07  
Have had 4x4 explorer problems with my push button engagement since I purchased it. I switched to manual lock hubs but push buttons still bad. I want to go to direct switch of the 4x4 and low range. could you give me any insite on the problems involved?
Ranger Shudder luke 12-11-07  
93 ranger shudders all the time...reverse ok...dont know if its tranny or engine...shudders till i get going then around 65 it starts doing it again...any thoughts Luke_Toy@hotmail.com
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Steve R. White 12-21-06  
I have an '87 Bronco II. Will not shift into 4th and Overdrive. Have cleaned the valve body and have not found any foriegn material, metal shavings, anything in the fluid or bottom of pan. The OD solenoid will cliock when energized but nothing appears to hapen when driven. Bronco runs fine other than the 4th gear O.D problem. Reverse works fine and shift 1,2,and 3 just fine. Any input would be much appreciated
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Terry Lamb 1-8-06  
I have an 86 ford ranger with the a4ld transmission, and for some reason it keeps blowing out the torque converter seal, it just started this all of a sudden, I have replaced the seal, even burred the aluminum seal housing to make a tighter fit, I checked the torque converter bushing in the front pump and it is within spec. but I didnt have the spec.s for the two bushings that the floating shaft ride on, but they appeared to be in good shape, this transmission only has about 85k miles on it, the first time it happened I was pulling a small (empty) trailer at interstate speed, the second time the transmission was at operating temp. and as the speed reached 68 mph the seal came out again, the third time it lasted for two days, and blew out as I was pulling into my driveway, causing me to not think it was the lock up, I am stumped with this on, any suggestions?
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Phil Feinstein 1-2-06  
Steve, The A4LD has 2 bands and a bad 2-3 shift would make me suspect them.

With the trans cold, find the 2 adjusting screws (square head with a hex locking nut). Loosen the locking nut and tighten the adjuster until it bottoms out. DO NOT TIGHTEN AFTER IT BOTTOMS!!! back off a 1/2 turn and then tighten the lock nut. Adjust both bands like this. If there is improvement but still some slipping, readjust when the trans is STONE COLD and only back off a 1/4 turn.

If there is no improvement, you may be looking at a rebuild.

Hope that helps!
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Steve 12-31-05  
I recently bought a nice 92 explorer 4x4. I did a trans service on it and replaced leaky modulator. After replacing the modulator it starting hesitating and shifting real hard on the 2-3 shift. I thought I had recieved a bad modulator, so I got another and still the same. Tried to adjust the modulator and no change still. I'm really fustrated, please help.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Phil Feinstein 12-19-05  
The only other place it would be is in the wiring diagram or in the powertrain manual.

Hope that helps!
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Robert DeLeon 1-30-06  
We have a 91 Explorer with a A4LD. It goes into reverse just fine but when you shift into any forward gear nothing happens. It was running fine, stopped to get gas, wouldn't go back into gear. Checked fluid, was a little low, a quart. Put it in gear gave it some gas while in gear caught the forward gear fine. Drove it around town for a short while, no slipping. Stopped at the store and wouldn't go into forward again. Now it doesn't get any forward gear at all. Any thoughts?
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Travis 2-10-06  
I have an 89 2wd ranger, when i put it into reverse nothing happens and when i put it into any drive gear it goes into geat and then the truck quits running. I'm stumped, any thoughts on this?
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Clayton 6-29-08  
I have a 1986 ford ranger with a 2.9l and a a4ld trans. it runs and drives fine. no slipage, no noise, just no overdrive. i have tried to find a lockup converter soleniod(not available), overdrive relay(not available), and speed sensor(doesn't apply to my vehicle). i've worked on vehicles for 15 years and can't figure this out. any help would be appreciated. thanks.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Roger Wayne Brander 6-12-12  
Where can I find a diagram for my 93 A4LD transmission or can someone tell me if my pump is out it wont grab a geat unless it is very warm!
Re: Ford A4LD transmission poncho 3-27-06  
I have a broncoll w/a4ld trans. any other trans work on 2.9 eng?
Re: Ford A4LD transmission kermit corprew 9-18-06  
Slips in 1st and reverse when hot
Re: Ford A4LD transmission mihail 4-5-06  
Who has detailed (detailed) circuit for assembly of the block of valves of a box of transfers A4LD. Scorpio 2.8.1986.????
After disassembly, cleaning and assembly of the block of valves (manager), the machine does not move back (the backing was gone), only twitchs by strong pressing a pedal of gas a little. If somebody has detailed circuit of the block managements (drawing), send please, especially interests an arrangement of throttle washers, springs, pistons. Probably at assembly of the block something was lost, or in the block something costs(stands) not on the place....
Yours faithfully!

My electronic address: zz04@yandex.ru
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Charles Barker 6-13-10  
Just had 93 mustang lx a4ld transmission rebuilt. also have new converter. now that's it back in the gears won't engage at all and the converter is rattling. do you think it it put in wrong? PLEASE HELP!
Re: Ford A4LD transmission jake 4-27-10  
85 ranger 4x4

works when shifted into

but when in in od very little forward
movement like its slipping..

any suggestions?
Re: Ford A4LD transmission david kenward 3-20-10  
I just replaced my a4ld tranny in my 93 mustang,and it has plenty of power. my question is how do I adjust the shift points? It is holding first gear a little to long and shifts into 2-3 very fast. I'm out $1,300.00 dollars in two days time and my wife is ready to kill me!!!!!!!!! can any body help? thanks.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Will I Am 7-16-08  
I have a 95 Aerostar 3.0 w/A4LD.
It would stall out when "panic stopping" and surge, trying to downshift while stopped. Found the modulator (blue dot?) leaky and failed, replaced it with a Napa adjustable, some improvement. Issues shifting 3 to 2 only. I don't know how to adjust it, but I'm going to try :D
Any ideas? Have replaced the trans fluid with Merc 5 per the specs through the ATF cooler lines for a complete swap.
If I shift it from 3-2 by hand WHILE panic stopping, sometimes it will shift, sometimes not. Any ideas? I am used to my old turbo volvo, have no idea about these Ford trannies. Just trying to sell the van at this point.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Jerry 7-28-10  
Trans will not work in reverse
will work in all forward gears
feels like their is a load on trans in park, reverse and nuetral.
96 ford Explorer 4ALD
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Chuck 11-13-10  
93 Explorer 4.0 A4LD problem.
Since it has been down here at night (40's) in the morning the transmission will sometimes shudder when starting out or coming to a stop.
I have been driving this truck for the past 6 months with no problems (always had the a/c on), now that it is cooler out no need for a/c- probably just a coincidence but seemed to happen same time. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Thanking You in Advance,
Re: Ford A4LD transmission joe w. 3-4-12  
Why can't i get the torque to slipinto the trans all the way? i have done gm turbo 350,th400,& powerglides without issue.but for some reason or another i can't get the torque converter bacjk into the old trans or the one back into the salvage yard trans. both are identical a4ld from 94 explorers. please help.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Jim 1-28-12  
I have a 91 Explorer. With foot off accelerator, going down hill it shifts into OD. I can pull the gear back and it shifts from OD into drive. The problem is, when in OD - as soon as I press the accelerator it shifts from OD to drive. Does this sound like a cable adjustment or something else ? Thanks !
1990 Ford Aerostar transmission Rachel 8-16-11  
I was trying to back my aerostar up a hill the other day and it started hopping. I stopped and tried it again and it took off down the hill forward while I was trying to reverse. I rolled to the bottom of the hill. It drove forward and backward fine. I drove it for about 20 miles and it started pouring out transmission fluid. It was not coming from any of the cooling lines. It looked like it was coming from the transmission. I was 40 miles from home and the fluid was pouring out like water. I bought a bunch of fluid at a small gas station (I was in the middle of nowhere) filled the fluid up and it hasn't leaked since.
Could this be a problem with the vaccume control modulator or the hose that attaches to it. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. I live in the middle of nowhere and now I am afraid to drive the thing. I cannot understand how it "fixed itself" after the fluid was gushing out of it.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Matt Lange 2-12-11  
To all those with A4LD Transmission problems especially the repeat re-build offenders. This transmission is very sensitive. Most rebuild shops only replace soft parts and some don't clean them well before reassembly. There are many wear parts that may need to be replaced, and upgrade parts available. Im currently learning how to rebuild these, I have done Chevy transmissions and the A4LD 4R44 and 5R55 seem rather straight forward. I may be to answer questions or direct you to your answer as there is a vast amount of information available for this transmission at therangerstation, and other ford truck forums. Nwstal42@aol.com
Re: Ford A4LD transmission damon 1-23-10  
I have an 88 bronco 2 and the a4ld tranny with over drive the tranny slips bad in 2-od, i can only go maybe 30 mph up hills its full on fluid and red like its supposed to be, what could be the problem? thanx
Re: Ford bronco2 trans 1990 -2wd Ernst louissaint 2-25-10  
I am looking for a transmission for that bronco anyone with a trans like that let me know
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Scott 11-8-09  
I have a 1990 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0L
with the A4LD auto trans, In the morning when it is really cold it will not shift it goes in to drive but it is stuck in first gear un-till the truck warms up, once it warms up it shifts through the gears just fine any reason why it would do this do all the A4LD transmissions do this in the cold?
Re: Ford A4LD transmission ed 12-6-08  
I have a 92 ford ranger and was wondering if i could use the transmission off of a 95 ford ranger. would that work?
Re: Ford A4LD transmission SAM 9-9-08  
Does anyone put a new speedsensor to A4LD and the problem with no 3-4shift and O/D gone? Yes, where can I get one. My speedsensor attached to the ext. housing with three wires connector.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Luis Henao 7-24-08  
I am writing form Venezuela. I am fixing my oun A4LD transmission but I do not have any instruction of how to check the lock up solenoid. Can you helpme in this matter???
The solenoid is electrically working it draws 3,4 amp at 12 vols dc, but nothing seems to happen, it does not make any noise, can it be staked or hard inside.

Thanks in advanced for all your help.

Luis Henao.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Ateam 8-16-09  
I have a Automatic trans 88 Bronco II 4x4. I just bought it, it goes but it seems to not have a first or second gear. I was told could be a solenoid or a vacuum modulator? I need opinions or advice. Please help!
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Mr. Matthew 6-6-09  
I have a 89 Bronco II (a4ld) and won't shift into 2nd gear at all, but every other gear works ok, I have adjusted the bands, and I had a spare trans and swaped the whole valve body... to no avail. can you give me any other idea's of things to check ? thank you.
Re: Ford Bronco II that will not pull V. Grier 9-11-09  
I have a 1990 Ford Bronco II, four speed, 6 cylinder. When I am driving the call will not go any faster than 20 to 25 m.ph. Changing gears will not increase the speed. The car sounds like it is straining but will not go any faster. The gears will change without any problem. What's wrong with it? Help
Re: Ford A4LD transmission GONZO 10-18-09  
Hi, I have a 90 Ford Bronco ll Eddie Bauer edition and l am from Romania. I have a problem with my a4ld. If I am drving the care verry nice and slow it's changing the gears verry good, but if I push more than 50% on the acceleration it dosen't want to shift from 1 to 2 gear. If I take my foot from the acceleration for a second then it's going on the 2 gear. The rest of them are working good after that, except the reverse where I have a delay. Thank's
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Mr. Ball 9-18-09  
I have a 90 ranger 4.0 4wd that won't go anywhere when in o/d gear. but if I put it in drive it shifts through all three gears and then I can put it in o/d and it will catch. Reverse works fine.
Can I fix this without wasting my time/money rebuilding it, or should I put a manual tranny in? If so, what manual tranny should I go with?
Re: Ford A4LD transmission justin 10-28-09  
1992 ford ranger 2 wheel drive automatic changed trans filter and fluid slips out of gear now what should i look for
Re: international throttle cable Nathan 6-22-08  
Having problems getting a throttle cable for a 1974 international RV ( Starcraft )
with a 392 V8. The cable broke while on vacation, managed to jury rig it to get home but need a replacement.
Any ideas where to get one ?
Re: Ford A4LD transmission bill Taylor 6-23-09  
I recently had a friend who is suposed to know what he is doing rebuild this a4ld in a 1990 Bronco II 2 wd.The trans will not shift at all and will only go 1-2 manually,it's origional problem was a very delayed reverse.have put 3 diffrent valve bodys in it,cna you give me a small clue.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission kevin 5-19-07  
1990 mustand will not go into od/ 1-2 ok 2-3 ok reverse ok
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Rich Weiss 8-12-06  
Have you come up with a solution to this problem? My 93 has been doing the same thing. My mechanic says the seal is OK and thinks its a crack in the case. He hase taken it out 4 times and wants me to replace the whole trans.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Tyler 12-2-08  
The front seal will blowout for three reasons.

1) if the transmission overheats the seal will fail by design to protect the transmission internals. If it doesn't fail at high temperatures the clutch material will literally melt and flake of and clog every part of the trans.

2) another cause is a misaligned bell housing, this is the primary reason for transmission failure in the A4LD. it must be line bored and a new bushing pressed. even if this is not the problem it is a much needed repair, because this trans comes from the factory needing this done.

3) lastly if you take the torque converter out of the transmission and do not use a pump alignment tool when re-installing it.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Josh Beaumont 3-8-08  
I am having the same problem and am interested in the answer you may have received. Please let me know so I can fix mine to.

Re: Ford A4LD transmission Dustin Stevens 8-10-08  
92 2wd Ranger 3.0 A4lD. like Roberts Reverse worked Forward wouldnt go anywhere then waited and it woulbe alright, well it quit completely we, got a different transmission, and now both forward and reverse are real sluggish max rpms, and it barely goes anywhere. I think we have a leak in the new tranny, but what was wrong with the old one? and the new one?
Re: Ford A4LD transmission shawn 6-27-08  
Hey if you find out if there is another trans to use let me know. I have a 10,000 km engine but a weak trannny.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission SAM 11-5-07  
Hi Guys,

Any one got a circuit or layout of the control valve for A4LD 1988-92 with only two solenoid valve. I have problem overhaul it. Would be greatful for your kind assistance.

Re: Ford A4LD transmission russ 1-21-09  
Can i take a 92 ford areostar 4.0L trans and put it into a ford areostar 3.0L will the bell housing match
Re: Ford A4LD transmission SAM 8-29-08  
Any help for testing the A4LD speed sensor. There are three wire on the sensor. How to check the resistance and simulate the unit? What is the input voltage and signal expected to comeout of the unit when tab to the scope. Thanks.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Barry Boeckman 1-13-07  
The no overdrive condition might be caused by a leaking OD servo piston. Even though it might engage upon air testing, it could be leaking after fluid is warmed up. Try pulling off the servo cap and replacing the rubber servo and piston(both are one piece). Check the servo sring for damage. Clean the cap and servo insert area before reinstalling.
Also check your convertor lockup selinoid. It might not be getting energy through the computer and wiring harness. Do a voltage test according to service manual. Good luck!!!
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Gary 4-15-07  
Has anyone answered your question. I have a 90 Ranger 4.0, A4LD trans. After replacing the Trans Modulator and changing the filter and fluid it will not go into overdrive. Similar to your problem, did anyone answer your question.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Keenan Sherman 10-29-11  
Would like to know if it is possible to interchange a 1991 A4LD 2 solenoid with a 1987A4LD single Solenoid transmission by making a jumper wiring harness? Any suggestion or guidance? Both trucks are 4x4.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Dennis Frappier 10-27-09  
I have a 1992 Ford Ranger, 3.0V6 with an A4LD transmission. The 4th gear lock seems like it is slipping in and out of lock. I actually start losing speed after 50mph due to the sparatic locking and unlocking. I can shift down to 3rd and drive for ever but with higher RPM's.
Is my 3-4 lock up dying if so how hard to change out?
Re: Ford A4LD transmission ben mccoy 3-18-10  
Did you get answer to loosing your overdrive have same problem
Re: Ford A4LD transmission keith swier 9-16-07  
Just changed vacuum shift module that had been leaking trans. fluid in vacuum line. installed new one but have too let up on accelerator to shift properley. fluid level & everything else ok. 1994 ford areostar extended van. you're help would be appreciated. thanks keith
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Erik 2-12-08  
I just bought a 93 mustang 4 cyl. the tranny will not shift into 3rd or 4th. I had a trans shop look at it and they were convinced it needed a rebuild. Is there anything else it could be?? and how much should this cost me?? they quoted me 1100
Re: Ford A4LD transmission robert clark 11-17-07  
How hard is to rebuild the a4ld trans and where can i fine the brake down on the trans.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission charlie 9-19-11  
When i put my 92' Explorer into any foward gear, it takes 10 seconds to go cold or hot. All gears shift fine, at their points, but when i put the truck back into park, i have to wait 10 seconds all over again for the truck to go foward.
Reverse is fine.
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Ron Long 11-9-07  
My 2.8L '88 Ranger 4x4 w/A4LD shudders when I first pull out from a stop. It doesn't slip just shudders only until it shifts to second gear then everything seems to work fine.I have replaced fluid and filters to no avail. Any ideas?
Trans problems Brian 1-24-08  
When I came back from Florida to Ohio,the trans would not go into overdrive,then when I would take off in drive,it wouldnt shift either.I would have to put it in low for about a half mile then shift up for drive,but still no overdrive
Re: Ford A4LD transmission william 3-16-09  
Sounds to me like the same problem i was having with my A4LD..... i would not get that final shift and RPM drop at 45-50 MPH, and while driving at about 60 she was going at 3000 RPM'S (my transmission had gone into limp mode)
your torque conveter lock-up selnoid on the valve body has more than likely gone bad like mine had, and needs to be replaced..... but when you replace the lock-up selnoid replace the 3-4 shift selnoid as well.... (they are right next to each other
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Jimmy Capps 6-20-09  
No it will not work the electronics are differant i have a 94 ford ranger and when i got a replacement it was for a 95 and it is totaly differant as far as electronics
Re: Ford A4LD transmission duke cash 3-24-10  
When i take off in the morning it slips or jsut dont go until its gets to about 3000 rpm's and its only the first gear but after it warms up it seens to get better, would this be the torq convertor maby, or what???? please let me know what this is thanks
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Don null 6-27-15  
I have an 87 tbird with a turbo 2.3 and a4ld transmission. After about 30 minutes driving it blows fluid. After it cools it stops until you drive it again. Could it be the torque converter?
Re: Ford A4LD transmission don 7-24-14  
Loosen the tv cable under hood, or take
off -if gears not upshift, 2-3-4
-check vacuum modulator valve, take out valve, watch out -fluid comes out, watch for small pin dropping out of hole,
then use long nose pliers remove the alum. small spool inside, it may be stuck and -will not upshift from 1st
-clean nicks off the spool and install again
Re: Ford A4LD transmission Don null 6-27-15  
I have an 87 third with a turbo 2.3 and a4ld transmission. After about 30 minutes driving it blows fluid. After it cools it stops until you drive it again. Could it be the torque converter?
Re: Ford A4LD transmission brandon revoir 6-15-10  
I would have to say your od clutches are smoked replace od
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