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Headliner for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Eric Thompson 2-14-05  
We just purchased a 1988 Winnebago Superchief. The headliner is sagging very badly. The material used originally is a cloth/foam backed material. What is the best way to remove the foam from the plywood ceiling and can you suggest a more durable material to replace the cloth/foam backed material and where can it be purchased. Thanks in advance for all your help!!

Height of winnebago superchiefs bonnie 9-7-07  
Can anyone tell me how tall a winnebago superchief is-- im looking for storage for winter but dont know how tall it is
Re: Headliner for 1988 Winnebago Superchief chris 9-9-08  
Does anyone know where the main battery for the engine is located??
Front end for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Serafin J Scalise 2-13-06  
When i'm driving the vehicle is swerveing a lot. There are springs already installed in the suspencion arms.
The rims are originals, and the tire pressire is the recomended. Should I replase the rims for other type? What do you recomend?
Re: Headliner for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Ron Wasiluk 3-4-05  
I also have an 88 Superchief and we are about to replace the headliner after thinking about it for a long time. I just read an article that said a course sand paper is the best way to remove the foam (search the web under headliner topic) and dont worry about the residue after the foam is gone. The foam is what has to be off not the thin glue layer. There are other products which are less pliable and more sound absorbing which require special adhesives (you can see these products in newer RVs) but the price for replacement is three times the cost the fabric/foam that was originally installed. Good place to get F/F is Hancock Fabrics; $200 will do the hole ceiling. Most folk try to put the fabric on a tacky surface when it should be dry to the touch. Both surfaces need to be sprayed.
Re: Headliner for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Curt 2-16-05  
I had a 1990 Soutwind that had the same problem. I tried spray glue but it didn't work so I went to the lumber yard and bought some wood trim about 1 or 2 inches wide, painted it the same color as the ceiling fabric. cut it just a shade longer than the coach was wide and put it up with short screws. Worked great and if you do it right it looks good too. Hope this helps.
Interior Ceiling for a 1987 Pace Arrow Mike Lane 5-20-09  
I have a 1987 Pace Arrow... The headliner got extremely wet, and now the cabinets are sagging (about 1 inch) from the roof. The driver's sunvisor came completely out. How difficult is this repair for a do-it-yourselfer? Any help is apprciated.
Re: Headliner for 1988 Winnebago Superchief alan naylor 6-30-13  
Scraped headliner foam off with end of shopvac hose had no foam mess to clean up. cleaned glue residue off using rag and acetone, installed fiberglas reinforced panels from home depot, using glue for sam, wife loves the easy clean ceiling,sponge mop and 409.used some rosettes and temporary 2 by 2 bracing till glue set looks great
Re: Headliner for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Tondra 3-25-05  
We also have a 1988 Winn superchief with a sagging headliner. I was wondering if I could simply remove the fabric, scrap off the foam, sand the surface and paint it. Has anyone tried this? Does anyone have any ideas of whether this would be a bad idea?
Front end on a 1988 31rd s/c luis 9-23-12  
Why dose RV.shake at 40 or 50 mph.
Re: Headliner for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Brian 6-29-09  
Can anyone tell me where I can find replacement marker lights for the one in front over my windshield? Mine is a 1989 superchief 27. All but 1 of these lights are broke. I would like to use factory replacemnets so I can just screw them in. Thanks
Re: Headliner for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Mike 3-3-12  
I bought a 1988 win superchief 32' about a yar ago...I was totaly soaked by the owner..he staed everything worked and even though the cieling showed signs of water damage he assured me that it had all been fixed and there were no problems...could not have been farther from the truth..it was a three hour home n the rain and the cieling was soaked...water every place...

I have fixed all the electical problems from the charger to the lights.

But as for the cieling I went to home depot and bought a indoor outdoor carpent that was very low nap...I unscrewed the cabinets on the cieling and did not remove, just let them hang. THen I pulled off and removed the old cieling. I used a resperator mask and a hard scrub brush on a handle and all the old foam cam right off right to the wood. I then cut the carpet to fit big, after removing all the cieling light and items, and applied indoor out door glue to the roof and put the carpet up with push pins. Then I trimed to fit...it was a bit of work but it looks great! I can send pics of it if someone likes..I love my super chiel even with all he initail problems, I have a chevy chasis and with headers and a little tuning I get 11-12 miles to the gallon and she will pull anything...

If you would like to contact me feel free...I now knowthis coach inside and out...
Oh by he way since I used several remnants of the same carpet it cost about $100 to do the whole cieling...

Re: Headliner for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Joel 4-4-10  
I can't help you with your problem, but I am looking for an owrners manual for a 1988 Winnebago Super Chief. If you would want to sell yours, if you have one (or a copy of it), how does $100.00 sound?

Re: Headliner for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Mike 7-10-09  
What is the best adhesive to use for the headliner? I am using fabric that does not have the foam backing to plywood ceiling in living quarter of horse trailer.
Rad 1989 Winnebago Superchief Rob Lander 3-7-10  
I have a leaky rad and I'm not sure how to remove it. Any help would be apreciated.

Thanks Rob
Re: Battery for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Henry Blakes 1-27-10  
Can anyone tell me what the big batteries under the steps operates?
Re: Headliner for 1988 Winnebago Superchief mark 1-11-07  
This is an old message but i will respond. Yes, i tried it and thought it was a good idea. But all imperfections come through even the one you dont see, even with a thick coat.
Re: front end for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Ron 3-22-07  
Hi, I bought a 1988 SuperChief USED in 1994 with 4000 miles on it. When I first got it, it swerved all over the road. What tipped me off is it would make a funny hard thumping noise in the rear when I turned. I soon found out that the connection on the rear sway bar had broke off the mount. I removed it and had it repaired. There is no more swaying and it rides like it should. Make sure you have the rear end re-aleingned, or you will blow out your air bags. This happened to me. NOW, if you have a porposing problem in the front end, you need to install new shocks. I did. I installed Bilstien Gas, and it solved the problem right away. Make sure you have good air bags in the coils @90psi. If you need more info, Contact me @ Captnronn1@aol.com
Re: front end for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Ronalli 11-3-08  
Hi...your problem may be the rear sway bar....the sway bar clamps are week on the rear. You can new ones at the chevy dealer...replacing the bushings is a good idea too. Check the front spring air bags to see if they are holding air...if not test or replace them.....Bilstien shocks are a great way to stop swaying also...thanx Ronalli
Re: front end for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Ronalli 11-3-08  
Clarification to my last comments: The rear sway bar clamps will sometimes break or crack causing the clamp to become disconnected from the frame. Usually the strain and weight will cause the bolts to pull through the clamp...use sched (hardened) 5 or greater bolts with washers to make the repair. Also check the 1-1/2 bar over the differential to make sue it is secure....Thanx Ronall@aol.com
Re: Headliner for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Ronalli 11-3-08  
Hi, the battery on the winnebago 31 RQ is located up front right behind the bumper..and in front of the radiator. It has it's own tray in which you can install another battery.....thanx Ronalli
Re: Headliner for 1988 Winnebago Superchief sam 3-14-10  
We are doing a motor home and there is a headline without the foam backing. we found it at an automotive upholstry store. Is more durable then regular automotive headliner yet thinner than carpet. to apply headlinger you need contact cement, brush it on is cheaper then spraying. Goo off will take off foam, sanding requires a mask to protect your lungs.
Re: Battery for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Joe 2-28-10  
They operate all the 12 volt power supply for the whole RV at least thats what i was told by my previous owner. He also said that when you plug in the power (AC) that it will charge the same batteries. Its so you dont have to kick on the generator just to use a simple light.
Re: Battery for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Alan Naylor 8-3-13  
Open hood and look down behind bumper that's where mine is
Re: Battery for 1988 Winnebago Superchief Joanne 4-20-14  
How do I remove battery from under hood of 1988 Superchief?
Re: Headliner for 1988 Winnebago Superchief ralph gates 4-27-10  
I have a 1994 winnebago brave and the ceiling is also sagging and have been thinking about takeing it all down and painting the wood. does anyone know what grade of wood is up there and will painting it look ok...
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