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Onan Generator power surges sgaskins 6-6-08  
I have 4kW onan generator in my 21' rallye motorhome. Had it out last weekend and the kids were watching tv with the generator running. My wife and i were at the table playin g cards and had the table lamp on, the light was surging bright to dim, and i could hear a faint clicking sound up in the panel where the generator start button is. the light bulb got so hot it melted a small hole in the cover. I shut the generator off, and then the 12v lights didn't work anymore. I checked all the fuses, and after a few minutes all the 12v system worked again. The next day i ran the gen for microwave and the same problem after i shut the gen off no 12v for a few minutes. Can anyone tell me what my trouble might be?
Re: Onan Generator power surges monty 10-6-08  
I have a 1979 marine application Onan 7.5 genset..engine runs well/good. all of a sudden the voltage started to be irratic..from 50 volts to 110 volts..sometimes it stays at around 110 and just bounces around there but the lights go regular bright to very dim and back and forth...would a voltage regulator do that? or is it a negative/ground problem?..i see a ground wire leading from the outside casing of the generator, i cleaned that up where it connected to my engine block and copper piping, was corroded but didnt fix the problem.
any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
Re: Onan Generator power surges MichaelL 11-3-15  
My Onan 4000 shuts down after a few minutes. It will not start for a few minutes. While it is running it powers the microwave just fine. It just keeps turning off,. The oil level is fine and it runs very smooth! The fuel pump seems to be working well. The bowel has fuel in it when drained.
Re: Onan Generator power surges ron 8-26-08  
Sounds like you got yourself a short in the remote start switch.that will have to be replaced. also, listen or check to see if your gen set is surging if it is you might as well pull the carb and clean it with some canned carb cleaner concentrating on the idle circuit [the little jet]
Re: Onan Generator power surges and dies kspurlock 7-12-08  
Went camping on july 4th weekend. Started gen. and all it would do is surge then die. Then it was hard to start, and then the surging would start again. This was all under a " no load" condition. We bought the motor home last year and had no problems. It is a 1987 Onan BGE/BGEL.
Re: Onan Generator power surges John 7-6-08  
Does the generator motor run at a constant speed or surge? If motor is surging could be a dirty, bad, or carb that needs adjustment. If motor runs at a steady speed could need to adjust your output voltage.

DO NOT run your electrics with voltage surging or you will cause a lot of damage to a lot of things
Re: Onan Generator power surges Mike 12-14-08  
I have 10.3kw onan marine generator on my 41 meridian that seems to surge alot whenever the battery charger/inverter switch is on. Is this normal? When the battery charger switch is off the surging does not occur. Any advice would be appreciated!
Re: Onan Generator power shuts off vince 8-15-08  
My onan generator shuts off after about 10 minutes of running. I took it in, they could not figure out why. I have replaced the pump,plugs,wires,filter. Anybody have any suggestions.It's a 6500 onan.
Re: Onan Generator power surges bernie machia 11-7-08  
I have an older homelite generator with a briggs and straton 8 hp motor and the motor goes up and down and the lights have a little flicker is it because the carb needs adjustment? What voltage should it be set on with no load on the gen?
Re: Onan Generator power surges Frank Mangrum 6-18-12  
My 2000 Coachmne motorhome has a 7000 watt Onan generator. I can run it 45 minutes when the tempature is 70-80 degrees with one or both air conditioners on with NO problem. With tempature in the 90's with one or both air conditioners on it runs okay for maybe an hour or until you begin to reduce the load and it begins to surge very bad. WHY ????

Onan marine generator6.5 mcck won't stop with controls Brian 10-20-12  
Onan marine generator 6.5 mcck starts and runs fine but won't stop with control buttons.Any ideas what to do?
Re: Onan Generator power surges Trojan 5-12-10  
Would you know where I can get a copy of a 6.5mce Onan maual?
Unlock slide out tray on onan allen hickman 9-19-11  
How do you unlock the slide out tray for onan gen. on a 1987 crosscountry sportcoach
Re: Onan Generator power surges Jerry 9-1-11  
My Onan Quiet Diesel 7.5 KW generator on my 2000 Fleetwood 36T is starting to surge and quit running under load or not under load. Used to work fine. What should I look at? I am fairly competant with a wrench, but not electronic motherboards. When I changed the fuel filter it ran good wor a short time, then ran/didn't run worse. It sat for about 8 months with monthly startups. The fuel tank (common to the coach) was nearly full.
Help please.
Re: Onan Generator power surges kin 9-25-10  
Re: Onan Generator power surges Glenn Haddix 8-1-10  
I have an Onan 4000ky gen.Had the carb rebuilt it rus now but under load it wants to serge,Can anyone tell me what to try an do about this? Thanks In Avance.
Re: Onan Generator power surges John 1-9-09  
I have a 1990 Onan 6.5MCE in my boat. The generator runs fine with no load, but when a load is placed on it, it surges. Lights go dim and bright along with the surging. The brushes have never been replaced. Can the brushes cause this, or should I be looking for a fuel issue? Should I replace the brushes as a preventative measure? I replaced the in-line filter 1 year ago and added a fuel water seperator to the line. Am I putting too much on the fuel pump with the added fuel filter?
Re: Onan Generator power surges carol 10-25-11  
Our onan generator is burning out appliances, we do not hear the motor surging but believe the output voltage has to be adjusted, does anyone know how to do this.

Oct 2011
Burning up my stuff phillip 9-26-11  
My gas onan 4.0 is burning up all my crap pluged in. When the a/c is running and the generator is under a load its ok. But if we turn off the air or the a/c unit cycles anything plunged in goes out / stops working.
What could be the problem?
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