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1985 Chevy Van 30 Motorhome gets 6 mpg Moen 4-26-06  
Our 1985 Class C motorhome gets 6 miles per gallon. It is a Chevy Van 30, with a 350 engine. Is there any advice for making better gas mileage.
Re: 1985 Chevy Van 30 Motorhome gets 6 mpg Bill 4-28-06  
Hi Moen;
Fuel economy is not a mistery, do the simple checking yourself, is the air filter clean?, are the tires inflated to the porper pressure?, do you race from one stop light to another?, do you drive with yuor foot on the brake pedal while the other foot is on the gas pedal?, These items are the easiest to control. In todays engines it is advisable to replace the spark plug wires at the same time that you replace the spark plugs, which sould go at least 60,000 miles. Unless you have a scope you really can't tell whether the wires ar good or not, also check the inside of the distributor cap, if it has signs of smoke inside like you get when you have an electrical short, replace the cap and rotor. If these items don't help your mileage, it may be time to have a shop analyze the engine with a proper scope, and emissions analyzer to see how rich the engine is running, sometimes the carburetors start to allow unmetered gas to enter the fuel system.
Good Luck
Re: 1985 Chevy Van 30 Motorhome gets 6 mpg Roy Cutter 5-24-06  
Pleeese HELP!!
My wife and I are about to purchase our first motorhome/travel trailer, we have never owned one and don't really know how often we will use it with our grandchildren. We also don't know much about camping with one however our brothers and sisters own travel trailers and want us all to go camping together.

We are trying to decide between two used vehicles one is a 1984 Chevy Van 30 Motorhome Champion, with 48900 original miles in great shape for $5800.00. I own a 2003 Nissan Frontier 4x4 Crew Cab that will tow up to 5000 GVW, and we have found a 1997 Tow-Lite Trailer also in great shape (a little small, especialy the shower toilet area) that I can easily tow for $5000.00. Well you can imagin my wife wants the larger motorhome, however I do not have time for vehicle repairs so that worries me and the expence of registering and insuring the vehice plus gas mileage. Please what would you suggest.
We really need this help.
Thank You
Roy and Cookie Cutter
Re: 1985 Chevy Van 30 Motorhome gets 6 mpg Ray Smallfields 9-22-10  
How do I drain the "good' water tank? I have looked under around the holding tank. I have looked inside under the dinning room seat, and have found no way to drain it. I would like to drain the tank and add fresh water.

How do I do it?


1979 Chevrolet Frontier 350 5.7L V8 Nan 5-16-11  
Hi, I need to replace the battery in my motorhome. What is the best cranking amps for this vehicle, or what type of battery should I get?

Thank you!!
Re: 1985 Chevy Van 30 Motorhome gets 6 mpg george arencibia 2-7-11  
What battery does it require?
right now is using a 75-3s group series
600 amps = 500 amps cold cranking.
i believe this battery is too small
because it is dead all the time and
it has to be charge over and over again. what do i need to do/
Re: 1985 Chevy Van 30 Motorhome gets 6 mpg bubba 12-3-15  
Your converter is bad
Re: 1985 Chevy Van 30 Motorhome gets 6 mpg dan 7-31-10  
My gen is putting out current to the distrabution box, then the converter, the converters good, but no elec. in elec. box??? there for no elec to roof top a/c.??? Ichecked wirinr all good?
Evil spirits??? please help?
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