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1986 Pacearrow Manual Barbara Peel 2-4-08  
I need a Manual for my motorhome the Wiring and operational.

I also need a manual for a 450 Chevy engine thats in it.

Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Adam 10-13-08  
I am looking for a 1984 Fleetwood Pace Arrow owners manual I can print out, When I bought the RV the owners manual was not in the motor home. Can you tell me where I can go to find an owners manual for my RV and print it for free.
Thank you for your time.
Adam Hawes
1986 Pace arrow Bob 5-24-09  
I have to replace the airconditioning belt on my Arrow. How do I get to the front of the motor?
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Mark Brickzin 7-26-09  
I just purchased a 1986 30 ft Fleetwood Pace Arrow with only 38,000 actual miles on it.

It is in great shape and I am very pleased with my purchase...however, I have all the manuals for the appliances and electrical service but there is no operator's manual for the Motorhome itself.

Can anyone tell me where to obtain an owner's manual or if it is possible to obtain it online?

Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual paul Nicholas 8-27-08  
We are trying to locate where to put brake fluid??
Does anyone have an idea?
1990 Pace Arrow
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Tom 6-16-09  
We are looking at buying a 1986 Pace Arrow motor home. Can anyone tell us if the Pace Arrow is a good motorhome, e.g. reliable, etc.

We also have the chance for a 1984 Holiday Rambler. Is this a better motorhome?

We are new to this and just want some thoughts on if these are good motor homes.

Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual frank 7-11-08  
I need a Wiring a wiring diagram for the 1986 oace arrow Model L 43 foot. and Specs for this rv. How many gallon gas fuel tank does it have?
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual rich 2-5-08  
Manual for my 84 Pace Arrow your 86 motorhome has a 454 engine--made by chevrolet
gm # ST-88-MH google it.
mine came with it but I have seen them listed elsewhere.
this one covers engine and drive train,etc. tech type manual
NO wiring-
all your appliances will have their own manuals-IE; stove reefer,AC,furnace,water heater,
if I can help you let me know.
rich in Va.
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Vince 9-13-17  
Did you find anything? I just got a 1986 with no manuals at all. Anything you could send to me would be appreciated. Thanks
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Al ruemke 5-7-08  
While trouble shooting the Onan generator electric fuel pump I shorted the five amp fuse input on the front of the control box. I got an arc and blew a fuse someplace. Is there a fuse on the back of the generator where starter power comes in? Where is the fuse?
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual George 8-9-09  
How do I replace a rear wheel cylinder on 1986 pace arrow?
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual 31 ft. Doug Mery 8-9-08  
I nedd a wiring diagrahm to sort out what mstakes previous owners have made
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Fox 4-23-08  
We need the same thing: a manual that shows location and access to water pump and switches to turn water pump on and off. I have all kinds of other manuals, but not this.
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Mir 4-12-14  
Looking for service manual for 86 pace arrow
Re: 1983 Pacearrow Manual steve 11-13-11  
I maybe able to help you some. I just bought a 193 31 foot Pace Arrow and my wife found some paperwork labed 1983 Master Copy as far as the drive line goes get your self a copy of a Clinton book for a c30 truck manual which will cover the majority of the driveline. Between these to books you should hsveslmost everrything you need to get stsrted. The only other thing you'll find helpful is a good Fleetwood dealer that is willing to work with you on so of the smaller parts.


I could send you a copy of a scanned PDF file of the PA manunual if you think you'll need it. Just sent me an Address and I'll get it ot you as soon as I can. It may take a few weeks because i have numerous things on my plate right now but i'll get to it just as soon as I can.
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual ingition george 4-10-15  
How to remove and replace ignition
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual butch kazeck 7-10-17  
How to replace main belt..1986 pacearrow
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Sunny 12-2-09  
I just bought a 1986 Pace Arrow in good condition and love it. BUT, we can't figure out how to adjust the outside mirrors. They are so stiff we hate to force them and they appear to be electric, but we can't find any controls. Any ideas?

Also, I need a manual. Where can I print one or buy one? thanks.
Re: 1986 Pacearrow information kit janis armour 10-13-11  
Our refridgerator will not turn on. The inside light has gone out..the fridge worked fine two weeks ago. Now we are trying to turn on and nothing is happening. We do not have the troubleshooting manual for it. can you give us some ideals to look at. we have checked the fuses. thanks!
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Albert Anthony Martinez 9-5-13  
My brake system for 1986 Pace Arrow that has been sitting for 4 years have seized up I'm a plumber and the wood floors man but I do not know about brake lines I was told that if I broke one of the bleeders by trying to bleed the lines that could be in big trouble any suggestionswould be greatly appreciated thank you and God bless
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Jennifer 8-17-11  

I am trying to figure out what type of freon and how much to put in a 1990 Fleetwood Pace Arrow RV model # 6799A708. The AC Compressor went out and we need to recharge the ac.

Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual MARY FINNEY 9-15-10  
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual leobard clark 7-26-11  
Tank's God bless you!!!
Towing capacity for a 90 pace arrow rob 12-13-09  
Does anyone know what the towing capacity for a 1990 Pace Arrow? Its a 30' with a 454 in it and I want to pull my full sized chevy truck behind it.
1990 pace arrow tank capacities Irene 3-25-10  
The manual says to look in a wardrobe closet door for this info. However it is not there. HELP
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Marietta Vasilije 8-9-08  
What kind of battery does this motor home take?
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual barbara peel 2-16-08  
Thank you for your reply, i don't have a computor so i wait till i can use my sisters. what i am having a problem with is starting the engine, i've primed carburator and it starts but won't keep running. it may be from sitting so long without starting, or moisture in the lines or maybe the fuel pump is not pumping fuel. i just don't know where to start and would love to have manual for both the motor home and engine. i have all books on appliances but not for certain items on things like where certain fuses like for the water pump and water levels all kinds of things. so if you know where i can get a manual for both i would appreciate much, thanks barbara
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Jan 8-19-08  
Hi Barbara, I just went thru the same thing. I replaced 3 fuel filters, sprayed Berryman's B12 carb cleaner in the carb and got it started and now it keeps running... yeah!! Email if you need info on where the filters are located. luv2backpack@hotmail.com (Jan)
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Aaro 6-21-09  
Does a 1984 fleetwood pace arrow come with leveling system jacks?
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual 31 ft. CECIL 6-15-11  
I have no power to stater. good battry charge
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual 31 ft. Jim leaver 4-19-14  
I have the online Fleetwood manual, but doesn't give chassis electrical for starting and ignition.
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual 31 ft. Ardean Grossman 11-29-17  
I am trying to find where to add brake fluid at. Thank you.
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual 31 ft. Lynn 2-28-12  
Really need a Manual and wiring for the 1986 Pacearrow 31 Ft
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Ed Fithian 1-8-12  
Having aux electric fuel pump trouble. not getting power to the pump. found the relay,dont know if its bad.. where is the fuse for the pump?
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual patricia 6-20-10  
Dont have a mannual and i need to know where the master cylinder is located any information would help ty
Re1990 Pacearrow Manual Ted Szymanski 3-29-13  
Brake fluid reservoir 1990 pacearrow,
some information on TBI and functions.
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual John 9-27-12  
I need 1984 pace arrow manual
Re: 1986 Pace arrow Don Seamons 7-25-10  
I need a wiring diagram for 1986 pace arrow. any info on 454 chevy engine would be helpful.
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Geoff 7-13-09  
Mine did not come with any leveling system.
I just use those giant "lego" type blocks.
Re: 1990 Pacearrow Manual George Hughey 10-13-11  
Need to know ehere to purchase owner manual
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Teresa 11-10-10  
1986 Pace Arrow
can someone tell me how to turn the refrigerator on ?
Re: 1990 Pacearrow Manual Betty 10-9-11  
Hello I am looking for a 1990 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 34l specification manual for my coach..How many gallons is my gas tank. What is the gallons on my grey water and black water tank. How to problem solve a problem with something not working...manual for my 454 chev.and why does an 1988 have leveing jacks and mine don't did they stop making them and putting them on or what..
Re: 1990 Pacearrow Manual Mike 12-11-12  
I have a 1990 Pace Arrow 30'. I sure would like a manual if anybody has one. Thanks msc.
Re: 1986 Pacearrow information kit Jason 11-16-11  
I am not an expert but I was checking a buddies 1986 pace arrow and we had the same problem. Check your battery disconnect above the exit door and make sure your chassis battery is in the use position. We did this several times trying to get it to work in pure 12v mode, but it would not work on only the deep cycle battery set. I am not sure if the motor home has to be running (it was when we tried toggling the switch) and get its power from the converter or what. Might check the batteries as well, if they are low or dead it might prevent it from working as well. Hope it helps.
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Mike Schmidt 12-8-14  
Do you still carry shop manuals for 1986 Fleetwood Pace Arrow Elegance? If not please direct me to a source where I can find them.
thankx - Mike Schmidt
Re: 1986 Pacearrow Manual Lenny Holman 7-25-17  
Need a 1986 Pace Arrow Fleetwood RV manual
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