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Gas milage ford 460 tony williams 5-7-05  
What would be considered decent gas milage for a carburated ford 460?
Re: gas milage ford 460 Mark B. 7-7-16  
1990 ford f250 efi 460. mostly stock with exhaust cherry bombed after catalytic converter. (12mpg and a rare 14mpg). Running sea foam everywhere and steam cleaning engine often. oddly if i pull 5000 pounds my fuel eco is 8mpg but 14000 pounds i get 12mpg or same as empty. i cant find the reason for this.
Re: gas milage ford 460 Steve Burleson 6-6-07  
Just my 2 cents. I have a 35' class A motorhome with an '88 460 and a C6 trans. I was getting 5.5 mpg. I installed a Banks Powerpack and got 6 mpg. Mileage not much better, but lots more power and the engine stays cooler, especially on hills. Power was a big help on freeway merging too. (cost about $2400, but old manifold was in poor shape)

Also, I added a GearVendors under/overdrive. This pushed my mileage up to 7.5 to 8 mpg. Also dropped my RPMs by about 700-800 revs at 60mph. Engine/cabin noise was reduced dramatically.
Re: gas milage ford 460 Johnny 8-20-07  
I have a 96 F250 with a 460. It gets 10 sometimes. I don't think they make anything to get better gas milage on a 460. It is just the nature of the beast.
Re: gas milage ford 460 fernt2006 8-31-07  
I too have very low gas milage on a 79 a SuperVan camper with a 460 that was modified with a 429 timing gears and chain or so they tell me. If this true what would be the timing for such a beast. From some of the comments I've read this should be a powerful fuel efficent engine. It only has approx. 80,000 miles on it.
Re: gas milage ford 350 Box Truck loaded down Veronica 11-17-07  
Trying to figure out the gas milage for a 88 Ford F350. Could you help?
Re: gas milage ford 460 Bruce Hinds 6-1-07  
I have a 1995 28 ft Winnebago Minnie on a E350 Ford with a 460. I run cruise at every opportunity on the eastern seaboard and get 9.4 - 9.8.
I have been striving for that elusive 10mpg. After reading some of these low mileage stories I now feel better.
Gas milage ford f250 5.8 Justin 4-30-07  
I have a 1989 Ford F-250 Big Block V8, it has mud tires on it which make me think gas is going to go down do to that, but what can I do to increase my city mpg? or is it no use and should I scrap it and try to find a better engine for mpg, if I should what kind should I go get?
Re: gas milage ford 460 Andy 9-1-06  
I have a 1992 Airex 27' Class C on the E-350 chassis with 460 EFI and E4OD. Went through 3 cats in 2 years due to the stock exhaust restrictions. Installed a complete Banks Exhaust system (headers and all)and that solved the exhaust system problem and haven't had a problem in 8 years. Mileage prior to new system was 8-8.5 solo and 6 pulling 3500lbs of boat. After exhaust upgrade, a solid 10 solo and 8.8-9 pulling. Best single investment I've made to the rig!
Timing seting for 1990 F350 ford with 460 eng. fuel inj. auto trans super cab jim mackey 12-23-06  
Need to know timing setting on ford 460 eng 1990 F350
Re: gas milage ford 460 AMS 3-17-07  
I have '88 350 1 ton dump in the St.Louis area looking for good Ford shop to get this thing checked out it's running bad and some sorry mpg
Re: gas milage ford 460 Charles 3-20-07  
I have a 1977 Ford F150 with a 460 and a C6 trans what gas mileage should I get and what mods can I do to increase the mileage.
I have a 378 rear end gear from the factory

Let me know

Re: gas milage chevy 350 jamie henry 12-3-07  
About how many per gallon would i get on chevy scottsdale 4x4 350 6 inch lift with 33 inch tires thanks jamie henry
Re: gas milage ford 460 ROY 3-5-08  
Re: banks systems jeff burnett 7-9-08  
I have 1997 30foot bounder with 460 ford look for bank power system testamonals
Re: gas milage ford 460 jeff burnett 7-9-08  
Look for reveiws on banks system for 1997 ford 460 efi bounder
Re: gas milage ford 460 Ralph 7-15-08  
36' PaceArrow Motorhome (460 Ford) gets 8ish when I use a fuel additive and keep my foot out of it and only run the dash A/C. But, it can outrun the big rigs, if I don't care about gas mileage! (Gets about 3 MPG then!)
Re: gas milage ford 460 Dick Gallagher 7-15-08  
Can the air pump, egr valve, etc. be removed from a Ford 7.5L engine without problems (except for higher levels of polution)?
Re: gas milage ford 460 Les Lane 7-29-08  
I have a 1990 Fleetwood Limited 37J with the 460EFI powerplant. I have the complete Banks intake and exhaust system, a performance chip on the EEC-IV, and a U.S. Gear overdrive in it. All of this helped the driveability tremendously but it still only get 6.5 towing to 7.25 without the "toad" and the dolly. It does pull like a diesel but I have to hold its head up when I come to a gas station.
Re: gas milage ford 460 jeff burnett 7-9-08  
Looking to install banks system on my 1997 bounder rv 460 look for some one that did this
Re: gas milage ford 460 Allen 6-29-08  
I have 1995 f350 460 looking for 6 speed man tran any one know where to get one. my fule econy only around 13 mpg any ideals to get better
Re: gas milage ford 460 frank 8-21-06  
Have a 1996 28 foot class C, 460 V-8 gets around 7 mpg in Colorado.
Re: 460 ford not cranking due to fuel delivery. Matt 4-19-08  
I have a 1993 coachmen 32ft Class A with the 460 engine & it will not crank.It seems as if it is flooding.I have changed the water coolant sensor,fuel pump relay,fuel regulator,distributor cap, rotor button, plugs,& wires,map sensor.I have checked all the injectors to make sure they are not being told to come on all the time & they are fine.I have checked to make sure it has not jumped time.THe engine will run with the inertia switch tripped or the fuel pump relay unplugged until the cylinders run out of gas.It seems as if something is telling the distibutor to retard the timing.Does any one have any ideas on what might cause this.
Re: gas milage ford 460 Sean L 4-23-08  
I get about 4 mpg out of my 83 f250 4x4 how do i make this better.
Re: gas milage ford 460 DEON 6-8-08  
I have a 3.01 ratio 9''diff gears if you need i'll trade then for your 3.89's if you want to i have 2.75's as well but might be to tall for your motor home Cheers! Deon 0400 773 795
Re: gas milage ford 460 David 1-30-08  
I bought a 1983 automate on a e350 front end. it has 2 gas tanks. has a switch on the bottom of the dash. does this change just the gauge or does it also change which tank is being used?
1977 Ford 460 Marine Rob Hoctor 6-4-06  
Hello, would you please let me know what the correct timing would be for this application? Thank you!
Re: gas milage ford 460 WILLIE SIMS 5-23-05  
I have a 1989 motor home on a 34 foot chassic. How do I get a better gas milage? Thanks in advance.

Re: gas milage ford 460 ron 5-19-05  
I have had alot of 460's the best i every got was with a 76 thunderbird with the factory 460 with dual exht and a 2.75 ratio i got 16.5 on a 500 mile trip and the car is heavy at 5500 pounds i say very good mpg i have seen 6cyl eng not get that i also have a 76 mercury marquis with a 460 bored 40 with a 750 holley dual line carb and it still gets little over 14 mpg and will beat a 87 vett because i raced one the guy did not know what to think he said i never would have thought that with a ford 460 is the way to go i think
Re: gas milage ford 350 bob denkenberger 6-11-05  
I'm thinking about buying a 1985 ford 350,fleetwood jamboree motor home. The owner says i can expect to get 10 mpg. After reading this page on gas milage i wonder if he's telling the truth or just saying that to get rid of it to an unsupecting person who does't know anything. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance:
Bob Denkenberger
Re: gas milage ford 460 mike seeley 6-17-05  
What is the stock timing for a 1980 460 c.u.i.n. used for marine application, (jet drive)
thanks, mike
Re: gas milage CHEVY 454 Mike 6-26-05  
I have a Chev 454 in my 1989 GMC pickup. Does anyone have any tips on improving fuel milage? They might include general engine modifications or after market gas saving gizmos. Thanks, MIKE
Re: gas milage ford 460 jd 5-16-05  
Please advise what happens. If you can't get at least 7 on level ground at around 60 MPH after all this work, carb power valve may be ruptured. Be sure the fresh air duct to the air filter is present and unrestricted, plus a good air filter element. Again, let us know...
God Bless, jd
Re: gas milage ford 460 Tony Williams 5-16-05  
Thanks a bunch for all of the input. I purchased this RV from near Baton Rouge La, the seller reported that he got 8 MPG. I actually got 5 MPG on the trip back to Dallas Tx. Well subsequently, it turns out that two of the original spark plugs were not firing and four of the remaining six were only at about 50%. Those two plugs that were not firing were original as were the other 6, anyway, they were almost touching where there should have been a gap. on the other 4 that were at 50%, well you guessed it. New spark plug cables were in order. I installed the good ones because of the high temperatures in the engine compartment and the fact that I am in Texas. I was going to install one of those fuel atomizers I found online, but the small print warned against it. As in high temperatures can cause the copper coil to expand cutting off gas to the carb. Also this 88 model is definately carb'd, you could actually get the carb on the Ford 460/7.5L all the way up until 93 I am told, although it was standard to have the FI as of 88. This is my first RV other than my 73 Jayco pop-up that bought the farm two months ago. It was an oldie but goodie. This weekend I am going on the road again and will know what type of gas milage I can expect after changing Dist cap coil, plugs cables, adjusting the carb........I also changed the Trans fluid. This RV has 39K original miles.
Re: gas milage ford 460 jd 5-7-05  
I've seen from Five to Nine, Tony. Both of those extremely rare, I plan on Seven. Ours is an '83 with two tanks. Front is a little smaller than rear, so I run 140 miles on the Front and 160 on the Rear. Used to run till a tank ran out then switch, but when these engines cough or backfire they can rupture the Power Valve in the carburetor.
Running the A/C holds mileage down considerably if you have the old two-cylinder York or Tecumseh. An Axial compressor (Ford or Nippondenso, cylindrical aluminum) shouldn't affect mileage as much.
God Bless, jd
Re: gas milage ford 460 Sam Watson 5-7-05  
JD, sounds like you're in the ballpark. I had a '74 F 250, 460/C6 with an Autolite 4bbl. Solo and driving with a light foot, I've gotten as high as 12mpg. Next was an '84 F250 with 460/C6 & Holley 4bbl. Solo, and using modern "junk" gasoline, I'd get, at times between 8-9 MPG. Towing with the '74, mpg was around 10, towing with the '84, was 7-8 mpg. As you said, a backfire could take out the power valve diaphragm, as well as that of the EGR valve.
Re: gas milage ford 460 jd 5-7-05  
I've rebuilt the carb, changed the power valve, added an anti-backfire check valve from the speed shop, gone to FlowMaster single 3" exhaust with the Big Block II muffler. No headers at least as of yet. Also replaced the timing set, choosing the earlier-year cam sprocket to eliminate the cam retard they had in '83 (but maybe not in '74 like yours). Still, 7 MPG. Somebody on another forum said Henry Ford himself stamped "7" right into the 460.
God Bless, jd
Re: gas milage ford 460 Sam Watson 5-8-05  
Yep JD, I think the designation of 7.5 liters means something like it's gonna take that much fuel to take you 5 miles. As the fellow said, big horses eat a lotta hay.
Re: gas milage ford 460 ED FINLEY 7-8-05  
I have a 97 Ford Pace Arrow Model 36S with a 460 Ford engine that has 28,000 miles on it that I can not get over 6 to about 6.4 miles per gallon out of it, I drive 65 miles per hour, when I bought it the check engine light was on and the ford dealer finally found a bad sensor in the exhaust system, changed the oil and went to synthetic oil, drove about 500 miles and check engine light back on, looked at the air filter ( which is a pain to get to and almost impossible to easily get back in) and it was so clogged I surmise that it was the original one, changed it and check engine light still on steady, won't go back to ford dealer as I think they should have found the filter when they did there $100 diagnostic. Anyway it this the normal MPG for the Ford 460 in a 37 foot Pace Arrow Motor Home???

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: gas milage ford 460 shanel 12-30-05  
You can get good gas milage out of a 460 68 head close chamber grind the knob out 10:1 pistons headers crane hi pro cam with cobra jet valve train advanced timming gear and with 4:10 gears you will get 17-20 mpg
Re: gas milage ford 460 steven 5-16-06  
Well i have an 86' f250 with the 460 and i get about 8-10 mpg, i got a rebuild kit and little smaller jets and it improved it a little, and high way i got around 13 so its not to bad, just dont burry your foot and leave the 4bls alone and you'llbe all set
Re: gas milage ford 460 brad 5-3-06  
Shanel posted on 12/30/05 info about a crane cam and advance timing kit. if you have more specifics on both please forward. many thanks.
Re: gas milage ford 460 Doug Schwartze 5-24-06  
We have a 1985 Ford E350 Holiday Rambler Alumalite 26.5 foot motorhome. New Holley carburetor consistently delivers 7 miles per gallon with your foot out of the 4 barrels. ====>Would like to hear more about others' experiences with Edelbrock 650 cfm carbs.===> Have any of you read up on, or experimented with the use of 3 ounces of Acetone mixed into your twenty gallons of gas ? Supposed to decrease the surface tension of the fuel, and increase milage by up to 25% ???
Re: gas milage ford 460 Doug Schwartze 6-4-06  
Thank You Chuck P...
For anyone open-minded, please go to the following site ( http://www.lubedev.com/smartgas/additive.htm )and see the explaination of how adding 2 to 3 ounces of acetone per 10 gallons of gas, improves the efficiency of the gasoline burn, equating to increased MPG with fewer exhaust emissions. Many tests have been run on how the rubber components in the fuel system react to such a small percentage of acetone to gasoline = 0.25%. No affects at all. The use of acetone mixed with gas has been common since the 1950's... nothing new... but still works good ! P.S. Chuck : Thanks for the suggestion about using Delco #2 Rapidfire spark plugs in my 460 motorhome. I will try these next, and see how the milage differs from using the current Autolite Platinums I have in her now. After that we will test the use of acetone mixed with the gas. This should make a remarkable difference over the 7 MPG we get now. Stay Tuned !
Re: gas milage ford 460 Robert 8-22-08  
The post by Thorn 11-1-07 gave me some good ideas to try. Thanks! I doubt that the sensors have ever been done anything with. The RV has 60,000 miles. I has had the Trans. redone recently. We get around
8 to 9.5. Depends on how heavy the foot is. Enjoyed reading all the articles. A lot of good helpful information.
Re: gas milage ford 460 hatcher barry 4-26-06  
Dear Sir
Need carp + intake, Ford Centurian 84 f350 460ci, pull Rv 35 foot, please send imformation so can obtain is Holley or Edelbrock with intake
Sincerly Yours
Barry Hatcher
Re: gas milage ford 460 ed lemon 3-28-06  
I am getting 7mpg with my 460 motor home. but it runs 2800 rpms at 55 mph. It has a 3.89:1 rear end. Has anyone tried to change to a 3.00:1 rear end? It should slow the motor down around 2100 rpms. and inprove gas millage...
Re: gas milage ford 460 terry 1-1-06  
I have a ford 460 -7.5 carb 27' motor home that i restored.would not run eventually found that both fuel pumps were gone.When i finally got it running again it seemed to be back firing.It was siting for about 2 yrs.I thought maybe the firing order was out so i rewired it,i think i did it right but it barely runs if it even starts.
corect me if im wrong,heres how i re wired it...

pas seat drivers seat

4 8
3 7
2 6
1 5


5 1
4 8

2 7

6 3

my dist is numbered 1.Also could someone please tell me about possible carb problems as mine is leaking at front dripping since new fuel pump.

It use to idol ok but back fire if i reved it up,note the manifold gasket is leaking on drivers side.
if anyone has any info please let me know thanks

Ford 466 gary nickel 1-16-06  
Is their such a thing as a ford 466 gas engine or international 466 gas I have a 1979 international dump truck that I am told had a 466 engine either a ford or international that was interchangable but I can't seem to find one any place the only thing I have found is a DT 466 which is diesel
Re: gas milage ford 460 timmy fields 2-17-06  
For alot of you if your 460 is carb.Ford had the bright idea of putting holley carb. on 460's alot on motor home.little advice get this off there most of them were governed and after couple years dont work right.The biggest problem is the jetting holleys are made for power which is great.If your drag racing or in motor sports. Any carb other than this is better I would recommend elderbrock 650cfm still makes great power and better economy the jets atomized fuel better.Also another recommendation if dont like carb at all is getting holley throttle body injecton contact holley or summit they will get it setup for your application as for engine timing I think factory setting is fine just needs better way to get fuel.I know of alot of people that run 460's I have seen this setup get at least 14 mpg.if keep foot out of it and is set right.
Re: gas milage ford 460 ed lemon 3-28-06  
I am getting 7mpg with my 460 motor home. but it runs 2800 rpms at 55 mph. It has a 3.89:1 rear end. Has anyone tried to change to a 3.00:1 rear end? It should slow the motor down around 2100 rpms. and inprove gas millage...
Re: gas milage ford f250 5.8 sean 8-16-06  
How many miles per gallon should i get in my 1990 truck
Re: gas milage ford 460 Bill 6-7-07  
94' F250 Super Cab 4X4. I have installed a chip, headers($$$), and a cold air intake. I still get around 10mph around town and 11mph out on the freeway. I keep it out of the 70's and she does just the same while pulling too. 211,988 miles aint to bad. I am going to rebuild the motor and trans and am adding a vortech supercharger. A buddies dad installed one on his 97' and gained 2mpg! That's allot for that 7.5 Going to be spendy but better than buying a new truck payment!
Fuel guage Mitch 7-21-11  
I have an 89 ford 33 foot class c e350 with a 460 motor.. The gas guage does not work. all intrument guage are find... where should I begin. what is the simplest and most overlooked resolution. Should I need to replace the guage itself, where can I fond one matching this particular year amd model? Thank in advance for your help.
Re: milage on ford 460 engine rosalio 8-6-11  
I am thinking of purchasing a 1997 motorhome with a ford 460 engine with 91000 miles. Is this ebgine still a good one, or will there be problems down the road with this milage?
Re: gas milage ford 460 OldIronSide 8-14-11  
I just bought a 1985 Tioga 27 foot motor home E-350 Econoline with a Ford 460. It has problems with the vapor separator. I fixed that by replacing it and then a basic tune up.

When I did get it to run without a tune up it got 5 miles to a gallon.

Here are some tips that will get you up in the 13 to 15 mile range. Right now I get about 14 miles a gallon on the highway. In town about 10 to 13.

First flush the engine with GUNK oil addditive cleaner. It is in a silver can and it smells like kerosene. If you can find it a quart of good old kerosene will work. Pour it in to the old oil before the change. If you are using Gunk folow the directions on the can. If kerosene then run the engine for 90 seconds. NO MORE THAN THAT.

Let the oil drain and take the filter out. Let as much oil drain as possible. If you can let it drain over night or the weekend that is better.

Buy the cheapest oil and oil filter you can find. I use Wal-mart oil. Fill it up and put in the cheap oil filter. Run it about 20 miles. Drain the oil and remove the filter. Let it set a day or so and drain if you can.

If you are feeling frisky remove the oil pan and let it drip over night. Clean the pan. While your there install a new oil pump. Many new pumps come with a 25% more output capacity. This can make a huge difference on the 460.

Change your wires, cap, rotar and pickup coild, electronics or whatever is under the distributor cap.

Change the plugs and replace thenm with good platnium splifires or the bosh double electrode type. Make sure your gap is seto to 0.042 not 0.046 Under the hood it will tell you on the sticker there is 0.004 play. the close the gap the hotter the spark. This burns the gas quicke3r and more effient.

Replace your air filter witrh a good one like FRAM.

Now back to the final oil change. Use Mobile one fully syhthetic. Yes it is expe3nsive but so is gasoline. Go to autozone and buy two bottles of ProLong. This oil additive is nothing like Slick 50. ProLong is the key to your higher gas milage. Two small pints will cost you $40.

If you buy the one gallon oil change bottle of mobile 1 dump about a quart of it in to another container. Next add both bottles of prolong to your oil. Shake the oil for about 2 or 3 minutes. This is important. ProLong reduces friction greatly. So does synthetic. You are making the slickest oil on earth.

Make sure your new oil filter (a good name brand one like FRAM) isinstalled and your drain plug is sealed and in the pan.Pour about half the one gallon bottle in the engine. Start the engine up and let it run for about a minute. While it is running pour the rest in the engine. Let it run about 10 minutes then turn it off.

Let the engine cool completely. Check the oil and add some more mobile one if you are low.

Next measure out about 6 ounces of transmission fluid. It does not matter what kind. Put it in an old clean soda bottle. Take your car, truck or rv to the gas station for a fill up.

Dump the 6 ounces of transmission fluid in the gas take first. Then use the highest grade gasoline and fill up the take.

Next go for a 20 mile cruise on the freeway. As you drive the engine will runs very smooth and will get stronger and have more pep. You may smell some oil burning. This is all the carbon being peeled off the valves. All the deposits will be removed. Including the ones in the converter, tail pipe and muffler.

The Prolong will bond to the parts in the engine. The transmission fluid cleans the valves, carb and all the other parts. It is a lubricant and will recondition the valve seats. It is very good at cleaning, protecting and lubricating. It will not affect smog or oxygen sensors. Infact if you have a bad oxygen sensor the transmission fluid may bring it back to life.

I have been a mechanic for Bell Telephone for 40 years. I am the lead mechanic. I have kept a fleat of 67 Fo9rd and Chevy vans running in top shape.We have the lowest repair rate in any division at AT&T.

Another trick is to mix some of the prolong in with Wheel bearing grease. You can put one ounce in with a full 12 can of grease. I bought a real cheap blender. Dump the prolong in first. Hit the blender fo a second so it coats the walls in the blender. Spoon the grease in and blend it. You may have to scrap it off the walls and blend a few times.

Now load your grease gun and pack all your wheel bearings. The prolong will decrease friction about 60%. This will give you better gas milage.

Another great trick for cleaning the outside of your carb and engine is a product called Awesome. You can get it at any 99 cent center. It is a buck a bottle and will remove any grease, dirt, or tar. It is not flamable. It is a super soap. It lives up to its name.

The last tip. Keep your foot out of the gas and let the vehicle get up to speed on its own. all vehicles have a sweet spot in the accelerator. I drive3 with my shoes off so I can feel the vibration and have complete control over the throttle. You would be amazed at how much your gas milage increases with your shoes off.

It may sound crazy but this will increase your gas mileage and save you a ton at the pump. Dont buy cheap no name gas. I use high octante Chevron, Shell or Sunoco. The Sunoco gas is the best. That is why they use it in NASCAR.
Re: gas milage ford 460 tyler 8-21-11  
I have a 1977 F-250,with a 1973 460 bored to 483..., three speed automatic, 4-11 gears, 4x4, guy before me said he rebuilt the engine for a trip from alaska to oklahoma with a trailer. Does anybody have a clue on the proper horsepower,torque, and highway gas mileage i should have?
Re: gas milage ford 460 George 7-6-11  
Mid 70's to mid 80's 460 carb engines had retarded cam timing....change cam timing gears and chain to an early 429 set which will advance ypou cam approx 8 degrees and viola! 10 plus mpg and and tons more power! Not bad return for 100 bucks and your time....
Re: gas milage ford 460 paul 5-30-11  
I have good news and bad news about the ford 460 engine;;the good news is that you can safely bore a 460.030 over three times and still have the same block... the bad news is that you really cannot get good gas mileage from a 460....it is in the design of the head,poor exhaust design and really big intake runners..aftermarket heads will not help as they are for performance....but your salvation has arrived in the last few years...a 460 only becomes efficient around 3000 rpm,so if you are doing less rpm trying to save fuel you are wasting your time...now the really good news,you can put a 4.5 inch stroke in your engine and make it efficient at 2000 rpm...the problem by increasing your cu.in by about 100,you can turn fewer rpm...so you can't get better gas mileage but you can sure haul the mail...good luck
Re: gas milage ford 460 Gordon Curl 2-24-11  
I have a 1987 HOLIDAIRE Class C with a 460 Ford. On a trip out west, coming up out of Duluth, the unit lost power. I could only get about 60 km out of it. On the level I could get 80 KM (50 MPH) A Ford mechanic replaced a valve in the Fuel line and the unit appeared to be OK That was a year ago. The unit seems to be giving me the same problem again. What gives?
Re: gas milage 92 ford e350 460 gas engine Mel 2-25-11  
I changed my o2 sensor on my 92 ford e350 with a 460 engine mileage got better( 10 miles to the gallon )for a couple days and then back down to 2 miles to the gallon, what else can I change?
Re: gas milage ford 460 Bob Goodrich 2-26-11  
I have a 1989 F-350 Crew Cab 4x4 with 460 efi and a 5 speed manual trans. I get 6.8 running around town pulling a 16 ft trailer, 9.8 mpg on the 10 mile trip to work and back and anywhere from 10 to 14 on the freeway at 70 mph.
Re: gas milage ford 460 jarrett 5-5-11  
I have a 97 f 250 that is getting around 17 miles per gallon highway about 15 cityonly thing that's different on this truck nstead of running a 410 rear end it has a 355
Re: gas milage ford 460 Russ Haugh 8-22-11  
Hi! I own a '92 Fleetwood Bounder 34'.
It has a 460 Ford TBI engine. On our last trip Edmonton to Great Falls we got 7.6 or so mpg on the trip back.
Now after being in storage for the winter it is running very rich. I just replaced the stock exhaust system with a single 3". Starting from where
the headers meet to the end. The converter is now a flowthru resonator and the muffler is also much less restrictive. From what I've read I
should do a complete tune-up, change
the O2 sensor and the air filter.

Anything else--suggestions appreciated

Re: gas milage ford 460 jerry dombrowski 8-30-11  
Does anyone here know where i xcan purchase a egr intake plate for a 1986 ford 460 ?
Rv heats up on incline larry 8-18-12  
96 tioga heats up going up inclines. Has 460 eng. Driving around town or on level road never heats up.Does not leak fluid. Plugs ok,radiator ok.Had a 1999 that did the same thing never did figure it out.
Re: gas milage ford 460 Tommy S 8-10-12  
I gentleman is selling me a 92 F350 4dr dually tomorrow evening. He tells me he switched out the heads and put in a K&N Air Filter and added Dual FlowMasters to the Exhaust System. He states he's getting between 15-18 mpg on the hwy and 12-14 in town. Reading through everyone of the posts on this forum I'm not sure I can believe him or not. Some people are saying they're getting it. Some people say it's impossible. Who am I suppose to believe here? Can the 460 in fact get upwares of 15-18 mpg if baby'd on the higway?

And thanks for all the useful information above everyone!! I certainly have learned alot and have saved it in a word document for future use and investigation.

Re: gas milage ford 460 louie 9-9-12  
Uh, so how do you get this forum organized by date? What a mess!
Re: gas milage ford 460 Bob Geerhart 2-12-16  
My son & I have just completed a total overhaul of the under carrage,intake & exhaust system of our 94 F350 2X4 crew cab dually. We have also replaced the water pump, radiator,& thermoistat & heater core. THE PROBLEM IS: No heat.The Blend door seems to function, but still, no heat It's cold in Nevada in the winters.
do you have any suggestions?
Re: gas milage ford 460 Bob Geerhart 2-12-16  
My son & I have just completed a total overhaul of the under carrage,intake & exhaust system of our 94 F350 2X4 crew cab dually. We have also replaced the water pump, radiator,& thermoistat & heater core. THE PROBLEM IS: No heat.The Blend door seems to function, but still, no heat It's cold in Nevada in the winters.
do you have any suggestions?
Re: gas milage ford 460 Tommy S 8-10-12  
I gentleman is selling me a 92 F350 4dr dually tomorrow evening. He tells me he switched out the heads and put in a K&N Air Filter and added Dual FlowMasters to the Exhaust System. He states he's getting between 15-18 mpg on the hwy and 12-14 in town. Reading through everyone of the posts on this forum I'm not sure I can believe him or not. Some people are saying they're getting it. Some people say it's impossible. Who am I suppose to believe here? Can the 460 in fact get upwares of 15-18 mpg if baby'd on the higway?

And thanks for all the useful information above everyone!! I certainly have learned alot and have saved it in a word document for future use and investigation.

Re: gas milage ford 460 mark 6-19-12  
In 1973 I installed a 1965 390 cam gear set into a 1973 460 engine.I also rejeted the carb.This was suggested in a magazine to increase mileage and power.The mileage more than doubled and the engine really came to life on the low end.Will these changes work on a 1987 carbed 460 3/4 ton?
Where is maf sensor flaircornwall 9-17-11  
Hello RV Group,how are you today ?
we have a 1988 e350 Ford 460 (7.5 litre)efi motorhome.
i was wondering if any of you have had the problem with a surging,hestitating engine in higher elevations. this 460 runs fine at under 600 feet elevation,as soon as we get to the applachians mountains it starts to sputter and check engine light comes on.
i have changed the fuel filter,and spark plugs,wires,distributor cap.
is there a MAF Sensor on this year of engine and if so where is it please ?
does egr need to changed as well ?
and i am also interested in the overdrive conversion for the transmission. it revs over 2500 rpm at 55 mph.
thank you very much for any responses.
cheers from cornwall,canada
Carburator hose diagram for a ford 460 w/holliey carburator. doc 12-4-11  
I need a diagram as to where the hoses go on a 1976 ford 460/holley carburator
Re: gas milage ford 460 Eric 9-20-08  
Well, I for one am a HUGE 460 fan! I have had a couple or of them. One in my dads 78 Ford 1 ton 4x4, and in my 79 bronco out of a 86 motor home. And one that limped itself about 15 miles from my home.

Over all I found that running Edlebroke 750cfm maybe a litte much, I got 13 on the high way and maybe 9 in town in my bronco. ( The broncos motor was out of a86 motor home) But I had to much fun sometimes, I think I maybe have gotten even 10mpg in town and 15 MAYBE on the highway but not goin over 65mph. No over drive I wouldn't go over 65mph. I had the timing around a '12' or to where I would rev it up and it wouldn't pop or stutter. So I basically did of the sound. I ran bousch (sp) plugs K&N filter no muffler. W/ 3in pipe.

My dads 78 ford gets a steady 9mpg with a Edlebroke 600cfm. Oh both the carbs are/were electric choke. I got my bronco to start every time on the first time.

I currently own a 89 f350 4x4 5 spd. I have 2 air filters, that start at 3in behind the filter to 2.5in to the throttle body, it quieted it down! for sure and idles alot better and sounds like a turbo. But I get around 170miles to 200miles to a tank. And I get about 8 in town and 13 on the high way.

FYI: 351m 400m 429 and 460 #1 cylinders are on the left next to the battery then down the line, as the example further up the page. The best heads to get for a 460 are D0V3 d zero ( O )v e heads from 68-72? i think 72. those are the 385hp years. but people want a pretty penny for them.

I also have been told that a carbed 460 will do better with a 750cfm carb, mild cam and dual exhuast, the 460 needs to breath!

I know alot of this info is old news, and such, but thats what i know, and i am always willing to learn something new about the 460

460's are for real men!
Re: gas milage ford 460 Toby 12-18-11  
I've had a couple 96' ford's with 460 engine. Latest one is a one ton crew with automatic tranny. On average running around I get between 11 and 13 mpg. The best on highway I had got was 13.8(keeping it around 60 mph). I put a gforce chip and a throttle body spacer on and got 15.5mpg on a trip. You have to remember with a big block like that there's no leaving someone in the dust at a stop light when taking off without using a gallon in doing so. Lol.. It takes conservative driving when trying to acquire mileage with these beasts. A well tuned engine, good oil, tires etc. Everything counts with them. I also use lucas fuel treatment at every fill up.
Re: engine backfiring through exhaust pipe Dale 11-29-10  
1987 Travel Master Type C with a ford 460 engine. The engine starts great, when it warms up you can hear and see at night a blue flame whe backfireing at the tailpipe outlet even at a idle. If you press on the excelerater and let off, it sounds like a shot gun going off. This also happens when I am driving it and let off the gas. I took it to a mechanic in the area, they rebuilt the carb. and put in new spark plugs. This seemed to have stopped it from backfireing, but two days later after warming the engine up in the driveway, it started to do it again. What should I do, buy a shotgun and act like I'm shooting it or should I put a shell in and just shoot the engine. Will await your answer. Thanks Dale
Re: gas milage ford 460 dave 12-7-11  
Ford motors came 5%retarded change your timeing gear go to a speed shop they are the ones to help or put in a dodge cunnins kit are there 30 mpg on hiway
Re: gas milage ford 460 Rogan 4-27-09  
Hello all! I drive a 1977 Lincoln Continental, 4-door. The heart is a 460 with a motorcraft carburetor. Since there is no computer, I removed the emissions equipment (which didn't work anyways), the egr does not move, the four barrels function properly, the catalytic converters are there, but who knows the condition, no idea.

The engine has about 162,000 miles, pretty sure the odometer flipped. I had a 2.5" dual exhaust put on the car. In the city with slow driving, I can get 7 at the least. Driving careful, double digits. Normal highway crusing at 60 can get me around 17 to 18, and if I drive very carefully at 55 mph, I can squeeze 20 out of her.

My suggestions to you guys: Open up the exhaust, let your engine breathe. Open the airflow, let your engine breathe. If you have a carburetor, tune it. After 32 years, my car doesn't HAVE a factory setting, LoL. Take care of your engine, be careful of your driving habits, they make a world of difference.

To my motorhome guys: Don't let my mileage bother you. I know that my car weighs 2.5 tons, and motorhomes have a lot more weight to carry. It is rare for a motorhome to get good mileage compared to regular vehicles. A solution, go camping without a motorhome. Enjoy the outdoors, nature calls. Good luck to you all!
Re: gas milage ford 460 zach 4-21-09  
I have a 1995 ford f-250 extende cab lond bed 4x4 6 inch lift 37 by 14 inch tires all the accesories you could think of and a 75 hp chip and if im easy on it i get about 8mpg but you no what i also got a shity ranger. i only drive the big one when i want to. so ya you could put 3500 dallors to make it get better mph but thats not enuf to satasfie you. jus buy a ps ranger and drive the 460 when you need to thats the best option in my opinon
Re: gas milage ford 460 Dan 4-29-09  
I have a 1986 Fleetwood Jamboree, 26 ft. Class C w/460 carb engine. Picked it up in N.Y. around Syracuse and drove back home to eastern VA. Averaged right at 10 mpg. Can't complain as I had an even older Jamboree w/ Mopar 360 carb engine and could never get over 10 mpg.

I would like to go to dual exhaust w/an intake & carb switch. Don't think it'll help the mpg's too much, but any torque I can squeeze out will be a plus!
Bottom line...you can try all of the additives and air intakes and other snake oil items and I will tell you that if you get 10-11 mpgs from any class C motorhome you are A-OK!! Enjoy folks!
1990 Holiday Rambler with ford 460 Mike 6-25-09  
Does anyone know if there is a fuel pump relay and where its located Im not getting fuel and dont want to change the fuel pump if i dont have to. I dont have a manual so if anyone can help?
Re: gas milage ford 460 Eric 9-20-08  
Well, I am learning a lot on here thanks guys. I do not own a motor home. But I have owned and do own a few 460s.

My dad has a 460 in his 78 ton, out of a 73 motor home, I had one in my 78 bronco out of a 86 motor home. And now I have a 89 f350 efi 5spd 4x4.

When I had my bronco, I was told that 460s need to breathe. The guy told me that you need to do some a different cam, a 750cfm edlebroke, and headers. I got the 750 carb (341$$) and put it one. It was electric choke. And man I had all the power in the world, but I think the 750 is a little big for a stock 460. I think I got 10mpg or less in town and 14 on the free way. I had 3in pipe that went from the headers into 1 pipe, so i often times ran no muffler or a cherry bomb. AND K&N air filter.

My dads 460 is a POS! If you go over 55mph the distributor will lose teeth. He has a Edlebroke 600cfm, and he gets 9mpg. But the truck weighs a ton! lol... dually rear, Dana 60 up front, 12,000lbs warn winch and a tommy gate. It's heavy.

With both 460s we haven't ran anything but 85 octane. The cheap stuff.

Now in my 89 efi, I have dual air filters with 3in pip at the aif filter then 2.5in at the throttle body. I avg. about 170miles per 3/4s of a tank. SO maybe 200 miles all together. I am currently running 87 octane to see if it changes anything, I will also try and fix my exhaust...I am goin to make a "high flow" cat. conv.

The #1 cylinder is on the left side in front, if your looking at it from the front, and #5 is on the right in the front.

I had my bronco timing near TDC, or where it would run with out bogging down or stuttering. So I can't say where I had it. I know I really didn't like it at 12. Supposedly thats good for the high altitude..???
Re: gas milage ford 460 Bj 4-4-09  
I have a 1992 F250 ext cab long bed with the 460, borg warner 5 speed 4x4 with 4.10 gears. I removed the smog pump, egr valve, put a k&n filter kit. new injectors, flowmaster exhaust, motorcraft double platinum plugs, and advanced my timing about 10* from factory and am pulling 17.9 miles per gallon if i keep my foot off the exhaust. Great improvements, not affected by anymeans when pulling any size trailer. Made me love the motor, by far better than my '00 v10 and comparable to my '05 powerstroke.
Re: gas milage ford 460 steve 2-10-09  
I used to get 7-8 mpg from my 94 E350 class C now I get 5.
Had it in the shop to repair broken exhaust studs. Turns out they had to replace the heads to repair the studs.
Prior to the head replacement with leaking ex manifolds I was getting 7-8. Now I get 5.
I don't want to return to the shop that did the head work since I believe they roped me into a very expensive stud replacement job. Would anyone have recomendations as wo what might be wrong?
460 gas engine wont start ? Kris 10-17-10  
96 bounder 460 gas,been sitting for 6 months 1/4 tank gas,added 1 1/2 bottles of additive ! & 5 gals gas (high octane)replaced fuel filter
starter selenoid,bleed fuel line bleeder valve on fuel lines it has plenty of fuel in lines,it has spark,rotor turns,fuel injected,
it ran for 5 mins then shut off,
it cranks strong but just wont run !
it acts like it wants to run,
I,ve sprayed carb cleaner & starting fluid in it ???? is there fuel selenoids or relays on a 460 or
bounder motor home ?oh ya I replaced 3 batts 1-12v&26v should i shoot it ???
please any help will do,thanks Kris
Re: gas milage ford 460 David 10-9-08  
WOW... I just ran across this forum and had to chuckle....the only way to get decent gas mileage out of a 460 Ford is o get rid of it. Don't get me wrong I love the 460 it's a brute and as reliable as any motor ever built by anyone. But good fuel mileage....open the exhaust up headers and free flow pipe helps but nothing is going to get it to "good" I guess it's all in what you consider decent fuel mileage. My truck get's 11 mpg average 6 when towing. 1995 F-250 4X4 460 automatic w/Gale Banks headers and exhaust 336,200 miles :)
Re: gas milage ford 460 tars campbell 10-27-08  
I would NOT change the Ford 460 C6 stall speed if the perfomance from a power stand point is satisfactory. The factory stall speed is a pretty good compromise for most driving conditions, but not all.

Raising the stall speed on the torque converter will probably not give you better mpg, it more likely will lower it. The more rpm required to move the vehicle from a standing start will consume more fuel. Lowering the stall speed can also work against you, which happened to me.

But by raising the stall speed you will have more torque to get the wheels moving or to climb a curb. The higher stall speed allows more rpms before the motor stalls say at 2400 rpm instead of at 1200 rpm. This lets the torque converter do its job of mutiplying torque. And, the motor is producing more torque at the higher rpm closer to its rated torque range curve.. getting you out the hole so to speak.

I lowered the stall speed to 1350 rpm to get better fuel mileage. Instead it dropped from 11 to 10 mpg and I now lack 'get out of the hole power' on our 89 7.3 diesel 27 foot, 8.5k empty, class 'C' motor home. A 2x4 in front of each wheel will cause it to stall out and just sit there raising the transmission fluid tempeture.

Our 1987 ford, 460, w/4 speed Allison 643 lockup automatic, 36ft gas pusher, gets 5 mpg towing and 5.5 mpg not towing. It is 18.5k empty and weighs 23.5k most of the time with the towed jeep wrangler, full fuel, full water and our junk. My wife loves it, its very quiet, very comfortable and no diesel smell.

She hates the 7.3 diesel because of the small double bed, the diesel noise, the smell and it rides like the Ford 350 truck that it is based on. I of course like it best. We let our kids use it... its worth more to us as a spare RV than the 4-6k we could sell it for.

Bottom line, I need to raise the stall speed to 2200 rpm on both motorhomes just for the torque multiplcation to get up hills and be better off the line. At least to climb a couple 2x4's from a standing start..
Re: gas milage ford 460 kash conaway 12-10-08  
Re: gas milage ford 460 Gene 10-7-09  
I have a 1990 ford class c motorhome and would like to take the catilactic coverter and smog pump off, and make improvements to the air intake system. It has fuel injection and or throttle body, it's stock and has two air intake tubes coming from the fuel injection system. What can i do not to mess up the computer and get more performance.
thank you, Gene
Re: gas milage ford 460 cody 9-4-09  
1989 460ci ford 4x4 f250 short bed two door. i put a super charger,new headders,cranck shaft,timing chane,ford racing heads. all street leagle.
Re: gas milage ford 460 Steve 10-8-09  
I have just put a good used 460 engine in my 1978 Holiday rambler class C. Will adding acetone hurt this engine or gaskets etc if I add it to the fuel. Any siggestions as to what to do to increase the gas mileage. Has anyone ever tried magnets on the inline gas line, or adding a little mystery oil to the gas, and using 1 qt of mystery oil in place of one quart of oil. Love the old class C but need to increase MPG if at all possible.
Re: gas milage ford 460 john ritchie 8-11-10  
Thank you kindly for the info very helpful...

Have 91 bounder with 460 throttle body its realy not that bad on fuel for 40 feet.....air filters on this model are crummy the whole shebang should be replaced with a more efficient system....

Water pumps are a total horror show to replace but they are not the greatest pump in the world and perhaps mine should be replaced with a custom model rebuilds are junk....

Thanks for the great input....regards to all
Re: gas milage ford 460 bob 8-22-10  
I have a32 foot motor home witha 460, pullig a 4,000 lb car i got 6.1.i remember a 82 f250 i bought new, it eait gas and had no power so i pulled the motor and put in a 429. in the mean time i talked to a old timer who mew his fords. turns out ford retarted cam timing in the 351 and 460 18 degries to get them through d.e.q. i think it is still going on today but i cant say for shure. i think make them breath bumb up the timing and it will work.
Re: gas milage ford 460 BRYAN MCPEAKE 9-22-10  
I have a 36 ft. motorhome And a 460 motor. how much milage should it get
Re: gas milage ford 460 Vic 9-24-10  
Had a 28ft. Class C with a 460 Engine. The things that I did, did help the gas mileage. I added a K&N air filter. Using black PVC pipe I constructed another air path into the air filter box, using that in addition to the factory air run to the air filter box. Using black silicone seal, the PVC pipe modification was run alongside the stock air intake run from the front of the engine bay. A hole was cut in the air filter box to admit the new additional air path, black PVC pipe. The stock set up has a restriction in the inlet of the stock air filter horn, up at the front, a smaller diameter area in the air flow path. This is designed to reduce noise from the air intake snout. But is also restricts air flow.

Then I put a straight through muffler on in the exhaust line using 3" exhaust pipe from the converter back.

These two mods increased the mileage to where at times it hit 21 MPG as indicated by the lady I sold it to.

Getting 7 MPG, or 10 MPG was not my experience, got much more. In doing the mods mentioned it is simply a matter of reducing what is referred to as pumping losses.

The air inlet mods and the K&N Air Filter are an essential part of the mods. The intake air was restricted and caused air flow resistance that was very high. In a real sense the engine was being starved for air in order to limit such noises that might come from a less restricted air inlet. The mod allowed probably more than twice the air flow to the air filter box. The K&N air filter will pas more air.
Re: gas milage ford 460 Geoff 7-31-10  
I just bought a 79 bronco with a 460 bored 40 over. with around 6k on the engine. has after market heads k&n filter. blah blah blah. what kind of mileage should i be looking at?
Re: gas milage ford 460 john ritchie 8-11-10  
Thank you kindly for the info very helpful...

Have 91 bounder with 460 throttle body its realy not that bad on fuel for 40 feet.....air filters on this model are crummy the whole shebang should be replaced with a more efficient system....

Water pumps are a total horror show to replace but they are not the greatest pump in the world and perhaps mine should be replaced with a custom model rebuilds are junk....

Thanks for the great input....regards to all
Re: gas milage ford 460 brandon 7-28-10  
Will a 2800 stall converter help or hurt me
Re: gas milage ford 460 will 4-11-10  
I get 6.2-9.4 in town and as much as 19 on the highway at 80 mph.. I have a 1995 Ford F-250 4wd fuel injected beast...
Re: gas milage ford 460 pete 7-15-10  
I have a F 100 with a 460.. cam shaft timing gears instead of chain..A 800 eps carb. c6 trans,with 3:55 rear gears with 31 inch tires on it.. if i drive respectibly i will average around 16 to 18 mile per gallon.
With no mixing fuels.. Important is to use synthetic motor oil and proper tire inflation.. Keep out of the 4 brrls and you will do well.. If you are not satisfied the try a gear vendor overdrive unit.. will definitely improve your fuel milage..
Re: gas milage ford 460 Rod 7-22-10  
I guess I'm lucky. I have a 1997 F-250 Heavy Duty. 373 rear end. And a 460cid fuel injected. I get 17 mpg @ 65 mph and 1750 RPM. In town with light to light stop and go I get 11 Mpg. Towing my 22 foot camp trailer I get 10 @ 60 - 65 mph. not to bad I guess. everything is stock.
Re: gas milage ford 460 Dave Vesely 12-14-09  
What gas milage does a ford mason dump get with a 7.5L (460) get?

thanks dave.
Re: gas milage CHEVY 454 Bernard Allard 5-26-08  
Hi Mike
I Have 1985 Beaver motorhome (weighing 18000#) geting 5-6 MPG in the mountain passes of the washington state cascades and 7 MPG on the flats in the columbia river basin. Equiped with stock carb and chevy 454CID and 3 spd Turbo 400, skinny 19.5" with dualie & tag axle. I travel around 55-60 MPH and as light as I can. With out tossing the kids or making them push- could I do Better with 1992 454 with 4L80E complete from my pick-up in its place or just or concider starting allover. the beaver is in good shape and both vehicles are paid for and low miles ('85 MH 53K & 7K on rebuilt engine // 90k on PU); both maintained on Amsoil and Lucus Synthetic additive which feels like better vaccuum and ring seal in the hot summer months and I watch my tire pressures regularly; i've opened the exhausts and MSD. Is there anything else I should consider if I don't want to sell them just yet.
Thank you
Re: gas milage ford 460 j.f. pires 12-10-06  
What can I do to improve mpg 0n 1995 Ford MH 31 ft. with 460 engine
Re: gas milage ford 460 Randy 2-17-08  
I have a 1997 Georgie boy motorhome 33 ft with a BANKS air induction kit and trans kit. The mileage is 7 MPG but the horsepower is awsome.Goes up hills with ease with the BANKS kit. Well worth the cost.
Re: gas milage ford 460 ty 8-20-07  
Does anybody know why my 1994 7.5 is running such high cumbustion tempatures got it back from the dealer and it seems to be running hot the gage in side isnt saying that but the grill feels like it going to melt and i just had it smoged and they said the cumbustion temps were high on the print out can any body help me out?
Re: gas milage ford 460 mygroin 3-19-07  
I have an intake and carb from an 82 ford 460 7.5l which i was trying to put on my 88 f250 efi and wont fit somtin diferent with the heads i guess
Re: gas milage ford 460 Chuck P. 5-26-06  
Don't mix acetone with your fuel!! On an older rig, some of the plastic is not compatible. You may get catastrophic leaks. Also, the heat content of acetone is approximately 25% less than gasoline. Less heat content = more burned for same power output. Less tension ??? C'mon! I have a 1983 Cobra class C 24' with 460 and I get 8 - 9 mpg w/o a/c on and keeping it below 60 mph. With a/c on, I get around 8. Keep tires fully aired, use synthetic oil in engine & synthetic lube in rear end gears, and use AC Delco #2 Rapidfire spark plugs. No, I don't work for Delco. If you rigs are anything like mine, you are pushing a 12.5K lb barn down the road. There is NO magic or inexpensive solution.
Re: gas milage ford 460 Chuck P. 8-3-06  
As an addendum to my previous posting, I replaced the stock 2.5" single exhaust system with a larger single 3" piping and large S.S. performance muffler. The noise levels are still low. After 2 lengthy trips my fuel economy has increased by about 8% and I have a bit more power. No loss anywhere in power band. Not particulary cost effective at $381 but since the old system was about to rot out it was a good time for a change. The original system included one of those round RV/truck style low performance mufflers that seem to be standard.
Re: gas milage ford 460 JB 10-11-10  
Tried it. Kept very good records over 12 tanks of gas. Didn't help at all.
Re: gas milage ford 460 David Hansen 11-27-10  
I just purchased a 85 Ford Cobra motor home on the 350 chassis with a 460 carburated engine. It hesitates on acceleration and occasionally runs rough. It only has 35K miles. I am thinking a new carb is in order. Suggestions?
Re: timing seting for 1990 F350 ford with 460 eng. fuel inj. auto trans super cab Larry 7-18-10  
30-32 degrees should be for all 460s
Re: timing seting for 1990 F350 ford with 460 eng. fuel inj. auto trans super cab alan 8-24-10  
Re: timing seting for 1989 F350 ford with 460 eng. fuel inj. auto trans 3speed AT greg 10-10-10  
Get back to me asap thanks G
Re: timing seting for 1990 F350 ford with 460 eng. fuel inj. auto trans super cab carlos moyano 12-29-10  
Where is the spout connector on the 1990 7.5 fual injection gas engine.

on my fly wheel I have a mark in chock, and next to the fly wheel I have a marker which I beleive if the marker and the fly wheel mark are lined up that would be top dead center wright?. I need to go 10 degrees advance?. I have a basic timing light with no dials or switches to change timing light speed, am I useing the wright timing light?.
Re: timing seting for 1989E350 ford with 460 eng. fuel inj. auto trans holiday rambler 27' C-6,3 speed greg 10-10-10  
I did the K&N air filter, the 3" single exhaust SS magna flow muffler & removed the air pump, the converter, egr,but left the egr position senser in place, & plugged 2 vaccum lines, Im about to increase the air box for more air and I removed the plate that blocked the ir intake through the grill, i need to know the timing & the best way to fool the o2 senser to run water for fuel can you help me here thanks G
Re: gas milage ford 460 Ben 8-1-16  
Like the other guys said when you drive a classic dont look at the fuel gauge JUST ENJOY THE RIDE
ever see the guys in the Rolls Royce complain
Re: gas milage ford 460 wes 11-23-07  
Change the torque converter, increase the stall speed. you can change everything you want motor wise but the c-6 converter slips to much, its the way its built. try it you will be pleased. (4 to 5 mpg better) wes
Re: gas milage ford f250 5.8 jodo 1-9-12  
I have a 1987 E350 with a 7.5 ltr. The idel remains high even after it warms up. I pull off the vacumm hose from the flapper valve (at air clearner) and the idel drops. I went to the dealer and they have no parts available. Does this sound like a faulty manifold temp valve???
Re: gas milage ford 460 Confused!!!! 9-13-11  
Just How the FUCK do these boards work? There is NO ryme or reason to the threads and replies...

Re: gas milage ford 460 Adrian 9-20-13  
Hello, I know this was from an old post. I am wondering how you are/were getting 9+ mpg out of your RV. I think I have the identical RV and can only get 7+ MPG. Any ideas??

Re: gas milage ford 460 Thom 11-1-07  
I have a 1988 21 foot motorhome on the E-350 frame. It has the 460 EFI engine in it and stays in the 10 MPG range. It now has over 96K on the engine and runs as strong as ever. I did at one time have a problem with running a little hotter than it should and a rough idle at the same time. The problem was the EGR. Once the EGR opens on the highway it tends to cool the combustion a bit. So keep an eye on that darn thing. I went from 9 MPG to 10 MPG when I changed the 02 sensor. The older computers (ECC-IV) will not tell you when an 02 sensor is gunked up, only when it no longer works at all. The more the exhaust coating on it the longer your 460 is going to stay in rich fuel mode. It's a good idea to change it out about every 25 to 30k miles. The throttle position sensor (TPS) and MAF will work aginst fuel economy if not accuratly reporting there settings. I guess what I am getting at is the 460 is a very good powerhouse engine. Not much goes wrong with the egine itself (if cared for). The sensors are normally the problem everytime. RV owners care for there rigs alot, I sometimes find myself reading about the engine, all ways learning something new. Most all the smaller sensors are available at Autozone for around 20-30 bucks each and I get on about every two months and change it out. I believe it heads off some possible problems. I hope this info will help on some of your heating and fuel economy problems. I do realize my rig is smaller than most but I have seen larger ones getting 10 MPG too.
Re: gas milage ford 460 Patrick 7-20-08  
Hi Wes, This is in regards to c6 torque converter slipping to much. How do I get a higher stall speed converter.I have an older 78 ford MH and have heating problems on hot days and against strong winds. I blew he oil once,had it overhauled, he said there was very little damage.But as I read your article I'm thinking that could be causing my heating problem.I checked everything else.
Re: gas milage ford 460 jeff burnett 7-10-08  
Do you have a full system with trans commador
Re: 460 ford not cranking due to fuel delivery. Louie 12-19-10  
Please see:
Re: 1987 motorhome won't stay running by me;Louie
Re: gas milage ford 460 Daniel morgan 3-29-14  
I was wondering if i can take off all the a/c bullshit on my 86' 7.5l. and what aftermarket carb youd suggest
Hey Zach!-Re: gas milage ford 460 Kenan 6-4-09  
Where did you get the chip? I have 1996 F-350 w/460.
Re: 1990 Holiday Rambler with ford 460 chris 8-25-09  
Yes it does, older fords use this relay much like a large fuse and the pcm controles the fuel pump duty ratio at that point. the relay is green and is usually located on the drivers side fender well along with the pcm relay about a foot before the harness enters the firewall. hopes that helps some
Re: 1990 Holiday Rambler with ford 460 Al Barrs 9-20-09  

If your '90 Holiday Rambler is on a Ford E350 Econoline chassis and has the fuel pump in the gasoline tank, the fuel pump relay is up by the radiator overflow tank on the driver's side. It is mounted up against the grill and hard to see but is blue or brown and about one inch square and two inches long. Cost to replace is about ten bucks.
Re: gas milage ford 460 Bill and Brigitte Jeansonne 10-25-10  
Hey Vic, just read your comments on your old motor home and what you did to the 460 air box. I too have been searching for better fuel use along with some increased hp. I have been been pondering the removal of the 2 snorkels that are in the intake hoses leading to the throttle body. Did you experiment with that also? Your idea of another intake hose interests me, I have 2 holes { about 3" } in the bottom of the filter box that are covered with wire screen. It looks as though the guy before me may have put them there, did you have those holes in your box? Where exactly did you run that extra pipe into the intake box??
These engines have a bunch of torque but no guts towing up a hill, it struggles up hills towing a 26ft toy box even with no water in it??? did you experience the same issues???

Re: gas milage ford 460 Tom Henderson 8-12-16  
Hi Vick,

Hopefully you get this message on your older message. The modification to the air intake is very creative. Do you have a picture you can share? What size PVC did you use? Would this apply to fuel injection on a 1990 460 ir does it only apply to engines with carburetors? I would like to try this if it would work on a fuel injection version.


Re: 460 gas engine wont start ? greg 10-18-10  
Ecm--same happened to me--92 40z bounde. removed ecm spelled/appeared of burnt wiring. my ecm is under dash in front of steering column. ordered new one from autoz/cardone--one year warranty. runs like a champ. Inspect beforehand. I had all of the same syms you now have. fuel-spark-coil-batts. however I went to town with a volt/ohm meter. traced back to that ecm. good luck.
Re: 460 gas engine wont start ? Dennis 6-16-15  
Try changing the distributor cap and rotor. I was having a problem starting and missing when running. The cap may look good but can be bad. I've changed mine now twice over the years and it gives it new life.
1987 motorhome won't stay running bob 10-30-10  
Motorhome will not stay running - rebuilt carb, but still does same thing.
Re: 1987 motorhome won't stay running Louie 12-19-10  
If you have a electric fuel pump there are all kinds of fail safe switches to it. When you turn the key to start all the switches are by passed. When the key returns to run they are not. You have vacuum switches on the engine, an oil pressure switch at the back near the oil pressure sending unit and a roll over switch under the dash. I had the same problem. It was caused by a connector that got hot and shorted out on the intake manifold...Though it was right in front of me, it took days and a schematic to find it. Check the circuit by running a direct wire to the fuel pump. If it remains running go from there.
Re: engine backfiring through exhaust pipe Dennis 6-16-15  
Try changing the distributor cap and rotor. it may look good but they go bad. I had much the same problem and have changed them twice over the years. It gave it new life.
Re: 1987 motorhome won't stay running rosanna moncibais 7-22-13  
Want to get some info for a Holiday Rambler that has starting issues.
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