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P30 Automatic parking brake Bob Creasman 10-4-05  
1995 chassis, automatic parking brake would not release, used the owners manual direction to pull the pin. Is it normal to not have a transmission park and manual emergency brake not functional?

Can the manual brake be adjusted to hold the motorhome in place of the automatic brake?

Resident of West Palm Beach Florida. Have not found repair facilities knowledgeable of repairs to the system or reference material to trouble shoot problem.

Bob Creasman
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake ralph grandinette 7-25-07  
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Mario 7-28-07  
I found that the wires that are a part of this "THING" are routed along the right frame rail and mine were not sufficently fastened to prevent them from contacting the exhaust pipe and burning through the insulation and blowing the fuse causing the auto apply parking brake to "fail safe" auto apply. The result was a terrible smell from the parking brake lining burning up. I was able to get off of the highway and fix the wires and replace the fuse. Several weeks later the grey switch at the hydraulic release cylinder failed while in my driveway and the pump sprayed all of the red hydraulic fluid onto my driveway. I have a 2001 Winnebago Brave.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Paul Brunson 8-27-07  
I also have a problem with the actuator on my P-30 brake system,I would like to know if I can get a repair kit for the actuator 15961611
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Lloyd 7-7-07  
It appears to me that Chev has gooffed on the P30 "Auto Park" brake system and that a modification or retro fit to a simpler system is in order.
Do you know of such a "modifiction"

I had a 1988 Chev P30 with a 28' MH body on it and NEVER HAD THIS Problem.
The additional weight and no transmition pawl is the difference....

but with a lever, I can engage the brake every time I stop & put the shift lever in "Park" witout fear of the pressure bleeding off and the Coach going in motion.

Also $1200 plus & high maintaince of engineer's techy dreams scorch my coffee.
Your earliest rely is appreciated. I'm down (No Brake) and waiting
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Rodney Blalock 8-11-07  
We have replaced the Acutator, pressure maint. switch, relay switch, light switch, selonoid valve on our 1995 Winnebago with P30 auto brake system.
I have checked the pump and it seems to be working properly,

The system is still not maintaining pressure and is kicking on and off. When you put into gear the pump comes on and builds pressure, light never goes off, then the selonoid valve starts clicking, pump comes back on, the light never goes off, it flashes the whole time the selonoid is clicking. The system never totally releases the brake.

I can unplug the wire from pressure maint. switch and the light goes out and it maintains pressure.

I am at a dead end, would appreciate any help.

Email is bllckrodneydale@aol.com
and my phone # is 706-235-5661. Call after 5:00p.m. eastern or email with any suggestions.

Thanks, Rodney
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Donna Warren 7-3-07  
We are looking for the directions on how to disengage the parking brake so the 92 Pace Arrow can be towed. We were towed to McMinnville RV and gave them the instructions we had and don't think we got them back. Any info would be appreciated.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Bob Ryan 4-18-07  
Our 1996 tropical mounted on a p30 chassis has had continous problems sisnce we bought it. Chevrolet sent out a warning 2 years ago after someone had a serious accident when they put their coach in park and left it on a slight hill and it rolled. WEe had nearly the same situation several years ago in the mountains of New England. We have replaced the brake shoes several times We have had it freeze up twice. We reported the problem to the NSTS twice but with no reply
Lose dashboard Wayne Brown 5-31-07  
Dashboard is very lose - we have tried to replace the, screws, adding new ones, etc... but as soon as we get over a few bumps on the road the whole dashboard start again to jump all over and obviously is very noisy...
We have a 2001 Georgie Boy, "the suite"
Ha aAnybody has encounter such problem and has any idea how to fix this annoying problem??
Any feed back will be appreciated. Thanks
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake lee 6-28-07  
Dont be fooled in buying that over priced parts from workhorse all you have to do is get the part number of the part and mfg. i bought my pump at autozone for $75 workhorse wanted $300. the parking brake from a truck shop for $175 workhorse wanted $600
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Carl Roland 8-29-07  
Boy, am I glad to see some other people besides me are having so many problems with their parking brake in a P30 chassis! That did not really come out right, but you get it. I also am having problems, but thanks to the other postings, I have already bought the two switches I think I need. Where do they go?? One note said a switch goes in a metal box on the right frame rail, another says on the left rail. What box are we talking about? Where? If I find these boxes and change the switches, do I have to bleed the lines too?
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Steve Geissen 9-7-07  
Does anyone know where to get a manual on how to adjust an automatic parking brake (P30) 97' Bounder. Trying to replace the brake pads.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake paul 9-22-08  
Just bought a 94 winnebago on the P-30 chassis and it does not hold the vehicle while in park and the parking brake pedal has no affect. any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jim Sarafolean 10-18-08  
I have a 1994 WInnebago Chieftain. Just had it in for generator service. WHen picking it up, autobrake did not disengage and vehicle lost power steering. Vehicle moves forward and reverse but dashboard inidcator remains lit and power steering remains inoperable. What is causing the problem? If the repair guys moved it without letting the autopark disengage, what would the result be? Any help is appreciated. Jim
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jim Sarafolean 10-18-08  
I have a 1994 WInnebago Chieftain. Just had it in for generator service. WHen picking it up, autobrake did not disengage and vehicle lost power steering. Vehicle moves forward and reverse but dashboard inidcator remains lit and power steering remains inoperable. What is causing the problem? If the repair guys moved it without letting the autopark disengage, what would the result be? Any help is appreciated. Jim
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake keith smith 8-20-08  
I Have A 1999 Georgia Boy RV, I had a flat tire on I95. When I had the tire changed and got ready to pull off the parking brake was applied and the RV wouldn't move. So I manually undone the linkage underneath the RV and was able to continue on driving but of course without any parking brake. Mine has a yellow switch on the dash that says pull to apply brake and push to release. Gm calls it an electric over hydraulic system. I have inspected everything possible from brake master cyl. to the resorvoir which holds trans. fluid. to the brake lines onthe rear brake. A few years ago I had a switch leaking on pump (motor) on top of the resorvoir that let the trans. fluid leak out and locked the park brake assy. I had to drive the RV about two miles (slowly) before I could pull over which caused the park brake drum to get real hot. After I replaced the switch & refilled the resorvoir up the problem was solved. I have driven the RV several thousand miles since then without worry until I had the flat tire issue. Now I'm a loss on what to keep ckecking. any advise would be helpful. Would carry it to a truck shop, but every body seems to know very little about this type system.Please advise. Thanks Keith.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Don Riley 5-13-08  
I have a 1995 Winnebago motor home with Chevrolet running gear. The emergency brake doesn't hold the motor home when depressed, it actually goes in until it hits the stop, but is not enough to hold. Is there an adjustment that can be made? Thanks.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Rex Stephens 10-20-07  
I have a problem with my auto park brake. I do not have any fluid leaking that I can tell. My auto park brake stays on and I can not move the coach forward or backwards and I would like some information on how to disengage the brake and location of censors. I have the part number that you wrote on the 3/25/07. I own a 1994 bounder 34 footer on a chevy chasis.
Thank you,
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Charles Dobbs 3-11-08  
I had to replace the senser switch on the p30 parking brake,it was leaking oil at the wire connection. lost all oil, and fried the brake shoe[smelled like burnt bakelite] I need to replace the brake shoe, does anyone help on how to do so.
I can't find any info or pics on how to
thank you charlie
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake charles bryan 5-2-08  
I have a 1993 Airex, 34 ft. The parking brake doesnot operate automaticly. Where can I find a manual for this brake. it operates manually. thanks
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Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Henry Clanton 3-8-07  
I have a 99 Damon Challenger with the p30 or p32 chassic and the brake pedal will not return. This started when returning home from a recent trip The chevy dealer could not determine the cause. I used my toe as a return spring and crippled home. There seemed to be pressure build up and the pedal is is hard to return. is there a service manual for this chassic?
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Bob Ink 12-3-05  
Lucky I found this site. I just bought an Airstream motorhome from private party. My auto-brake is not working. Does any one know of a mechanic that is good and not a rip-off anywhere near the SanFernando Valley or the Los ange4les area of California. I do not know if I could tackle this problem.
Re: P32 Automatic parking brake John Lee 12-23-05  
What to do when the Automatic Parking Brake locks up when in storage on a 2002 Workhorse Chassis powered by the 8.1 Vortec Engine?
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Moe Chenelle 1-4-06  
The pressure maintenance switch on my pump is leaking. I have a new switch but the inside of where the switch goes is stripped. Is there a way to retap the hole and make the switch seat firmly?
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake steve lechner 10-23-05  
I would like to find more info on the auto park brake adjustment. mine is slippig a little. can the shoes be adjusted?
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake reza khorsand 10-15-05  
I want more information about APB(automatic parking brake)and its place in automotive.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jim Ellerman 10-7-05  
I am in the midst of the same problem. I also have a '95 P-30 chassis. What you are experiencing is probably a failed pump although it could just be a bad sensor. I have just replaced my pump and all the sensors myself at a cost of about $650.00. The pump is only available from Workhorse since they bought out GM's interest back in 2000. They keep 65 or so in stock at all times. What does that tell you? My local "motorhome qualified GM chassis Chevrolet dealer" couldn't even tell me what parts to buy or offer any assistance in diagnosing the problem. I eventually got help in getting parts form a local truck repair shop. Go to www.workhorse.com to get a listing of Workhorse authorised service dealers and they should be able to help you fix it or to get parts. To answer your other question: There is no park pawl as in regular automatic transmissions- too much weight so it wouldn't hold, and no you can't adjust any tighter. If you are not familiar with the operation of Auto-Park it is like this: When you put it in the park position, there is a big spring which presses the brake shoes inside the drum on the back of the transmission to hold the vehicle in place. When you put it in any other position the pump puts up to 1800 pounds of pressure against the spring and holds the pressure so you can drive away. The pump should hold the pressure constantly without running all the time- only as needed to keep the spring compressed, just a few seconds now and then. If you hear it running too much then either the pump can't hold the pressure or your sensors are sending the pump incorrect information. Mine failed while driving, heated up the Auto-Park brake drum, and locked up when I stopped forcing me to call for assistance which had the tow truck driver to pull the pin so I could get home. I also found that I had no Park when I got home forcing me to put blocks under my wheels while diagnosing and repairing my unit. If the pin is removed the E-brake won't work manually either. It's all interconnected. If you need more information reply back and I'll help you as much as I can.
Jim Ellerman
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake joe felix 10-8-05  
Does anybody have a wiring, and mechanical layout for a 1983 chevy p30 chassis? I have aquired an 1983 Georgie Boy 33' in excellent condition. It has an Onan 6.5 NH, generator.
We have a mysterious leak that can possibly be coming from the hydro booster, but, I need to know where it is located, and what else it could be adjacent to.
Before the vehicle stopped, the brake pedal went all the way to the floor.
Any help anyone can give would greatly appreciated.

Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jim Giannettino 10-11-05  
I purchased a 1998 Winnebago with the P30 chassis and the hydraulic braking system and have nothing but problems with it. I found a truck repair center to work on it, but still continue to have problems. Have replaced many of the parts in the system, but continue to have problems as of today. If anyone knows of a repair center in the West Alabama area, please let me know

Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Bruce Robson 1-8-06  
I am visiting my daughter in San Antonio Texas and I own a 1993 Winneb ago Chieftain on a chevy chasis. The automatic parking brake selector valve I believe it's called started leaking from the bottom fitting when going down the highway the other day causing a severe loss of power steering fluid and a cavitating sound which alerted me to the problem. I stopped, evaluated my problem, filled the reservoir and hobbled back 15 miles to my daughters house stopping frequently to refill the reservoir. I've taken the valve out replace the "o" ring at the bottom fitting and reinstalled the valve. I jacked up the front end and rotated the steering wheel back and forth to bleed out air with the engine off which worked. When I started the engine and put the vehicle in gear and the cam rotated on the top of the valve to release the parking brake I started hearing cavitating sounds coming from the steering system and the power steering fluid was foaming and overflowing the reservoir. I don't know if I installed the wrong size "o" ring or did'nt tighten the lines enough or what but I have a severe problem. I've ordered a new valve from Winnebago at a cost of $350.00 just to be sure I will eliminate that as a problem. If it does not solve the problem I want to know if there is any way to disable the parking brake system to allow me to get back home to Memphis Tn. I have a parking brake pawl in the transmission so I will still have a parking brake. I tried disconnecting the cam on top of the selector valve but then of course the brake is apparently set and the motorhome won'.t move. Another thing confuses me. The foot parking brake cable runs to the drum brake at the rear of the transmission so how is the system hydraulically operated when I see no lines or hoses going to or from the drum. The selector valve I a speaking of is located in front of the left front tire adjacent to the steering box. I anyone could respond back in a timely manner I would be forever grateful.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake John Lee 1-19-06  
If the Automatic Park Brake locks and the unit will not move it is possibly the motor that operates the pump or the pump assembly. It comes a unit--part no. 15743820 and can be found at a Chevrolet
dealer. If the motor continues to run the pressure switch is faulty and needs to be replaced. This part number is 15961566 and also can be found at the Chevy dealer. What puzzles me is how did moisture get into the pump to cause it to rust and lock up.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Dan 8-29-06  
I have a 2000 Damon Challenger 330, P30. The parking break locked while camping. I unscrewed the nut on the cable rod next to the hyd pump to release the tension so I could drive it home. Now I have no parking breaks at all. The buzzer stays on as well as the Break an Park lts. on the dash. The Workhorse staff offered NO help at all. Where can I get a manual to help me with this problem
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Glenda Lewis 11-13-06  
I just bought a used 1997 Holiday Rambler Vacationer. It is in excellent condition, except for the automatic parking brake. We live in a small rural area and would like to know what might be needed to repair or replace this and can a local mechanic repair the problem. The light stays on, but the parking brake does not work, you have to chock the wheels for it to stay parked. Can anyone help me with this.
Thanking you in advance.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jackson 12-2-06  
I have a 1997 custom coach on a chevy chassis and a 454 engine. I am experiencing an auto park problem. The light on the dash is on...I can start the vehicle and run through the gears but cannot move forward or back. If anyone has anymore info for me, it would be greatly appreciated. For the responder I could email a pic of the vehicle because I do not know the make or model. would like to know where the release pin is located.
Thank you,
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake John Q. Adams 8-14-06  
I have a 1995 30 ft Safari Trek, Model 3030, GMC 6.4 ltr diesel engine with a 1994 GMC frame. I have problems with the Automatic Parking Brake that seems a bit different than most.
The most common failure is having the parking brake energize in a failure mode, often when stoppng for refueling, but also fails at random, inopportune places. The common failures are fixed by replacing a fuse in the fuse panel under the dash to the left of the steering column. The fuse panel doesn't have the correct name as to what else the fuse is doing.
Twice the fuse opened while in motion and causes the rear tires to jump up and down until it slows down and then stops fairly quickly. In those cases, the engine would crank but would not start (no glow plug lamp lit). Replacing the fuse fixes that problem.
During other A-P brake failures, the engine will start and run before changing the fuse.
I don't have any hydraulic leaks and the failures are very random. Sometimes I make 200+ miles and sometimes as low as 45 miles. Type of highway or weather doesn't seem to make any difference. Most failures were when stopping for fuel or checking maps, etc. I have checked and checked for shorts and have found none. Fuse size doesn't make any difference. 10 amp to 30 amps fail the same way.
If anyone has any experience with this type failure, I would very much appreciate hearing from you. By the way, the RV now has 42,250 actual miles. It had 39,500 miles when I bought it.
The first failure was at 39,800 mi. The last failure was about 42,000 mi.
Thanks for your interest. JQA
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Dick Reagan 7-12-06  
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake richard 2-9-06  
I just left the local chevy place
9 Feb 2006

part=15961566 # 24 cost $ 47.38 switch
part=10218778 # 4 cost $ 27.54 switch
part=12077866 # 3 cost $ 28.29 relay
part= 15688635# 37 cost $ 49.24

Re: P30 Automatic parking brake richard 3-2-06  
I went to richmond,va today

"Capital pontiac,GMC 1-800-511-5032-will get any part you might need I bought (2) swithces 15961566 from them today
total price was $ 99.50 with tax
very nice guys in the parts dept.
richard from Virginia
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Dennis Thomas 4-3-06  
I have a 95 Rexhall Airbus with a Chevrolet chassis. I pull a 16' flatbed trailer with a 86 Jeep CJ7 on it. When it is hooked up to the trailer, the "auto lock" system will not let the vehicle back up. It goes into reverse, but will not release and allow the vehicle back up. With the trailer unhooked, it goes into reverse and allows the vehicle to move backwards. The RV shop where I bought the coach from says it is just an adjustment issue. Is this true? If so, where can I get a service manual to do the work myself. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Dennis
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jeff 11-17-08  
I have a 2000 Winnebago Adventure the parking brake or auto park got stuck on while driving in Montana I was barely able to get off the road before the rig was in lock down mode and I couldn't move. I was incredibly annoyed I guess the hydrolic arm pushes the break off and if the hydrolic arm fails it gets stuck on so you can't move instead of turning the brake on it's always trying to go on and if you have any issues with the hydrolic arm your stuck. I had a tow truck company come and disable the parking break but then if your not stepping on the brake it's like in neutral. You have to release a spring or wire underneith to get it to let go.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Henry Clanton 3-8-07  
99 p30/p32 hydro brake problem.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Gene Hill 2-2-13  
Jerry and all fellow Rv owners, Good luck finding any info on how to fix the problem. Everyone has questions and few have answers or give sites to find the answers. No Jerry it is not safe to just use the emergency brake. It will isn't strong enough to hold that much weight.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake grant 8-26-13  
96 p30 while in park only the pump will cycle on,off,on,off until I cut power but works perfect in any other gear ????
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Tom Dinsmore 4-3-14  
I have a set of 2 manuals for P32 chassis it list all the info for the unit & all the info for the autopark brake. I will sell them make offer
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jmarc 7-27-14  
You can install a manual system for about $1000. 200. In parts 8hrs labor at 100. An hrs. And your done with it.. Bham al.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jerry 6-10-12  
Just bought a 1998 Winnebago Adventurer P-30 Chevy chassis and putting it in "park" does not hold the vehicle from moving(on a hill). I was told that it was disconnected and always need to put it in park but use emergency brake to hold it securely. How can I fix this problem to use the auto park system? Thanks! Jerry
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Douglas 5-18-12  
How to activate and deactivate the hydralic pump,for the parking breaks on a 1993 or 1994 Georgie Boy Motor Home,34ft.OR how does the parking break system work? Is it possible to call us on the phone.( 678 )972-2741.Thank you very much.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake bruce wheeler 5-14-11  
Can we talk about the parking brake
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Don Rudar 6-7-11  
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake BILL 7-15-11  
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake F.G. Vacca 4-20-15  
I need a wireing diagram for 1998 chevy p30 chassis j71 auto park brake
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Yvonne Kirk 4-21-15  
Recently we purchased a 1998 Pace Arrow Vision. Our first trip out made our lives a living nightmare. Rolling down the highway, all of a sudden we lost power going from 70 miles mph to barely 30. It will only gain speed that fluctuates between 30 to 50. That blamed auto parking light is on and so is the brake light. Periodically we hear what sounds like a backfiring and it keeps trying to lunge like an infant when learning to crawl. We smelled something burning and pulled off the road in Bowling Green, KY. We couldn't get a tow truck from Good Sams and was told to check into a nearby campground until Monday morning. Upon arrival, we learned that we couldn't back up. By this time my husband and a neighbor added transmission fluid since it seemed a little low. Nothing happened and we all agreed that it was probably the transmission. When we got to a transmission shop, the crazy thing would not start up. We were advised to go to a trucking shop where we were told what the problem was and that it would cost about $2,000 just for the parts. He also said that they couldn't even look at it for about days and it cold take anywhere from 3 days to a month to get the part. We absolutely had to get home, and they told us it wouldn't hurt it to drive home. We traveled over 200 miles at speeds ranging from 30 to 55 mph with my husband driving the tow vehicle with flashing lights behind. I have been doing research today and no one seems to have had our exact experience. We spoke with a transmission mechanic and we are to take it into his shop Thursday and he is to put it through diagnostics to locate the problem. I can't help but think this is going to cost us some very big bucks and we may not even need another transmission. Tomorrow we are taking it to a mechanic and I plan on taking this info with me to see if he can fix it. Has anyone experienced the lost of speed, not able to accelerate or back up with the Auto Park?
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Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Pissed Off 3-6-18  
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Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Kevin 8-10-16  
How can I adjust the brake shoes on the driveshaft of my 1996 Fleetwood southwind? I have lined up the adjustment hole at 12 o'clock. Do I spin star upwards, or down ?
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Re: P30 Automatic parking brake j kelly 5-7-17  
Need information on2001 damon challenger park brake system
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Charlie 3-2-11  
Thank you Richard! Your part numbers were very helpfull!!!!
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake PETE VALDEZ 1-25-11  
Need to disconnect hydralics from e brake system. 92 motor home has control valve switches, actuator.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jerry Mullis 10-15-09  
I have a 1999 Challenger on a Workhorse chassie and had two park brake situations. Both have been because of the hydraulic pump switch failing and causing additional damage. My unit has four wheel disc breaks and I believe this was a mid-year change over. So the park system is also different. I first went to a Chevy dealer which was a joke. I then went to a shade tree shop and he dug into it and fixed everthing at $400.00!! I have bought switch 15961566 online for $40.00 and waiting for delivery. Wish me luck if I have to go into the drive shaft brake drum and shoe assembly.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Pete Hagen 10-19-09  
Hello All:
After our own endless frustration with the P-30 Autopark system, we have developed a Retro Fit Kit that address the most serious problems and provide feedback to troubleshoot the system when it does go bad. You can find out all about it at: http:\\autoparkfix.com

Pete Hagen
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake David Johns 1-12-10  
I have a 2005 Damon Intruder. On two differnt times going down the freeway the park brake came on and as i barly got off the road there was smoke coming from under the rig and the park brake was blue from being so hot. Had it repaired and worked good untel a nother trip less than a year THE DAM THING APPLIED AGAIN ALLMOST WRECKED THE RV. So do any one have this problem? Dave
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Edward Rundle 4-26-10  
It took awhile but Ifound the information for adjusting the parking brak and obtained a brakedown and schematic for the J- 71 & 72 parking brake. There are adjusting slots on the brake drum, you have to drop the drive shaft and have the trans in Nutral to line up the slots too the ajuster star. If you would like the brakedown and schematic send me an Email. Ed rundle
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Terry Eagar 9-11-09  
'98 Georgie Boy on a P-30 Chassis.... same problem so many others have... after 4 or 5 trouble free years, the auto park suddenly locked on in my driveway...
I've replaced the pressure switch but that didn't cure my problem... there is an electrical part next to the hydraulic pump that is so hot I can't touch it... can someone tell me what that is? Perhaps a solenoid? And what is the part number for a replacement? Appreciate any help you can offer.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Neil Thomsen 8-17-09  
I have a 2000 Winnebago RV on a Workhorse chasis. The Auto Park Brake dose not hold and I would like to know how to adjust it.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake WALTER WARD 6-14-09  
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Tom 7-12-09  
Stuck twice going up to Wisconson and commming back. 2 different problems with the auto park system. Sure wish there was a fix to eliminate most of the parts that fail.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Bill Scott 7-19-09  
Is there not enough of an issue here to start a class action suit? This brake design is absurd and few dealers / repair shops will touch them. There must be an after market kit to return to a cable driven system????
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Ed 5-25-10  
I bought a 94 Bounder in April and saw the autopark light used to stay on all the time...parking brake seemed to work when I picked it up but later driving, it started to roll...When I got back home, I brought it to a garage..$2300 is was working, until I was going down to the DMV...the autopark engaged and I had to pull over..I basically needed to disconnect the cable to get it going...

Is there a workaround for this...making it a manual operation..???
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake joe 6-6-10  
I just bought a 1995 dolphin my auto brake locked up while driving.fluid leaked out of hyd pump.filled up with fluid to get home.it appears the fluid is coming from a small hole at bottom of pump/diaghram?its a vickers system where can this be fixed or replaced.is this at all possible? joe from porthope ontario
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake John Montgomery 7-31-10  
I am in the trying to adjust the foot brake cable to the drum on a 1994 winnebago 37 ft.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Mike Rowe 8-29-10  
My auto park brake doesn't always work. Sometimes when I start up the motorhome it will not release, it isn't all the time. What causes this?
I have a 2000 Damon Challenger 310 with the gm workhorse chassi that i just bought from the original owners. When i picked it up there was a brake light on, On the dash. (i do not see anything that says autobrake)When i got home my driveway has a small incline and when i but it in park it just rolls. There is a parking brake along side of the driver seat which does work but there is also i button on the dash that says pull to set brake (seems like it does nothing to me) Any ideals what i should be looking for?? Any help would be great!
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jack Dailey 7-17-10  

PHONE #714-636-8550.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake John R. Scot 7-16-10  
Jim, I recently purched a 96 Dutch Star. I have trouble with my auto park brake.
Would you please send me the schematic, photos and what ever other info you have on this problem topic as you stated on your 2-28-10 reply.
Thank you very much!!!!
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake tom 6-6-10  
Where can I get a hr-1 relay valve
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Clifford Doyle 6-17-10  
Just another unhappy failed auto park brake camper.......
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Shawn Mellies 6-21-10  

I was happy to see your post on here.
We experienced the same problem with the park brake light on and fuse continually blowing when put in park. It also disabled the leveling jacks. I did find the gray switch by rear actuator was leaking fluid. I replaced the green one a few months ago and is working fine. I have ordered the new grey switch, do you think this will fix my fuse problem.


Shawn Mellies
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Michael Reush 3-14-09  
Can I disable my p-30 auto park???? I just paid 1800$ to get it fixed, and its broke again!!!!!!!!!!!!! This thing really is poorly engineered.....Michael
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Brendan 11-15-05  
Hi Jim -

I have a simular issue with my 98 Winnedbago. It seems the actuator that pulls the cable has a leak, which make steh pump run all the time, spraying ATF fluid all over. I disconnected the mechanical linkage to allow teh vehicle to be driven, but teh dealer wants $1200 and 2 weeks to fix. SO, I am trying to find a parts department that will sell just the actuator.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Bill Sullivan 12-1-06  
Where is the pin located so that I can drive the vehicle.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jim Ellerman 10-30-05  
Yes, it can be adjusted just like the rear brakes on a Chevy pickup since all of the parts are the same. However, you must remove the driveshaft to do it. That also means that the vehicle must be raised to allow you to turn the driveshaft to get to the u-joint bolts. I built ramps to drive my MH upon and had the u-joints lined up to the right place. There is a slot in the drum that nedds to be at approximately 11 o'clock to line up with the adjuster. Like I said it is jst like a pickup except upside down. Depending on the mileage of your unit and the amount of time it might have been driven with the brake still engaged you should remove the drum and check your shoes and hardware. My pump failed and let the shoes release against the drum while on the interstate. When I disassembled the brake the shoes were still okay but all the springs had been heat weakened.
Hope this helps.
Jim E.
P.S. I am not a mechanic. I learned all about mine by this website and correspondence with other RVers like you and me that had some knowledge of the system. But no one else I know locally in my RV club was willing to do what I did. They all go to a dealer and pay when it is done.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake al whiting 8-9-06  
I would like to thank jim ellerman for his post telling you how to adjust the auto park brake system. i am a auto mechanic and your information has been very helpful. mechanics don't know everything and useful info for the workhorse chassis is hard to come by. here comes the rant. most of the parts for our chevy based rv's are right at the autozone and the chevy dealer. they just don't have access to the listings or cross reference to look up the appropriate parts. i know workhorse wants to stay in business, but do they really think that they are going to do it in the replacement parts business? my experience with workhorse so far was disappointing to say the least. they did not have my part in stock and could not tell when they would be able to produce it. how about just giving me the chevrolet part number and i can find it myself. the way this being handled just makes me want to select a different chassis brand on my next rv purchase. i am dissappointed with the workhorse situation.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jim Ellerman 12-10-05  
Go to www.workhorse.com and there you will find a list of authorized service centers. This is where I was able to find a local source for the correct parts and advice. GM sold out to Workhorse in 2000 and all parts with a few exceptions must come through the Workhorse warehouse in Chicago. When you call your nearest source have your vehicle VIN# as that is how they will idenify the correct parts for your chassis. Your local GMC/Chevrolet dealer may be able to get parts but will charge more than Workhorse.
Jim Ellerman
1996 Pace Arrow Vision
(1995 chassis)
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Lynn Wilbur 12-3-05  
I just recently had the Auto Park Brake fail on my Holiday Rambler and with a chassis manual, a little troubleshooting and $47.38 I fixed it myself. The system is really quite simple. It has a hydraulic pump that pumps the system up to 1800psi to overcome a spring in the actuator and disengage the parking brake when the ign switch is on and shift lever is not in park. This pressure is maintained by a solenoid valve until the unit is put back in park. At that time, the pressure is relieved and the actuator spring takes over and engages the parking brake again. The most common problem is the pressure maintenance switch which is located on the front bottom of the hydraulic pump.
It will leak and let the pressure drop.
So, if the auto park brake light stay on and the pump cycles, this switch will, most likely, be the culprit. Switch PN 15961566 available from most any GM dealer because it also works on 1 ton trucks. If I can help, email me.

Lynn Wilbur
Re.rear locked brakes lorraineburns 5-18-13  
We have a 1991 Bounder and our rear brakes have locked we can drive it anywhere.Need someone to put on new cables we have been told we live in the Canoga park CA.area.Would apprieciate an answer. thank you.Q
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Ed Warner 7-14-07  
I have a 1997 Rex Air on a Chevy chasis and have had a continuing problem with the auto park brake. I can be going down the highway at 70 MPH and it will come on. I start backing up and the unit will not move. Several times the brake will not engage and the unit has rolled down hill. I have had the unit into the local dealer ship several times and they replace parts and say it is ok. It is not the problems return. What to do?
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Andy Hess 5-3-09  
I have a '97 HR Vacationer. The auto park brake is stuck on. I read Lynn Wilbur's article regarding his fix but my pump is not cycling. Any other ideas or suggestions to disengage th eauto park? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Re: P32 Automatic parking brake Paul Barto 9-26-08  
I HAVE 2005 Holiday Rambler on a Workhorse P32.When ith trans is in gear the pump for parkiny brake pulses every 5-10 seconds.The nearest dealer said they could fix it for around $4700!PLease help
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake richard 2-5-06  
Thanks so very much for the information on this web site
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Terry Carter 8-1-07  
My auto park want disengage all the time, if I move shift lever it will work at times. It locked completely after a week setting. Any Ideas?
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake fred 10-15-08  
I have same problem. I have "auto brake" ligh that stays on when key is on or engine is running.
where is the switch located that needs to be replaced. Or did you have to go to a chevy dealer to get it replaced?
How to bypass the auto parl brake tony chubb 7-16-07  
How do you by pass the auto park and still have emegecy brake
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Roger 10-23-08  
Search for P30 manual
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Lynn Wilbur 7-19-06  
You can get the service manual from www.helminc.com but be sure you get the right one. 94 and earlier used the power steering system for the hydraulics and the later models have an independent hydraulic system. The later models were actually the P32 but I have a 94 Holiday Rambler and the book says it is a P30 but the 94 P30 manual did not apply so I had to get a 96 manual.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Randy 7-11-07  
Dick, what is your VIN number
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake richard 8-14-06  
I'm not sure if being a diesel would make any difference.
if your unit is locking up due to blown fuses--i would be looking at the wireing very closely.somewhere the insulation has worn off and shorting out.thus blowing the fuse-
rich from Va.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Lynn Wilbur 3-25-07  
For those who are having problems with your auto park brake, refer to the article I wrote on 12-03-05. Your most likey problem is the pressure maintenance switch, GM PN#15961566, available from any GM parts house. It is located on the pump and when it fails, the light stays on and the brake locks up.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Al 11-4-09  
Have a 1996 bounder p-30 chassis where is pin to pull to release emergency brake located? thanks in advance
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Terry 8-16-10  
I have a Damon Challenger that does not hve an operational electric parking brake. My wife gets out while I keep the brake pedal down, to place blocks on the rear tire. We are in our 70s and my wife.s legs may not hold out

How do I get info on this workhorse chassis last 8 VIN digits
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake AUSTIN MAXWELL 5-25-08  
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake ron bell 10-17-08  
P 30 automatic brake has failed and come on twice first time burning out brakes, this time it blew fuse replaced fuse also had to replace 2 presure sensores and magnetic shut off valve does any one have wiring diagram as still cannot remedy problem this system is on winnebago intasca sunrise rv 2000
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake bill brinker 2-7-11  
I have a 1997 rexair motorhome p-30 chassis 454 chevy 7.4 motor. The auto parking brake comes on when I put in reverse It stays on and I am unable to back up. How do I fix this problem?
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake kuldeep gautam 10-3-10  
I wanna complete informtion about the automatic hand braking system because this is my project can u help me
kuldeep gautam
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Tim Harmon 7-25-07  
Greetings all,

Currently stranded and need some autopark help.

1995 P30 chassis
Auto park light stays on and coach will not move. There is fluid leaking from the hydraulic pump area but I have not taken anything apart yet.

1. Where is the reservoir located?
2. What type of fluid does it take?
3. How do I manually disengage the autopark? I have read that you can pull a pin but am not sure where it's located.
4. Where is the green switch located?

Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Joseph Beckner 2-14-12  
I have a 1998 Pace Arrow on a chevy Frame. I have fluid leaking from the spring housing that applies toe automatic parking brake. Where can I find a book or drawings of this system ot see if it is rebuildable. any help would be appreciated.
I can be contacted at jmmalb@hotmail.com
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Gary Briscoe 10-26-12  
I need to know how to disengage the parking brake actuator that is leaking so I can drive this 1994 Winnebago Elante home to Dallas from Corpus Christi.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake shannon cone 7-15-14  
How to fix my automatic parking brake
Re: MPG john 9-7-08  
I have a 97 32' Vacationer with a Ford 460 & get 10-11 mpg.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jim Halterman 2-28-10  

I'm the proud owner of a 2002 Damon Daybreak and have had numerous problems you've mentioned with the J71 Auto Park Brake system. My first failure was the Rotten Green Switch as it is fondly called by those who have suffered our failure. The switch is located on the Auto Park Brake Pump Motor & Reservoir under the hood driver’s side. My second one was the Gray Auto Park Light Switch located on the Auto Park Actuator. This failure caused a short that continuously blew the fuse.

As a proud owner of this poorly designed system you should learn the location of the Auto Park Brake Actuator linkage hinge point bolt. When the brake locks for whatever reason you can remove the nut and bolt to release the Auto Park Brake "BE SURE TO HAVE THE WHEELS CHOCKED WITH A GOOD SET OF HEAVY DUTY TRUCK CHOCKS" before you remove this bolt. Your braking system will function normally but you will have NO PARK BRAKING CAPABILITY!

I can provide you with information such as schematics, photos of component locations, etc. but the real expert in this area is Mr. Roger Haag" rhaag@nwtec.com. He is very knowledgeable on this system and very helpful and a really fine individual.

I hope this helps and if I can be of further assistance please drop me a line.

Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Anthony Mennella 9-8-10  
Please send me what ever info you have on the parking break for a Chevy P30.
Thanks for your help.
Anthony from FL.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jim Owens 5-20-12  

Would like to get the schematic on the Autopark brake drum adjustment
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake jerry 8-28-12  
I need to know where the brake release fluid is and how to find it so i can check it also i will need to know the infor you found on the brake release also tky jerry
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Lloyd Carter 9-10-10  
I have a bit of info on the Auto=Park system. Drop me an e-mail and let me know what year, mod, etc your rig is and I will try to help.
There is a yahoo group dedicated to the P-30 that is also a real good resource!!
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Joe Bergen 3-18-12  
Hello, I am trying to contact Lloyd Carter about Auto Park Brake on my 1999 Holiday Rambler Vacationer motorhome with a Chevrolet chassis, 7.4
liter V-8. The park brake stopped working and we took it to a shop. The
park brake shoes were worn, they replaced the brake shoes. We drove the rv 9 miles to an rv park, spent the night in overflow and the next morning had to move the rv a few blocks to a parking spot. The brake did not completely release, we are still parked but need to leave in a few days and would appreciate any advice you might have. My e-mail is joeandpatbergen@yahoo.com, cell phone #405-760-1851 (we are in Palm Desert CA right now) Thank you, Joe Bergen
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jeff Webb 10-8-10  
I need info. on the P30 Auto Park Brake.
How to properly release emg. brake when auto park brake system goes out.
Where to buy parts to repair system.

Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Steve Watkins 7-18-11  
There are two adjustments under the motorhome. One manual adjustment of the brake shoes on the rear of the transmission, one manual adjustment of the cable coming from the automatic brake cylinder.
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Jerry Cook 6-12-12  
Just bought a 1998 Winnebago Adventurer P-30 Chevy chassis and putting it in "park" does not hold the vehicle from moving(on a hill). I was told that it was disconnected and always need to put it in park but use emergency brake to hold it securely. How can I fix this problem to use the auto park system? Thanks! Jerry

P.S.-Am I safe by just using the emergency brake to park it?
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Lee taylor 8-26-14  
Get your auto park fixed properly it may be illegal in some states to disconnect this safety system please go to this web site it covers everything. http://www.rvautopark.com
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Lee taylor 8-26-14  
Get your auto park fixed properly it may be illegal in some states to disconnect this safety system please go to this web site it covers everything. http://www.rvautopark.com
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Gordon Mills 3-5-17  
I have a Fleetwood/ Storm class-A motorhome and have tried to adjust the parking brake with no luck. I took it up all the way and still it will not hold the coach. The adjustment is on the back of the transmission and has 2 cables going to it and a nut you tighten to take up. Can someone help PLEEZE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: P30 Automatic parking brake Clifford Doyle 7-16-15  
E-brake failed. Had two repair shops work on it, both have failed and back to ground zero and couple thousand dollars less in my pocket.
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