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Kohler Generator Bob Root 2-22-05  
I am looking for a schematic or wiring diagram for a Kokler 4.5CM21-RV 4500 watt generator.
Re: Kohler Generator shafqat ali shah 6-30-08  
Hello sir

i hope u fine sir i want kohler dg set of 14 kva in pakistan
i have many dg set requried plz give good price for pakistan

plz rplay soon

shafqat ali shah
plz tell me dealer of paksitan lahore
Re: Kohler Generator Tod Sutherland 4-8-08  
I have a Kohler Generator installed in a Bus conversion I am restoring.

Model 7CM21-RV
Spec 14023A24
Se. # 082902

The bus/generator had been stored for over 15 years, I cleaned it up, rebuilt the carb and it will start and run but only with a jumper wire to the coil, the coil does not power up on it's own. I suspect the problem may be one of the relays inside the start/control box. Is there a manual and wiring diagram still available for this unit? Where can I get the remote start switch to install inside the coach?
Re: Kohler Generator terry smelko 10-31-07  
When my 4500 generator starts up it will only run if i hold in the start button. as soon as i release it the generator stops running.
Re: Kohler Generator Raymond Thomson 7-9-08  
I have the installation manual for Kohler Generator Sets; 3.5RV, 4.5RV, 4.5RV Twin, 5.5RD and 7RV. It consists of 25 pages and includes all wiring diagrams.
Re: Kohler Generator 9 EFOZD 50HZ RAVI KUMAR 9-24-08  
Need installation directions
Re: Kohler Generator Rick West 4-3-09  
Need manual(s) for Kohler Generator
for recreational vehicle 593R
model 4.5 CKM21-RV
ser # 115255

runs but needs carb linkage and possible fuel pump
Re: Kohler Generator Dale E. Wheelis 9-26-08  
I have a 7cm-rv generator out of a motor home which I want to re-wire as a stationary unit. Do you have a wiring diagram for this unit ? Thanks DEW
Re: Kohler Generator tom stacey 12-17-06  
I pull a genertor out to put plus in it and wires came out on remote start plug on genertor that go to remote start switch inside. it has a hour meter.it has 4 wires go to plug on it. modle 4ckm21-rv. thanks alot if you can help me
Re: Kohler Generator venkat 8-7-08  
1010 kva dg set details
Re: Kohler Generator Billy Shoemake 11-13-06  
I need voltage wiring diagram
Re: Kohler Generator 4mm25 Ray Bienvenu 10-10-05  
Need internal wireing guide to fix unit it keeps blowing internal 5 amp fuse instantly. Brother used it for hurricane rita it died in the middle of the storm. any suggestions it has an electrical sealed box on it i suspect the electronics sealed insied went bad all internal windings look brand new and unit dosent have 50 hrs on it. any help would be helpful sence we all lost our jobs down here I might have to sell it to make bills. Thanks a Million Ray.
Re: Kohler Generator allen huff 7-11-14  
Good Friday:

I am in search for any manual and wiring digrams for the Kohler 593R. Please advise if available and what we can work out.

Thank you for your time and help.
Re: Kohler Generator Paul 4-29-05  
I have a copy of the original "Installation guide" (which has electrical schematics) I could send to you for $10.
Re: Kohler Generator Marty Williams 11-15-05  
I have a 6.5 Kohler Marine generator and would likr to get a sound shield for it, but I can't find anyone who carries it. I would buy a used one if any info please email me.
Re: Kohler Generator Steve 4-17-06  
I just installed a Kohler model 7.5R27 generator and need wiring schematic for it / s/n 106253A. Can you help.

Re: Kohler Generator Rene 11-6-06  
I need a sound shield for a kohler 6.5 marine gen. and used parts, if any can help...Thanks...
Re: Kohler Generator tinashe 6-14-06  
Need a price for 15 kva 3 phase
Re: Kohler Generator Grant 5-5-09  
Do you have a manual (electrical scematic) for a Kohler 4.5CKM21-rv? If so could you email it to me?
Re: Kohler Generator keith hennis 5-12-05  
I need a owners manual and complete wiring diagram for a kohler model# 7cm21-rv spec# 14031a serial# 112614 i want to convert to a regular generator let me know if you can help thank you very much.....????????
Re: Kohler Generator jboland 2-11-11  
Need manual includeing schematics and possibly instalation guide for kohler 4.5ckm21-rv spec#10151-A.are these available on pdf. found one place,they want 75.00 for download. NOT
Re: Kohler Generator Gene 1-14-11  
I need a wiring diagram for a Kohler generator Model L654, spec 48230
Re: Kohler Generator Pierre Sungalee 12-30-10  
Dear Sir.Urgent needof a circuit diagrm for model 11EFZOD with remote display please
Remote start stop board winston counts 6-26-11  
I am looking for the remote start stop panelboard Part number a-239409. It goes on a kohler 593R model 4.5 ckm 21-rv Do you have one in stock and what maybe the price.
Re: Kohler Generator mike spears 5-17-12  
Have a confident 5 that wont run unless i jump power to fuel solenoid on bottem of carb. any ideas ?
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Re: Kohler Generator smitty 6-11-09  
Any kohler parts dealers in the wash. dc area i just remover my carburator from my 593r and im going to rebiuld it. I need a carb kit, a choke coil, intake manifold gascets and a air cleaner. Any suggestions would be most appriciated
Thanks Smitty 301 937 4541-- days
Oscaroservice reviews Esoniengixkix 8-10-13  
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Re: Kohler Generator hugger 12-1-10  
For a starter solinoid, go to any auto parts store. Purchase a older ford type solenoid. Fender Mount
Re: Kohler Generator BARRY LYNN 6-21-11  
Where can I get a manual and schematic for: Kohler 4500
Kohler Model # 4.5C M21-RV
Ser. # 163070
Spec. # 13915-A
Re: Kohler Generator Dennis Jacobe 2-14-10  
Have'81 Foretravel motor home with a 7cm21-rv Kohler 7000 gen. I have a frozen fuel pump-sealed unit

know where I can get new one?

am I correct that this is "low flow" pump, and if so, could one just use another "low flow" pump, if Kohler replacement is not available?

Please respond via "E mail"

Dennis Jacoce

Re: Kohler Generator John 1-28-10  
I have a Kohler generator in a bus conversion that turns over but won't fire, doesn't seem to be getting a spark, any sugguestions.
Re: Kohler Generator raymond 8-24-10  
I have a 4500gen an when i start it it runs for a few sec. and stops i was thinking maybe the coil,sometimes it will run for a while but when stop it wont restart,i plyed with the needles an probably cant set it back to where it was,thanks it would help it was workig great before i ran out of gas.
Re: Kohler Generator Don Porter 2-15-10  
I have a 3cms21 rv generator and need a choke and housing Anyone know where or the part #'s Thanks
Re: Kohler Generator Asad 6-20-09  
How to get a person that can support and fix KOHLER generator in Pakistan Karachi?

How to get parts?

How to get warranty?
Re: Kohler Generator Rod 8-1-10  
I have a Kohler gen. model 4.5CKM21-RV and it doesn't stay running when I release the start button. I also would like to find a wiring diagram or shop manual for this model.
Re: Kohler Generator Jeff 11-29-09  
I would like a wiring diagram for my kohler cm21 generator if at all possible please
Re: Kohler Generator Kenn 6-30-10  
Are there any answers to the questions asked on this site? If not, what exactly is the site for? Thanks.
Re: Kohler Generator magdy kamal 5-30-10  
requide wirinig diagram of a-282778
model no 50RFOZ261
S/N 137393
Re: Kohler Generator rhfjr 1-27-06  
Do you have them in a pdf format?
Re: Kohler Generator starting Keith Light 7-4-07  
I have a 4500 kolher generator in my 1986 Itasca motorhome. The generator turns over fine, but won't start. No spark. I know what to check in an older car/truck engine, but can't get at the coil etc to check. Any suggestions.
Re: Kohler Generator bruce 10-20-07  
Anybody have owners / installation manuals for Kohler 4ckm21 generators? $10-$15 bucks?
Re: Kohler Generator jim alexander 9-12-10  
I have a kohler generator and i can not find any information on it model# M.15CC061RV, SPEC# 135303-61, SERIAL#462747 it has a YANMAR diesel motor and its model#4TN84E-RKRV and engine#26987 any help on specs and or service manuals wold be great THANKS
Wiring diagram /service manual john 2-6-09  
1987 model 5mm65, spec 871030 kohler generator,need diagram and or service manual
Re: Kohler Generator paul brown 11-4-09  
Tod!!! You have so much good info on this genorator, but you also have my Suzuki Hustler and I cannot get a hold of you. Please email me!!!! ASAP!!!
Re: Kohler Generator paul brown 11-4-09  
TOd I need my bike!!! Its paul brown and I cannot get a hold of you which means I cannot get my Hustler!

Call me please. Or email me.

Re: Kohler Generator roy lowe 10-10-11  
Does any body know the h.p. on this unit. I have one also & sure would like to know.
Re: Kohler Generator paul c. 3-31-09  
I have a 3.5kva generator I need a wiring diagram for.
Re: Kohler Generator Doug Williams 5-8-09  
I have need of Kohler manuals for the
3.5CM21-RV, spec # 13814A.
What might you have and how much ??
Thanx, Doug
Re: Kohler Generator Rob 7-30-08  
If you still have the wiring diagrams available I w2ould really appricate it if you could send me a copy Thanks
Re: Kohler Generator craig 6-7-14  
Hi hope you can help. I need a wiring diagram for a kohler 7cm21-rv generator. I need to know where each wire goes on the relays. thanks
Re: Kohler Generator Paul Hinson 6-8-09  
Do you still have a copy of the Kohler manual you mentioned in this thread? I would like to buy a copy if you do.


Paul Hinson
Re: Kohler Generator Fredrick Harper 3-14-12  
Please send me a copy of a manual for ckm21-rv 4.5 10111a 60hz much need wiring diagram. thank you.
Re: Kohler Generator Michael J 11-1-12  
I have been looking for the schematics of 4.5m21 generator, If I am reading your post correctly you have them, could you email them to me.
Thank You
Re: Kohler Generator mark 8-17-08  
I also need a manual / diagram for the 4ckm21-rv please send a copy if you have one.
Re: wiring diagram /service manual Jerry Coleman 5-19-09  
I have an older Kohler rv generator that was converter to run as a standalone generator, I believe it is a 4.5CM21 or 4.5CKM21 I can't quite make out the plate. The spec rate is 13910A I believe it has an 11 horse tecumseh engine. I am looking for a repair manual. I have a fuel pump problem.
Re: wiring diagram /service manual Bert 5-11-11  
I am looking for the manuals and wiring diagrams you mentioned. could you e-mail them to me?
Re: wiring diagram /service manual chevy corn 7-19-10  
I need this
Oscaroservice review Cheavaila 8-10-13  
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Re: Kohler Generator chuck kurzawa 5-20-09  
Hello I am working on a older rv that has a kohler ckm21-rv generator the wiring was all damaged and rewired it but I need to know where the wires that come from the generator to the control box go.I figured al the engine control wiring out just need to know where the three from gen go to
Re: wiring diagram /service manual dale 3-26-15  
Looking for wiring diagram for
7kw kohler
Re: Kohler Generator Geraldene Smith 7-22-10  
Need help with kohler generator, as previously described.
Re: Kohler Generator Lamont Mccreless 6-20-10  
I need a starter solenoid for a 4 ckm21 it will not do any thing but click when u try to crank it it has a new battery
Re: Kohler Generator Ale Raza 5-12-11  
I have kohler generator model 12-Res.
when generator auto start completion after start suddenly stop and fault display UU,
If I first off the line circuit breaker then genst will start without fault.
please advise me.
Re: Kohler Generator Michael 1-30-10  
I have a Kohler 3.5CM21 RV 3600 rpm in an 85 motorhome. Cranks over but won't start. I don't have paperwork for this unit. Any ideas. Thanks
Re: Kohler Generator tim t 4-22-10  
Hey guys i have kohler genset kt17ep when i push the start switch the fuel pump comes on but engine doesnt turn over. when i jump the soleniod it turns over but no spark appears. it is in a 1986 Georgie Boy motorhome. any help would be appreciated. THANKS tim in mass.
Re: Kohler Generator John Pritchett 4-10-14  
I am having a problem with the start/stop switch and the circuit board behind it and I really can not afford to pay $350.00 to replace just the circuit board, any suggestions?
Re: Kohler Generator John Pritchett 4-10-14  
I am having a problem with the start/stop switch and the circuit board behind it and I really can not afford to pay $350.00 to replace just the circuit board, any suggestions? Oh I forgot to say that it is for a Kohler generator on a 1987 coachman motor home.
Re: Kohler Generator 4500 Mauricio 4-17-14  
I urgently need a wiring diagram for a Kohler 4500 Model 4.5CM21-RV, serial 065268, spec 13915A.
Do you know who can email me that diagram? I am stranded at Panama!
Re: Kohler Generator Robert Stanfield 6-5-11  
MODEL 12.500067-RV
SPEC 135014
SN 251655
I am looking for manual or part numbers
Re: Kohler Generator James 8-28-12  
I am looking for wiring for start switch for M-K582EP Spec-36389. Where can i find?
Re: Kohler Generator charles franz 8-11-12  
Needing wiring drawings for 5ckm21
Re: Kohler Generator rashid mahmood 5-17-12  
I need a electrical drawing of 100RZ272.
Re: Kohler Generator L Kloepfer 4-23-13  
I have been looking for the elertrical schematics of 4.5Cm21 generator, If I am reading your post correctly you have them, could you email them to me.
Thank You
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