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Duo therm thermostat R Mcleod 10-5-05  
I have a 2005 Cardinal 5th wheel rv. When I run the furnace the heat cycles fine..but the fan does not shut off. I have to lowewr the thermostat lever to make the fan shut off. I called the dealer but they said this is normal. Please reply
Re: duo therm thermostat aaron 12-16-08  
And freeze control if it's a heat pump..the 5 uses a different freeze control....ee will show up anytime you put a 5 button on a 4 button system..it means you have a comucation error between the system
Re: duo therm thermostat wally 12-11-08  
I am replacing the old 4 button with a new 5 button #3109228.001 and I get the EE code. Will this new one work in place of the old one. Old one is still working.
Re: duo therm thermostat by dometic Jack 4-12-15  
When we were leaving from camping this week I went to go shut the air conditioner off, when I flipped the switch to off it continued to run.. I had to turn the breaker off for it to stop running. Can you please give me some suggestions on what to check to solve this problem. Thank you, and will be waiting to hear from you.
Re: duo therm thermostat rosana 4-12-09  
We have the dometic comfort control 5 button thermostat. Worked fine last time we used it but now when I turn it on you see the digital readings come up for a sec or 2 and then it seems dead. Does that seem like we need a new thermostat.
Re: duo therm thermostat rayjay 5-10-09  
Duo-therm problems on the furnace setting the furnac keeps going and the heat donsmt stop until I turn the thermosat right off then it stops any ideas ? what do I have to repair or get repaired?
Re: duo therm thermostat Joe 6-4-08  
We were receiving an EE error code and all 3 of our air conditioners were not running properly ---- turning on and then right back off. It turned out to be a bad flourescent light fixture which was interferring with the comfort control units. We turned off the light(will rplace it) and everything works fine.
Re: duo therm thermostat Bob 4-27-08  
Duo-therm control showing EE. How do I return it to original settings?
Re: duo therm thermostat Joe 10-6-05  
I would think your furnace has a low limit switch which shuts off the fan when the the chamber cools down.
Re: duo therm thermostat Delta Greer 9-16-06  
Our Duo-therm will not cut off either unless we turn the temp all the way down, my personal comment if the thermostat was good quality it would shut off where ever you needed it to and not when the temp is all the way down in other words it would cycle right then shut off.uh cheap thermostat
probablyy made no telling where.
Re: duo therm thermostat john 5-15-07  

#3109228.001 comfort control center

#3109226.00 electronic kit control

#3106986.007 cable kit

Do not have duo therm model # for purchasing these parts...could you assist in completing this info and where to purchase them?

Many thanks,John
Re: duo therm thermostat john 6-27-07  
I have purchased the parts referred to in Re: duo therm thermostat 5-15-07.
Installation was without difficulty however my comfort control center model #3109228.001 serial#7171884 shows "EE" and does not function otherwise.What do you think?
Previous email address may have been different and probably doesn't matter. Thanks so much.John
Re: duo therm thermostat Shane Wilson 8-15-09  
My A/C control is showing E4. I don't know what trouble that designates.
Re: duo therm thermostat Ron 3-30-09  
Our Duop Therm heat pump AC unit, with the 5 button Comfort Control center seems to want to run forever. It is on a Safari Motorhome with the 3011 floor plan. This puts the bedroom/living area in the rear of the coach, with the cockpit isolated up front. Since we close off the cockpit for privacy we do not really care what the temperature is there. It appears to have it's own small white round thermostat (#030950) located above the driver's seat. Is this thermostat causing our AC system to run until the front and rear of the unit is at the same temp? Is there a way to by-pass this front thermostat?
Re: duo therm thermostat Al Oltmer 6-6-11  
Showing E2 code. Fan will operate but no compressor. What should I do?
Re: duo therm thermostat Al Oltmer 6-6-11  
Showing E2 code. Fan will operate but no compressor. What should I do?
Re: duo therm thermostat james agnew 1-9-10  
Where can i purchase 3106986.007???
Thank you.
Re: duo therm thermostat richard s. tracey 1-26-12  
Duo-therm No. 3109228.001 5 button show EE error what is wrong ?
Re: duo therm thermostat DennyW 1-29-12  
My thermostat # is 3106463.007
When I scrol through the modes it goes from off to fan-- ac---heat strip

It skips over furnace am I not getting power to the Suburban sf30 furnace?

What would cause the thermostat not to show furnace?

Denny W
Re: duo therm thermostat Gordon Island 5-24-11  
I have a 2000 Dutchman w/a 3107612.00007 thermostat. My ac will work fine for a while then on low fan will start to act like it is wanting to shut off but starts to stutter on and off. It will run fine on hi-fan. Been gone for 3 months and now it when the swithced from off to cool the ac appears to run but no fan. Is this enough info to analyze the problem. Is it the thermostat or fan motor ?
Re: duo therm thermostat bob 9-7-11  
Therastat no longer shows furnace mode only zone 1 a/c and zone 2 a/c. 1 of the air units was replaced this summer, could they have disconnected the furnace somehow, also will furnace mode only show if thermostat see a funace in the wiring?
Re: duo therm thermostat bogdan maksymowicz 3-7-10  
I can not get a/c mode control is showing error E4. I don't know what trouble that designates.
Re: duo therm thermostat Bruce McDonald 2-19-10  
Just recently replaced my total Dometic A/C System & have a 4 button CCC that works. Can it be used for a coach that has 2 A/C units as my set up was just for one A/C?
Re: duo therm thermostat Carl Lancaster 5-21-11  
I have a 1996 Newmar MountainAire with a four button duro therm thermostat. Having trouble getting air conditioner, both Zones 1&2 on at the same time.
Do I need to replace the thermostat and what do I replace it with, and where do I purchase it.
Respectfully, Carl
Re: duo therm thermostat PATTY BURSLEY 5-8-10  
Thermostat keeps room heated if on 70 degrees or more. Otherwise it cycles on and off. Maybe a new thermostat?
Please help
Re: duo therm thermostat nancy 6-10-10  
I recently replaced my old duo therm,with one that isn't exactly the same,the new one has a heat pump switch on it. The old one doesn't. It is for AC and furnace. The problem is,when it is turned on,nothing happens. The fan works,but nothings else. Can you advise?Thank you.
Re: duo therm thermostat george 6-24-10  
I have a 94 golden falcon tour edition i need a thermostat the #3104857-002 it run's the ac-fan-elec-gas or the replacement for it can anyone help
Re: duo therm thermostat Norm FitzGerald 2-12-09  
Having the same problem. Have you received a solution yet? If so would you please share. Thanks
Re: duo therm thermostat John W. Carpenter 8-30-07  
I am having same problem John is having, 6-27-07. I couldn't find how to fix it. Same model #. 3109228.001. Same thing on 2 different comfort control units. Can you tell me what to do to fix this?? JC
Re: duo therm thermostat Bob Hacker 2-25-08  
When I installed the comfort control center all I get is EE.Can you help?
Re: duo therm thermostat William A. Hendrix 4-29-08  
The EE error code indicates that the communication cable has an incomplete path (a short or a break). Most freuently in the telephone connectors. If this is a Newmar product the connectors are exposed indirectly to the elements. New connectors will usually fix unless there is a break in the cable. First unplug and replug several times to wipe the contcts.
Re: duo therm thermostat MARK ROSS 7-29-09  
William, Do you still have any 3106463007 thermostats available? It looks like I need one and I saw somewhere you rebuild these? Thanks so much, Mark Ross3x
Re: duo therm thermostat aaron 12-16-08  
No any time you change a 4-button with a 5 button the boards will need to be changed out too.
Re: duo therm thermostat Frank 3-23-09  
I have a 5 button Duo Therm which I get two messages:
EE or E8 Any idea what these mean?
Re: duo therm thermostat Dianne 3-25-09  
We're getting E4 message on our Dometic thermostat. Don't have any trouble shooting guide. Did you ever get an answer or a guide?
Re: duo therm thermostat joe 12-9-11  
How do I change from Zone 2 to Zone 1.
Seems to be stuck on 2
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