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Ford Ranger won't start alrightguy123 8-12-07  
My 2003 Ford Ranger, 4.0 V6, 4WD, won't start. Clicking sounds are heard when the key is turned and the starter does not turn. When the key is turned to the "on" position, the speedometer claims the truck is going 40mph. What's wrong with the truck and how is it fixed?
Re: Ford ranger will not rev more than2500rpm Pieter 7-31-16  
I have 2008 ford ranger 3.0tdci it only revs up to 2500rpm the pcm engine light stays on what must I do to repair it
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Bryan 12-11-08  
96 Ford Ranger, replacedCrank pos. mod.,however no spark, thanx
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Richard 6-20-08  
2000 auto. Ford ranger won't start after driving and the steering wheel gets warm. When key turned doesn't make a click. Could it be the Anti-Theft device. Tried the extra key still doesn't work. Starts fine when its cold. Took to Ford dealer and they couldn't find what is wrong with it.
Re: Ford Ranger won't start greg 6-28-09  
2004 ford ranger turn key wont do anything engine light wont come on,it dosnt do it all the time.when engine light appears truck starts fine.replace starter and batt.. didnt help....
Re: Ford Ranger won't start joshua 11-2-08  
I have 2004 ranger xlt 3.0 that i swaped a 2005 edge 4.0 in to nad now it wont start i turn the key and the pcm relay kicks on and the fuel pump kicks on but it doesnt crank. if i jump the starter solenoid it will crank but still wont start up. i just put a new facktory pcm in and still nothing. any help would be greatly appriciated.
Re: Ford Ranger won't start jason 7-23-09  
97 ranger 3.0 automatic cranks no start. new fuel pump in tank filter in line filter have spark. timing belts new. batteries fine starters fine. tuned up. have run out of ideas and money help
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Golden 9-28-09  
2000 Ford Ranger 5 speed 2.5lt engine. No power after sitting for a few hours. no lights, nothing when i turn the key. replaced the battery yesterday and the same thing this morning. nothing comes on
Re: Ford Ranger won't start daren 9-12-09  
96 ranger. 4cyl 5spd. driving along and out of nowhere it dies.cranks alot slower than normal but wont start. chekd reset button. got fuel pressure. any information would greatly be appreciated.
Re: Ford Ranger won't start will 8-2-09  
Truck wont start 3.0 l v6 2000 with a manual trans. turns over fine but just wont kick i dont know what it is the battery is fine and is putting out about 12.5 volts. I tested the fuel pump relay and one of the voltages in was onl 8.5 volts where it should be 12 volts. Thr power in to the relay was 12. But the part of teh relay that goes to anf from the fuel pump was only 8 volts.... ANYONE else having problems like these or does anyone know what i can do to fix these problems. I need to leave town tommorow and need to find a way to get my truck started. Thanks Will

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Re: Ford Ranger won't start Ana 5-31-08  
2000 manual trans Ford Ranger won't start. Had it towed to station where it sat overnight and then worked fine. They turned it on and off over 50 times and then left it on for 20 minutes and it fired each time. Three days later, it is sitting in a parking lot and all I hear is one click but it won't start up. I have gone through three batteries in this past year. The mechanic at the station is thinking of replacing the engine coil but is not certain what to do. Anyone have similar issues?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Jay Weston 6-29-09  
My dad is having the same problem with his 2000 ford ranger (Manual Transmission). After he drives it around for 4-5 hours it will not start up until he lets it cool down for a couple of hours. All of the lights and radio work when he puts in the key and turns it, but the truck will not turn over.

The mechanic replaced the timing belt, but that did not help anything. Does anyone have any more suggestions? Or even better answers?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start greg 5-15-08  
04 ford ranger starting problem. turn key nothing hapens.inc.lights come on.no clicking noise.wait awile then starts fine.maybe starts 50 times.then out of yhe blue.it wont?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Bryan 11-6-07  
2004 Ford Ranger won't fire. 37k on it. 5 spd. When I used to start it, it would rev to about 1800 rpms, then idol down to normal after 30 seconds or so. Went out to sttart it today, it cranks but just wont fire up. Almost like old school you'd get out and spray carb cleaner in the carb, its like that. Its cranking like a champ, just wont fire. Any ideas?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start duston 9-10-07  
Wont start huh?check that the fuel pump is working,turn the key on and listen for a hum(it will only last for a second or two).if it does that then go under the hood and find the fuel rail.at one end should be a valve that looks like a tire valve stem,unscrew the cap and press the stem down with a small object or knif tip(CATION THE FUEL IS UNDER PRESSURE SO IT WILL SPRAY EVERY WHARE).if you have fuel then check your injecters.unplug one and use a penut bulb,straiten the wires on the bulb and insert into injecter plug(dont wory no bacwards way to plug in).then have somone crank on it and see if the bulb is lighting up.if it wont light up then posible crank sencer.if it does light up then check spark.hope you get it fixed.duston
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Bob Meyers 8-28-07  
2003 Ranger, runs ok then when shut off will not restart. Cranks fine, will not start. Ck'd fuel pump shut off seemed ok. Need help Thanks
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Eric 8-18-07  
The problem was the battery! I towed the truck to a garage. A couple of days later I found out the original equipment battery had died! Go figure. Guess when the voltage dropped, the computers got confused.
Re: Ford Ranger won't start alex 11-11-07  
I have a 1996 Ranger, It use to start okay. Now I turn the key and it simply clicks. I have replaced the starter, starter solenoid,battery and now I am stumped. I can push start it and it runs fine. Turn it off, it will not start
Re: Ford Ranger won't start eric smith 11-22-07  
All power is on in my 2000 ranger but starter wont engauge is it my starter i think it is thanks
Re: Ford Ranger won't start nick Cincotta 4-10-08  
I've been having some problems with my ranger too, when I go to put gas in lately its been spraying, everywhere, I just had the fuel fill neck replaced any suggestions as to what it might be
Re: Ford Ranger won't start larry 2-29-08  
My 2003 ranger (4 cyl) randamly won't start. It cranks fine but won't start.
There are times it starts and idles really rough and then stalls. What is wrong?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Maverick 12-8-07  
Is it possible that the Anti-Theft device or key code could keep the fuel pump from running?

I'm having the same issue but no fuel at the filter and pump not running
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Augustin 11-1-09  
1996 no crank, no lights, battery OK, small click sound from engine. Been having problems with switch loose. It seems like power is not reaching ing mod?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start kyle 5-18-09  
I have a 1996 ford ranger xl 2.3L it will crank but not start/fire it worked fine today came home and it wont start again checked under the passenger side dash that button is ok anyone have any ideas,fuel pump is humming when key turned forward
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Paul 4-30-12  
2003 Ranger 3.0L 2x4 automatic - started and backing out of parking place - engine died (never before)- will not restart - starter does not run. Check gage lit on dash - Battery = 12.1 V (2 y/o DieHard) - ???
suspect solenoid, but should not kill engine (gas 3/4 full) ???
PS - perfect 75 degree weather ?

Re: Ford Ranger won't start erica 3-13-12  
I have a 96 ford ranger... just replaced crankshaft and timing at delearship.. drove for 2 weeks..one dayof went toto work drovegoing fine then wentwill to leave and cranks and sounds good at first.. then will not stay on without gas to the floor. Replaced fuel filter, getting fuel pressure no engine light or codes!! Help!!
Re: Ford Ranger won't start fred 1-12-12  
2006 ranger 5 speed push in clutch to stort notting push start will go happens on off is there a safty switch in clutch
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Nestor Umali 12-30-11  
Try using another key, the problem could be on the key transponder. Your key might have been wet or have condensation in it due to change in weather. If your key got wet the unti- teft device of your truck may not be able to recognized the transponder on your key.
Re: Ford Ranger won't start dennis bell 3-7-13  
I have a 2002 ford ranger that keeps blowing a fuse that controls the computer. It want start it turns over but want start. What could be wrong it ?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start steve 3-27-13  
2003 v6 ranger, it started after several tries last night. next morning, turn the key & no crank? battery @ 12.25 volts & all light stay bright when you turn the key to start but nothing?? acts like the ign switch has crapped out?

Re: Ford Ranger won't start Dave Thurlwell 3-29-15  
My 2008 3.0 TDCi Ford Ranger wont re-start after being driven for while. Tries to turn over but very slow. After a while it will start normally.
The battery is fine.
Re: Ford Ranger won't start danjohnson 6-3-14  
Truck shutoff as coming to driveway. Lights work, heater fan works, radio works. but when I turn switch on no click. starter does not run.lights work
B4000 just shut down won't click or turnover danjohnson 6-3-14  
Coming home from meeting. just before got to driveway it stopped running. When I turned switch on it doesn't click or anything lights work radio works heater fan works.
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Kenneth Sistrunk 11-27-09  
I have a 2000 Ford Ranger 3.0 V.6. Just changed the motor in it. The motor came out of a 2002 Ford Ranger. It's turning over fine its just not firing. What could it be? Also its missing the PCM Power Relay! Could that be the problem?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Steve 12-30-11  
Have a 2004 Ford Ranger Edge. Was running fine with no signs of starter going out. Got in truck, turned key, nothing. Window on battery is green. All I get when I turn the key is the lights on the dash and a clicking sound from the starter relay fuse. Could it be the starter. Thanks
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Rick 5-7-14  
I have a 2004 Ford Ranger, 2.3L Manual transmission. From day 1 buying this truck brand new I never liked it. Every now and then it will crank and will not start. It has plenty of gasoline and sounds like any other vehicle when you try to start it. The problem is it just will not start. Then, out of the blue, it will start like nothing ever happened. Last time it happened was today. I started it, took it to the end of my driveway(310')and turned it off to unload my trash cans for trash day. It cranked and started for a second and died.....that was it. I ran the battery down trying to start it and now am recharging that. It could start again any time now and run for months or maybe just days and it will eventually do the same thing. Problem is you don't know when it is going to do this so getting a diagnosis from a repair shop is all but impossible. I'm glad they did away with this truck. No one seems to have a clear answer to this problem either. Oh well.
Re: Ford Ranger won't start james 4-3-11  
Was driving my 94 ranger and it just off cut while driving down the rd,it will turn over but not start -its getting gas -help
Re: 2004 ford edge 3.0 v6 won't hold fuel pressure Sam Banks 3-30-11  
We took the head off and had a valve job done on it then reinstalled it and cannot get the truck to run? It seema to not being holding fuel pressure? Any ideas???
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Najib Nabeel 5-8-10  
2001 ford ranger wont start. i lost the original key for it and i need a way to start the car using a copied key which is not programmed to the car. is there a way for me to start the car using no key or any other way?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Lorne 4-22-10  
2000 Ford Ranger, 4.0 Litre, won't start at times
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Luz 6-20-11  
My 1995 ford ranger won't start. when key is in on position the fuel pump will not turn on. i tested the fuel pump alone and it turned on fine. could it possibly be that my battery cables aren't working? i replaced the fuel filter, spark plugs and wires but nothing. anyone have any suggestions please let me know.
Re: Ford Ranger 1996 4.0Lwon't start Lynden 7-29-11  
My truck will crank an crank but no start an if it does start as soon as u press the gas pedal its like it wanna stall, let the gas pedal go it idles fine but a little higher than normal.i normal put the key in the door unlock an lock it a couple times an it we be ready to go. do u guys think it can be my factory security system?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start albert 12-4-11  
Went to start and the key turned like no pressure the engine light came on would not crank repaced ingnition switch did not crank the key is coded I wonder if I put a starter button to the starter and the battery will it start and to cut engine disconnet at battery and take the cable off the battery will it cut the engine
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Cody 10-15-11  
I was driving my 1996 Ford ranger 4x4 and ran out of gas. I refuelled and now the truck wont start.
Does anyone know whats up with that?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Dermot Chambers 8-16-11  
2001 ford ranger engine will crank but not start.
Re: 2004 Ford Ranger won't start thomas 12-20-11  
Just had spark plugs replaced. Not even 24 hours later my truck won't start. It cranks but won't start. It started up then died, started it up again and got 100 feet down the road and it died. Tried jumping it. Nothing. Pulled a wire off and tested a brand new plug. No spark. How can I test the fuel pressure? Or relays? Would it be the alternater? Note: battery is at 12v. Any checklists out there for trying to solve the problem. Greatly appreciated. Thanks
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Brandon Cornish 7-31-11  
I am very similiar to the last post, i have a 2001 ranger that i replaced the heater core by pulling the dash in my ranger. After replacing all pieces and trying to start the truck it does not crank. I have gone over everything i have touched and nothing is missing. It registered the speedometer at 55 when i try to start the truck, It clicks but no starter turn. Can anyone help me on this matter? thanks
Re: Ford Ranger won't start daniel10 7-22-09  
0kMy 2003 ranger w0nt start. i changed da crank sens0r. and evrything i can think of. i nid help.
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Chris 11-12-07  
I am having the same problem. I just had a locksmith come to my house, and re-chip new keys. It seems my key had lost the "code", but it still doesn't start. I was messing with starter thinking that was the problem, but I wonder if I did something to starter when jumping it. According to locksmith, the Ford keys have a tendency to lose the code for the anti-theft.
Re: Ford Ranger won't start glenntk 9-20-10  
I have a 96 Ford Ranger 4x4 which has been sitting idle for about two years. It was runnuing fine before. After two years, it wouldn't start so I bought a brand new battery for it. I put the new battery in and started it and drove it around for awhile. Everything seemed to be OK. Took it to Jiffy Lube to get the oil changed and drove it up to the bay and got out. The attendant got in to move it into the bay and it wouldn't start. Just made ticking sounds. I had a friend jump start it and got it started, but when I tried to drive away, it just sputtered and died again. What should I do? Where should I start?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start jackie 8-5-12  
Ford ranger won't start no crank can't jump it off then few days starts?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Bryce 3-23-08  
If it cranks fine try to reset the fuel pump under the pass side dash push the red button on top of a cylinder hold for 10 sec. then Turn the truck on but do not start it let it sit there for 10 sec cut if off and then try to start it should start right up
Re: Ford Ranger won't start karen 10-18-10  
2000 Ford Ranger 3.0 won't start, previously before this happened sometimes I had to keep turning on the ingition numerous times but I ran out of gas and now it won't start!
Re: Ford Ranger won't start aaron 8-28-11  
I was driving and my 97 ford ranger just shut down. turns over but wont start HELP!
Re: Ford Ranger won't start mark 6-12-11  
04 ranger 3.0 manual trans you can push start it or jump the starter direct to starter but will not start with the key I even replaced the switch below the dash that the ignition rod pushes in and it started once and that was all.
Re: Ford Ranger won't start David 3-4-11  
My alternator went out. Ireplaced it and the truck ran fine for 24 hours and now it does nothing when I turn the key. No dinging no lights nothing. I had the aternator test and the battery and they are fine. WhaT SHOULD i look at next or what are the possible problems. 2004 4.0 V6
Thank you anybody
Re: Ford Ranger won't start audrey 7-19-15  
Did you find your problem with your vechile not starting if so could you e-mail me and tell me how to fix the problem we have the same problem as yoy thank you Audrey
Re: Ford Ranger won't start David swift 9-24-15  
When my ford ranger sets more then one day it will not start but will start after cranking for sometime it will start and run all day
what could be wrong?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start bill 11-17-11  
Sounds to me like its your coil. When then start to go bad usual does that when your engine is warm and ran for awile.
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Mark Roach 7-3-17  
My 2001 Ford Ranger was running cut off it turns over but wont start,pulled into drive way and cut it off 2 minutes later I started it again it sputtered now it wont start
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Richard Mangel 2-15-16  
2000 Ford Ranger won't start. Turned engine off with 4x4 high switch engaged. Park lights on for ten minutes. Does switch draw juice to discharge battery?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start Perry 11-14-15  
My son detailed his motor now won't start all lights work radio works the engine light is on fuel pump turns on but only clicking sound won't turn over
Re: Ford Ranger won't start josh 1-21-12  
I was driving my 94 ranger 4 cylinder and it died. fuelled it up and it will not start. backfired once and nothing any possible tips?
Re: Ford Ranger won't start RIchard 5-10-12  
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