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Duo-therm 65900 Dean Nicholls 12-5-04  
I have a pace arrow RV fitted with a Duo-Therm 65900 series gas direct-vent forced air furnace. I have a problem with the furnace which is:
When switched on, it automatically lights and lights the furnace, runs for approximately 1-2 minutes and then goes out. It then, after 1 minute approx, tries to ignite with no success. Can you tell me if the problem I have is with the gas control 12V not letting the gas through or is there something else to stop it re-igniting and running the furnace. If I switch the furnace off, wait 5 minutes, it will do exactly the same, i.e. lighting once and going out and eventually blowing cold air.
I look forward to your reply.
Dean Nicholls
Re: duo-therm 65900 Jorge Ruiz 2-1-05  
I need the control module for 65900 series heater, anybody have one or if you guys where can I find it
looking forward to hear from you guys Thanks...
Re: duo-therm 65900 John Wenger 1-6-05  
So what happened? I have a Duo-Therm 65930-064, IIRC, with the same problem.

My user's manual suggests lots of possible causes, one of which is that the furnace needs cleaning. However, the manual neglects to inform one as how cleaning is to be done. I hate to remove the furnace if it can be cleaned in place somehow, perhaps by removing the inspection plate and inserting a small vacuum hose.

I would appreciate any hints, both on the short-cycling problem and the normal cleaning problem.

Thanks in advance.

Re: duo-therm 65900 wrench 12-5-04  
Disconnect the 12+ at the selenoid valve, jump 12V+ from an other source to the valve, see if it open, unscrew the nozel & look in the sun if the orifice is clear(very small hole). Make sure there is no restriction in the air flow(ant,bee nest).
Re: duo-therm 65900 Sarena 1-14-12  
Our furnace ran fine for 24 hours, then we ran out of fuel. when we hooked up a new tank, it would turn on for a few seconds and then blow the fuse. We have replaced the fuses and it still happens. We have tried the external wiring, and it still happens even with new wiring. We really need to figure out what is wrong with the furnace. We are at a loss as to what is causing it. My husband at this point is cleaning the entire furnace to see if this is the problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Re: duo-therm 65900 Dean Nicholls 12-6-04  
Thanks for that.I will give it a go and get back to you. deano
Re: duo-therm 65900 Cary 3-12-05  
I have a 1984 Pace Arrow with this same furnace. When I attempt to light it the blower comes on and I can hear it clicking and can see the igniter(automatic)sparking. If I take the view window off I can smell gas so I know its fireing and getting gas. The burner just never ignites. Any ideas??

Thanks, Cary
Re: duo-therm 65900 bob 9-20-10  
Can i buy parts for this unit? The flue and air inlet tubes are rusty.
Re: duo-therm 65900 deb mckay 9-12-10  
I need a wiring diagram for duo therm 65903-002
Re: duo-therm 65900 Robert Flanagan 11-16-08  
I have duo-therm 65900 Direct spark ignition.
The problem is that when the furnace turns off the fan in the furnace keeps running. It keeps running after the furnace is cooled down. It will ignite after manually switching off the unite. DO you have any ideas as what this could be?

Re: duo-therm 65900 brian peterson 4-25-07  
Im looking for a duo therm 65900series furnaces I Have a 1980 laton rv
Re: duo-therm 65900 mike morrison 5-16-07  
My Duo-Therm 65900 won't ignite or will the gas valve open, I suspect the control module. Is there a way to bench test the module. I have a 12v dc power supply and a real good Fluke meter.Several service shops tell me they can't test the control module, just give'em $150.00 and they give me a new one ? I have no doubt that this can be bench tested. Thanks
Re: duo-therm 65900 david bennett 12-9-06  
I need to get to the blower to replace or oil it help??
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