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Generac generator won't stay running doug 8-15-07  
I recently bought a used Lance camper equipped with a Generac np34lp gas generator with less than 100 hrs. The unit will not stay running. Sometimes the unit would run for and couple of hours now after a certified Generac repair shop had it for 30 plus days, 22 hrs of labor and countless hours with Generac tech support it runs 2 to 12 minutes or worse than before. The repair facility is up front and stated that they've seen this model have the same problems and that it's non repairable. Generac recommended to them to just get it back to the customer but the repair shop wouldn't release the rv for less than $750. So I had to pay $750 for parts and labor to get my rv released and for a generator thats worse than before. I see from this web sight these generators have been a very common problem and it smells like a class act lemon suite. Anyone whom can help me or is interested please reply. Thanks for reading this!
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Glenn Miller 8-31-08  
If your still looking for manuals for your Generac NP-52g model 9202 go this this web site http://www.guardiangenerators.com/Products/Recreation/Manual.aspx
and look only for the "NP" element of "Generac NP-52g model 9202" rediculously buried in their site. Information their search feature returns zero results found but it's all there.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Norman L. Ward 8-15-08  
I have a generac generator for home use, and the gas tank was empty, I put more gas in it and it will run for 2 seconds and shut off. I can restart the generator and it will only run for 2 seconds. I have installed a new fuel filter, and cleaner the carburetor about twelve times, and the problem still exit. Please help.
Re spark plug fires one time johnnie 8-23-08  
My impact would not start, so I pulled the spark plug out and, found it would spark only one time. I would let off the switch and try it again and, every time I did the plug, sparks only one time.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running dave 10-8-08  
When will people ever learn??? every thing generac makes is simply JUNK! get it? wake up people, you might as well buy chinese junk, the only benefit is that its cheaper (and likely more reliable) but, be smart and buy a good name like Onan
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Jose 12-28-08  
I cleaned out the carb, no luck. Then I unplugged the oil pressure switch. There's plenty of oil so I don't understand why that worked. Perhaps it needs and oil and filter changed?
Re: Generac generator won't stay running emmitt kelly 12-6-08  
I have jumped the many hoops also have a lance 1161 with generac impact
nightmare getting service.
so here goes:
for the occasional spark problem, remove the cover looking at the gen. on the left, spark plug wire comes out of it from the back
when you remove that cover you will see some small wires going into connectors. carefully check all the small wires going into the connectors.. when you re-connect connector you will push the small wires back out if you are not very careful. so
take your time.
next thing get a torque wrench and feeler gauge and
with gen. cold re-torque head "exactly" as manual says,meaning. proper sequence and do not over torque. feeler gauge from Sears..sometimes they are hard to locate.
next... located inverter..on 1161 it is under drawer
that has false bottom on back wall.. in the summer after it has been
running for a while check temp. I had to remove
false bottom and leave drawer door open to allow enough cooling air in there, fan should be running,
if inverter gets too hot.. first you will lose a.c. power and in 2 to 3 minutes gen will shutdown.
make sure you have propane and valves at tank are open.. using start button on gen. reach around on the back of the air filter ( right side) and you can feel the air intake.. hit starter..let it turn over a couple of times then cover intake with fingers, when engine starts to kick over remove hand. this will cut down on starter time.
note: do not allow engine to turn over without grounding spark plug wire..if there is no where for spark to go it will create more problems by developing an internal short in coil..
download and read the manual.. locate all components and understand there purpose before
starting to work on the gen..
generac has made a business decision a long time ago not give any support.
this is why Lance camper dropped them and went to Onan even though it puts out less power.
"Nobody said life is fair.. now if only I can get some warranty work on my Studebacker!!...good luck!!
Re: Generac generator won't stay running JOHN 11-11-08  

Re: Generac generator won't stay running regina mcafee 8-11-08  
Have an older 4000 watt generac generator for rv it does run except then it won't restart so after months of my husband i dinkering around with it we have found that the coil is junk now we can't find a coil for it the model 6897-4 and serial 0607684 is probably around a 1980 can anyone help and we have no manual which is another story generac says pitch it buy a new one all we need is a coil certainly there has to be a universal part or one out there somewhere please anybody help me.
Impact 34 geneator by generac will not produce output power james haukap 5-15-08  
Generator runs on propane, will run ok. cannot get power out of outlets. need manuals to troublshoot power supply systems. cannot find any one with the service manuals in the colorado springs area.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running richard knouse 8-19-07  
Ours wouldn't keep running. The vibration caused the low oil shut off switch to activate. This kept shutting off the fuel. Rich
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Ron Orbin 8-16-07  
I have a coach with a Generac gas generator and all I can tell you is that you cant find assistance or any good qualified mechanics with knowledge. I've had nothing but problems, and mine has only 450 hours on it. I had a problem with it running after shutting off (dieseling) and no person I spoke with in the US had any knowledge of this problem. Out of frustration I purchased a ned carb from orderterr, and low and behold it was a replacement model with an electric solenoid in the bottom. Bingo, no more run on!!! They had an upgrade but would not tell anyone probably in fear of a suit. I just came back from a trip and the exhaust valve siezed in the head, so I'm currently fixing that myself.
Good Luck!
Re: Generac generator won't stay running carl muscolino 8-4-12  
Generac 75d starts but wont stay running. excitation light goes out after load is aplied, an gen stops
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Joe T. Jones 9-2-07  
I have a Generac generator in my motor home and it has never run right. It has been in the shop most all of its life and is now out of warranty and only has 60 hours of operating time, most in the shops. I have had it to two Generac mechanics and they think the have it fixed and I take it out and it runs worse than before. They have replaced the boards, fuel pump and the carburetor. We have cut out the whole floor of the generator compartment and still no help. Generac is aware of the problem and does not admit that it exists. I am fed up with Generac and I am ready for a different brand.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running WAYNE 12-5-07  
Re: Generac generator won't stay running waynrdude 12-28-08  
I have an NP-52G. Same problem. It has 14 hours on it. I found that the generator "forgot" it was a generator. I made the engine run with bypasses and 12 vdc straight to the fuel pump and the engine would run forever. When they "forget", the exciter voltage circuit has to work. You don't need this most of the time but when they sit you need it. The winding on the rotor had no continuity on the slip rings, the circuit was broken. The reason the engine won't stay running is the generator has a 12v ac winding which is rectified to charge the battery it also is to hold in CR1 which gives voltage to the fuel pump! This ran me crazy until I finally tracked it down. Waynrdude
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Glenn 4-2-08  
RV GENERAC Generator model #NP- 52G I push the start button it starts up. the minute I release the start button it dies.....
Re: Generac generator won't stay running dwight 8-2-08  
My generac in my lance(2002) 1121 just stared to have problems, i was talking to a guy that works on them and he said if you undo a gass line by the generator and turn it down there will be oil that coems out..(i did it and have oil in the lines) and it wont stay running he told me that the oil is in the the lp bottle and when the guy at the fuling place puts to much gas in the tank it causes the oil to vaperize and when it gets through the regulator it condenses an collects in the lines and plugs the carb and the regulator. and that is where the problem starts. i am going to take mine apart and clean the carb and the regulator. I WILL LET YOU KNOW HOW IT TURNS OUT.. ARIZONA
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Larry 10-27-07  
I bought a 2000 Northland Camper with a LP Generac Generator. The generator broke annually with very little use. Lately I took it into the shop and they say it looks like it was defective from the beginning and that is why boards keep burning up on it. They are recommending that I install a new one and be rid of this one. Is there a lemon law on this sort of thing? I believe I paid about 3k for this thing and probably another 1k in repairs.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running kasper smidt 11-7-10  
Generator quits running at 83 degrees weather.since new.Returned several times,general rv.can not diagnose problem,so generac won't except generator for repair.Operate a/c and
tv same time generator motor over heats
don't purchase generac,they don't back
their units.

Generac generator won't stay running bob 9-1-11  
As one of the earlier posts said, disconnect the two yellow wires to the LOS, short them together and tape.
start and watch it run!!!


now i have to buy a new LOS.....
Re: Generac generator won't stay running ron 7-1-10  
What is the fuel pump pressure on a 1992 rv generac generator np52g. I'm at 3 psi.
Generator stays runing don't make 120 volt under load larry wininger 11-10-10  
My generac model 6897-5 serial 0688266 mg-40 4000 wat generator runs good showes 120volts but under small load like a electric drill is has voltage about 5 to 10 seconds then stops generating 110 volt until disconect demand about 20 to 30 seconds it will starting generating 120 volts same thing again what do you think is the problem i guess it is voltage regulator ?
Re: Generac generator won't stay running charlie 5-8-11  
Generac impact 36lp.Won't produce power
Re: Generac generator won't stay running emma gill 1-4-09  
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Jack C 8-11-11  
Engine starts then stalls. Problem is most likely a bad oil sensor switch.
This is installed to cut off engine if
oil runs low.Rust collects when sitting
unused for long periods. This will fix problem 8 out of 10 times.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Craig Johnson 5-26-11  
Concerning your Generac Impact unit, it will not stay running if you have no AC output. Easy test is to turn off the Circuit breaker on the generator and see if it will stay running. Most likely it will. Depending on teh model you have depends on the repair. Post the model and seriall nmber and I can give you much more information.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running anthony 3-20-10  
Generac generators are trash!! i work for a generator company and every one i see always has problems. weather its 1000 watts or 100,000 watts. thats why there sooo cheap. baisiclly you get what u pay for. if you want a reliable generator buy a cummins onan FG wilson or kohler these are the best in my opinion. i have a natural gas 30,000watt kohler in my house for a few years now and no problems at all.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Richard Brock 8-26-10  
I have a Generac 7500 in my motorhome. When you get into temperatures of 90 or above it will not stay running. I have flushed the cooling system and changed oil but it does not help. Any solutions?
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Jim Smith 3-17-09  
I bought a brand new Lance 821 in 2002. It has a Impact 34+ with less than 12 hours on it. It might start and run a few minutes if I haven't tried to start it in a while, but then it dies and will not re-start. I feel like it is Lances responsibility since they dropped Generac and let the people that bought their camper fend for themselves. I would join a class action suit against anyone over this.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running WolfXLT 1-3-10  
There might be a simple fix to this problem. My GENERAC 4000XL has run just fine for years but started having this problem last night. After our power went out, I started the generator and it ran for about 45 minutes then quit. It would start easily and run fine for a few seconds and then just die. I checked the manuals and read about the Low Oil Shutoff sensor. There is a 10-second grace period after the engine starts, then the LOS sensor kicks in to test oil pressure. If the pressure is low, it will (electrically) switch off the engine and light the red "Low Oil Sensor" LED until the engine dies. My engine showed this behavior but the red LED was not lighting up. I reckoned the oil sensor had gone bad. Simple fix was to disconnect the two yellow wires from the top post of the LOS sensor module and short them together. The generator is running just fine now, and at least I have electrical power until I can locate a replacement LOS module and swap it out. Hope this info helps you.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running mike 2-21-09  
Generator starts while i hold the start button but shuts off when released.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running geoff 4-12-09  
I just bought a used 2004 Lance camper with a Generac OHVI impact 36LP plus II series imp34+ generator that runs for about 10 minutes and dies. Load doesn't matter. Only 60 hours. What can I do to fix this? How do I get an answer to this? can someone help???
Re: Generac generator won't stay running bob 3-6-09  
4000w rv generac runs great shuts down
after 45 min fires right back up runs 30-45 min shuts down will fire right back up continues this process plenty of oil, not to hot on oil 170ish run on gasoline any help thanks in advance bob
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Dave 11-8-09  
Generator starts fine, then stalls out after three to five minutes.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Guy 8-6-09  
I have a Generac impact 36 lp plus inveter with only 24 hours, it won't start at all. I brought it to a generac dealer still have the same problem, I like to know if I can bypass that computer and go staight to the source I'm not going to spend more money on it rather trow it in the garbage. Oh yeah first it start and stop now it doesn't start at all.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running generator specialist inc. 5-13-09  
The best techs on generators. over 30 years in the business. located in north lima, ohio
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Ron Orbin 8-16-07  
Sorry about the typo's.
That was a "new carb from Ordertree"
They have been very accurate and speedy with all the parts I have purchased from them.
Good luck
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Keith Charles 3-20-08  
I'm having the same trouble can you tell me where you bought the carb from?
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Mike D 10-20-09  
I read your post about your Generac that wouldn't keep running b/c of vibration of the oil shutoff switch. What was your outcome?

Mine will run perfectly sometimes and other times it will run a few a few seconds or minutes and then stop!
Carburetor Glenn Mahana 5-22-09  
I have a Generac 4000watt generator.
Model# 6246-3
Serial# 038 2571

I need another carburetor but haven't been able to find one. The threads are stripped out where the brass fitting holds the bowl on.
The carb is a Walboro LME 66 side draft.
Can anyone tell me where to find one?
Or if there is one that replaced it, could you tell me what it is & where to find one of those?
I appreciate any help I can get.

Thank You.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Glen 2-18-11  
Troubleshooting guide suggests that CR1 or CR2 could be the problem, Unit is a NP-66G on Propane, will start and run as long as you hold the start switch down.
Re: impact 34 geneator by generac will not produce output power Bob 8-13-08  
Go online to guardian. Click on the rv tab, then go to left side and should find manuals. click and go to the page and scroll to repair and should get to CCRV and impact. They are free to download. Generac is the only company to give them free. Bob
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Ray 9-2-08  
Anyone know of a repair shop for I have a Generac NP52G. I know it has a bad Starter contactor (SC) because I can by pass it and start the generator. But it will not stay running.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Bob 8-13-08  
That style coil is unforgiving. It will fail if you crank the engine over with the spark plug wires off. I believe the coil is obsolete. I have used an onan coil on kohler gen sets but have not tried it on the older generac units. Last I had seen the old generac coil was over $200 before it was obsoleted. There is also a spark unit that plugs in near the coil and those go bad also. Bob
Re: Generac generator won't stay running tony 8-6-15  
Changed carb, new gas and lines runs maybe 2 seconds quits, starts back up and quits.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running dean 3-6-15  
It will start with starter fluid and run a short while if you keep spraying fluid in,it seems no gas is going to the carb thru the shut off valve.i just started looking for a new fuel shut off valve but the parts don,t look the same. any help?
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Bill ONeill 11-18-09  
Hey sorry about your problem. Are you certain the spark is gone after it quits, Have you actually put a spark testor on it and watched while turning over. I'd hate to see you go through so much if someone else was guessing.
If it doesn't have spark what engine brand, and model is it, I am in the business and may know where to find one.
Choke Solenoid won'l pull off choke Van Allen 6-18-14  
My Generac Model 6897-4 won't energize the choke open solenoid. If I jam the choke open the engine will run fine and the AC output is fine.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Jim Fayle 5-23-11  
I used my generator a few weeks ago during a power outage and it ran like a charm. Now yesterday we had another outage and I tried to start it. It ran good for about 5 seconds then quit. I tried a few more times and the same thing happened. I looked at it again today and found the seal where the fuel line goes into the gas tank was dried out and I eventually peeled it off. It was not leaking before when I had the problem, however could this be the problem. Thanks

Re: Generac generator won't stay running Michael 10-2-10  
Generac RV product issues? Impact variable speed generator questions? Looking for technical assistance? Call me at 623-937-1719 weekdays and I'll be glad to help.

Michael Bonville
Certified Generac Training Instructor
Arizona Generator Technology
Re: impact 34 geneator by generac will not produce output power jacob 9-10-08  
Have a generac impact 34 that runs until a load is placed on it. Need help or service manual. Thanks
Re: Generac generator won't stay running john 8-24-08  
I have found the start switch has a contact problem. If you hold the switch to the start position and it starts and then let it go to the middle position (run position) and then it dies. Try holding the switch to toward the start position but not all the way down. If it tries to stay running it may be the switch. I am replacing it on my NP-30-G model. I'll let you know.
Generac generator hard starting LeRoy Reif 8-18-13  
I have a Generac LP generator Impact 36, LP Plus, Series IMP 36LP Plus,factory installed. In my, 2001 Fleetwood Caribou truck camper.
It has always been difficult to start, now it will not start at all, even if I give it a small shot of starting fluid.
Starting fluid was the only way I could get it started if the generator had set idle for a short period of time like in a week.
Thank you for any suggestions
Sincerely LeRoy Reif @

Re: Generac generator won't stay running a almanzar 9-1-11  
Hey I had that problem with my 16kw generator I figure that every time the low oil pressure light Comes on it means that the oil pressure unit is dirty. So I decided to take the sensor out and cleaned with brake part cleaner then use the air compressor to dry the extra liquids from inside of the sensor by blowin into it the mount the sensor back on and restart it.... it always work for me just make sure that it has the proper oil level do not overfill it because it will create more problem..
Re: Re spark plug fires when you let off of switch joe 9-29-09  
No spark when cranking only when you let off fo switch
Re: Re spark plug fires one time Jamal 8-18-11  
I have Generac APU-4.5DC generator.
1. After running some hours like 8 hours randomly one of its spark plugs become short.
2. There is a heavy oil leakage from the base can you send me its manual so that i can fix the problem.
Re: Re spark plug fires one time KEVIN 1-31-12  
Re: Re spark plug fires one time Carl 10-17-09  
Anyone know why my plug only fires once then let off switch and try again and it will spark once more.
Generac NP34lp model. What part do I need to replace--Board? Sensor? Have tested the coil and the hot lead.
Lance Campers willnot even discuss this and Generac doesn't respond to email or phone messages.
Re: impact 34 geneator by generac will not produce output power John R Beattie 3-6-09  
I have the same problem. Were you able to get a achematic of the inverter?
Re: Generac generator won't stay running jr 12-3-08  
So whats the answer bad oil pressure sender ?
Re: Generac generator won't stay running sy 12-21-08  
I have been having the identical problem with my 10KW gas generator. It has less than 100 hours on it. About 3 years ago, it intermittently would start and run less than 5 - 10 minutes, then stop. Now, it just runs 2-3 seconds and then stops....and this is even before I put a load on it. I have cleaned out the gas tank, removed the wire mesh at the intake, blew through the gas lines, cleaned out the carb (removed it and blew out all the tiny passages), replaced the oil pressure switch (actually, just by-passed it), changed the oil, etc. etc. Still no good. Anyone have a suggestion? I am communicating with Generac, and am waiting to hear what their reply will be (they asked for the gen's serial number).
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Wayne 1-19-09  
I did it! I fixed it. The generator HAS to have voltage output in order for the Generator Engine to continute running. This is really true when you take your finger off the start switch, mine however ran until the fuel bowl was empty. Check the contiuity on the exciter field. This is easy (if the genset is out of the RV!), take the top off the electronic control box/generator, the big plasic guard. Look at the Gen and you can see the two wires that go to the brush's, take the wires off and check the brush's with ohm meter. If this circuit does not have continuty the generator will not produce power if the generator has been sitting around. My was 14 years old with 14 hours on it! No one wanted to rewind the rotor even though I found the bad spot was right at the slip rings! The new rotor was constructed better at this spot! Rotor was reasonable priced at ASAP parts, Google them. Around $275. Just one more note, it's a Bear to take the whole generator of the GenSet. Wayne
Re: Generac generator won't stay running dennis 11-3-10  
Having same problem did you get fixed call me at 256-996-5826
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Ron 8-2-15  
Generator starts and runs then it starts surging, you can see the govenor openning and closing thottle butterfly, then almost dies the take off running again, same thing and over. And it wont pull a heavy load at all load.

Re: Generac generator won't stay running Larry Gaines 8-16-12  
My genearator was starting and shutting off, I've changed the oil pressure switch, oil temp switch, serviced it with synthetic oil and replaced both control boards. Now it starts and runs at a very high rpm. I don't want to put a load on it until I figure out why it's revving so high. Anyone got any ideas? It's an NP-34LP, model #00803-4, serial #3185206
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Don 5-22-12  
Runs for 10 sec then quits
Re: Generac generator won't stay running tony 8-23-12  
Generator won't stay running
Re: impact 34 geneator by generac will not produce output power Matthew O\\\'Brien 12-19-09  
I think I just found the reason for most peoples problems and I smell lawsuit, The conduit that runs from the generator too the junction box on the camper is plastic coated but steel lined,the vibration from the motor causes the steel to wear through the wire insulation and and short out,Mine was melted,I replaced it with a fully pvc conduit after it cooked my inverter now it runs fine. PLEASE check your conduit or have it checked and if this is the case save the old conduit with the wires inside for evidence and contact me. The melting might not be visible from the outside mine wasn't. This could have burned my camper down with my family inside of it. I have a lance 2003 820 with generac 36lp. E- mail me direct at mattndez@charter.net.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Bo 8-25-12  
I usually do not reply, just read. My Generac generator would start on first pull, then shut down after about 10 seconds. I thought I would try taking the 2 yellow wires off the low oil sensor and tape the 2 ends together. Started the generator, and has been running now for 20 minutes without skipping a beat.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running jodi 8-9-12  
Can u help me i have a 17kw generac generator and it is reading under speed, and don't know what to do?
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Pat 3-24-13  
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Willie 8-25-12  
Generac generator won't stay running. 20k guardian series. Run a few seconds and cut off. Red light. under votage.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Will 9-10-13  
Sorry folks but if it has Generac wrote on it then that is your problem.
Smell of lp gas in gen cabinetand Ken 7-15-14  
I have a Lance 2002 1161 with a Generac IMP34+ smell lpgas coming out of generator cabinet. I have soap around all connections with no leaks. Gen runs perfect. The low pressure oil switch works as oil filter rubber seal leaked and gen would shut down. Did oil and filter change and now runs perfect. any help with lp smell?
Propane generator will not keep running JACK MOLEMA 4-9-14  
Generator is only several months old and propane tanks are full..
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Mel 2-7-14  
My Generac 12.5 kw will start fine and run for 25 to 30 seconds and shutdown. It does not sputter like its a gas issue, its loosing spark. I changed the oil and the low pressure switch but still have the same problem. Any ideas?
Generac 6897-5 wont start Mel 6-16-12  
I have a generac 6897-5 in my 1982 motorhome. It is getting gas and has fire at the spark plug but I cant get it to run...any ideas?
Re: Generac 34L Dave 8-22-13  
I just get a clicking sound when trying to start the 34L generac generator. I have cleaned all the 12 volt connections.
Generac runs at high rpm all the time mike ducker 1-25-12  
When you start the generac impact36lp+2
it runs at high rpm all the time, never back down to a idle.
Any ideas.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running tim bartolovich 5-15-11  
We have cleaned the carb at first it was getting no gas after cleaning it runs to rich even when adjusting the fuel on bottom of carb can run it all the way in and it will idle fine but when you put a load on it it runs rich blows black smoke and misses shakes bad and runs but cant make it run right have had carb apart 10 times adjusted the float and cleaned evrything help me please
Re: Generac generator won't stay running George 5-15-11  
I have a Generac witha 7.8 Hp motor. It will runn for about 5 minutes and the die. It will start very quickly but then only run for 3 minutes. The next time less and less. But always seems to run for around 30 seconds. I've tried everything I know. Coil seems to test fine.
Re: Generac generator quit jim 3-26-11  
36lp quit after 13 hrs. I just let it go for a few years then put $900 into it (new board) yes I was happy..then with 20hrs it just quit and now blows the 7.5 amp fuse when trying to start. Took it to an RV repair (again) the owner said he would save me $ and not even get into it...JUNK? Not sure what to do. I've dealt with Generac in WI..."sorry it is past warranty." wtf 20 hrs !!
Re: Generac generator won't stay running LaptopNomad 11-12-10  
Solved multiple issue's with a Generac NP-55G generator. Such as a damaged spark plug cable, broken starter sprocket, damaged carburetor and a choke solenoid causing a potential dangerous situation.

Read about it at:

See http://www.laptop-junction.com/toast/content/generac-np-52g-generator-trouble
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Kurt Z 6-2-11  
Yea... what they all said! Generac 7550, runs for 15 seconds. Send magic please
Re: Generac generator won't stay running john 6-28-11  
Generac generator runs for 10 minutes then stops. After replacing the low oil sending unit it ran fine for about a year. Then the 10 minute thing started again. I simply disconnected the low oil switch and it runs fine. Other than running the risk of running the generator w/o oil, does anyone know if this will harm anything. The techs at generac were no help at all. W/o this site, I would still be hitting my head on the side of my RV!!!!!
Re: Generac generator won't stay running linda walker 9-22-14  
I have a home generac generator everytime we start it it blows the little start fuse and wont do anything
Re: Generac generator won't stay running JohnE 1-7-12  
I have a impact 36 that shuts off the AC after a minute. I pulled the generator for testing and broke the circuit breaker in the process. The circuit breaker is part 0A8592. I cant find this part in stock anywhere. If anyone has a junk Impact that would part with the breaker let me know. I have tested the inverter and it check out OK and the fan runs. I suspected that the overheat sensor circuit was not working and I might need a new control board but not sure until I can replace the breaker. UGH
Lose 1/2 power with microwave on Frank Sacco 11-15-11  
Generac model 02010-0 4800 watts very hard to start without starting fluid when microwave is on nothing else can be used and the air conditioner does the same Put in new plug, new oil filter and gas filter and changed the oil Please help
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Kelly 5-16-12  
I need a wiring diagram for the GENERAC generator model number 9202 serial number is 111354. Th ecover says GENERAC NO-526
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Al 3-23-13  
My Generac NP34-LP runs fine using AMSOIL 4-Stroke Small Engine Oil. I've had problems before using this synthetic oil, but everything seems to run fine now. Any questions, call me.
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Re: Generac generator won't stay running Mack 4-3-17  
I have a generac in a Lance 1131 camper. I found and fixed my problem; so here is how:

It would start and run several seconds, then die. I noted thad when it starts and runs properly, it runs for about 30 seconds then switches into the power bus. During that initial period it is running at idle speed.

All I had to do to make mine stop dieing during that warm up was to increase the idle speed (screw). End of problem.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Michael Clayton 10-20-16  
Got a 1999 R/v with a np-50 G.it will run for 30 min quite crank right back up run 10 min quit crank back up run 45 min quit and so on. New car barter n fuel pump. What's the problem? ??
Re: Generac generator won't stay running mike 9-25-16  
Gaurdian by generac 6500 rv starts btu wont keep running i was told to try some seafoam in the fuel this helped but its doing it again
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Re: Generac generator won't stay running Jim 7-14-17  
I have an generac impact 34 lp in my lance 98. I just bought it and the previous owner said they were not able to get the generator working it only has 70 hours on it. I did get it started but it would not stay running more than a few minutes. I looked at the circuit board and there is four 12volt wires melted. Is my board shot or can I replace them?
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Simpson Dsilva 10-13-14  
We have FG Generator 512kva old model is runs 6 hrs then shuts down. if u again reset than its running couple of hrs but control panel shut down time fault light Alternator not charging. alternator is fine.
Re: Generac causes fire Steve McConnell 7-31-16  
Client has Generac QP 5500 LP RV generator. Constant problems with backfiring, particularly with hot start. No fix provided when taken to authorized repair facility. Four months after trip to repair facility, and with only 300 hours on generator, generator causes fire, burning down clients shop and causing significant loss. I would very much like to hear from Generac owners with backfiring or other problems which could cause a fire and to hear from others with opinions as to how this fire could have started. Fire was extremely hot so evidence largely destroyed. Thanks.
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Re: Generac generator won't stay running Richard 2-21-15  
Any advise or help
Fix for Generacs that don't stay running Ralph 1-8-15  
After taking the carb apart and spraying carb cleaner and blowing out all of the holes it didn't fix the problem.

Took it apart again and put it in an ultrasonic cleaner for 2 hrs reassembled and reinstalled. Started and ran like brand new.

I have cleaned carbs for lots of friends. I finally fixxed one for me. Most carbs have dead ends and passages you can't get to only by ultrasonics. Try using the one your wife cleans her jewery in.
Re: Generac Guardian Quietpact 40g Steve 12-29-14  
I am a die hard Onan fan I have an Onan 4.0 BFA 1978 model ( among others) that has seen some usin seen some abusin and keeps on cruisin. I've never owned another brand or considered another brand until 2010 when circumstances forced me to have a Generac Guardian Quietpact 40g and remote panel installed in my Winnebago Elandan. It was undersized from the git go and I knew that. 40G is for class c's and smaller with single A/C. It only produces 3600 W max. I have dual A/Cs and lots of electronics and gadgets. Like I said I had no choice at the time. I can just look at my Guardian and tell it's not built anywhere near as stout as an Onan. Onans actually look like heavy industrial quality machines. Generacs not so much. More like your basic harry homeowner version that gets used once in a blue moon. Now with all that being said. My little 40G has proven itself to be a little warrior. I abuse the crap out of my generators with loads. Maintenance is impeccable though. Mine was installed in 2011. It's 2015 in a few days. I have run this little thing 24/7 for a week straight on many many occasions. It will power everything in my Class A simultaneously with the exception of the 2 A/Cs. I rarely use them both at the same time anyway so I put the rear one on a dedicated circuit and either use separate shore power or another small genny for it if it's really necessary. My point is that I had low expectations for the 40G and fully expected the day to come when I had the thought that I can't believe I paid money for this POS. Au Contraire mon fraire. Other than routine maintenance like filters, plugs etc I have done nothing, nada, zip. This little sucker starts on the first or second try every single time no matter what the ambient temp. It has never run rough, stumbled, coughed, backfired, stalled, or done anything but steadily do it's thing. 2 benefits over Onan; it's much quieter, and most importantly to most it's almost twice as fuel efficient. My Onans old and new at or near full load use a gallon per hour. My little 40G uses a half gallon per hour. That's not just good that's friggin spectacular. I may own the best Generac ever built or there may be reasons other than Generac's fault that people have so many issues with them I don't know. But I can say that this is one awesome, reliable, fuel efficient little monster. Also I've checked parts prices for it, not that I've needed any, but they are substantially less than genuine Onan parts which should be gold plated. In conclusion, I'm sorry you all have so many problems with them and I know it's frustrating to say the least. I depend on my generators daily. I have lived full time in a motorhome for over 20 years now. I totally love my 40G. I'm not saying I'm forsaking Onan that would be stupid but I'm not simply disregarding Generac RV generators like I always have. I just hope that after writing this the next time I push my start button the little thing doesn't explode on me. But that's highly unlikely. It will do what it always does and roar to life on the first or second push of the button and I won't worry about it at all. Oh one more thing. Before starting your genny go through the RV and make sure everything is off. There should be no load on it when it starts. Let it warm up then put the load on it. I sometimes forget my fridge is on and the 40G will start and run perfectly but produces power. I have no auto transfer switch so this situation apples to me and anyone without a transfer switch. If you have to plug your shorepower cord into the outlet for the genny you have no switch. Gennies do not like to be started under a load. Sorry for the rambling. I felt like writing tonight.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Joe appiah 12-10-14  
I am a technician. My encountered problems are as follows. 1. Gas generator starts an and shuts down within 10 seconds on high frequency. 2, Gas generator starts smoothly and goes off after 30 minutes with the LP gas cylinder sweating. 3 gas generator starts but the sound of the engine doesn't raise and eventually goes off on low frequency. Can you help?
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Joe 7-13-16  
I have a Generac 36 LP with problems. 2004 unit. Just bought RV I started generator to work it for a while. Turned the A/C on. The generator sped up with the load after a few minutes under load from the A/C the generator stopped. Thereafter the generator starts runs for about 5 seconds coughs and stops. Have repeated it many times
I want to try the disconnect of the yellow wires as described in an earlier post to disconnect the LOP low oil pressure sensor. I can make sure it has sufficient oil in tank
I found two yellow wires on side of machine which are bound in same manner as other wires. Are these the yellow wires. Do I cut them and insulate them? Ideas welcome. And yes a new one sounds good. Just want to see if there is simple solution. I believe problem lies in area of sensors
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Dick Surratt 3-8-15  
Water got into the generac guardian RV 7500
Blew up the bridge rectifier that I replaced hold the start switch and the desiel gen starts and when you release switch it dies immediately, I noticed the breaker 5a was damaged as well I have a new on coming every thing else looks ok any guidance you can offer would be appreciated

Thanks dick
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Joe 7-13-16  
Where are the yellow wires to the oil sensor on the Generac 36 LP? I found two yellow wires on the left side which I'm ready to cut. They are connected to each other. Should. I just disconnect them and try to start it. Engine will start for 5 seconds and shut down. It had oil changed it is not leaking oil oil full. I turned it on one time. Put the A/C on it lasted a few minutes and it stopped and began pattern of 5 second running time and shuts downd
Re: Generac generator won't stay running James 8-24-15  
Generac Impact 36 lp Plus II : Has only four hours but has been sitting for years. Generator runa fine with no load but when breaker is opened it runs for six or seven seconds then quits. I have the manual and have run the flow charts for this specific problem, all the multimeter readings for circuit board signals and inverter are in line, continuity in wiring to the inverter is good, and short in coach wiring has been ruled out.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Donald Tate 3-2-16  
Hard to start. Did a complete service. Seems like starter doesn't engage everytime. Another thing is the fuel pump is kinda loud.It starts and runs good when it gets started. Just wish it wouldn't take so many trys.Any idea what would help?
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Les 1-22-16  
Had a problem with Generac 65LP when it was new, it would start, run for a few minutes and shut down. Finally figured out that hot air exhausted by cooling fan was being sucked back into the intake on the bottom. Fabricated a duct to force hot air away from fan intake and no more problem. Hope this helps.
Re: Re spark plug fires one time Matthew O\'Brien 12-19-09  
I think I just found the reason for most peoples problems and I smell lawsuit, The conduit that runs from the generator too the junction box on the camper is plastic coated but steel lined,the vibration from the motor causes the steel to wear through the wire insulation and and short out,Mine was melted,I replaced it with a fully pvc conduit after it cooked my inverter now it runs fine. PLEASE check your conduit or have it checked and if this is the case save the old conduit with the wires inside for evidence and contact me. The melting might not be visible from the outside mine wasn't. This could have burned my camper down with my family inside of it. I have a lance 2003 820 with generac 36lp. E- mail me direct at mattndez@charter.net.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Matthew O'Brien 12-19-09  
I think I just found the reason for most peoples problems and I smell lawsuit, The conduit that runs from the generator too the junction box on the camper is plastic coated but steel lined,the vibration from the motor causes the steel to wear through the wire insulation and and short out,Mine was melted,I replaced it with a fully pvc conduit after it cooked my inverter now it runs fine. PLEASE check your conduit or have it checked and if this is the case save the old conduit with the wires inside for evidence and contact me. The melting might not be visible from the outside mine wasn't. This could have burned my camper down with my family inside of it. I have a lance 2003 820 with generac 36lp. E- mail me direct at mattndez@charter.net.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running dennis 11-3-10  
Generac np-52g ouits running after about 1to2 min full of gas electric fuel pump loosing power
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Leon Ziomek 8-3-12  
Generac Model 4760-0,15kwLP.Runs for thirty seconds and dies,starts right up again and dies in 30secs.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Jeremy B 8-27-11  
This was very helpful. We are expected to get a hurricane and the power is supposed to go out and we ran it but it didn't stay running until we did this. it works.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running ray 6-3-11  
George, I have the same issue with my NP-52G. It runs for a couple of minutes, but doesn't generate, then shuts off. Starts right back up, same thing over and over. What did you find out? Thanks! Ray
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Russ Petersen 9-13-11  
Craig I also have a generator impact series model #00941-1 serial # 3164651 that will not run with the breakers on the generator on. I will run with the breakers off all day long. I you happen to read this could you possably give me some advise on how to repair it. Any information would be very helpfull. Thank you.
Re: Generac generator won't stay running dave northup 8-27-11  
Carburetor is good, new gas, filter, oil.
but still won't stay running. only 30-40 sec. 15 sec. later 0ne pull and starts right up. but same thing.

it is craftsman 4000 wt. I bought it in 2000, about 300 hours used.
Re: Re spark plug fires one time Joe 10-9-11  
I have a generac Imnpact 34lp. The spark plug will only spark once at the start of the crank cycle. Has anyone come up with a solution this problem?
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Phil Chambers 9-16-11  
Same "Won't keep running" problem with only 24 hrs on my Lance Generac 36LP impact generator S/N 3767074. I called the local ONAN repairman and he contacted Generac to explain what was done i.e. the oil and filters were changed; then the genny door was opened completely and cardboard was duct-taped to a squirril-cage fan so as to force air into (at 60 degrees) and around and out the bottom of the installed unit. This was done to ensure the unit would stay cool. It ran for about 40 minutes and shut down. He told generac this info and Generac said this happening because the generac was improperly installed by Lance. I have an extended warranty so am falling back on this as my used Lance is a 2004 1160 (12ft). Generac did not want to blame the generator even after the air test was explained. When I bought the unit it ran good for the 15 minute show and tell expo, so I did not see the problem at that time. Now I wait for the mechanic to contact the extended warranty folks. Lastly where did you folks find the two yellow wires? I took the covers off the coil and the spark-plug wire and did not see the colors cited nor an oil-pressure switch. Incidentally, the 3400 watts was the reason I liked the generac vs the onan but if it is not a fixable thing I see an onan in the crystal ball. 760-217-6007
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Jon Evans 2-9-12  
I see your generator problem is 6 mos old so don't know if this will help. I have complete service manuals on this generator. The inverter is very heat sensitive. Lance puts this inverter under the floor of the dinette and dirt/bugs can cause the problem. Also the DC wires to the inverter which carry 187 volts are aluminum and need to be coated with GB from Lowes. The inverter is controlled by a 12 pin connector from the generator. 2 pins (7,8) connect to the stator and 8 pins control the inverter fan, AC control, and HEAT sensor. These pins should also bee coated. If you are going to get rid of the unit as junk, I might be interested in some parts
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Gerald fenno 6-24-16  
Lp Generac in my motor home model np-66lpg will start but only stay running if I hold the prime switch in...?
Re: lose 1/2 power with microwave on frank sacco 12-3-11  
Re: Generac generator won't stay running Neal 8-21-12  
Generator runs 2 sec. then shuts down. Removed oiswitch wires runs fine. Will oil change help? Is this a pressure system or just a oil level switch? Does this needs to be fixed or just by-pass?
Re: Try This for all wont stay running generators Chris 2-11-13  
Reset all you can. Then shutoff all breakers to unit. Start up unit and you may have to hold the start button on for a few times when it tries to shutoff. But most important is to have no load on generator before you shut it off. It works on mine cant explain why?
Re: Generac Guardian Quietpact 40g Jeff bergstrom 7-16-17  
Hi Steve... happened on your thread by chance. I am visiting a friend who just purchased a used motor home with a 40G. A 2005 model and had been sitting for many years. After servicing, the unit seemed to run well. Woofed up the AC and all with no problem. The next day she fired it up and it sounded normal, but no output. I did some reading about exciting the field with a mini grinder or an electric drill, but stumbled into your entry while looking. I went out to the camper and saw 2 small fans were plugged in, and I assume they were turned on when she started the genny. Your article did not end with a 'fix', but it sounded like it was not terminal or something to be concerned about. In another article I read that the starter button should be held in for 2full seconds to energize the field. I have not tried yet, and hoping you might reply to this old posting, as you seem knowledgeable and have had the same issue. I'm hitting the road tomorrow and would like to help her out before I go. Thanks...... my name is Jeff
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