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454 P30 radiator removal Bryan 7-27-07  
1987 28' Allegro overheating. Radiator looks original. Any tips on removing the radiator?
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal Les Schultz 4-1-17  
I have a 1994 winnebago brave 454 GM motor and would like to know how to remove radiator
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal raffy 10-23-08  
Hello, i owned a 1984 Chevy Midas 454 engine/ 7.4 liter gas Class A motorhome and by any chance I want to know what kind of chasis does the radiator sit on. I've been calling different radiator places and they're asking me that question. Also, is the any comparable vehicle or trucks that i can compare my RV since it's an older one? Thanks
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal Gale Hawkins 10-25-07  

Folks this may be one reason our copper radiators are failing today.

We are eating our copper/brass based radiators alive it seems with the orange antifreeze. My previous owner ran the Orange coolant. I am glad I got a new water pump since it eat the impeller as well.
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal Larry A. Barry DDS 10-22-07  
My motorhome is in Las Vegas away from my shop. I have a split radiator on the drivers side. If I have a 1985 Cross flow radiator, can it be removed without jacking the front end?
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal Kenneth L. Molloy 8-26-07  
On a 1987 MH, you're not going to want to spend a lot of money, but you ought to be able to do it yourself, if you've got a decent set of tools.
I believe you have a crossflow radiator from 1985 up, so the front end doesn't have to jacked up nearly so high as with the older vertical radiator. You can unbolt the AC condenser and/or external engine/transmission oil coolers, so you shouldn't have to reservice the AC. On the back side of the radiator, you will also need to unbolt the radiator fan shroud and the fan and disconnect the transmission and oil cooler lines from the radiator tanks, and then unbolt the radiator, which should slide right out the bottom just forward of the crossmember.
TIP: While you have the coolant drained, it would be a good idea to check to decide whether you should replace the water pump -- at least change the little rubber bypass hose between the back of the water pump and the front of the intake manifold.
If you've got at least 50K on the engine, I'd recommend replacing the timing chain while the radiator was out, too, since you will have most of the work already done to get to it. And I'd also replace all of the belts and hoses, too. Save your old belts and carry them for spares.
Don't try to skimp on coolant. Replace it with a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water.
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal Richard Stonehouse 5-11-09  
I have a 1985 Apollo motorhome on a 1984 chassis and need to know how to remove and install (R&R) raditor?

Thank you Dick

454-P30 Chevrolet
78 Itasca w/454 needs new radiator. James 12-28-07  
I was wondering if there is a place on the web to find a replacement vertical radiator for my '78 Itasca Suncruiser with a Chevt 454?

Re: 454 P30 radiator removal Randy 6-24-16  
Where did he have the radiator re-cored? Has anyone thought of upgrading the radiator to a larger one?
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal Mike 7-11-09  
Where can I purchase a brand new radiator for one of these? Any help is appreciated. I was told the repairs on mine would be almost 460 dollars.
Ac condenser for 1984 pathfinder motorhome with 454 engine robert ener 5-20-16  
Having trouble finding ac condenser for my 1984 pathfinder motorhome with a 454 chevy engine it is the 24ft sports coach I would appreciate any help you can suggest new or used
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal nikolaos tsitsilianos 10-11-15  
Removal of radiator from 1984 midas 454 chevy
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal Ducky 5-16-10  
I too may be replacing my radiator soon, as I am still not comfortable with the running temperature of the engine. I have a 1983 Southwind J27, with a 454 on a Chevrolet P 30 chassis. When I purchased it, it was running at 225 degrees. After surveying the situation, I discovered that the water pump and the thermostat and most of the hoses were original. I also noticed that the aluminum mounting bracket which supports the a/c compressor was broken.

I replaced the long water pump with a new one, and replaced the 195 degree thermostat with a 180 degree thermostat. I flushed it, and added a 50/50 mix, and even though it now runs at 205 instead of 225, I would like it to run even cooler.

I was able to locate a steel a/c mounting bracket from Alan Grove Components for $87.50. But I may have to replace the compressor.
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal james 7-26-13  
How,remove radiator on 454 chassis.
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal Belinda McEachran 1-24-17  
I need to replace my water pump and I'm just unsure if I have to take the radiator off or how I get out it I have a 1990 Rockwood with a 454 in it text somebody can please get back to me and me diagrams or help me out in any way I would really appreciate it
Re: 78 Itasca w/454 needs new radiator. Tony 1-31-12  
I found a new radiator for my 1988 allegro 454 p30 chassy from joes radiator shop chiefland florida phone#
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal Mike Overton 11-24-08  
Removal of radiator on 1988 Coachman class A with 454 P32
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal ron grassi 9-21-16  
How do you remove the radiator on a 1984 454 p30/
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal Jimmy 7-10-09  
Can radiator be half pluged but still work.
My 1989 P-30 chass.on coachman w/454 chevy is running about 230 with new water pump,thermo,clutch fan,timing chain is this good
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal anthony 6-19-10  
My 1987 454 P-30 has new radiator, thermostat, waterpump and still is running hot.. any suggestions.. and new trans cooler
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal harold 2-8-13  
I have a1995 itasca suncruiser with a ford engine and a leaking radiator. How do you remove to repair or replace?

Thanks for any help
Re: 454 P30 radiator removal John 8-29-10  
Mike just had my 87 p30 radiator recored because they said you can't get that radiator anymore.The recore cost $900 plus labor but that is ca. labor rates
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