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1995 ford 460 engine James LaValley 6-13-06  
1995 Rexair motorhome with a 460 fuel injected motor.Having a problem with the camshaft. It is distroying the distributor gear. The motor has been rebuild by a respectable company from Duluth,MN. Motor has 3,500 - 4,000 on the rebuild, it ran perfect until then. Started to take out distributor gears, it would wear it thin until it wore the gears off. I changed the oil pump, thinking it was dragging down the distributor causing the gear to go out. I got 12 miles on a new distributor gear and the same problem happened. I was told that there is shims on the front portion of the camshaft. I have not taken the water pump or timing chain cover off to check this yet, but hopefully you might have some advise to help me with this problem. Any help is so well appreciated!! Thanks in advance! James
Re: 1995 ford 460 engine robert 6-15-07  
I rebuilt a 1978 460 with new cam and distributor and after about thirty miles it destroyed the cam shaft gear and distributor gear. after re rebuilding the engine to remove all of the metal shavings i discovered that the distributors gear for that engine has two different holes for two different gear placements maybe this is related
Re: 1995 ford 460 engine Mike 7-20-06  
Sounds like the first gear went out and messed up the cam gear, or the gears are mis-matched, check your cam specs with the mauufacturer and ask if a gear was required with the new cam, if so and the builder did not install it, make them do it correctly.. Crane, Mullins, TRW all have a customer support group that can answer your issue......
Re: 1995 ford 460 engine Les 6-24-06  
I was browsing the internet looking for some info on my motor and i ran across your post by accident, keep in mind that Ford started to put roller cams in thier V8 motors starting in the mid 1980's, i dont know if you have a miss matched cam and distributer drive gear or what, but a non roller cam and a roller cam each have their own hardness, and also require thier own distributer drive gear, you should not miss match them, anything can happen if you do...
Re: 1995 ford 460 engine gary 8-5-09  
I have a 95 460 ford rexair motorhome witch is making an intermitant tinking sound like a fan blade is hitting the shroud but is not.It will speed up with rpm change but not at the same speed.I noticed a same year m/h same model,makeing the same noise but didnt get to talk to the owner,any advice is helpful,thanks...gary
Re: 1995 ford 460 engine scott post 8-29-09  
I have a 1995 Rexair motorhome with a F.I. 460 ford and my question is, is this engine a roller cam engine as the oil today does not have the stuff to protect flat tappet cames. I've been running Royle Purple last couple years with no sign of cam problems.
Re: 1995 ford 460 engine glenn henry 9-28-13  
I have a 1995 30ft. rv with a 460 ford motor.It strats and idles great. when I drive it at about 30 to 40mph.it has no power. I thought it might be air intake or the exhaust being restricted. What would be the best way to check these items. could the hose too throtle body collapse.It has set up for a while. new fuel pump and lines.
Re: 1995 ford 460 engine stanley howard 9-20-11  
I have a 1995 Motor Home with a 460 eng i am trying to change the surpentine belts weich has two and can't find out how to remove the front one.
Re: 1995 ford 460 engine Rob 12-7-09  
Motor shut off wont start.pulled cap,button not turning.finally got dist.up and out but shaft is stuck.pulled pried and bumped,wouldn't move.what broke and any ideas would be helpful.thanks
Re: 1995 ford 460 engine Mark nicolle 10-22-17  
I have a 1995 Ford e350 class c 23 ft Thor fourwinds 5,000 23sc

About a month ago coolant leaked on to the ground under the water pump replaced water pump then warped passenger side head removed head it was machined and pressure tested at machine shop I did not remove upper and lower intake I removed the head by removing the exhaust manifold sent the head to the machine shop

Ordered new head and lower intake gasket I then rtv the lower intake gasket to hold it in place then placed head gasket on the block properly torqued the head bolts in the proper pattern using the torque specs in Chilton's

Then I re assembled everything checked compression on cylinders 1 2 3 and 4 passenger side same side as head gasket replacement

# 1 was 110 # 2 was 120 # 3 was 125 # 4 was 150

Now as I drained the oil out of the oil pan aprox 2 qts coolant came out 1 qt coolant cane out from the oil filter

So what is your diagnosis

My diagnosis until I do a no guage air only leakdown test

Is # 1 bad piston rings
# 2 bad exhaust valves
# 3 bad valve seals

Here is how I will do the air only leakdown test no leak down tester

Engine will not be running at all during this procedure

1 choke tires set parking brake put vehicle into gear

2 pull all spark plugs out

3 use a screw driver place it in the cylinder through spark plugs hole

4 hand rotate the engine so that the cylinder being tested is at top dead center when screw driver stops moving up it's at top dead center

5 mount adapter on to the shop air hose so air hose fits correctly in to spark plugs hole regulate air to 30 to 40 psi

6 go to oil input and remove the cap place hand over it to feel if air is coming out of it then listen for air down in the oil input tube

There should not be any air coming out and you should not hear air movement in the oil input tube

7 open radiator cap look for bubbling also look to see if coolant comes out

No coolant bubbling or coolant coming out should occur at all

8 go to oil dipstick tube and follow step 6 there as well

9 go to the tail pipe and listen and feel for air there too

No air should come out and you should not hear air sound either
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