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Travel trailer wiring diagram

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Travel trailer wiring diagram Ingo Grundmann 9-11-07  
I am restoring a 1978 Fleetcraft travel trailer for my daughter, and am looking for a travel trailer wiring diagram ! ?
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram JAY 5-18-10  
I have a 1981 Layton travel trailer and I started to put new running lights and stop, turn,signal and back up lights. I noticed all the wires where in 4s and 2 of the running lights only had 2 wires, am i missing any wires or is that normal, if not, I would like to know how to rewire the camper??????
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Patrick 2-8-10  
I would like to rewire my 1982 Scamper. Does anyone have a Wire diagram. The rigth hand side brake lights do not work, along with the running lights. Is this and Easy fix?
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Billy Allen 11-21-09  
I have a 2005 Fleedwood Regal(Plawler) travel trailer and the problem I been having is that the slides do not open plus when I put a 7.5 fuse keep blowing up. Can any one point me in the right direction or help me with ideas? Thanks
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Pixie River Rat 9-6-14  
We are in very desperate need of any wiring information for our 1988 Komfort. Thank you..
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram dennis wise 11-9-10  
I need a wiring diagram for a1978 komfort tralor
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Jerry 2-13-11  
I am looking for a wiring diagram for a 2006 colorado 31BH4 travel trailer. Thank you.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Mark 11-10-10  
In need of a wiring schematic for my 1996 fleetwood prowler. Anyone have one or know where I can get a copy please let me know. Thanks
Re: travel trailer fresh water tank wiring diagram Owen Kingsley 10-14-09  
Need wiring diagram for fresh water tank on 2005 Fleetwood Mallard 300BHS
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram jack straight 7-18-10  
I have an 89 majorca with two problems, one is that the fridge works with propane but not with electric and seem to have a short in the other outlets not conected with the fridge thanks Jack kr233
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram John Witt 8-9-09  
I am looking for the wiring diagram for a 1989 road ranger travel trailer. It was made by KIT MFG. If so can you e-mail it to me.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Tim Willson 12-15-07  
I was wondering if you could e-mail me a diagram of the wiring for a camper trailer furnace
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Gary Ivie 10-28-07  
I have an 85-87? Hitchiker 23 foot fifth wheel. It keeps blowing a 30 amp fuse when I plug into 110. I am not clear as to the reason. Do you have a wiring diagram?
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram BUBBA THE BUS TECH 9-11-07  
Travel trailer manufacturers don't make or publish wiring diagrams. Each item inside the trailer will have it's own wiring requirements. Monitor panel, ac, furnace etc. have thier own wirng and power supply requirements. The manufacturers will need to supply those for you. The signal, marker and tail lights as well as the brakes are wired according to a colour code handed down from antiquity. Any rv dealer or repair shop will have a diagram on how this should be done. Good Luck
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Don Conner 2-16-08  
I have a manufactured 1988, considered a 1989, Kit Companion Travel Trailer. Would like to have a wiring diagram. It is wired for a cable antenna, would like to put a regular antenna on it. Is anything like that available also.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Patsy Boatright 7-26-08  
We need a trailer wiring diagram for a Kit Road Ranger 5th wheel.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram al troiano 8-7-11  
I had a 12 volt light blow in the front room,put a new bulb in and it cracked now none of the lights work in that series work,none of the breakers are blowed.someone told me there is a car fuse in there but were is it to change?
How to determine is outside antenna is connected Bobbie 6-9-09  
We have a 1997 Fifth Avenue, fifth wheel. It is new to us, plus we have never owned an RV. We are trying to determine how to hook up the TV. How can we determine if the outside antenna is working? If we connect the TV to the outside antenna connection, do we also have to use the 12V TV plug-in? They are on the same outlet.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Cheri G Morrison 2-2-09  
I cant find where the cable TV hookup is on the outside of our 1991 Kit Road Ranger. Can you please send me a diagram. Thank you, Cheri Morrison
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram carl 9-2-09  
87 vanguard travel trailer. Lights don't work on 12V but they do on 110V. I get power on the white wire on 12V but apparently no ground because the bulbs won't light up. I hooked the battery up backwards to begin with, I wonder if I messed up the inverter. Don't know if the 12V system has to go through the inverter or if it just goes directly to the 12V lights.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram cons 6-30-10  
I have a 2009 cherokee 30u and my outside recepical does not work need a wire diagram so I can hunt down where the juction of wires are so I don't have to tear the whole wall down if any
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Cindy Peak 7-22-13  
I have a 1989 Skamper travel trailer 25 ft, the problem we are having is the brakes won't work, the lights work and turn signals. I was wondering if anyone has a diagram of the wiring harness or if anyone might know whats going on.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Curtis Bender 7-8-13  
I have a 1976 Ideal travel trailer, and the bottom fuse in the 12 volt system of the battery compartment keeps blowing.
Both plastic florescent strip lights over the kitchen and sleeping area do not work.
Also had a problem with the gas side of the refrigerator not lighting with the controls almost at the same time, if that has anything to do with it.Please.... does anyone in the world have access to an electrical manual for this trailer. Can't find it anywhere online.It's like the trailer never existed.
Please help.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram chris 5-28-13  
I need wiring diagram for 1991 Marathon Olympian travel trailer.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram dale 5-18-13  
Does the 1970 Yellowstone 25' camper have a load center or fuse panel?
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram warren huff 7-22-13  
Have 28ft puma 5th wheel interior outlets not working - need schematics
thank you
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Deb 9-12-11  
Does anyone know where to get a wiring diagrams for a 2004 39Ft Fleetwood Wilerness TT?
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Richard McCoy 6-12-14  
I'm needing a Electrical Diagram for a 1993 Komfort 5th wheel
Model : 23 - 8
Vin# 1k53kfk2xp1012520

I trying to assist a Disabled Senior with a electrical problem with in his Battery compartment.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram kenneth ewing 2-16-14  
Looking for 1978 travel eze 5th wheel wiring diagrams
Re: travel trailer won't stay powered up when plugged into 110 outlet (30AMP dedicated) J T Crawford 10-29-13  
I have a 2009 Travel Trailer that when plugged into a 30 AMP dedicated outlet and/or via pigtail to 110 outlet will not stay powered. Everything goes to blinking and then goes out, battery is weak and won't keep lights bright. Have bought a new power cable still no luck, help please, what we can check next?
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Ronald Rowe 5-1-13  
Have a 2006 T@B clamshell and need a complete wiring Diagram for it from power cord to converter. Can anybody help?
Re: 1988 Kit Road Ranger travel trailer inside wiring diagram Del 7-30-13  
Need the schematic for the wiring inside a 1988 Kit Road Ranger 261
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram HERB 1-31-12  

Re: travel trailer wiring diagram frank brinkman 11-21-11  
I am looking for a wiring diagram for a 1980 komfort travel trailer.i keep blowing a breaker for all my electrical outlets i need to ust redo them but need to know if i can change out and add breakers for this 28 foot travel trailer
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram eva 11-4-11  
Need rewiing diagram for 1988 carriage 5th wheel due to prevous owner took wire out due to roof leaks, thanks
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram JBJ 2-11-12  
Need a exterior battery to trailer wiring diagram or parts number for new cables for 2009 Springdale 266RLSSR travel trailer because someone stole the batteries and broke the battery cables. Why didn't they just unhook the batteries? we will never know.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram tool 3-22-12  
Im making a camper trailer out of my cargo trailer. what i need to know is, i have torn a travel trailer down for parts and the question i need to know is on the elec. box 110 /12v where and how do you hook up your ground and whee do they lead. can you send me a diagram of it. my problem is all the white wires. thank you and godbless.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram William Wydra Sr 3-8-13  
I have what seems to be a 1960 - 1965 Yellowstone house trailer, and it seems that the double lights fixtures have a 120v side and a 12v side with seperate switches. I can't find any wires or fuse box anywhere that would feed the 12v side of the fixture. I've looked everywhere. The only 12v wires went to a battery under the bathroom sink,but the only wires there are for the toilet. The shore line 120v power just goes to a circuit box and out to three 12 gauge wires which are working fine. Am I missing something?
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram mickey mccoy 4-22-13  
I need a wire diagram for a 1979 golden nugget 5th wheel 17 footer thanks
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram emily wagner 11-9-12  
I just bought a 1982 travel trailer that i need the wiring schematic for it please thank you so much
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Roger Teer 5-30-12  
I need water heater switch wiring diagram for 1998 aerolite 25fbr
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Jimi Fenimore 11-23-11  
Have a 1982 Foretravel Dodge 440 Motorhome. I need a wiring diagram.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Michael Barry 4-12-08  
Did anyone find a wiring diagram for a 1988 Kit Road Ranger?
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram robert 5-30-08  
Burned out my wiring in the fifth wheel need hints on how to rewire.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram lawrence hamilton 9-2-08  
I also need the schematics of a kit road ranger 1995 model [ desperate ausie]
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram David B 3-10-12  
Did you ever find any of the diagrams for your KIT Road Ranger? I need them too...
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Randy Byers 4-7-12  
I need to know which fuse controls the roadside living room slide in my 1996 Kit cordova fifth wheel. It has 3slides.
Re: retractable electrical ladder diagrams Joe 2-24-13  
I will like to know how to hook up switches dash board and out side to control Dc motor to extend and retract.
Re: travel trailer fresh water tank wiring diagram Donna 4-16-14  
I need the water system diagram for a 1992 RoadRanger.
Re: travel trailer fresh water tank wiring diagram anastacio 9-9-14  
Need water tank pump wiring diagram.for a nomad skyliner 1988
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram bob hacker 5-5-14  
I need 12 volt inside wiring diagram for a sero scotty 1981 sportsman 15 ft.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Herb Humphreys 3-12-12  
I have a 1993 kit companion 30'5th wheel with 14' slide out. Slideout quit working. No red light. Is it fuse or breaker controlled?Is their a solinoid bank to be found? Are wiring diaghagrams available?
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram Roger Grotewold 6-15-12  
I have a 2004 Fleetwood Pioneer 250
FQS travel trailer. When it is connected to a an electrical source, 30 Amp or 110, is there a automatic charging mode to keep the rv batteries charged up. If so, what is the device and where is it located.
Re: travel trailer wiring diagram nina 9-16-13  
We just bought a 1981 Yellowstone fifth wheel camper.It has no manual and we are need wiring diagrams for the inside and outside lights. how and where can I get this? camino style
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