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Dometic RM2611 Stephanie 11-18-04  
I recently purchased a 1994 Gulfstream Innsbrook Travel Trailer and the refrigerator went out, but the freezer was still working. Well when I went to check it yesterday evening, I found that the freezer has stopped working also. The lights on the panel and inside both compartments still work. It is a Dometic RM2611.

Do you have any suggestions?

Dometic Lisa Howard 1-1-09  
Looking for information on a Dometic refrigerator that will run off propane or electric. We just bought a camper and this is the unit that is in it. Not familiar with this type of appliance. The camper is a 1970 Nomad.
Any suggestions on this appliance would greatly be appreciated. How long does it run on propane? Upkeep on the burners or appliance itself.

Re: Dometic RM2611 Terry REichardet 9-18-17  
Defrosted the Dometic 2611, Its now freezing everything in the Fridge even on # 1, Using it on Elec. only, It's set up in a park.
Re: Dometic RM2611 Tim Mckee 8-17-08  
We have problem with dometic rm2611
in ac mode It won't cool down and found a distinctive ammonia smell...unit powers up but now makes gurgling sound any body know whats up here?
Re: Dometic RM2611 Cori 5-16-09  
I've had my Lance camper to Camping world a couple of time's regarding my DM 2611 They changed the Circut board and it still did not work, then they told me I needed a new fridge the 2 nd time. I think Dometic should add this fridge to their recall list!!!
Re: Dometic RM2611 rickey lutz 11-9-09  
Have 1994 Dometic RM2611, was working ok, then stoped & chemical smell from inside. Does it need replacing and with what or can it be repaired?
Re: Dometic RM2611 Mark 4-1-10  
I have a RM 2611, was working but now doesnt, No lights on main power board work also. Is there an easy fix ?
Re: Dometic RM2611 Dean Coles 11-15-09  
Hello guys n gals
I am very new to the RV world ( 2day)my 1994 5th wheel has a rm2611 fridge/freezer, but for the life of me I cannot get it to work. the furnace works fine!!!
the problem is It does not work at all, no power lights, fuses seem fine, batter is good, and the 5th wheel is plugged in on ac.
any suggestions on where to start?
Re: Dometic RM2611 lloyd loose 7-19-08  
When i plug my camper into ac, my rm 2611 refridge will not go over to ac it goes to gas.ive tried to switch it back and fourth from auto, but it dose
not want to go on ac
thanks lloyd
Re: Dometic RM2611 Sharon Sparks 6-10-09  
Have 1994 RM2611, worked last 5 years, won't start now. Just gurgles. Tried circulating the freon now chemical smell in camper. RV Repair says replace for $1300.00. Suggestions?
Re: Dometic RM2611 Jean Yves Vienneau 6-6-07  
I have a freg domestic on propane and when i blow the flame out propane never stop. when i take the wire from the valve coil it stop the propane flow but if i take one of the wire out and i blow the flame out it spark and light on. is the problem is comming from the termocouple or the main control ?
Re: Dometic RM2611 Jim Morley 8-18-05  
Have a used camper with a Dometic RM2611 refrigerator. Sat in driveway several years without being used. Wouldn't start up -- Took unit out of camper, rolled it, stood it on its end, beat on pipes, etc. Freezer tried to work, but not refrigerator. Left in garage several days -- pipes on back became very hot -- put a fan blowing on pipes -- GUESS WHAT -- Freezer and Frig started working great. Left fan on for several hours, to make sure it was going to work. Let cool down then put back in camper - won't work -- freezer trying to work, but not frig. Took back out, and rolled, etc. again. Plug in for 24 hours - nothing -- put fan on back hot circulation pipes, and GUESS WHAT -- started working again, and works great as long as the fan is blowing on the back of the unit -- PLEASE HELP!! Any suggestions as to what might be wrong? Jim Morley
Re: Dometic RM2611 Gary CC NV 11-18-04  
My local RV dealer told me $350.to $400.00. I ordered mine from Dinosaur.com, $205.00 mailed to my front door. It was very easy to change.
Re: Dometic RM2611 Sam Watson 11-18-04  
The circuit boards on the 2611 were prone to failure, replacemet with an aftermarket Dinosaur board will usually bring the unit back to life if the thermostat is not faulty, (they seldom fail) Check at your friendly RV dealer/repair. Since the board is easily replaced, the total cost of repair shouldn't put you in the poorhouse.
Re: Dometic RM2611 Julie Lee 11-27-05  
I let a friend borrow my RV after Hurricane Rita and she called today to say that the refrigerator went out. She said one day the refrigerator stopped cooling then the next day the freezer stopped working. She said it now smells like the chemicals that they use to give a hair perm. She said she wasn't cooling food so that is not why it smells. Please give me any suggestions. I believe it is about 12 years old. Thank you, Julie Lee
Re: Dometic RM2611 Dale LaRoche 5-5-06  
I have an RM2611 was working for a few years after I bought the camper 3 years ago. Works now except on Gas it does not always stay cold. Once it gets to the set temperature it seems to trip off. I have taken everything apart and cleaned according to the manual. Should I change the circuit board? The unit is 10 years old.
Re: Dometic RM2611 john wilson 4-24-10  
Just put a totally reconditioned RM2611 into my camper. It worked fine the first day then tried to start it a week later and it will not let any gas through and the ignitor will not spark. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks
Re: Dometic RM2611 Mark Wright 3-26-07  
I have owned 3 Dometic RM2611 units. One of them was new, the other came in a camper and I discovered paperwork for 2 more units in the cabinets. They have never worked right. They were installed exactly according to factory specs. We replaced numerous circuit boards, baffles, etc etc and they never worked properly. They will freeze in the refrig compartment when the unit is perfectly level and parked but look out if you want use the unit while you drive on propane or otherwise. And this is not due to a flameout. I had the same identical problem on the old unit. Then replaced with a brand new RM2611 and had the same identical problem so I actually traded campers and low and behold I forgot to check the model before I signed the paperwork and it behaved in exactly the same way as the other two had in a different unit. I'll never own another RM2611 and it will be the first thing I look for when trading campers.
Re: Dometic RM2611 Jim D 6-17-06  
I have a RM2611 it is getting some cold to the freezer but not to the frig. on Gas it sometimes goes from very cold to mid way all by it self I was going to try to burp it. today if you have any help please e-mail me @ jdev@ev1.net Thanks
Re: Dometic RM2611 RogerH 7-30-07  
My Freezer compartment seems to be doing just fine, however the bottom area want keep things very cold. Milk spoils rapidly and other important items (Beer) are to warm to drink....

How can I cure this problem??
Re: Dometic RM2611 Cynthia 11-19-08  
I have a Dometic RV fridge. If freezes in the freezer, but does not cool in the fridge. 50* I am wondering if it is because the temp has dropped outside (cooling off the tubes/pipes in back of the fridge) or if it is because the furnace blower is directly below the fridge and like I said it is cooler outside now, so I run the furnace? I run off of propane and all seems to be well, such as that I have cleaned everything that I have read about to clean.
It makes a click/scrape sound every 10 secs or so and it is not the ignighter. I am not sure what is making that sound, but I hear it when I am outside and I hear it when I put my ear to the inside of the fridge. That is the best way to describe it.

I talked to the local RV place and I was told that if I could hear the fridge gurgling from the back that I had clogged cooling tubes. Is this true? The trailer has been level since I have had it for over 8 months.

I have also heard that I can take a torch and heat up the pipes/tubes in the back and this would make the amonia flow.
Also, I run off of a generator not electricity, so I do not know if it cools because I don't run my generator for long periods of time, I do know it sucks power when I turn it from gas to electric.
Re: Dometic RM2611 Norma 7-27-14  
I have a 1993 Terry 5th wheel and the refrigerator went out, but the freezer was still working. when I went to check it yesterday, I found that the freezer has stopped working also. The lights on the panel and inside both compartments still work. It is a Dometic RM2611.

Do you have any suggestions?
Re: Dometic RM2611 MONA PINSENT 11-12-13  
My RM2611 will not work in ac or propane it light up but do not start it then returns to check do you think it could be the circuit board
Re: Dometic RM2611 Gerald Hunt 5-31-12  
Replaced circuit board last year on model 2611 and worked fine but this year the frige will not cool or freezer wiil not cool. The coils in back get really hot and I can hear the coils gurgleing or fluid moving through them. I have banged on them with a rubber mallet really hard seaveral times but will not work or dislodge anything. Can still hear the amonia moving in the coils.
Re: Dometic RM2611 Richard Earle 8-4-14  
I have a 1996 30" Gulfstream Innsbrook Travel Trailer with an above noted refrigerator. It is in a park location and power is hooked up. I was working fine on AC last year year, but this year it went to GAS and would not work on AC. It was slow at first, but worked on gas for a few days. Then quit. Any suggestions?
Re: Dometic RM2611 Richard 3-7-15  
Whatever you to do to fix your Dometic RM2611 refrigerator put in a Dinosaur circuit board and most of your issues will be eliminated
Re: Dometic RM2611 Peter miller 9-15-16  
I have an rm2611 fridge, the only way the burner liters is if I take the thermocouple wires off the board or the ground. I have 30 m.v. When it is lit. Do I need a new board or thermouple? Or both?
Re: Dometic RM2611 WAYNE 4-26-15  
Re: Dometic RM2611 dick Wareham 5-16-10  
Dometic DM2611... Works fine on AC.
Has issues with Propane.
1. Will not always start unless I have MH iginition turned on.
2. When lights come on shows Gas and cooling level.
then goes to check light.
3.Sometimes starts continues on for a while then stops.?
Re: Dometic RM2611 JODIE 5-22-12  
We have a rm2611 one week it was working fine the next all lights work freezer and fridge not working. fuses all good doesn't look like burnt or shorted wires. does not work on ac or on gas. any help would be great
Re: Dometic RM2611 joe mcleod 4-9-15  
I have a domestic frig. And its just clicks it sometimes get a little cool an then goes out again I'm new to this camper thing an no nothing about the frig. I have it on auto an the check light comes on along with the ac light I have yet to try the gas sure hope you can help.
Re: Dometic RM2611 Duane Roy 8-4-10  
I have a RM2611 model. Works well on AC but will not light up on Gas. I have changed the electrode but will still not light on own. I have lit burner with a lighter and flame will light. Does the burner run continually or does it go out and re light when necessary.
Any suggestions would be appreciated on why it does not light on its own.
Re: Dometic RM2611 Alice 7-8-10  
1994 Gulfstream class c has Dometic RM2611 freezer works fridge does'nt have an answer?
Re: Dometic RM2611 GARY 5-4-12  
Re: Dometic RM2611 nickcole 6-5-10  
I have the domectic rm 2611 in a 1995 prowler travel trailer and i was wondering why it took the refrigerator so long to get cold on electric or gas.
Re: Dometic RM2611 Scott 9-25-10  
Have a dometic rm 2611 in a 1994 fleetwood tioga. Runs great on AC, but won't stay running on gas. Flame goes out, check light comes on. It will restart when turned off then back on but same thing happens a few minutes later. It does get cold. Initial start seems to run the longest when fridge is set to coldest setting.
Any Suggestions?
Re: Dometic RM2612 Paul Eldridge 10-31-10  
Have a rm2612, it works fine on ac but not on gas, it will lighe the burner sometimes but goes out in 1 to 3 minutes, try to start it again and igniter tries but no gas is coming though gas solenoid valve then check-light comes on. Is it the solenoid or the board. Thank for any suggestions in advance.
Re: Dometic RM2611 jim sproch 10-19-11  
We have a dometic rm2611. Was working well until we left for three months. Upon return, seems to be running, but will only get the freezer compartment a little cool. now runs w/oooling.
Re: Dometic RM2611 Eric malone 8-24-11  
Needing a Jumper to Jumper diagrahm when replacing the circuit board of a RM 2611 with the Dometic 3308741.002 part. Trying to install.
Re: Dometic RM2611 Leon 3-24-12  
My freezer woks fine but the fridge doesn't cool at all. any suggestions?
Re: Dometic RM2611 Bart 9-27-09  
At night my rv refrigerator stay nice an cool 38 degree but during the day it
warm up to 80 degree. What can i do to correct this problem.
Re: Dometic RM2611 brian 5-8-12  
Freezer compartment freezes just fine refrigerator compartment dosent cool
Re: Dometic RM2611 Jerry Crawford 7-15-08  
I bought a 1986 empress motorhome; it came with a 1994 RM2611 fridge. Worked well all last year and most of May and June, then wouldn't stay lit on propane. It lights fine, but anywhere from 20 minutes to two or three hours later, it goes out and the "Check" light comes on. Works fine on 120V or 12V.
Soaked the orifice with alcohol and blew our with compressed air; cleaned all the ash and crud out of the burner tube. Will cleaning the flue help, and if so, how does one go about it?
Re: Dometic RM2611 Don 7-15-08  
Have an older RM2611. I need to buy a relay board and perhaps an igniter. Where do I start?
Re: Dometic RM2611 Bill Crooks 3-20-12  
Just bought an rv and the refridgerator does not wor. We have power to the plug but it does not light up. Breaker is on and fuses are good. Any ideas? Thanks Bill.
Re: Dometic RM2611 beaneater 8-29-15  
My dm 2611 is doing the same thing. Has anyone replyed to your problem? Im thinking the cooling system is gone. the ammonia is what they use for coolent from what ive heard. Tag
Re: Dometic RM2611 Brad 7-26-12  
My Dometic Rm2611 will work fine on AC power while on gas the freezer will work but fridge portion will not 60+ degrees and when on DC freezer barely works and fridge not at all.
it has a Dinosaur control panel.
Re: Dometic RM2611 PAUL SMITH 7-7-09  
Re: Dometic RM2611 Ann Tweeddale 7-25-15  
We have a dometic 2611 fridge in a rv trailer sometimes when we try and start the fridge when we are hooked to power it does not want to switch from gas to power. It is hard t keep it running on gas unless we cool it down with power first. I hope u can help with info Thanks Ann
Re: Dometic RM2611 lindsay 6-15-09  
Never buy a dometic rm2611 and i think they should be on there recall list.
Re: Dometic RM2611 Bryan 4-6-10  
Have a 2611 Dometic ref. Freezes everything in the ref. and now lights went out and won't get cold.
Re: Dometic RM2611 Mike 11-15-15  
Dometic 2611 stopped working the front lights come on to gas but not to the d.c.or a.c. plus it won't work on gas either just shoes on the lights it does
Re: Dometic RM2611 allan 3-14-13  
I have a dometic 2611 It starts fine on gas, it's plugged into 12volt supply, cools fridge and freezes but will randomly start the ignitor (tick tick tick) The unit is lit so not sure why the ignitor would do this. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
Re: Dometic RM2611 Lloyd Fries 11-11-10  
Have a dometic rm 2611 in a 1995 Seea Breeze. Runs great on AC, but won't stay running on gas. Flame goes out, check light comes on. It will restart when turned off then back on but same thing happens a few minutes later. It does get cold. Flame appears to burn toward the right side from the rear hardling touching the thermocouple.
Re: Dometic RM2611 Bill 11-26-16  
Refer has been working very well, we upgraded to a newer5th wheel and sold are camper to another party pluggeg everything in and all was working fine until it lost power? Only to the fridge ( no lights on power bar / or control panel) checked breakers fusses, is there a fuse I'm missing that's part of the unit I don't see???
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