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78 440 engine horsepower rating joe from nj 12-31-05  
I have the chance to buy a 440 engine from a 1978 dodge motor home can anyone tell me the horsepower rating of this engine and what was the last year of production of this engine and is this engine internally balanced or externally balanced thanks again joe nj
Ht 413 winnabago,maybe 72 wayne 7-31-07  
Can anyone give stats on this mill????
Re:value 78 440 engine bored 30 over 4brl edelbrock (new) w/trans tim stoll 7-5-07  
Just dont know
Overheating engine mark 5-19-07  
Help. engine is 240. air cooled 78 vw bus
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating wayne 7-31-07  
Can anyone give stats on this mill???
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating Sharlene 6-9-18  
The older the better 72 they started the pollution control. I bored my old 440 out 60 pver and it made with cam headers big ass manifold and a 780 Holley dble Pumper.. They guesstimate 500hp think it was a 75ish block..Oh The torque..sold itto a fella building a model A rod...Anyhooooooo if you can find one and are willin to pay for some millen You Too can scare the livin shite out of yourself
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating Kirk Swanson 3-22-08  
I have a 1978 27' Honey class c motorhome with the 440-1 engine. I know they sucked the life out of these engines by the time the late seventies hit. I installed hedman headers and designed a cold air intake for it. Also added a gear vendors over/under overdrive to the 3 speed 727 trans. I can climb the hills at a comfortable speed in the rocky mountains and the temp stays nice even on the hot days. I find it to be a great combination.
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating tom baumgarten 12-22-07  
What is the firing order on the 78 dodge 440 engine
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating Frank 5-15-07  
I have a 1978 440-4 from a truck...the engine assembly stamp next to the water pump housing says 1979, it's rated at 225 hp at 4200 rpm (chiltons) I just put it in a coronet, haven't started it yet, it uses the "452 heads" any info on this late 440 would be appreciated, I never see anybody with 440-4 blocks...always -1 or -3.
Ht 413 winnabago,maybe 72 wayne 7-31-07  
Can anyone give stats on this mill???
1978 Chrysler 440 firing order Curtis Baron 11-17-06  
I have a 1978 Pace Arrow with a Chrysler 440 and I need to know what the firing order is in the distributor. Any help would be appreciated ASAP!!!!!! Thanks
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating brent vendsel 1-8-06  
The low power in the late 440's comes from mostly very low compression. like 7.5 to 1. the late RB mopar has the heaviest rod and piston weight of any modern overhead valve carbuerated engine. a 1969 440 magnum (or commando)made 375 gross hp, with the same rods and a steel crank. simply because it had a far more favorable compression ratio (the piston wasn't down in the hole at tdc) and a camshaft that was matched to that ratio (around 10:1) 440's make a ton of torque, and there is alot of stuff out there today (keith black hyperuetectic pistons, racer brown custom camshafts fbo ignition systems etc) that let you tailor a 440's torque and hp to where you need it. i've owned 2 440's and 2 383's, if you don't exeed their built in limits (overheating, overrevving) you can't lose. unlike a big block chevy you don't need to carry around spare exhaust manifolds lol
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating Steven Smith 1-1-06  
I think 78-79 was the last yr of production for the 440, though some ended up in class Cs up through 81-82.
The HP figures he shows, keep in mind they are the net figures that they went to when all the smog engines started to appear. I think all BB after 71 were externally balanced.
Yours definitaly is.
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating rich 12-31-05  
My book lists the 77-78 at 195hp at 3600rpm.73-76 at235 at 4000. I'm not sure what all they changed in those years. I do know the valve lift wasn't as high on the newer engines, they were changing over to unleaded at that time. Rich
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating Jim 1-29-06  
I have a 1979 C-Class Dodge motorhome with a 440-3 what is the difference between thia and a 440
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating Bill 1-30-06  
Not sure there is a difference with the -3 book I have dosn't list a difference

Joe did you buy the motor ??
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating pb 8-22-08  
I have the opp. to buy a 73 440 that runs and is still in the original 73 champion. i would like to know if these engines are for a high perfrmance app. I intended on putting it in my 69 dr coronet
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating yubon gibson 10-18-06  
I have a ht 413 from a 70 something? winnebago. those numbers came from the pad on the left front of the engine,i do know thats mopar engine code. but is this a possible performance bb mopar like the more popular known engines. i would also like to know the possible HP ratings for this engine.
thanks yubon gibson
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating Warren Godfrey 3-13-06  
As explained to me by an old Chrysler mechanic. One of the differences you will find between the 440-3 and the 440 used in street cars, is a longer coolant path between the heads and the block. This is accomplished by including an extra pass from the block up thru the head and back down thru the block again. Since the heads from the 440 do not have this path in the head, using them on the 440-3 is the same as plugging them off..The resultant overheating situation will destroy the engine in short order. Although they are rare, I have also been told that heads from the 413 engine may be used as a direct replacement for those of the 440-3.
Hope this is helpful.
Chrysler Cobra casa grande 1978 R.V. steve Richardson 2-24-07  
I have a 1978 chrysler cobra 36 foot RV. Imported into the United kingdom in 1995.

Does anyone know anything about these vehicles as I have scoured the web and can't find anything about it.

This one has been converted to diesel with a 6litre Perkins engine and 4 speed manual box. Any ideas what the original engine was?

It needs a whole new set of brake units but I can't even find what type os chassis she was built on.
Any help or pointers to someone who may know would be appreciated. Chrysler have no ideas!!
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating mary 12-3-07  
I have a 440-3 v8 engine model m400.I have hoses not connected and i need to get them hooked up before I can get it to pass the I.M. test.If some one can help me out that would be great. The engine is in a 1976 southwind class A moter home.
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating Geoffrey Hammell 10-6-08  
Have searched far and wide. What is the difference between a 440-4 and a regular 440? Can a 440 from a 1 ton van be used in place of the 440-4?
1976 Dodge 440 Motorhome Engine specs Travis 3-6-15  
I am buying a motorhome for the engine and transmission to put into my 1970 Dodge Charger 500. Is this engine any good from the motorhome. I have heard they detuned them down in horsepower for emissions. Is this true and how do I find out. The engine runs perfect. I just dont want to buy it and not have a big horsepower engine.
Re: 78 440 help tyler 1-31-15  
I pulled a 440 out of a 78 champion rv.

The numbers on side of block are
: 4006630-440-2

Numbers on id pad : 9t 440 e

And (I think date code)
On side of block below casting #
: 8 9 78
Where can I find more info about this engine? I can't find anything about 9t on I'd pad. And what does 440-2 mean any help would be great
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating Chris 11-8-12  
I have a 1978 440/4barrelcartercarb in an rv by Superior bodies,Concord,is the body, chassis by Chrysler,how much horsepower were they rated at,also has,I THINK THE FIRST OF THE VACUUM POWERED FEUL SAVING DEAL'S,is on this motor,also,It has a metal gas tank on passenger side,that I drained rust gas from,it has another gas tank,drivers side made of plastic-type material,so I solved oneproblem,just getting rid of the metal tank,there really isn't any way to clean it,is there?
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating Estabunne 8-24-16  
Been living in a 77 dodge sportsman actually for a while she's got 200 horsepower as far as the reduction is definitely the emissions. If you're interested you can drop me any questions about her being such a great project definitely could be drop the engine into a project chassis and body. Run her around a lot everyone looks also she runs off down the freeway screaming super bird
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating David 1-25-17  
I have 440 in my car try see if is good semes to run good 4006630 440 8 on block the pad on top seys 1/7 440 could have been Built up a little
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating Vern 11-10-17  
I have a Dodge 440 in a '79 motorhome. The motor runs great but recently developed a tick-tick-tick at idle. The power and performance is unaffected. Now this sound disappears at 1500-2000 rpm. I am unable to locate the source. Do you have any suggestions???
Re:79 Dodge 440 in a motorhome Vern 11-10-17  
I have a Dodge 440 in a '79 motorhome. The motor runs great but recently developed a tick-tick-tick at idle. The power and performance is unaffected. Now this sound disappears at 1500-2000 rpm. I am unable to locate the source. Do you have any suggestions???
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating rick 9-15-17  
Have a 78 Minnie Winnie 24' bunkhouse with bb440 and TQ carb hard starting has 78k orig miles...help
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating Jim Watkins 9-22-11  
I have a 77' Powerwagon with a 440 out of a 77' motorhome.The previous owner built this truck for pulling sleds at truck shows. My question is- when he built the motor he used 516 close chambered heads and so far there are no cooling problems, but it is expensive to drive cause it needs 91+ octane and lead additive- can you suggest a good replacement head that will allow me to run 87 octane but still have some performance ? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks, -Jim
1978 440-3 Factory facts z89101 6-20-16  
Research done - here are some facts from Chrysler/Mopar on the last run of the 440-3.

The Camshaft installed in our MB/CB chassis 440-3 based RV's is the 260/268. Specs if you desire: (camshaft was a standard item for almost 2 decades) - Int open 18btc close 62abc Ex open 68bbc close 20atc overlap 38 degrees 113 LSA installed 112 intake cl. Now as the important.050 lift numbers - our lifters are large base and result in faster than ford /chevy rise - MEASURED numbers - 202in and 208ex. Lift with stock rail rockers etal -.425"i and.435"e

Alternative cams - Sealed power CS-327 and Melling SPD-11

Compression listed 8.2 - 1

Complaints or fights? - direct to Chrysler.

Peace and bless the US of A in this time of great peril.
Re: 76 440 engine good compression reading dan shearer 5-3-09  
What is a good compression reading in psi for the 1976 dodge 440 engine its in an american clipper class c RV. Thanks Dan
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating Rush 4-3-09  
I got an older 440 in a 73 power wagon so I know it is not the original motor. How do I find out what year the motor is?
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating RAY 8-30-11  
Ok Im done with the thermal quad and want a replacement for my 78 travelcraft motorhome/440cid. what is out there that can bolt right up to it with out changeing the gas jets... Once again I have a cracked float bowl and it's popping at idle. I have a performer 440 intake on it now, anybody got any suggestions? Thanks, Ray...
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating tim 8-9-09  
Hi i have a 1980 1/2 allegro motor home head gasket matches 440 any one no if they had a 440 in this year and how i can tell? i need to no about the timing poping like its off a tooth?
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating john young 8-16-09  
I like to know because iam putting it in atruck
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating dwayne sittig 10-27-10  
Im buying a 1978 moter home it has a 440 auto trans in it. im wourding if the trans will bolt up 2 a p205 cast iron trans fer case. It is in a 1978 power wagon it has a 318 motor and a automatic trans it now
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating Tony 12-27-09  
Just bought a '78 440. Still in the motorhome, so listened to it, has 56,000 miles on it. Smoked a little becuse of the carb. The seller is gonna rebuild the AFB carb, and install the engine/trans in my '68 Dodge Polara & warranty it for 6 months.

Any recommendtions to a cam upgrade or intake/carb upgrde? Thanks!
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating sean 12-1-09  
The main reason for the difference in hp ratings between the 73-76 and 77-78 is smog. Before 77, the smog was much more relaxed, but in 77 engines were getting more smog controling parts. This GREATLY reduces hp and tourqe. If you look back even further to 70, you'll notice an even greater difference in hp and tourqe numbers. This is again due greatly to tighter smog restrictions. It all has to do with letting the engine breathe freely. More parts for emmisions control, the greater the restriction of the flow of air in and out of the engine.

I also have a question. My 78 Dodge adventurer 4x4 is haveing problems with fuel delivery and has been having electronic ignition problems. The carb's fuel pump simply will not pick up any fuel from the tank. It's got the stock 4 barrel carb on it, so I figured the fuel pump in the carb must be bad. Do you have any ideas? I dread having to rebuild the carb, but I can do it if necissary.

The electronic ignition seems to be putting out a rather eratic spark. I've installed electronic ignitions on fords that had points previously so I know that the spark should be consistant and real strong. My wires are still in great condidtion, and when the truck runs, it runs real strong and healthy. But when it does this, it simply won't run. Do you think it's possibly the control module?
76 440-3 compression psi Fred Amor 11-9-08  
I would like to know what a compression test should show in a 1976 440-3 engine that has 90,000 miles on it.
DIFFERENCE bill 4-11-07  
Re: 1978 Chrysler 440 firing order jake gunter 12-21-15  
18436572, i think. i know my ramchargers 318 does and the 440 that i just bought out of a 78 motor home also does
Re: 78 440 engine timing anthony 5-29-15  
What is my 1978 dodge 440 timing mark suppose to be set at?
Joyntlift Joseph Joynt 6-25-17  
I have a 1971 413 long block 4 barrel with a reconditioned transmission that has about 5,000 miles on it. It has been sitting in a motorhome that has gone nowhere in years. I have been starting it up every month or two and letting it get to running temperature. I would like to sell the pair.
Recommended Carb for 440 motorhome Rick Kossen 7-2-10  
What carb is recommended for dodge 440 motorhome.
Re: 78 440 engine recommended carb Rick Kossen 7-2-10  
What is recommended carb for a 440 motorhome?
Re: 77 440-3 how do i get rid of hesitation on take off my carb is a carter thermoquad. Greg white 10-19-10  
When I step on the pedal only from idiling I get a bref hesitation what to do ?
Re: 78 440 engine horsepower rating tony 11-15-10  
The big block trans will bolt up to your np205 as long as it is the short tailshaft all u have to do is remove the tailshaft housing and use the housing on front of the transfer case to bolt to the back of the trans.but i suspect the rv trans is the long tailshaft in this case you will have to disassemble the trans and swap the tailshaft out for one with the correct legth. did the same conversion to my my truck,best thing i ever did. any other question just email me
Re: 1976 Dodge 440 Motorhome Engine specs Jim 12-26-16  
Hi, I have a 76 dodge motor home, 440cuin. it has TQ carter carb 9058s. gas mi. is terrible, I smell gas blow by, I do know how these things work unfortunately. probably primary ventrie O-rings, and whatever else. My question for the pro's is should I rebuild this hog and follow through with the migraine headache or go with a different brand. This is a nice rv, 58000 miles in exellant condition. You think I would be better off with a holly or edleb. or qJet, hell I don't know. I'm after economy not HP. the one on it is (tq a/t 9058s carter 2141). Your feed back is what I need, please help! Thanks, Jim
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