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Kwikee Electric Steps Ralph Ross 6-8-05  
Just bought 2005 National Dolphin with 3 step Kwikee. On several occasions one opens the door and as you walk up the steps begin to retract. The override switch can be in either postition. It is intermittent but gets you when least expected. Anyone with similar problem? Kwikee company has no idea what is happening. Help appreciated.
Kwikee Electric Steps Jorja Starnes 10-3-17  
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Kwikee series 32, 2 step gene childress 9-8-09  
I have a Kwikee series 32 electric step, my steps works fine from the switch on the wall, but when I start the engine the step come out and will not go back in until I turn the engine off, I have replace the rectangilar magnetic switch on the exit door. Need some advise on this one, thanks
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps (Triple) Frank 8-10-09  
The Kwikee triple steps on our 5th wheel work fine (by manual switch inside the door). They have been lubricated regularly. The steps themselves are literally falling apart from rust, in spite of being painted several times over ten years with "rust-proof" paint. Can I buy new steps only (ie separate from the frame) and has anyone done such an installation?? Would you advise it, or should we look at buying a whole new unit?
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps monika woodward 1-17-10  
Hi, My motorhome has been sitting for some time, but I keep it cranked up in effort to keep the batteries charged, I am ready for a road trip, and the steps will not retract. Any suggestions? I cleaned the battery terminals, and greased the steps, and still nothing. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, M W
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Mike Roempke 9-4-09  
Removed Kwikee double electric steps to make repair and after testing with fully charged battery for extending and retracting they functioned properly. I reinstalled and reconnected the step wiring to motorhome wiring and they do not function. When I disconnect the brown wire from door switch lead they will extend and while I reconnect brown wire to door switch lead they retract.
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Frank Bannert 4-12-10  
I have a 2002 Damon Escaper it has a single step and is stuck in the extended position.[not in a bind] I have check the 4 way plug and it has power in all the right places as per wiring diagram. [12.35 volts] I have disconnected the plug to the motor and reversed it as per Camper City and still will not work. I was told that if you reverse the wiring it would run it back in or if not the motor is bad. Is there anyway if fixing it or does it need a new motor and gear assembly. If so where can I get the parts?
Frank Bannert
Shiner Tx.
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Frank Bannert 5-4-10  
How do you check a module? I have a step that will not retract. I have power going to the 4 way plug as per wire diagram but nothing works. I would like to know if there is a way to check the module before ordering a new step motor?
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Frank Bannert 4-24-10  
Step is stuck in extended position and is not in a bind. I checked the 4 prong connector and have 12.35 volts at all the right places. I need to know if there is a way to check if the module is bad or the motor. I was told at Camper City if you reverse the connector on the motor they would retract or the motor is bad. I did this and nothing happened. So how do I find out if the module or the motor is the problem.
Frank Bannert
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Frank Bannert 4-24-10  
Re: above step won't retract.
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Edward 8-6-09  
My kwikee single step on a 1999 coach has a mind of it's own. It goes up and down randomly in all phases of operation and switch settings. You can be drivig and it will go down, it can be setting still and it will go up and down you can park it with the step up and the next morning its down. Any thoughs on this problem?
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Robert 2-8-10  
Same problem with me. After working flawlessly for the three years we have owned the coach, the steps now only half retract. Nothing I do seems to make this change. If there a work-around?
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Ralph Brown 6-16-09  
Took our Motor Home to a technician and he removed the board because it was bad. Can we still operate the steps manually?
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Ralph Ross 6-11-05  
The Carolina Coach finally saw the intermittent problem when they opened the door, the steps came down and when the went to walk up the steps retracted catching the foot of the service technician. Now they are going to change the control module board which I suspected all along. We'll see if this was causing the problem. Stay tuned I will update soon.
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Ralph Ross 6-10-05  
Jeff, thanks... I wondered if low voltage could be part of it. Kwikee told me to replace brown ground wire and also the magnetic (one black, one white round) buttons that pickup when the door is shut. I have to say Kwikee is very responsive and helpful. So far I can't tell if it is fixed but I'll post an update soon. THANKS
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps JEFF SMITH 6-9-05  

Mine did this when the battery was a little low. Check voltage at the battery that operates the step. If it is not 12 volts or higher, charge it and see if the problem goes away.

Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Ralph Ross 6-9-05  
I did have Carolina Coach and Camper take a look at this problem. They found a loose wire going to the round magnetic switch buttons (which were loose as well). They did a nice enough job to clean this up. But the steps still intermittently will start going up with the door open as you try to walk up.
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps kai 10-19-06  
Change the control module.the proplem is the step does not extend to full resistend which cutout the forward relay by means of overload and lock.
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Bernie Brien 5-6-07  
The kwikee steps on my motorhome extends but does not retract. I disconnected the module and the motor and retracted the step with an outside power source,so the motor works ok. I checked the ignition safety switch and I get 12 volts at the 4 way plug when ignition is switched on. To me it looks like the problem is with the module or could it be something else less expensive to repair? Is it possible that the door magnetic switch remains closed and causes this problem?
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Barbara 7-31-08  
We have a single step that operates from a switch inside the door. It is stuck in the out position. My battery is fully charged. Is there anyway to get it back in manually?
Can't figure out how to get it to work. Is there a fuse somewhere other than in the fuse box on the Class C?
Can't seem to locate one near the battery, help!!!
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Ed Coleman 7-8-08  
I have a 2 step electric 909506000 (built around 1995) which will not move up or down. I disconected the linkage and activated the motor to go up and down it moved each way. when i put resistance on the linkage i heard a clicking noise and felt a small jerking but the linkage did not move. could it be a bad gear? if so can i get replacement kits
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Mary 6-15-07  
The steps will not come all the way out they go about half way and then just vibrate back and forh like they want to either go in and out ? any ideas
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps jerry gordon 8-20-10  
The step stick in the estended position. if i take the gears out and put them back in the step works for awhile. then it will stick again i have done this three times already. i would like to fix it.4
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps gene childress 9-8-09  
I make a mistake on my e-mail address when I ask for help on my step, it's genephyllis@sbcglobal.net

Re: Kwikee Electric Steps gary 5-21-14  
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Al Awttrey 5-19-14  
My problem is 1of the. 4 mounting bolts is broken is there a way to replace this bolt? All help is appreciated. Thanks
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Al Awttrey 5-19-14  
My problem is 1of the. 4 mounting bolts is broken is there a way to replace this bolt? All help is appreciated. Thanks
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Ken Markham 3-22-14  
My Kwikee step is stuck in the down Position. The step lite comes on.
How and what do in check.
can i still get parts as it is a 1995 model 860?
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps phil anjola 9-2-14  
Every thing is new control,motor and on off switch. steps work great but will not lock out. open door steps out door closed door closes. flip off switch to lock the stairs out and they will come back in when door is closed even with lockout switch turned off
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps fuzzy 9-22-14  
Wires are not hooked up IM TRYN TO find out how the steps are to be wired.
Kwikee Electric Steps Abby Wetter 9-29-17  
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Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Gary Baker 7-30-16  
Have no power to the step 4 terminal plug where could problem be tks
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Blaine Johnson 7-4-16  
I have a 2006 Tioga 31' with a two step Kwikee step. When I bought it the owner was having trouble with the step and his mechanic put a new motor in it but after getting it home it started making a terrible noise going in and out and having to be helped pulling it out and pushing it in. I found another step and replaced the old step and it worked for a while but is now doing the same thing making a noise you can hear for a mile....what the heck is going on?
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Rudy Brunson 10-20-10  
My door switch isn't working I've got a new one but different style. I would like to by pass the old one and puy in the new Black Small magnet reed switch. I have no Idea which wires to cut and splice into from the by-pass switch on the wall. Thanks rudy
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Chuck 6-14-13  
We have a 2000 Sea View. When the unit is parked, the steps will be out and will stay out. The unit is not hooked up to shore power and the step will mysteriously go back in. It will sometimes stay out for several days and then it will suddenly be in. This happened once when we were in it and I came out the door and no step. I almost had a bad accident as it was a pretty big step to the ground. I have tried disconnecting all of the house batteries and it will still do it. Could the change of temperature have any effect. It has worked fine until this problem. The ground is secure and I can't find any cracked wires.Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps James 10-19-15  
I have a single step series 28 on my MH. Steps slide out properly when screen door is opened. When the screen door is closed steps retract but a loud clicking noise results for about 5 seconds. Anyone have a solution? Thanks.
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Mark 12-4-10  
The 12 volt system works fine for awhile then all of a sudden everything looses about half the power,Things happen like my lights go dim,My water pump runs about half speed.Now if I take it for a short drive then park it things work great for a short period of time then its back to the same problems.Im kind of thinking its a ground problem but not positive,and if it is how do I cure the problem.Its driving me nuts.
Thank you,
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps claudette papenberg 8-17-11  
I have a GB MH. the steps quit working to where they would stay in at all times OR each time the door open and shut the steps would go in and out. then when the steps stayed out like they were for no reason.
..took it in for service. they rewired and said the next step will be replace the motor..
here we are again. MH was parked. step out and then they went in, and once again each and every time door opens the steps go in and out. If it was the motor I think the steps would not work at all ?? however. even turing the switch to off to stay in, they still go in and out.. this to me will burn the motor. please tell me what you think so I can report to the service center as I have paid 2 X for this repair drove 100 miles 1 way to service center and they work for a short time then again. I can not belive the troubles I"m having with something simple as the steps and the cost I have pd already for something that still broke and I will have to pay again.. is this fair. ?
please advise me on my next step..
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps ray tuffin 5-23-11  
New module installed for elec step....motor whinned so knew it was working...now all put back tog.still something missing in need wirig diagram this i son a travel supreme...new mod is triangular in shape so needed to bore holes to attach......old one was rectangular(not kiwi.but doesn't seem to be avail so this one was recomended....thanks in advance rt...
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Joseph Vitucci 5-21-13  
If steps won't retract, can they be retracted manually? How?
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Paul 6-12-12  
Here's my Kwikee steps problem:
I have a clicking noise coming from my control relay and the steps will not operate when I open and close the door. However, when I turn the ignition ON, the steps work just fine. Anyone have any ideas about this and what the problem may be? Thanks!
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps don Costa 1-17-12  
I have a two step system, all of a sudden the steps only retract three quaters of the way, what would cause this?
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Donald Shaffer 7-11-12  
I have kwikee electric steps. They will not come down. This is series 32, model # 29580300. Could we need a new motor?
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Jerry 8-3-12  
Like you Mary on 6-15-07
The steps will not come all the way out they go about half way and then just vibrate back and forh like they want to either go in and out ? any ideas

I am having the same problem. How did you fix yours.
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps MARK BATTAGLIA 8-1-12  
Hello, I changed my house batteries on my 2001 40' Coachman RV. Now my steps will not work # 874. Maybe I crosswired a battery is there a fuse maybe blown if so where would it be located.

Thank you for any help we are planned on a trip the day after tomorrow.
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Jimmy Walker 1-30-13  
I can't find a motor for the Kwikee double steps on my 1999/2000 Safari Trek. As I can't make out any numbers on the motor. The owners manual #875
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Charles Witt 11-4-10  
The steps will not come all the way out they go about half way and then just vibrate back and forh like they want to either go in and out ? any ideas. I've checked the battery, has a full 12 volts. I've removed the motor assembly and checked all the gears, all seem ok, connected a 12 volt source and the motor just continues to cycle, never shuts off.

any help will be appreciated.
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Brian Beaton 6-16-14  
Hi, I need a control unit part# 909506000 for my steps. Do you have one and if so, what is the price. Thanks Brian
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Robert Henderson 8-18-11  
Have a 2 step unit- steps will not extend or retract unless they are powered via an external battery. I have power to the on/off swich, control unit, and good grounds. I cut the wires from the control unit to the motor. When powering the motor from a external battery the steps extend and retract (by reversing polarity) fine, so I know the motor is good. When checking output voltage on the wires from the control unit to the motor my voltmeter shows 13.7 volts for 5 seconds when opening or closing the door (as it should). However, when I reconnect the wires from the control unit to the motor and open/close the door- nothing. This makes no sense to me- the voltage is being sent from the control unit yet the motor will not run when it is hooked up to the control unit (#909506000).
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps sue Hopper 10-2-10  
Are steps are stuck in the "out" position. can we retrack manually? we trying to put it away for the winter; the battery is dead.
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps ray mitchell 4-5-13  
I have a 2006 hurricane class a,the step has a mind of it's own.it will go up & down on it's own any time.it is a kwickee 2 step.
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Dan bartolomucci 7-9-13  
I have 1999 national trade winds. Had new kwikee steps installed last year. Part no. 44-1662. Kwikee double elect step b. had installed in Pahrump Nv. I am now in susanville, ca. My problem Is that my steps will go in any time during the night or day when the motor home is parked. Hope you can help. Thank you --- Dan
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps (Triple) Dick Green 2-7-13  
Kwikee steps will not retrack completly under motor home. Replaced new motor, no help. It seems to be in a bind on right side of steps.(If we help it in it works.

Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Tim Dravus 11-29-12  
Steps stuck out. Tried key and wont go up. Open and close door and hear juice. On and off switch can hear juice. Cant drive with steps out. Leveling jacks and shore power set up. Worked fine three days ago.
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Roy Francis Dvorak 6-18-10  
I installed a new Kwikee electric step. The power switch was not replaced. The step now works in reverse - the step is retracted when the door is open and the step is extended when the door is closed
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps c watson 3-9-14  
I have a 2000 safri trek and stepe wan work. i have voltage to the power wire but not enough amps. any sugestions.
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps marty sylvester 8-24-14  
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Roy F. Dvorak 1-30-11  
The manufacturer pulled a fast one on the design and never told anyone. For the steps to work as designed, you MUST use the new magnetic switches they provide. The old magnetic switches will cause the step to work in reverse. This information was obtained from a local RV dealership and is NOT available from Kwikee !
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Griggs Richardson 1-8-12  
We have a 1994 Kountry Star 38ft motor home and the steps want work, do you have any information as what to do?

do they work by a motor?
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps Bob 4-16-13  
Steps have a mind of there own.. ???
01 Country coach. we have tried every position of all switches.. they are still pocessed. AND if the they stay open how do I close (LIKE NOW)
Re: Kwikee Electric Steps jim nelson 4-30-17  
I had a new two step electric steps installed on my 2003 Allegro Class A Motorhome about two years ago. It has been working great up to now. I just came back from a 4000 mile trip. I stopped at our last campsite and as I was about to leave I started my motorhome and the steps electrically were going in and about halfway in there was a loud buzzy noise and the steps finally stored and it shut off. When I stopped for fuel the same thing happened again and it happened both going out and going in. When I got home they did go out ok, but the minute it would go back in halfway it started buzzy again and this time I helped push the steps back in.

What do you think the problem is and how can I solve this problem? I would appreciate your thoughts. Jim
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