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1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie Timothy 8-13-06  
Ok, I havew a similar problem to what the Author has with the 77 Dodge has had, but it is in a different light.
I put on a new fuel pump, filters, Alternator, replaced the rubber hose portions on the fuel line, but not the metal lines, blew through them to make sure they were clear, good to go on that, the Motorhome ran for about 2 1/2 months and has now started acting up on me, run for a minute and then dies, Oh, I also put in a partial Carb rebuild kit to basically replace the gaskets, especially the main Exhaust Plate Gasket, still don't see any fuel going to the carb from the pump, replaced that a second time, still can't seem to remove the problem, H E L P !!!!!!
Re: 1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie faires 2-13-13  
Just bought a 76 dodge Minnie Winnie runs and drives great however tail lights/brake lights/head lights/turning signal lights don't work, replaced all the fuses under the steering wheel off to the right hand side, vehicle came with no manual so now i'm at a loss as to what to do, and currently stranded because of this issue.
Re: 1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie Chuck 8-14-06  
When it dies does it start immediately and die again, or do you have to wait?
Assuming you have plenty of fuel you should check the spark next. But, in your situation you may want to check the ignition control module first. Do you live near an Autozone? Autozone will check the ICM for free. When I had mine checked the guy ran the test several times to make sure the ICM works when hot. If you don't have an Autozone call arround and see if you can find an autoparts store that can check your ICM. Autozone can also test the coil, but it is usually never the coil. ICM are $30 at Autozone, coils are $18. I don't know if the dual ballast resistor will cause your problem. Autozone can't check these. Ballast resistors are $5. If all this checks out then carefully check your wiring. My problem was the wires going from the ballast resistor connecting to more wires. They were barely connected so I still got decent spark. Unwrap all connections wrapped in electrical tape, check and rewrap, also take off ground wires and brush connector and ground area with small wire brush. Everything gets corroded on these old rigs. I would only take apart the wiring harness as a last resort.
Re: 1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie Chuck 8-13-06  
Hi Tim, my problem is now fixed. The first thing to do is remove the fuel line from the carb. I assume you have a 4 barrel thermoquad carb. Put the hose in a container and crank the engine. You should be able to fill a 8 ounce cup with only a couple pumps, but try and get a bigger container, estimate. When you turn the engine over you will notice the fuel pump really pumps a lot of gas. If checks o.k., put hose back on and try and start. If engine starts and dies, open the carb throttle and shine a flashight down, do not use an electric light bulb, battery operated flahlight only. You should see some gas on the bottom. Be careful because the carb may spit up gas or flames even if shut off. Unlikely but always be careful when looking down the carb anyway. No sense winding up in emergency !!
Do this simple test and report back. I like simple tests because they do not cost much and take little time.
Re: 1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie david ennis 6-28-09  
How can i tell which is positive when hooking up new batterys for aux power
Re: 1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie nizar alhasani 1-23-08  
Hi, I'm from Jordan.I bought a 1978 Dodge minnie winnie c class in 1980, and it's in a very bad condition i want to keep the chasidy, and replace everything else because i can't legally register or import it to jordan. The only way is if i just use it for parts. Also i would like to be in excellent condition, so if i replace the parts and body it would be ready to drive. Another thing i wanted to know where i could find one in excellent condition and send it back to jordan. And if possible replace all necessary parts in the states before i do so?
Re: 1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie a stewart 7-13-09  
Can anyone let me knoe the part number and size of the fan belt as the one I have was fitted with wrong size belt
Also I need a dealer that has these parts
I am in the UK


van reg 1981
chassys F33-KT9V7184
Model Dodge F30
25370 - 09000
Re: 1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie Heinz 6-21-12  
my name is heinz and i have an 1979 winnebago minnie winnie.
i want to restore my minnie winnie and i need a wiring diagram for the engine

can you help me

and by the way sorry about my bad english
Re: 1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie ian raby 3-5-12  
Hi there!
Ive just bought a 1979 b250 mini winnbago,
so i would like to reach out to any one who also have one of these to chat and exchange and help each other out with problems.
Anyway looking forward to hear from any one who drives these beauties!
Re: 1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie BOB 6-4-10  


Re: 1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie Eddie 7-25-12  
I need a diagram for my 1979 Minnie Winnie power steering pump brackets with hydra boost
Re: 1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie Mike 6-16-10  
Front disc brakes are dragging. Have replaced master cylinder, calipers and pads. Verified proper push rod length, flush and blew propertioning valve. Bled brakes 3 full master cylinders. front pads still drag. What am I missing?
Re: 1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie Kristen Evans 5-4-14  
My husband and I just bought a 79 Minnie Winnie bunkhouse. We just got it yesterday and we are truing to figure out how the 12 volt system works. I would love to chat with anyone who has one or knows anything about them.
Re: 1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie Pablo 5-13-16  
Have a 1979 Dodge minnie winnie lights on left side of RV worked then one day& just quit anybody out there with a similar problem not good with electrical problems
Re: 1979 Dodge Winnebago Minnie Winnie Ed 5-30-14  
Just got a '78 last month. Will try to talk turkey with you about the 12v...
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