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Coleman lift system parts list Kerry 7-21-06  
I have a 1999 Coleman Mesa popup camper. The tube mechanism where the crank fits in to operate the lift has broken three times since I have owned the camper. Can this part be found online? Has anyone else had trouble with this part breaking.


Re: coleman lift system parts list Mike H 8-9-09  
One of the 4 cables on my older Coleman Sun Valley lift assembly is beginning to break. 2 of the strands on the cable have broken. I can probably duplicate the cable at Marine store in my area, SHOULD I WAIT UNTIL IT BREAKS, OR IS IT EASIER TO REPLACE IT NOW? How? My guess is that you disconnect cable at roof assembly,because other end won't fit through the pulleys.Also it appears that someone (previous owner) has removed set screws in rotating bearing pieces that support the corkscrew shaft which goes through said bearing pieces (true?). Whole assembly is bending at front frame due to too much force, and not being supported along corkscrem assembly when raising tent.Hoping to use tent next week so I need immediate help.
Re: coleman lift system parts list Desiree Flath 8-10-09  
Found this site.....we have a 1988 Coleman Sun Valley and need a new whittle tree. Ours is badly worn. We are supposed to go camping this Friday!!! I have a call in to rvworkshop.com. Does anyone know of any other suppliers?? Our local RV dealers can't help. (We're in Southern New Jersey
Re: coleman lift system parts list meg 7-31-09  
I have a 1988 coleman williamsburg and can't get the one side where the door is to even go up at all something is broke inside both the metel tubes where it lifts up. don't like using boards how do i get this fixed?
Re: coleman lift system cable diagram Tom Scott 7-23-09  
I need a cable lift system diagram for a 1995, 16 foot Viking pop up camper, v.i.n. 1TV1C663755630325. My cable system was broken during a storm last week and I need a diagram to help me replace the lift cables properly and to make sure that there is no further damage. Can you help me???
Re: coleman lift system parts list Ed 7-16-09  
OK.. Need a Manuel with diagram to replace a cable system in a Coleman pop up. I have been reading the posts here and no one seems to be able to say where they got one... Please tell me where...
Re: coleman lift system parts list Rhonda 8-21-09  
I found this article that helped in my search for Coleman pop-up parts.


In a nutshell....There has been a contract dispute between Coleman & Fleetwood over the Coleman name on the Fleetwood made campers. To find parts try fleetwoodrv.com

Best of luck!
Android Apps Robertgekly 1-10-18  
1986 SEQUOIA POP UP Bill 7-5-10  
I am looking for the owners manual for this model,if anyone has one I would greatly appreciate a copy of the manual.I am having a electrical issue with the over head lights.everything else is working fine,but I also noticed a lot of coleman models have lift cable problems.I do have a set of cables to a 1984 model.I wounder if they will fit my 86 model,if not they would be for sale.please cotact me as soon as possible.
Re: coleman lift system parts list Doug Brown 5-5-10  
Having problem with a 1994 Coleman Sequoia popup camper. The lift system is having trouble lifting to the top. Does it need hydraulic fluid and if so where do you put it in. Can't find but one place not sure. Please help. We do not have the book or manual on it.

Re: coleman lift system parts list Jim 5-1-10  
We have a 1981 sequoia tent trailer that won't lift up we had it looked at and the guy said cables were alright but gears were striped,where can we find the gear replacement parts?the kit that go's up in 3 seconds sounds great..any more information will sure help thanks.....
Re: coleman lift system parts list Bob 9-7-09  
I am looking for information on the lift crank system on l996 ahanandoah grand turer popup. How it works and where I can get parts.
Re: coleman lift system parts list TED 6-18-09  
Re: coleman lift system parts list Jen 1-8-09  
HI, We just recently brought a 1984 Coleman Folding Camper Trailer. Unfortunately we are unsure of what model it is to do a few repairs. Does anyone know where I could find out the information on model types.
Re: coleman lift system parts list Gene 3-19-08  
Have the same camper. Haven't actually broken the tube, but did have an occasional problem with sprockets engaging each other. This year it seems to be a permanent problem. How much was the replacement when you bought it? I'll let you know if I find a source.
Jayco popup jimmie blackmon 1-19-08  
I have a jayco 1006 deluxe. The popup mechanism broke on the back half of the camper. The front pops up fine. Is there a cable or something that has snapped? can anyone help me find out how to repair this? Thanks!!!!
Re: coleman lift system parts list steve murray 8-17-07  
I need lift system parts for a 1986 Coleman Sequoia pop up camper. One of the cables snapped and I need a parts source and instructions on how to make the repair.
Re: coleman lift system parts list david junge 9-11-06  
I need to know how put new cable in a coleman pop-up. It is th columbia model and I would like a instructions on how to go about doing this job.
Re: coleman lift system parts list Eveline Rasp 4-22-08  
Do you know where I can get a door latch assembly for a 1999 Coleman Mesa pop-up?
Re: coleman lift system parts list avery 4-24-08  
I'd like to know where i could buy a cable kit for a 1986 coleman popup camper. thanks for the help
Re: coleman lift system parts list Tammy 8-16-08  
We have a 1999 Coleman Destiny. Same thing happened to us, lifted it up & down a few times in the driveway before the trip. Got to our camp site... starting lifting it & POOF! It fell down. It took 4 guys to hold up each corner while my husband tightened up something under there. It was the nylon bolt. It had been stripped. At this moment he is in the driveway putting on an ATV kit so that we only have to press a button to make it lift... No more cranking!
Re: coleman lift system Viki Rosprim 8-6-08  
Need an instruction manual & parts list for a 1973 Coleman Valley Forge PUP. The cable on the lift system broke and we need to replace it.
1995 Flagstaff by Cobra pop-up Jared Curnutt 6-12-08  
I can't find a place to work on my crank system. One of the cables are broke. I can't find a place that sells the cables so I can do the work myself. Where can I get the parts?
Re: coleman lift system parts list Mark 5-30-08  
Re: coleman lift system parts list Bobby 7-8-10  
I recently purchased 50 feet of 1/8th inch aircraft cable, swageing pliers, and the aluminum cable stops to repair cables on my 1976 StarCraft popup. Cost was approximately $70.00 for all above listed items at Home Depot. Planning to replace two of the four cables this weekend. All cables on this model are fairly easy to get to.
Re: coleman lift system parts list Judy 8-31-09  
There's some LIFT SYSTEM pdf files at this web link-


For Coleman, Starcraft and more on how to repair/replace both the cables and winch + other parts.

Good Luck!! I've searched for days online myself.
Re: coleman lift system parts list Steve Wagner 3-16-12  
The key which allows for the operation of the lift...what exactly is it called? Need one and have no clue what to run in my search. Thanks for your help.

Generic popup cable repair Mark 7-13-10  
After our popup's front lift cable broke, I decided to repair it myself. Cables can probably be ordered through retailers, but I can't see how they would be routed through all of the mechanisms with ends in place. Go to local hardware store and purchase 1/8th inch cable, crimpable cable retainers, and a swaging tool (like bolt cutters, but used to crimp cable ferrules). Total cost at Home Depot was less than $40, tool was $28. It'll take time...schedule a weekend and a friend to help. With my starcraftit took about 5hours, but that included lunch and parts run. Lift the top and support the sagging corner, I used a floor jack and a 2x4. The corner lift assembly post will need to be removed to route the cable. It takes time, btu really was only held by 2 bolts. I made a loop and attached the new cable to the post, reinserting the cable through the floor and routing it through the pulleys. I'd suggest wrapping the cable end with tape to prevent fraying. I reinstalled the corner lift post and got underneath, sizing the length based on the remaining cable. The hardest part was untangling the cable as it had wrapped upon itself at the winch. Once this was accomplished, I crimped the adjusting turnbuckle to the new cable and reattached the two. Adjusting the the new cable took a little time as it needs to be of similar length to get the top to raise at the same level. It's dirty, it's time consuming (you learn as you go), but it's satisfying and you can save a lot of money. BE careful as you could get hurt if the top is not properly supported! Also, cutting the cable is so much easier if you use tape and a cutoff wheel! Enjoy and good luck. I decided to write this after finding little truly helpful info regarding this repair.
Coleman bed pullout system Jon 3-4-12  
Anyone got a diagram on how the pullout bed system works? One side dropped some parts and sticks pretty bad. It is wanting to come out completely.
1990 starcraft pop up tony 2-29-12  
I need a web site that I can buy a new left assembly for my 1990 starcraft the old one is broke I have all new cables.
Re: coleman lift system parts list jim 1-6-12  
I have a used Coleman Pop up 1999/2000. The crank assembly is a little hard to turn and you don't hear a ratchet or clicking sound when you crank it. I am told you should. I have been told it needs a new crank assembly. My research suggests it could just be the Drive Assembly. How can I tell which one to be sure. And, is it easy as a do it yourself job. If so do you have the parts. Thanks Jim
Re: coleman lift system parts list Shannon 7-29-12  
I need a diagram of the cable/pulley system to repair my older model Coleman pop up tent trailer.
Re: coleman lift system parts list Jason George 4-22-13  
When i raise up the tent trailer the mechanism slips like a gear is missing teeth.How do i acsess the mechanism and can i get a parts list
My 1998 coleman mesa tent trailer has a problem with the back part that rises the roof it tight at the loose at the front how do you adjust the cables allyson berry 5-20-15  
I have tent trailer up right now but i looked at it the problem is the canvas is tight at the rear of it on both sides it is loose at the front on both sides we did have four doublekit roof rakes on top we took them off would that be are have roof lift problem it a 12ft tent trailer one peace roof
Re: coleman lift system parts list tyna williams 4-7-15  
I'm needing a whiffle tree for a 1996 Coleman santa fe.Can you convert it over to hydrolics?
Re: coleman lift system parts list ed 10-24-14  
Printable diagram?
Re: coleman lift system parts list The Middle Kid 7-7-13  
I just double checked and you can go to your browser and put in Coleman lift system and it should take you right to it... Hope that helped...
Re: coleman lift system parts list Amy 11-29-11  
How do I know what to do to fix our cable? 1989 Coleman popup, the front passenger side cable snapped. I researched getting it fixed by a dealer (over $1000) so it hasn't been done. Wanting to fix it and trying to find information. Would replacing the cable take care of things or would replacing the whole system with one of those roof jenies by worth it? Help..
Re: coleman lift system parts list Ester 7-19-12  
We bought a 1990 Coleman Alta (good shape for age). We are having problems when we crank it up or down. The crank sticks and the top will not move up or down and the key to the left may be the problem, but we are not sure. What is the function of that key and which way do we turn the key to crank up and which way to crank down. We spent 3 hours trying to get it to crank down at a campground over the weekend. Not good. Would appreciate any help you may give.
Re: coleman lift system parts list paul bloomquist 9-9-10  
My 2000 santafa lift system brake won't release most of the time.
Re: coleman lift system parts list the 9-13-10  
I have a coleman 1997 I lift all the way up. I can't crane it down the handle spin but the roof doesn't go down, would you please tell me why? thanks
Re: coleman lift system parts list Jeff 9-8-10  
Have broken cable on Coleman Shenendoa pop up camper. Would like to get diagram work on how to replace the cable and how the cable is run up the slide bar.

Re: coleman lift system parts list Steve Ashby 8-17-11  
2005 Niagra, lift system broke, dealer no help. Need replacement parts. Anyone have any info on where to look, been searching for days with no luck.
Re: coleman lift system parts list jp faught 8-15-10  
I can raise the top of my 99 coleman fleetwood destiny but it wont lower without crawling under it and releasing the tooth that holds the gears...the brake i assume...and must continue to hold the tooth while someone cranks the top down.....whats wrong?
Re: coleman lift system parts list michael murray 10-14-10  
Hi there im am building my own toyhauler and need a full roof lifting system. I can find plenty of sites explaining how there work but not where to buy them. p.s i live in Australia cheers Michael
Re: coleman manual for 1994 Sequoia popup with hydrolic lift system Doug Brown 5-19-11  
We had hydrolic fluid put in several years back at a camper dealership. When you hit the button to let it up it lifts it up but start making a squilling noise not bad though but it acts like it don't want to go all the way up. Thought it might need some hydrolic fluid again. Can't see any place to put the fluid in. Can you help me?
Problems with crank system on pop up james logan 8-4-11  
I just recently bought a 88 coleman plantation pop up to lower it you have to put a key in it next to the crank i broke the key and now i have no way of lowering it and suggestions would be great thank you
Re: coleman bedroom canvas bow frame parts list Rich Fischer 8-5-11  
In my 2002 Coleman Utah the "bow frame" that holds up the canvas over bed crimped and I want to repair or replace, but can't find one.
Re: coleman lift system parts list Darreth 8-3-11  
Loaned out the 1993 Coleman Pop up Camper and it came back WITHOUT THE HAND CRANK!!! Where can I get a replacement?
Re: coleman hand held crank need to buy a new one Heather 5-31-11  
I lost the hand held crank to my 1994 coleman destiny pop-up camper... was wondering where I could buy a new one??? anyone know or have any Ideas?? thanks..
Re: coleman lift system parts list Sandra 5-25-11  
I need help finding the four lift assembly. Had a bad wind storm blew over our trailer and bent the steel bars if any one could help that would be great.,
Re: coleman lift system parts list Greg Wainwright 9-19-06  
98 Coleman Pop Up
Will crank up, but will not let down, it slips and the yoke system will not move around the threaded rod.
Re: coleman lift system parts list bob 3-21-09  
Need to know how to replace lift cable on 1999 Colemen Sunvalley pop up camper.
Re: coleman lift system parts list Santiago Gonzalez 4-8-08  
Do you know where i can get a 12 tooth sprocket for 83 coleman lift willianburg model
Re: coleman lift system olin price 4-25-09  
My 1994 dutchman pop up will go up fine but when i let it down it goes all but the last foot & stops. any suggestions
Re: coleman lift system parts list dave 8-16-08  
Just wondering if you figured it out? I have a 1988 sequoia and just changed the left rear cable last week...
Re: coleman lift system parts list mark 5-19-08  
Please send parts list and diagram of internal cable system for 1988 coleman.Many thanks Mark
Re: coleman lift system w. long 5-23-09  
My capmer is stuck in the upright position the aluminum housing on the crank seems to just spin does any one have a schematic of this or can they tell me how to fix this thanks wfl.
Re: coleman lift system parts list susan 3-24-09  
i have a 1979 coleman pop up, and two of the cables broke underneath,is there a way i can fix it,or a diagram and where can i get the cable from.
Coleman Destiny 93 pop up susan 6-30-08  
I have a Coleman Destiny 1993 pop-up. Yesterday I overcranked it and the rear left side cable snapped. I called a dealer to inquire about repair and they informed me that the part may not be able to be ordered. Can you tell me a company to order from ? Thanks!
Re: jayco popup brent 9-4-08  
I just bought a 84 jayco deluxe pop up and it wont go up or down at all. I need to fix the cables or something? please let me know where to get a diagram or any pointers.

Re: coleman lift system parts list alex 3-25-10  
Broke a lift cable on a 1988 colman columbia, i'm looking for the part to repair it and was looking for some insite on how to do the job
Re: coleman lift system parts list marty 9-6-11  
I have a 1915 colman cedar pop-up camper this past laborday weekend the lift cable on the left side broke dose any one know how to replace it and where i can get it at? dose anyone besides colman fleetwood make cables for them? if not since they r out of bussness how can I get one
Re: 1984 Coleman Newport lift system Doug 5-10-08  
I just completely restored a 1984 Coleman Newport-new wood around inside top, new canvas, carpet, cushions, curtains, etc. Next is paint and exterior work. Today while cranking up the top something broke and the top fell. The cable is still tight underneath the camper if that means anything. How does one access the lift system? It looks to me like the front panel (front end) has to be removed by drilling out pop rivets.I am hoping that there is a loose pulley or something similar that is not as bad as a broken cable. Any advice or hints would be very helpful.
Re: coleman lift system parts list Tammy 8-16-08  
Perhaps you can try this site.... RV Workshop
Re: 1984 Coleman Newport lift system Tammy 8-16-08  
So, I posted a message earlier about the same thing happening to us. It took my husband about an hour & 1/2 to fix the problem. (he is handy though) He replaced the whole system with an ATV Wench kit, hooked it up to a boost box, pushed the button and YAY it went right up in about 3 seconds.. pushed it again, 3 seconds! No more cranking up & down. He got the kit from a friend for free, but he says they go for around $300.00, cheaper than a crank system I believe & much easier! Of course now he has his camper muscles on and can't wait to show it off on our camping trip next weekend!
Re: coleman lift system parts list Mary 3-19-09  
I need a crank for a 1988 COleman popup. It has a "T" fitting and raises the roof. Any ideas?
Re: coleman lift system parts list chuck 11-1-08  
I need a parts list for a coleman pop up. 2000 coleman sun valley lift system
is able to crank the top up but you cant let go of the hand crank because it free spins back down. I think its some kind of cltch for the lift that I need but cant find a parts list.

please any help you could get me would be appreciated.
Re: 1995 Flagstaff by Cobra pop-up kevin 7-26-10  
I have a 1995 flagstaff 176 pop up the wood in the side of the roof is rotting,I'm worried that the supports are going to pull through I was wondering how to replace the wood or if I could build some sort of bracket?
Re: 1995 Flagstaff by Cobra pop-up doug 3-15-16  
Main cable broke,need cable diagram to repair. can you help me,please.thank-you/
Re: coleman lift system Jim OConnor 9-1-08  
Where did you find your lift system diagram
Re: coleman lift system Rob Young 10-19-10  
I have a 1990 Coleman Williamsburg with a broken cable on the door side rear. Not afraid to tackle this project, just have concerns about what not to do to cause an issue during replacement and what to do first and exactly how many parts need replacing or just the cable. Is there a repair instruction manual available that covers this repair?
Do not want to sink the cost of having this repair done by a dealer to what I have already invested for fear of not being able to recover the extra expense, but not happy with being unable to use in current condition.
Thanks for any advice
Rob Young
Re: coleman lift system Larry Schooler 3-28-13  
Do you have an instruction manual or diagram to replace cables on 1974 coleman valley forge or a link where I can download it. Thank you Larry
Re: coleman lift system parts list Carlos Romero 5-22-09  

Can you please tell what your husband did, or what parts he used to fix the system? I have the same problem and can not find parts in San Diego.


Re: coleman lift system parts list Jenni 12-15-08  
I bought a 1991 Coleman Newport on Saturday. Brought it home and we put it up to clean it out. Behold -- the cable broke. Murphy's Law in full force. I need a parts list and/or diagram to see how the cable system works and how to fix it and what parts we might need.
Re: 1984 Coleman Newport lift system jim hebbard 10-5-08  
Tammy, Please give us some more info about his ATC wench system.

I can easily understand how the properly functioning cable system could be automated, but your posting sounded like $300 would also replace the cable system itself. I have a copy of one of the Fleetwood cable replacement manual, and it looks like a big PITB. Also, I can see how the many rollers REALLY need to be cleaned and lubricated annually to avoid cable breakage.
Re: coleman lift system parts list Kyra 10-12-08  
I need to change out my cables. How did you do it and where did you get the parts?
Re: coleman lift system parts list Jim OConnor 9-1-08  
My 1986 just broke a cable or pulley on one corner--where did you find the diagram and lift information
Re: coleman lift system parts list tammy 1-3-11  
Need diagram to fix 1986 cables on a coleman
Re: jayco popup john 6-16-09  
Neeg a diagram
Re: jayco popup bob 3-29-09  
Hi there brent was just wondreing if you ever got a diag for the jaco lift sys? if you did could you send me a link i also need to fix my jayco cables. thx in advance bob
82 coleman pop up carlos romero 5-19-09  
Lift mechanism is defective. will not lift all the way up. Where can I find parts list or instructions to repair?
Re: coleman lift system parts list Mark 7-31-11  
I am trying to repair my cable lift system and need to know the proper way to adjust all cables as it doesn't lift evenly.
Re: coleman lift system parts list Jean 1-21-09  
How do I get the answers to the coleman lift systems I need one for a 1998 model.Help
Re: coleman lift system parts list MARK D 7-12-11  
Just looking for replacement parts for coleman camper-crank up no longer works-cables are fine for now
Re: coleman lift system parts list Brian 3-16-09  
OK-- Take your vin number into any Coleman dealer and they can tell you the year and model of camper from the VIN-- I used to be the parts manager for a rv dealer and many times people only had the vin - I told them the good or bad news about what year unit they just bought-- most of the time it was bad news-- they actually bought an older trailer.
1991 Coleman Sun Valley Kathie 6-8-11  
Got my "new" 1991 PUP up without any problem. Can't seem to get it down. The crank mechanism won't turn. Any thought?
Coleman pulley system Bernie 6-21-09  
I am trying to find the pulley diagram to repair the rear cables (inside the channels). Where can we find this?
Re: coleman lift system parts list david 8-12-09  
Need to find a 1979 coleman valley forge pop-up camper lift system parts list and diagram to repair,dose any one know where to get this.
Re: coleman lift system parts list jackie 5-4-10  
After the pop up is up cannot let go the hand crank because spins back
HELP thanks
Re: jayco popup Steve 7-25-09  
Need diagram for 1997 Jayco 1006 ST RD lifting mechanism
Re: Coleman pulley system wes steele 3-18-10  
I have a 1979 coleman pop up Brandywine. I have a corner cable and underneath cable broke. I need some advice on how to fix it and maybe a manual with a diagram how to do it. Thanks
Re: coleman lift system parts list wendell duke 7-25-09  
Cable should be available at your local lowes or home depot store. also the ends to swedge the cable with and the swedge tool. if a cable is broken inside the corner tubes, they will have to be measured for correct lenth. the main cable at the bottom of each corner lift tube is simple to replace. let me know what year and model camper you have and i will send you a diagram with instructions on how to replace any and all of the cables.
Re: coleman lift system parts list Gary Washburn 9-29-10  
I have a 1990 Coleman Shenandoah
tent trailer. About 2 weeks ago I
was raising the top and broke a
front cable. I can not seem to find
the right website to purchase a new
one!!! Does anyone out there know
where I can go to get one???

Re: coleman lift system parts list Lee Ann 7-31-09  
Go to www.rvhobby.com, there is a copy of the original manual and parts list for Coleman Camping Trailers. I have also found great instructions on this site to repair the lift system and cable system. Hope this helps.
Lee Ann
Re: coleman lift system cable diagram glen dieringer 8-2-11  
Need to repair my cable on my royale coleman trailer. I think the cable came off the pully.
Re: coleman lift system cable diagram James Martin 6-7-11  
Coleman lift system diagram for 1987
Re: coleman lift system cable diagram Keith 6-22-10  
Broke a cable need diagram
Re: coleman lift system cable diagram Richard 10-18-11  
1982 Coleman Sun Valley cable Diagram
Re: coleman lift system cable diagram joann 5-15-11  
I need to know how to repair the cables that lift my 1981 Coleman Pop Up Camper. PLEASE!!
Re: coleman lift system cable diagram John Ellis 2-5-15  
The winch and all 4 1/8 " cables small and one winch cable
Re: coleman lift system cable diagram Fred 6-27-16  
Does anyone have a copy of a manual for the lift system on a 1995 Coachmen pop up? Need to replace cables.

Thank you for any help.
Re: coleman lift system cable diagram Chris 11-21-11  
I need cable diagram for 1985 coleman sun valey popup please
Re: coleman lift system cable diagram Steve McFarland 6-2-14  
I have a 2003 Coleman Niagra Elite pop-up camper that the roof crank up system is "stuck" in the UP position! I need help with diagrams or suggestions on how to get this to release so I can get the camper folded up and home!
Re: coleman lift system cable diagram William Black 11-3-13  
We have a 1993 Colman pop-up that the lift cable broke on back right end at crank as we were trying to get it up. We need a diagram or instructions of how to install the cable that we now have. We would also like to have a owners manual for this. Is there anyway you could help us out. We would appreciate all the help we can get.
Re: coleman lift system cable diagram robby 3-24-13  
The left rear come ;loose wont raise i see cable loose but i cant get it back on track i do i get it back on
Re: coleman lift system cable diagram shannon 6-17-13  
I need to know how the cables run in a 1995 coleman fleetwood niagara
Re: coleman lift system parts list LeRoy 11-16-10  
Hi Wendell,
My friend has a 1984 Coleman Sun Valley Pop Up Trailer. The cable is broken in the left rear corner. He ordered a cable from a dealer so hopefully it's the right one. I want to help him fix it but I need a tutorial or something along those lines to help me with the project. Do you have an instruction sheet or similar?
Thank you,
Re: jayco popup front picture setup 1996 viking david martinez 4-17-11  
I need some picture of a 1996 viking cable assembly have the parts but dont know how they go on. back cables are ok but front our broken and missing
Re: jayco popup Tony Busch 7-24-13  
I have a 1987 jayco 1006 deluxe. I cannot get the door to drop into place.
Re: jayco popup 1984 w broken cable in front Dan Dershem 10-9-12  
How do I replace the broken cable on my 1984 Jayco camping trailer. Its broken in the front near the crank? When it broke, the entire top fell. The rear driver side corner would not go all the way down, sticking up about 3 inches. Is this normal?
Re: jayco popup Gina Harrison 6-14-13  
Need to find brake winch for 1998 Flagstaff pop up camper our gears are striped I found a winch on online but its not for camper and the handle doesn't come off
Re: coleman lift system parts list ernie 8-5-09  
Passanger front corner made a loud pop and stopped rising.... Can you assist me in making repairs?
Re: coleman lift system parts list Earl Griffin 10-1-14  
I need the diagram of a 1999 Coleman Sedona crank lift assembly. Can you help me. Thank you. Sincerely, Earl Griffin
Re: coleman lift system parts list Russell Konkol 8-18-14  
I need a diagram and dimensions of my crank and lift system for a 1990 Shenandoah Coleman camper. Any ideas where I can obtain this information
Re: coleman lift system parts list Stan Powell 8-16-15  
Saw you post about the stripped gears in your popup lift. I have the same problem but cant find replacement gears. Any suggestions would help
Re: coleman lift system parts list Mike Savoy 4-10-11  
Where are all the answers to the posts?
Re: 1986 SEQUOIA POP UP Bobby 7-8-10  
I have the same camper and also have occassional problems with the overhead lights. I have found it to be the connection with the bulb. The bulb pulls away from the contact at the rear. I have removed the bulb and pushed the rear contact towards the bulb holder, this seems to work for a while.
Re: 1986 SEQUOIA POP UP Jc 1-21-12  
I need the owner manual for the furnace any one can share a copy please
Re: coleman lift system parts list Lawrence Masters 10-25-11  
Need a parts list of th mechanism for a 1985 Sun Valley
Re: coleman lift system parts list bill P 10-28-10  
Michael any coleman parts must be originally obtained from a current coleman dealer. you will need the year of manufacture, the serial number and model number.. Search coleman trailer dealers and bang you have your contact.. if you still have an issue email me with your info and I will assist I have several foreign consumer relations. If possible i would go to a different lift system coleman is expensive lots of maintenance and specific as well as difficult to obtain it was nice when coleman was coleman but bought and sold so often its getting harder and harder. billp@americanadventurerv.com, BIll Sr.
Re: coleman lift system parts list Jeanette Slater 5-23-11  
Could you please tell me where I could get the rachet mecanizum that pulls the cables to lift the pop-up roof?
Re: coleman lift system cable diagram Pat Kitz 5-17-15  
Lift cable system needs to be replaced. Entire camper closed down, has not choice but to cut one cable to open or go home. In need of diagram and instructions to replace cable, specifics etc. 1993 Coleman Destiny
Re: coleman lift system cable diagram ron wafford 3-2-15  
2002 coleman niagra 1 rear cable lift is broken how to fix or diagram how to get to
Re: problems with crank system on pop up steve adams 5-25-14  
Colman pop up camper only lifts on 3 sides the cable looks twisted how do I fix it?
Re: coleman lift system parts list matt 8-24-11  
Http://www.canvasreplacements.com/index.php/cPath/20?osCsid=4bb1f6d96e9f97b6ff0c539ef8600872 try this guy.my bolt came apart from the cable i was able to weld it back but before i did i spoke to him and he can help you out with the lift system. good luck
Re: coleman lift system parts list Bryan 8-18-11  

Try here this should help
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