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94 Ford Ranger Jordan 10-25-04  
I need a fuse box diagram for a 94 ford ranger. My brake lights don't work and my cruise doesnt either so i wanna check the fuses but i don't have the manual.
Re: 94 Ford Ranger Charles 12-30-07  
If you have cover it should be numbered.follow the diagram.
#1. 15AMP fuse. four way flash
#2. 20AMP fuse. horn
#3. 20amp C.B. cigar lighter,flash to pass,power lumbar.
#4. 10AMP fuse. instrument panel. illumination.
#5. 20AMP fuse. premium radio. amplifier.
#6. 30AMP c.b. power windows.
#7. 20AMP fuse. rabs module.
#8. 15AMP fuse. H02S heater.
#9. 10AMP fuse. A/C switches,clutch coil.
#10. 15AMP fuse. radio.
#11. 15AMP fuse. park/licencelamps/rabs
#12. 30AMP fuse. blower motor.
#13. 15AMP fuse. turn lamps,B/U lamps,
turn indicator,daytimerunning lamps.
#14. 15AMP fuse. dome/courtesy lamp,
radio memory,power mirror.
#15. 10AMP fuse. speed control.
#16. 15AMP fuse. warning gauges/lamps,
electric shift 4x4,chime module.
#17. 6AMP C.B. front wash/wipe
Re: 94 Ford Ranger cruise control Mauro Pohlmann 1-17-08  
My 1994 STX Ranger cruise control sys, refuses to engage sometimes. I have checked the fuse, the connection on the servo, the thottle cables, and the litlle plug I think been the speed pick up on the rear of transmission gear case. When I get the system operates, I noted that it disengages when at ground imperfections....so, looks like a bad contact at some place...... there is no leaks at hoses and the diafragm on the servo is ok too ( some times its engages)..
I would like so much something like a diagram or a schematic to help me on this trobleshooting. thank so much.
Re: 94 Ford Ranger steve 4-20-08  
My electric 4x4 in my 1996 ford ranger won't disengage, i need some suggestions on what to do. How to fix it
Re: 94 Ford Ranger matt vandegenachte 9-14-07  
I need a diagram or the layout for the two fuse boxes in a 94 ford ranger; my hazard lights work but none of the turn signals work, i can't seem to figure this out. need to get it inspected, if anyone can help me out that would be great. Thanks...
Re: 94 Ford Ranger James T. Kirk 2-19-08  
The manual transmission, hard to shift in 1st & 2cd. My 94' 2x2 Ranger has under 70,000 miles.
Re: 94 Ford Ranger cuke 6-29-05  
Cruise control #6 10A
stoplamps #10 15A
A/C Clutch #17 10A
Re: 94 Ford Ranger phill 12-6-04  
Hi this is phill meyer and i was just wondering where the oil pump on a 94 ranger is located,and what i need to change it.
Re: 94 Ford Ranger Robert 12-10-04  
Hey Jordan just wondering if you got that info cause I'm looking for the same thing but only it's the fuse in my power distribution setup i need to find out what 17 is on there
Re: 94 Ford Ranger tavo 6-1-15  
While switching the ignition switch i forgot to unplug the battery ground,I notice some fumes i finally unplug the battery put everything back togeter but now i have no wipers,radio,turn signals. I checked fuse box every fuse is fine. any idea what i might have burned?
Re: 94 Ford Ranger kent 10-1-08  
Does this ranger have a horn relay if it does not have cruise control, some say yes and others say no. I can;t find one under the dash
Re: 94 Ford Ranger jeff 11-12-06  
I was wondering if you found out.I am having the same problem
Re: 94 Ford Ranger spenser 2-2-05  
I need to find out what size the speakers are in the doors and behind the seat for my regular cab 94 ranger.
Re: 94 Ford Ranger nathan 12-7-09  
Hello anyone that can help and thank you ahead of time I am having trouble with my radio not working it keeps poping the the fuse I tried a higher amp and still popped it any suggestions???
Re: 94 Ford Ranger Josh 2-14-10  
My truck is constantly going through transmission fluid, and its smoking like a freight train, and the transmission is missing. Any ideas what it could be
Re: 94 Ford Ranger Colette 10-18-10  
My headlamps stopped working. 94 Ranger. I changed the Headlamp relay in the engine. It still doesn't help. All other lights fine. Should I be looking at something different, besides a new vehicle!
Re: 94 Ford Ranger jack 11-27-10  
Where is the fuse box
Re: 94 Ford Ranger Dwight Robinson 1-31-09  
My 94 Ford Ranger leaks tranmission fluid. The fluid is coming from the passenger side of the transmission,right above the pan,from a circular part of the transmission case. This circular part of the case is directly in front of the vacuum diaphragm. Can anyone tell me whaat the problem is?
Re: 94 Ford Ranger sol rahman 12-3-09  
Where bis the oil pump on a 94 ford ranger 4 cylinder and how do u replace it
Re: 94 Ford Ranger miguel 2-24-09  
The problem is that doesn't have power the gas pump, i already change the delay and check the crash button and it is ok! and check the gas pum directly from the battery and it works with a good pressure! thanks!!
Re: 94 Ford Ranger mike 10-31-09  
Need schematics for the 94 ford ranger ext cab fuse panel 2wd greatly appreciated thx mike
Re: 94 Ford Ranger dunkelberger 4-24-09  
Ware is the horn under the hood
Re: 94 Ford Ranger marshall 8-27-09  
94 ranger 4.0 replaced fuel pump and filter now truck runs fine up to 35 miles per hour, above that or on an incline losses power but does not stall. any ideas?
Re: 94 Ford Ranger Candi 7-22-09  
Where is the fuel pump fuse located on a 1994 Ranger?
Re: 94 Ford Ranger Evo Ludwig 4-28-07  
I noticed that the air intake does not only goes to the top of the engine(through the air filter) but to the bottom of the engine and to the exhast(without going throught the air filter). What is going on hear? If you could help me out in this matter it would be greatly appreciated.
Re: 94 Ford Ranger eric 12-30-07  
I need a 94 ranger fuse box layou
Re: 94 Ford Ranger Bob 9-24-08  
If your manual transmission is hard to shift you might check the fluid level in the small plastic fluid container located under the hood on the drivers side in the corner next to the firewall. If its low add some brake fluid up to the full mark.And if thats not low check the transmission fluid by getting under the truck safely with the truck on a level surface and take the top plug (fill plug) out with a 5/8 socket or wrench and stick your little finger in there and if u can't touch the fluid u need to add some Mercon automatic transmission in there until it runs out and replace and tighten the plug.I used a length of rubber hose from the hole up to under the hood and stuck a small funnel in the end of the hose and poured fluid in the funnel til it started running out of the fill hole. Had no problems since. Good luck.
Re: 94 Ford Ranger Manuel young 5-15-08  
I have a jpg diagrm of the relay and fuse layout, but im going to need to send it to you, I don't think I'm able to attach it here. email me if you still need help.
Manuel Young
Re: 94 Ford Ranger roger 7-14-14  
What's with different color coding of wires for the cruise control on the 94 ford ranger, thaqt a mechanic can't figure it out
Re: 94 Ford Ranger cruise control alabamafrog 3-13-10  
I finally got cruise control working again on my 1994 Ford ranger 4.0 5 speed. Long story short I swapped out the little green box that behind the dash above the glove box. Its some sort of cruise control amplifier board. It was real easy to change, 2 plugs and 4 screws and I got one for $10 from a guy that was parting out his old ranger.
Symptoms were cruise would work sometimes and sometimes not, sometimes it would work then just stop. Over time it got worse and worse until it quit working for months at a time.
Re: 94 Ford Ranger cruise control Dan 11-10-08  

Did you ever get an answer to your question? I have a similar problem and am trying to get a wiring diagram to help troubleshoot the problem.

Re: 94 Ford Ranger Lorris Woods 9-29-11  
Could u send the schematic u have.
Re: 94 Ford Ranger bill 9-13-11  
A jpg diagrm of the relay and fuse layout, but im going to need to send it to you.

i sure would appreciate it. ny fuel gaoge just quit working. i pulled all the fuses an they looked ok...but my eyes aint what used to be,
thank you,
Re: 94 Ford Ranger Gene 3-26-09  
My truck hesitate, when i press on the throttle,I have had my engine worked on. Can you help me please
Re: 94 Ford Ranger Ed Nowlin 7-29-09  
Fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank.
Re: 94 Ford Ranger JR 12-21-09  
After removing the bed to access the fuel tank i have a heat shield and cross member that are rusted off and cannot figure out where they should be attached, i cant find a good diagram....can anybody help?
Re: 94 Ford Ranger kenneth weeda 5-28-10  
My truck is missing. i have a 94 ford ranger it has a crack in the muffler. it is a 4.0 litter and 4x4 and manuel locking hubs. i have tried every thing and cant figure what is wrong what could it be??????
94 Ford Ranger brake line schamatic Drixon 9-5-10  
I Need a Chart of the brake Lines from under the hood to the rear wheel drum
thank you
Re: 94 Ford Ranger clayton 12-9-11  
I have a 1996 ford ranger v6 3.0 and i need to know which fuse is the fuel pump cause it just quit on me
Re: 94 Ford Ranger mitchell 7-25-12  
No electric. Going to climate. Control the fuse #9 is not blown
Re: 94 Ford Ranger mitchell 7-25-12  
No electric. Going to climate. Control the fuse #9 is not blower.
Re: 94 Ford Ranger adrian 11-6-12  
Hola necesito un harnes completo del motor pueden ayudarme??? 6 cilindros 4.0 estandar.espero respuesta,gacias...
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