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Dometic RM 3663 refrigerator gas shuts off

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Dometic RM 3663 refrigerator gas shuts off Doug 5-7-10  
We have a Dometic RM 3663 refrigerator (serial #08603017). It works in the AC mode and lights in the gas mode but the solenoid closes and turns off the flame consistently after exactly 45 seconds. Can you determine from those symptoms what the problem is/what component needs to be replaced.
Re: Dometic RM 3663 refrigerator gas shuts off Doug 5-7-10  
Thanks, We'll give that a go
Re: Dometic RM 3663 refrigerator gas shuts off Keith 5-7-10  
Hi Doug, My first suspect would be the thermocouple (TC). Make sure the tip is free of carbon buildup and is engulfed in the clean blue flame. If you're handy with a multimeter, the TC should have 25-35 millivolts resistance when connected to the lower circuit board. A reading below 18mv could cause erratic gas operation. If you just changed LP bottles there could be air in the lines and it could take a few tries to purge the air. Lastly the lower circuit board could be bad. You may be able to have it tested at an RV shop if they have the tester for fridge boards. Good luck
Re: Dometic RM 3663 refrigerator gas shuts off Jerry 8-20-14  
My refer in gas mode is drawing about 1.3 amps. Is this normal? I suspect it to be killing my battery fairly quickly.
Re: Dometic RM 3663 refrigerator gas shuts off Doug 5-7-10  
Thanks for the input. Could you clarify what you mean by "lower" circuit board. On the back of the fridge there is an approx. 5"x5" board and right next to it a small gas control board.
What has me confused is the exact timing of how long the gas stays on before shutting off - always exactly 45 seconds. Does this fact give you any insight into whether it is the control board or the thermocouple?
Given labor costs it almost makes sense to simply buy the suspect components and install them to see if it solves the problem rather than take it to a shop for trouble shooting. I have located an internet site (Mark's RV Supplies) that sells circuit boards for my fridge made by Dinosaur Electronics that are considerably less expensive than Dometic parts. Would you happen to know if these are reputable parts?
Thanks for whatever help you can provide.
Re: Dometic RM 3663 refrigerator gas shuts off Keith 5-17-10  
Hi Ron, He changed the thermocouple and PC board, works fine.
Re: Dometic RM 3663 refrigerator gas shuts off Keith 5-7-10  
Hi Doug, OOOPS! I misstated and said 25-35 millivolts "resistance". Omit resistance. Brain fart... sorry
Re: Dometic RM 3663 refrigerator gas shuts off Keith 5-7-10  
Hi Doug, It's hard to troubleshoot over the internet... Yes the 5X5 board is the lower board. 45 seconds is the time frame the board allows to ignite the flame. If the flame lights and then goes out the board isn't reading that the flame is lit, which is what the TC is or isn't telling it. If an RV shop has a fridge board tester they usually don't charge to test it if you take it out and to them. If you have the $ I'd start with the lowest cost part if that's the way you want to go and change the TC. Dinosaur boards are reputable and as reliable as electronics can be and carry a better warranty than Dometic boards for a better price. You understand I can't guarantee either of these will fix the problem, but it's where I'd start if I were there... Good luck, hope this helps.
Re: Dometic RM 3663 refrigerator gas shuts off Ron 5-17-10  
Keith what was the outcome on the gas shut off on the RM3663 refrigerator.
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