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Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace

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Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Bob 1-12-06  
The furnace is in a 2005 Layton 3260.
The furnace cycles as it should until it gets to blower shut off, it doesn't. It will run until I pull the fuse to the furnace, it will then stay off until thermostat calls for heat, then cycles as it should, except blower will not shut off until I pull the fuse. Circuit board tests OK. Thermostat is a Duo-Therm climate control center.
Thanks for any help.......Bob
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Ron 2-5-06  
Bob, What did you find out about your problem? Thanks Ron. I have a simulare problem. My fan does not shut off unless I dis connect if or turn the switch off that is on the motor its self. I have a Excalibur IV Dual stage fan and digital thurmostat
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Ken Montgomery 9-24-08  
Above unit starts up, feel heat coming from exhaust, then shuts down, after 30 secomds.
The red light flashes three times, indicating "Ignition Lockout Fault"
Has done this once before, and "self remedied".
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Bob 1-15-06  
Thanks Joe, it is still under warranty, I was trying to keep from taking it to a dealer, but it looks like I will have to, trial and error parts is a little to expensive..........Bob
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Bob 1-13-06  
All controls except sail switch and limit switch are on the circuit board. I believe it to be blower relay, but that is own the circuit board as well..........Thank you....Bob
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Al 1-13-06  
Try checking the high limit control, this switch tells the blower to shut down.
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace jeff 11-23-09  
Can here the igniter firing and sometimes the burner ignites but cuts off as soon as the igniter stops firing?
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Joe 1-14-06  
There have been countless problems with the climate control center. I would think the unit is still under warranty so you may get some help that way.
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Howdice 3-16-10  
I have a Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace in my 2001 Fleetwood MH and when it comes on the blower squeels and makes a lot of racket but then quietes down and runs fine. Do you know of any lube points on the unit? I will bring you out of a sound sleep at three in the morning.
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Clair Burch 10-6-13  
Cannot get furnace to come on at all. NO blower, nothing. Thermostat is magnetic strip type and seems to be working ok. Just seems that there is no power to furnace. Checked on off switch- nothing.
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace chuck washburn 10-19-13  
I have an 2001 Atwood 8525-iv furnace in my trailer. It has started to not ignite the first time I turn it on. The fan starts normally and I hear the igniter and one time out of 3 or 4 times it will ignite otherwise it goes through three attempts to ignite and then the fan just runs continuously with no heat. I can hear it actually ignite for a couple of seconds on the first try. I have checked the pressure at the regulator and it is normal. I noticed on a couple of attempts when plugged into power that it did lite on first try but then again it will also go thru the 3 attempts with plug in power too. Is it the board or something else? Thank you
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace harry a wimpee 9-22-11  
I am having trouble getting it to come on. if i remove and replace the 4each wire clip that plugs in to the fenwal d s i board,most of the time it will light up.i have also found that if i parcitaly plug in it works better. can i purchas this plug to see if that is the problem? thank you in advance arnold
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Jim Keeton 1-19-11  
Sirs, My furnace seems to function well in the 2005 coachman I recently bought with the exception of the basic heater's been lit after a long unuse. It's in a box under the sofa with no access door. I'd like to obtain as much info on this unit as is available to make sure all is well & safe.
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Rob Coward 12-16-10  
I have a 2008 Sunset Creek with an Atwood 8525 IV DCLP. After 1 trouble-free season, it is igniting for 5 seconds, burner goes out, does this 3 times until LED indicates ignition lockout. Have cleaned connector contacts, inspected burn chamber, and could try jumping sail switch/limit switch circuit, but ask before doing. No obvious defects on circuit board, and sometimes the problem self remedies, but recurs in days or a week of operation. Not sure my effort is remedy, and problem is consistaent as to recurrence. Suggestions?
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Neil 1-14-11  
There isn't any wireing schmatic in my papers that came with my trailer, bought new. Can you e-mail me a copy?
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace dan 3-20-14  
Furnace will not do anything.has been sitting for 6 months ac works
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Garry 12-16-06  
I have a 8525 IV DCLP in my camper. When I try to start the furnace it kicks the 10 amp relay on the motor. Nothing works. Can you help? The thermostat seems to be working and something clicks in the box below the roof mount AC. TKU
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Jim Keeton 1-19-11  
I need information for the Atwood 8525 IV DCLP the "specsheet" says is installed in my 2005 coachmen camper. It seems to function well other than the just fired up smell. It is in a box under the sofa w/no door etc. Owner/operation manual would help to be sure unit is safe and correct.
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Tom Carmichael 10-12-06  
I have a 8525-IV-DCLP and it will lite when the trailer is hooked to 120v genaretor or power supply, but when running on the battery alone it will not lite. The blower starts and runs and you can hear it trying to start but no ignition. An help out there?
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Jeff Peterman 12-27-11  
Unscrupulous used RV dealer sold me RV with furnace inop. Gave me a new Dinosaur Model U1B S (small) Spade rev. 10 board and said this will fix problem.
When I opened up furnace, old board was removed and missing. Wires were dangling.
Have a multi-pin connector, a thick red wire going to ignitor (I believe is ignitor, it goes to gas valve area), a blue wire to reset switch and then on to fan motor, a red wire to sail switch (goes to between fan and furnace blower).
This replacement board only has provision for the multi pin connector and one male spade terminal atop what I believe is a large capacitor. Where would the blue and red wires attach?
Did they give me the wrong board (I think they did)? If so do you think I could work out an exchange with one of the Dinosaur dealers? This used RV dealer would not help me at all. Horrible people.

Thank You -Jeff
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Calvin Powell 11-28-10  
I have a subject heater in an Aljo Pull Trailer. Heater worked fine until we came back from a hunting trip recently and noticed the "internal fan" (not the circulating fan) was running all the time. Finally disconnected thermostate wires and it still ran. Only way to shut it down (other than disconnect incoming power or batteries) is to disconnect red and black wires to the motor. Any thoughts
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace RICHARD SCHULLO 12-19-07  
IT heats well, but when it reaches desired temperature, the fan does not shut off, it keeps on going.
Do I need a new circuit board?
Do you know how to find out the manufacturer's part number? I called Atwood, but they did not provide the info.
I would appreciate your reply.
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace tom 12-17-12  
Yes i broke the outside vent cover and pipe. The cover is about 4 inch square chrome and has four screw holes. Also has a pipe about eight inchs long. Could you please send me a photo to see if it is the right one. Thanks Tom
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace John Ratliff 12-14-12  
When get on the Furance? The Furance won't run blowing? Just deadly! !! I bet blow switch
On Ser # PE 74 switch? ???
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace mike 6-20-11  
I have a 8525 hydro flame with number 3 blink code
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace R. Davis 6-1-10  
I have two Atwood 8525 furnaces in my Motor Home. Both are doing the same thing. They ignite and run fine for 10 or 20 seconds and then the flame goes out. They repeat this for 3 times and then the blower just keeps running. Voltage is 25+ volts and drops very little when ignites.
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Verne Ross 7-20-10  
Heater will not light when temp is below 45 deg works ok when temp is warmer model 8525 1v hope you can help me thanks
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace jody 12-15-11  
Need wiring diagram from duo therm to furnace...atwood model 8520-iv-dclp
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Jeremy Tookey 7-27-10  
I have a 8525-iv-dclp furnace in my trailer and the fan starts when the thermostate calls for heat the fan starts, but the burner does not ignite. The flash code says air flow switch. Where would I find that switch.
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Larry Cummings 12-14-10  
I'm trying to find the part no. for the

fan motor.Thank you so much,Larry
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Paul and Cynthia Orton 11-28-14  
We have bought a 2013 Coachman Forest River RV. We have had BIG problems with this furnace. But, it is not even the one that should be installed with our unit. Our manual that came with this unit is something totally different!!! We have issues like all of you. The furnace runs but doesn't stop running. We have gone through 40 gallons of propane in 2 weeks. Is there anyone out there that can give us some ideas??????

Cynthia Orton
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace eric 10-17-12  
I have 8525 iv dclp heater in my 2002 camper and it come on and then stops 3 times and then it just runs blower the red light is also blinking. i took to a rv place to fix and they said they replaced motherboard but it still not working. i took board out and there is a date on back of board showing 1 1 02 and that is the same year as my camper. did i get screwd and is there a date on the back of these board and could it be my board
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Charlie Horton 12-26-12  
Blower will run and push cold air. burner doesn't come on. HELPPPPPP
Re: Atwood/Hydro Flame 8525-IV-DCLP Furnace Charlie Horton 12-26-12  
My furnace will turn on at the thermostat but it only blows cold air. Ihave plenty of propane. It worked just fine until a few days ago. Any ideas.
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