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Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Ian 11-24-05  
I have a manual Ford Ranger 1993.
Won't come out of 4WD. Can shift lever manually no problem and can even drive in neutral. RFW light goes out on panel.
Back to Ford for second time in two months. Glad it's under contract.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Terri Hansen 12-25-07  
We had surprise snow on Christmas. I was driving my 1994 Explorer up a hill, it began swerving all over the place and I nearly killed myself and my brother. I pushed the 4x4 button (it didn't work), next pushed low speed, it didn't seem to work either. I don't know how to engage the 4x4 feature and I can't find an online manual. Thanks!
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive phil 12-30-07  
Bought a ragged 89ranger 4x4 for $100 because the electronic selector did not work. i took 16" of 5/16 mild steel rod, 6"of reinforced 5/16 rubber hose @ 2clamps punched 5/16 hole in tunnel right behind console to the left of driveshaft. dropped elecdrive unit. slid 4"of the hose unto the 5/16 rod. connected hose @ rod to the three sided stub shaft on transfer case. this makes the flex joint between the rod @ stub. need some kind of knob in cab. a short sharp 90 on the end, or a couple inches of hose would work. put hose clamp on stub shaft end @ rod. this works great for 2H @ 4L. 4H is a bit tricky. probably why the electronic panic button on dash was invented.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive steve stewart 12-31-07  
I have a 91 ford ranger manual transmisson with push button 4by4.the problem started with a fast spinning noise while not being in 4 wheel drive. then it started loosing gears every once in a while then they would come back. It works fine in 4 low with all gears. Every once in awhile I will have a gear in 2wd and 4high but not very often.Anyone have a clue? thanks steve
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive adam pearsall 12-13-07  
I have a 1989 ford ranger that will go in 4 high but not 4 low it is push button please help
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Thomas 12-12-07  
I have 2002 Ford Ranger 4x4 XLT. My four wheel drive does not work when I turn the knob to engage the 4x4. I am not very savvy in this matter, so if anyone out there can give me some suggestion I would really appreciate it.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive david yeag 12-7-07  
I got a 1989 ford bronco 2, i push the button to engage 4 wheel drive and noghting happens. the light cam on once but the 4x4 was not engaged. i hear what sounds like clicking when pres the button. thanks
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Joe 12-11-07  
1 Have a 1993 Ford Ranger 4x4 manual 4.0ltr. with push button 4x4 and everytime i push the button nothing happens, i have switched out the push button, where do i go from here?????any help please, thanx Joe
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive raine 1-25-08  
My ranger makes a clunking noise only when i put it in reverse, i had everything checked out and he can't seem to find the problem, he changed all the u-joints and it still makes that clunking sound when i put it in reverse.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive max 2-25-08  
I have a 2002 Ford Ranger..I am having trouble replacing the Shifter knob. It doesnt want to unscrew off. Any suggestions?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive chris 9-12-08  
I have a 89 bronco ii 4X4. On the front passenger side drive axial, can you replace the brgs. in between the slip yoke and stub shaft? I can not see any clips on the universal?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive kib greene 9-24-08  
I bought a 90 ranger w/4wd and when i push the 4wd button it lights up but doesnt ingage in 4w, when i got the truck it had a starter for an auto, and its a manual, it chewwed off all the teeth on the fly wheel.after 2 weeks of terrible noises from starting it, i put the correct starter in it but it was too late, now the only way i can get it started is to push start it, how can i make sure i get the right alignment for thew starter?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive rob 10-24-08  
I have a 2001 ranger that shifts in to four wheel drive on its own while driving and when its just siting in my driveway and ideas of what it might be.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Mindy 6-28-08  
My 00 Ranger "seems" to be stuck in 4 high! I seem to be using a lot of gas, and a mech. friend said that if I cant turn the driveline freely, than it is stuck in 4wd. Does this sound right too you and how would I fix it. other prob. is that I do not have any wires from the on dash switch to the wire harness. they were cut when it was previosly owned and repoed! I just had the transmission rebuilt also, would there be anything that with that to make the gas gauge drop so fast. Sounds like a mess I know! but got it free and this is the last bug!
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive BILL CARSON 6-14-08  
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Alex Garcia 12-4-07  
I have a 2001 ford ranger when i try to switch into 4wd nothing happens no click in the dash,the light does not come on.I checked the fuses and they a they are all good.The truck has 107,000 miles and rarely 4wd is used maybe 8 times a year 4 short periods of time. If you have any tips or suggestions it will be very appreciated. Thank you.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Richard Herman 2-29-08  
My 1998 Ford Ranger has an occasional problem with switching from 2wd to 4wd. It can go for several weeks without missing a beat but on occasion it will not transfer from 2wd to 4wd regardless that the dashboard selector switch is rotated to 4wd. During the period when it isn't working, the 2wd/4wd dash lights pulse indicating an function error. This quits for a while then does it again. I sometimes feel that the system counts the number of ignition switch turn-ons before 4wd returns to functioning. I've had my mechanic try to locate the problem but each time I left the truck there, the system was functioning and you can't fix what isn't broke! Perhaps someone out there has a answer.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive jeff horne 1-26-08  
I found with my 2003 ranger that when it rains out my electronic dash shifter to engage my 4 wheel drive will not even respond. Ford mechanics quoted me $1700 Canadian just for parts. When the weather was good for a while I noticed that the mechanism would work. I personnally feel that my problem resides in the seals that protect the electronics.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive steveo 12-1-07  
Just as a side note,i have 92 ranger 4x4,i was told when disengaging 4wd put your rig in reverse backup a bit and hit brakes, this will disengage it...i also had the 4wd clink and clatter :) after using it, till i did this. it works.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive mljones 2-11-06  
I called a local Ford Dealership and the Service manager there was very helpful. I did not have to replace anything. He told me that if I had not been using 4wd in a year or better (and I had not) the problem could be the 4wd drive motor beside of the transfer case sticking. He told me to try this little technique before replacing the motor. He said to crawl under the pickup and have someone else sitting in the cab of the truck. Have them press the 4wd button on and off in succession for several times in 10 second intervals. At the same time with a rubber mallet I tapped lighty on the motor as the 4wd button on the dash was being pressed by my friend. IT WORKED!!! The transfer case went into 4wd and has worked fine ever since the End of November. I took his other advice as well. I now put my unit in $wd at least once every couple of weeks just to keep the motor from sticking. He said this was a common problem on that model after it got 8-10 years old. Hope this helps someone. If this does not work he said the 4wd transfer motor was probably bad.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Andrew 2-13-07  
I have been having similar problems with my 2001 Ranger, I use the twist nob to put into 4WD, but recently it hasn't been goin in, if someone can tell me how to fix it, or where to look, that would be great.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Donna 9-28-12  
I have a 2002 4 wheel drive ranger...but when i switch to 4 wheel drive nothing happens...no light on dash for 4x4 low or high and then maybe the next time i try it works....can someone help me please????
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive mljones 12-16-05  
I have exact same problem as Bar in an above post. Did all the same things with same results. I don't want to have to change the module if unnecessary. Someone out there must know what is wrong.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive CT 12-14-05  
I'm having the exact same problem with my push button 4x4. I can't find anyone with any ideas on testing the shift module. I haven't found a good schematic either. A friend suggested cleaning all the conectors to and from the module and check out the shift motor.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Joe 11-26-05  
I would guess the wheels are causing a binding and making it hard to come out of 4 wheel drive. The lever is designed to "slip" rather than break something when under a bind. Are all your tires the exact same size? Are you following the recommended proceedure for disengaging the 4 wheel drive?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Bar 12-9-05  
I've got the opposite prob with my 93 Ford Ranger 4 wheel drive. I've got the push button on the dash, 4X4 won't engage. I tore the cover off the electronic module behind the drivers seat and the red LED lights when I push the white reset button, but nodda, still won't engage when I hit the dash button. And the light goes out after a few 10 seconds. I used to hear an audible 'click' from the module when I pushed the dash button, I don't anymore. Last year I had the same prob, but it seemed to go away and I am not sure why. Fuses are all good. I need someone a good schematic of this electronic 4x4 module. Any ideas on how to test this module?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Tguthrie 5-25-07  
I have a 93 Ford ranger 4 wheel drive. I've got the push button on the dash, 4X4 won't engage. i looked at the module and when i pushed the white reset button the red light comes on but that is it. when i push the buttons on the dash, they dont light up and the 4 wheel drive doesn't engage. If someone can help me fix the problem that would be great. Thanks
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Rubber Ducky 6-12-07  
1990 Ranger XLT Lariat
This is a really cheap fix for a broken 4WD selector that uses a toggle switch to control the 4WD and only allows use of 2WD High Range and 4X4 Low Range, NO HIGH RANGE 4x4.
1. Take off the 4x4 selector plate
2. Remove the wiring harness
3. Where the wires meet the harness cut the ORANGE, RED, and BLACK wires free.
4. Strip the wires and put crimp on connectors on the ends.
5. Connect the three wires to a toggle switch

Easy as cake, takes all of ten minutes to do. The long part is making a custom faceplate to replace the old buttons.


To engage and disengage the 4 wheel drive.
1. Turn key to ON
2. Put transmission in NEUTRAL
3. Turn switch to ON position

You are now in 4LOW

1. With the switch in the ON position and transmission in NEUTRAL turn ignition to OFF position
2.Return ignition to ON position and the 4LOW will disengage
3. Turn toggle switch to OFF

You are now in 2HIGH

Its a fairly crappy fix but it works and you cant argue with that. Who uses 4 High anyway?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Quinton 11-9-07  
I have a 2001 Ford Ranger XLT. Recently when I turn my four wheel drive knob nothing happens and my truck will not go nto 4X4 mode. Any thoughts on how to fix this problem?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive 1993 paul smith 11-15-07  
Four wheel drive wont engage, light on dash will come on and stays on. but motor on transfer wont shift, 90% of time i have replaced module behind drivers seat and a few years ago the motor on transfer. it seems like when ever i need four wheel drive it wont work.any easy way to trouble shoot.
Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive engaging on its own rob 10-24-08  
I have a 2001 ford ranger that shifts in to 4 wheel drive on its own when driving or running in my drive way any ideas.
Re: 94' Ford Ranger schematic starter sheryl 11-5-07  
Looking for a shematic of a 1994 ford ranger starter/soliniod motor as mine has a loose wire and i don't where it supposed to go.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive heath 11-4-07  
How do you get the dash apart to change the bulbs in the instument cluster on 1 94 ford ranger
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Cameron 8-12-07  
I have a '99 with the turn knob for the 4wd, when i turn it from 2wd nothing happens. no matter how much i flip it or if im in gear or not nothin happens. once i left the knob in the 4wd high position for nearly a week, and eventually it switched into 4wd and everything seemed to be working, when i switched it back to 2wd it went out of 4wd fine, but now nothin happens when i turn the knob, does anyone know what the problem is?? is it my switch? is that easily fixed?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Andrew 10-8-07  
I have 99 ranger.. everyone having this problem it is the motor. i tried to fix motor. but it just wouldnt go. im trying to find a wire key to see if test light can show me if power is getting there at all.. because the new motor is $122. ill update yall tommorw
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive neil 12-3-07  
My 1994 explorer will not engage front tires in 4high or low? can hear noise as if it is engaging in front of vehicle but front tires wont spin???help please????
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Rick 5-8-07  
Got a 1994 ranger that 4WD wont engage, no lights for 4Wheel and none for Low range. Got to fooling with it and all I got was some clicking noise then nothing. Also horn does not work dont know if they are related.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive vickie 11-4-10  
I have a 97 ford ranger 4 wheel drive and it drive's & rides great but when the transmis. gets hot the overdrive light comes on and it shifts in to overdrive until you stop and let it cool off for about 30 mins. now can any one tell me what the problem is.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive john 1-20-11  
I turn 4 wheel on but hubs will not lockin help
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive henry 2-13-11  
I have a 1990 ford ranger, I have the push button the lights on the 4 lo light on the push button started flashing, I pressed the buttons put in neutral I couldn't do any thing to make it stop mean while it is in 4 high, so I took the switch out and some of the wires touch and it sounded like i burned a fuse the light went out as well as the 4x4 ingaged light but the fuses are good as far as i can tell but i'm still stuck in 4 high what going on?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive tim 2-6-12  
My 4wheel drive line poped out when it was on why would this happen and how do i stop it from happen agian?
Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Border Bob 9-26-10  
I have a 1990 Ranger, the 4x4 wont engage, the module behind the drivers seat clicks, the dash lights go on, both hi and low 4x4. Is there a way to do away with the electronic shift and set up a manual shift?? Thanks for helping.
2001 chevy s-10 james 4-11-10  
My tucks 4wheel drive will not engage into 4wheel drive. You can hear the transfercase gear down when you shift it into 4wheel but the front tires wont engage. Any suggestions on what to chech.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Matt 8-11-10  
I have a 2000 Ranger 4WD ext Cab 4.0 V-6. My problem is that while driving in 2WD, my 4x4 ( both high and low ) lights blink usually about 6 times then stop blinking.This occurs about every 2 or 3 minutes. Any suggestions on the problem and maybe the fix??

Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive henry 2-13-11  
1990 ford ranger 4x4, which fuse controls the push button 4x4 switch?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive glenna payne 4-25-11  
My 4 wheel drive lights up on dash and goes in 4 wheel on back but not on front we got under truck and it locks in
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Grant 1-4-12  
I have a 2005 ranger 4wd, 4.0l v6. Everything works but in low range if i load it eg: reversing a boat up an incline there is a very loud knocking noise from the diff. I have had the transfer case out, all good. Both front cv's are good. Any suggestions? Please help!!!
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive terri 1-29-12  
I have a 2005 ford ranger, when i try to put it in 4 wheel drive the light does not come on or the 4 wheel does not work? any help out there? thanks.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Adam 11-9-08  
I have a 1986 Ford ranger 4x4. I replaced the Shift motor and still no 4x4 my lights dont even come on. I took out my Shift module and took it apart. there was some corrosion on the bottom the electric board. And where the metal piece on the front side is, on the back looks like it burnt. When I test the module no light comes on and Im getting power. Could the corrosion and little blackend area ruined the module. Id so, can any one find a replacement?? You can Email me at bigballer2004@hotmail.com
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Brandi 8-8-11  
I have a 1998 ford renger 4x4 n the flywheel doesnt meet the starter do it wont turn it over? I've replaced the starter and it still doesnt turn over. what does it mean is wrong with it.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive kendall 7-23-11  
2000 ford ranger when i turn knob to 4wd you can sometimes hear a click, but no dash light, i took motor off transfercase turned knob nothing, checked it with testlight while turning knob still nothing,if you can help please email me at kendalljhump@live.com oh and all fuses are good and in right place
Re: Ford F 150 4 WHEEL DRIVE 2000 MODEL RANDY STEWART 5-25-11  
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive chris 6-27-11  
I have a 1986 ford ranger and when i push my 4wd button the light comes on and i here a click on the transfer case but the front tires wont pull... what could this be??? i can here the sift motor moving but like i said nothing is working...
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive lo 1-30-10  
I have a 1993 ford ranger v6 4x4 push putton on dash and i cannot get it out of low range can anyone help thanks
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive doug 10-30-10  
2001 4 wheel drive ford ranger when i turn 4 wheel drive switch on i get no light's and no click fuses check out good what can the problem be?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Andrew 12-17-08  
I have a 89 ford ranger 2.9 v6 4x4 manuel. When switch to 4 high and start to shift it dosen't engage all i get is grinding/clicking noises or if it does work it will kick out of gear?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive adam 12-29-08  
I have a 98 ford ranger i had the vacum selinoid go out in my truck causing the front wheels to lock up a quick fix for it is nuplug the vacum lines under the air filter and put a hose with two double ended male conectors in with the hose it gives you four wheel drive to go back to two wheel drive you just take the little splice out remmber the selinoid is under the air filter housing
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Hugo Jacquez 1-4-09  
What's the easiest way to change the gasket on my front differencial, I tried,but the gears don't allow the cover to drop down,please help.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive edwin 1-9-10  
Hi ihave 01 4x4 diesel ranger and my 4wd is giving me problems when i swich to 4wd it works ok but when iturn the knob on the dash to 2wd gets stuck in 4wd & indicator ligth on dash stays blinking.anybody has a clue,i apreciate
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Monny 12-15-08  
I have a 2002 ranger, and having difficulty engaging 4wd recently. I'm going to try some of the resolutions suggested on this site. But was also curious to know if there is any simple routine maintenance to ensure that there are no issues?

It seems you only need 4wd when you are unprepared for it.. And then it doesn't work.. haha.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive gary 11-26-08  
96 ford ranger clunks hard in four wheel drive in reverse had gears replace a year a go could this be auto hubs or drive shaftdrive shaft seems to be tight i need help thanks 'g'
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Kevin Stone 12-3-08  
Turn knob and nothing happens with four-wheel drive. While having a beer with a friend, he said it was likely the vaccuum tube. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Also, did I spell vaccuum correctly? vy5cp
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive erica fish 1-5-09  
Got a 99 ranger four wheel drive keeps kicking out. i changed lock outs and switch. new vacuum lines need to know if silenoid is going out or is out will it still engage the four wheel drive. please help
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive goob 12-15-08  
The high temp today was about 5 above.My 1994 4 wd ranger sat outside.I made a tight left turn drove two blocks made a tight left,no problem.Then another tight right turn and a clunking or loud clicking sound came from what seemed to be the right front.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive chris 10-28-09  
2001 ranger wont shift into 4x4 no light on dash
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive bmwtech 12-9-09  
Fyi: 2001 ford ranger 4x4

I had the same problem. Techs in my shop was telling me to hit the motor on the transfer with a rubber hammer but still no such luck. I took the motor apart and found no problem, but there is a sealed position sensor on the motor.(not that I recommend you to take it apart) but I did take it apart and found the contact surface was dirty. Cleaned the contacts and reassembled and got it to work. Which if you replace motor, it comes with the sensor on it.

Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Corey 12-25-09  
I have a 1993 Ford Ranger 4.0L v6 5 speed transmission, About a week ago we got a foot of snow and had to use 4x4 to get out of our drive way. Got out and unlocked the hubs when we pulled out and tried to take it out of 4x4 and it does nothing the light still stays on and it drives funny like it lugs.
Re: 96 Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Shirley Tucker 7-25-09  
I have a 96 Ford Ranger I put it in 4wd low and then it wouldn't come back out.
can any one help me with this !!
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Johnny 3-25-09  
I have a 1994 ford ranger 4wd 4.0. I'm leaking anti-frezz from the back of my engien near the trany. i looked and there was No hoses to be found. any suggestions
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive David 2-10-09  
I have a '97 ford ranger. the 4wd switch does not work at all. i can turn the knob but nothing happens at all. what do i do to fix my problem?
Confused about 4wd Dan P 3-22-09  
I have a 98 Ranger 4x4 and I thought I had a good idea on how the 4x4 works, but now I am starting to doubt myself..
I know that when you shift it into 4x4 the transfer case motor engauges the transfer case, which in turn locks the front drive shaft..
Now here is were I am lost, The front shaft is locked in,but I can still turn the CV's and the wheels spin free when holding the CV's. I have vacume to the Hub's. Now do the hub's have anything to do with the Front diff locking in and powering the front wheels,or should the front diff be locked in and the (CV's can't spin) with the front shaft when in 4wd.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive jon 1-28-09  
I have a Ford Ranger 99. It won't switch over from 4wd back to 2wd. I flip the knob over but nothing happens and the 4wd light stays on and its starting to lurch
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Jeremy 2-9-06  
I had this problem on an explorer once, and the box was bad.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Scooter 11-11-07  
I just got a 1994 ranger and it has the push button 4wheel drive. The 4wheel drive wont ingage. The switch is gettin power but wont engage the 4wheel drive. can i get a wire diagram of the wire harness for it?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Larry Lange 11-17-09  
1992 push button 4wd won't engage,what should i check?
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Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Manuel albisu 8-4-06  
Do you think this would apply to a 2001? My 2001 Ranger will not go into wheel drive.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive AJ 12-12-06  
Hey I have a 1993 Ford Ranger 4WD AT V6 4.0 and i need to replace the starter i was wondering if there was anything in the way and what side of the trans is it on. THANKS AJ
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive doug w 11-26-07  
I am having the same problem with my 1994 4x4 ford explorer with only 70,000 miles on it....My 4x4 push button light on dash stays lit...when I press it i hear clicking sounds in back by wheel well on drivers side....i pressed reset button in back and light went out...please help snow is on the way
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Brian 10-7-07  
I am hearing a loud clicking noise from my 91 ranger with 4wd. The light on the dash goes out but I hear the nosie. I thought I heard binding ujoint noise as well. Can anyone connect me to a good source of information en re how the system works diagrams repair materials.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Allen 1-28-08  
Nothing happens when I turn my 4x4 switch to engage the 4 wheel drive, have checked all fuses but still not getting it to engage.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Dean 12-19-10  
My 2000 Ranger kicks out of 4wd when I hit the brakes,coming to a stop. then it will not kick back inuntil I turn switch off and on. does any one know what to do here?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Grace 12-21-07  
I also have a 2001 Ford Ranger. The motor that switches the drives is out. The motor is a cylinder with a solenoid attached its right bellow the seats and its not hard to see. Just unbolt it and go to autozone for like $80 bucks you can buy a new one. I had to do the same thing.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Nate 5-17-08  
I have a 93 ford explorer with the push button 4wd and it does not light up and does not engage but the silinoid clicks does anyone have an answer for that?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive chris 6-14-08  
Have a 98 ford rannger i turn the 4x4 knob on the dash to 4 hi i hear it click but it does not engage what could be causing this
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive joe 12-6-07  
I have a 2001 ranger 4 wheel I had the same problem. I could turn the shift knob and nothing would happen. after 3 days of searching and testing everything in and under the truck I unplugged the connection to the 4 wheel drive motor cleaned inspected and found nothing i also unplugged the main connection that goes thru the floor board under the drivers seat to clean [HUGE MISTAKE?] when i put it back and tried wheel drive the truck would not start nor did i have any lights on the back half of the truck after two more days of searchingI unplugged those connections again and found that I had several pins broken on those plugs due to corrosion one on the 4 wheel drive motor and 3 on the main plug I went to the local junk yard bought the plug that goes thru the floor board if you do this fix get a plug for the same year motor size and model of your truck I crawled around under several trucks and every one is different. tell the junk yard DO NOT unplug the new plug[there is a rubber seal in there you will never get back together and you could create a new problem or the same one ] cut the wires back 1 foot each side take the plug home and test each wire thru the plug for continuity If you do not understand wiring find someone who does and have them help you if you put a wire in the wrong place you could fry your computer module and cost your self alot more money very carefully match colors and solder and shrink wrap each wire as you go.most wires are different colors except a very few those wires are the same color with the same stripes except those stripes are different sizes. on the 2001 there are two wires with the same colors and the same size stripes [yellow w/ white stripes ]one goes to the fuel gauge and the other to the 4 wheel motor on the tranfer case if your 4 wheel does not work and your fuel gauge reads fuel when it should not switch those wires REMEMBER DO NOT UNPLUG THOSE CONNECTION UNLESS YOU ARE READY FOR A WORLD OF SHIT I was lucky and had a ford mech. of 22 years helping me with the rewiring.if I can assist in any other way email me at joeconrad72@msn.com I HOPE THIS HELPS AND GOOD LUCK
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive paul o'brien 9-24-09  
Is it normal to disengage 4 wheel drive by going in reverse ?? or is there something wrong ??
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Joey 2-12-10  
I have a 01 ford 4/4 ranger when i turn the switch for 4 wheel nothing happens not a click or nothing. checked the fuses they was good.What causes this?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive jan 11-18-08  
same problem, same year.
what was your solution and how much did it cost??
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive 1993 Tyrone Hackney 9-14-09  
I have a 1993 ford ranger that will not engage into 4 wheel drive. no light on dash no engagement.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive 1993 cmoore 1-17-10  
1993 ford ranger 4x4 how can you tell if the module behind the seat is bad or the motor on the tranfetr case.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive erick 2-8-10  
I have 1994 ford ranger 4x4 hi and low lights come on and transfurcase clicks but frunt wheels wont pull
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Peggy 12-8-09  
I can hear my 98 Ford Ranger click but doesn't engage to 4w what do I do?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Philip Cummings 12-6-07  
I have a 2002 Ford Ranger edge. My four wheel drive light will not come on and the 4x4 is engaged. I played around with it and couldn't fix so... Took it to the dealership today. They feel it is the 4x4 module as there is not any communication to it. Hopefully that will fix the problem. If anyone agrees or disagrees with diagnostic let me know and maybe save me $316.00.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive M. Engler 11-27-08  
Alex, having the same problem here. Did you ever find out what the problem was? Thanks
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive HUGO 12-12-10  
Hello mr,on your problem there is a module on pass side floor panel that make the 4x4 works,if you can replace it with any one that let you use it for a test you wi;; see how it works.The price is about $260,but in ebay you may get it for $160.good luck Mr.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive andrew 9-4-09  
Hey did you ever find out the problem wiht your 4x4? my 93 does the same thing. it always used to owrk, but when you hold on the botton nothing happens, can you please help me.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive cliff 11-5-10  
The same thing that has happen to your ranger is happening to mine please let me know what you found out.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive jerry 9-12-10  
My ford wheel drive will not work i even got a new botton and it still dosent work and the lights dont come on either
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive josh 5-20-09  
Hi,I have the same problem with my 93 ranger I'am under the impression that it is my 4+4 computer that is located behind my seat,wich I have a standered cab so it may be different on yours.Please let me know if you figure out the problem.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive jason 1-8-09  
I have a 91 same thing did you get yours fixed and what was it?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive tom 10-18-10  
I push the button for 4x4 and it dont light up or go into 4x4 its a 93ford ranger
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive alex 1-20-09  
My 2002 ford ranger is an auto 6 cylinder with a switch that goes to 4 wheel high or low. Of corse it worked like twice when i got it and now it doesnt.

any help


Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Jay 1-13-12  
I had the same problem! What I did was I crawled under it and took off the (silencer or weight what ever it is called) and loosened the bolts about 1/2 way on the motor for the 4x4 one at a time and tried the button and it was the top bolt on mine that was making it bind so i took out that bolt and tightened up all the other bolts {except the one i took out "top one"} and put the (silencer or weight what ever it is called) and it will work in 4 high now with no problem but 4 low still don't work i think it might be the push button for that part.........
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Ron Valdez 7-3-13  
4wd. push on the fly buttons not lighting and not engaging.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive JOHN OPPERMAN 12-5-10  
02 ford ranger 4x4 problem
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Codee 5-14-11  
There is a box in the back of the cab inside. that is the main power for the 4 wheel dirve. i had the same problem and i switched that out and it worked after that
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Henry 2-16-11  
1990 ford ranger 4.0L 4x4
My push button for my 4x4 doesn't have power i was wondering where the fuse is or relay that supplies it, i took the switch out and some of the wires touch and i heard a zap coming from the area where the fuses are under neath the steering column, please help.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive donald paul 2-4-11  
Try changing the shift motor on the transfer case i had that problem and it fixed mine
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive bill 1-28-11  
No 4 wheel drive no lights on dash fuses ok??? how do i check for power at motor on tran. case?? what i need is wirer diagram?? or is there a com. proplem??thanks.............
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive david w 3-25-10  
Push the 4x4 button till it engages shift the truck into nuteral then push the 4low button
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive josh 12-9-10  
Whats the proper way to engage 4-wheel drive on a manual trans 93 ford ranger,locking hub push button?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive shane burgess 10-15-10  
I think your 4x4 transfer is going out.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Tjaart 7-21-11  
RFW & 4Wheel drive light flashes simultaneously & cannot select 4 W Drive.Please help with advice.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive jim 9-5-08  
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Pete 11-27-09  
The clips aren't on the outside of the bearing cups, they're on the bottom of the cups.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Montez A. Hogue 5-12-16  
Why did the 4x4 drive in my 2002 ford ranger atvite on its own and how do i get back to 2 wheel drive?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Montez A. Hogue 5-12-16  
I would like to know if ford know that their ranger 4x4 4.0 will go into four wheel drive on its own will they fix this problem?
Re: 2002 Ford Ranger John 7-23-09  
My 2002 Ford Ranger jumps out of 4 wheel drive and back in from every 2 to 10 seconds. Just constantly in and out. The noise I hear appears to be coming from the transfer case.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive jack 1-17-11  
I like many others have 2001 ford ranger the 4x4 does not engage when i turn to 4 hi or lo no nothing. fuses are all good need help
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive JAMES DRAKE 3-13-09  
2002 ford ranger automatic wont go into 4-wheel drive, any suggestions.
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Tim Harrison 11-19-10  
My 4 wheel drive on my 1994 Ford Ranger won't engage. Do these trucks have a history of specific things going out at around 100,000 miles?
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive dylan t 11-16-10  
Stop driving
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive Brian 12-16-10  
I have a 93 Ford Ranger with a 3.0. It has electric 4x4. The panel lights around the push buttons no longer light up and when I push the 4x4 button nothing happens anymore. I used my 4x4 approximately 3 months ago and it worked fine. The panel lights around it worked at that time also. Is there a fuse for the 4x4? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Re: 2002 Ford Ranger Rod 12-31-11  
When i turn the knob to put it in 4 whhel drive nothing happens is there anything i can do to check why its doing that
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive 1993 Dave 1-12-11  

I have a problem with my 2wd,it will not work.checked all fuses and wiring to the motor.
What else should I be checking,how do you check the shift modual,should there be an indicator lite on it at all times or just when the 4wd is engaged??

Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive broc 12-1-10  
I have a problem with my 4x4 ranger it wont come out. but i know what might be your problum. check to see if your fuses are in the right spot. on the driver side the fuse box i think it is number 14 see if there is a fusxe in that spot. b.c i pulled those fuses out one by one and the lghts qand clicking noses gose away. chick them and lket me know if it helps
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive mike 1-14-11  
I have a 4 wheel drive ranger...but when i switch to 4 wheel drive nothing happens...no light on dash for 4x4 low or high....can someone help me please????
Re: Ford Ranger 4 Wheel Drive thomas. 2-25-11  
Hey buddy. I saw your post. had that same problem. it is the shift module. it looks like a little sound system amplifer. from what i know, they are behind the rear fold out seat on the drivers side with the older rangers. Take it out, and take the top off, the resisters and points like to go bad in these, hit it up with some fine steel wool or some fine grit sandpaper so kind of re-expose the points on anything that seems corroded. Then you will want to wipe it down or blow it all out. dont use water or liquids at all! then see if it works. on some cases, you will hear a clicking sound when you go to engage your 4x4. if not, it doesnt mean anything. if that doesnt work, and the fuses are good, then its either bad wires, or it will be a bad transfer case module. good luck with it.
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