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Replacement camper siding dave 9-9-03  
Looking to remove and replace the tin siding on my slide in camper this winter.were can I order the sheets of siding in aluminum or plastic?
Replacement cab-over front panel charlotte 6-13-11  
Where can I purchase the complete fiberglass cab-over front panel.
Re: replacement camper siding Dan Blomquist 11-2-10  
I have searched the Internet for "System 3" and cannot find it anywhere.
Can you provide the website address or some other way to contact the company?
Re: replacement camper siding Ray Mauterstock 7-14-10  
I have an 87 Eldorado motor home damaged by a falling tree and need to replace some of the siding.

I seek 1" Mesa siding in Colonial White the width is 42 1/2" by 9' and another in 3' length
also NEED 30' of joint trim also in colonial white ( to accept 1" vinyl insert )

It seems this is a hard to find product.

Can use any help available as I have repaired the framing and am now ready to skin.

Re: replacement camper siding Doug 10-4-11  


Re: replacement camper siding ralph carter 2-1-12  
Need fibreglass ribbed sheets for 80s coachman class c motorhome.
Covering aluminum siding with vinyl siding Brenda Wilson 6-12-12  
Wanting to cover a part of my old jayco aluminum camper with vinyl. Can this be done ok? Camper is on permant lot and will not be moved. All but this one end is covered with porch.
Re: replacement camper siding mam 6-9-12  
Re: replacement camper siding Charles Dunlap 6-7-09  
Will be replacing roof and all siding
need info on where to get materials
and best way to remove and what to replace in wall
Re: replacement camper siding Lew Thompson 1-18-12  
Where canI find replacement siding for a Wilderness XT-1 camper trailer, preferably in the Oklahoma area
Re: replacement camper siding Gene S 3-27-09  
Interstatemetals.com Inside and outside panels, siding and ceiling panels.
Re: replacement camper siding Chuck Ward 4-28-04  
I would like to change the siding on my 5th wheel trailer to fiberglass. My problem so far is finding somewhere to buy the fiberglass panels. The dealer won't even talk to me about it. If you have a source please let me know. thanks
Re: replacement camper siding David S 9-10-03  

If you are really looking at residing your RV yourself, you might look into fiberglassing it. System 3 makes really great products, I'm using them to replace the attic on my class C. If you follow their directions, the hardest part is taking the old siding off. They also make a dry rot stabilizer, which is handy for fixing worn screwholes.

If you fiberglass, you could pass your coach off as being "less than 10 years old" and get into all of the really snooty places!

Re: replacement camper siding Bob 9-9-03  
Call manufacture,they will tell you who is supplier. Or if you have a custom coach builder near by. It is not an easy job.
Re: replacement camper siding Hank Adams 7-11-07  
I have a 37 foot allegro bay camper. Fiberglass siding is peeling away. I am putting on a new rubber roof and i thought about putting on the old style alluminum siding that was on all the campers before they started using the fiberglass sheeting. Can you help me out with my idea. Thanks Hank Adams
Re: replacement camper siding warren jarland 6-9-08  
I have a older camper and it has bad hail damage and was just wondering how expensive it would be to buy the new siding for it.
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Re: replacement camper siding Rustin Porter 11-16-08  
I have a 1978 kit camper. I would like to know where i can get matching siding for it?

Re: replacement camper siding tom layne 7-8-12  
I want a quote for the material cost to replace my siding on a 1992 class c 28'
Re: replacement camper siding Bob Tease 3-17-09  
Looking for a site in Wisconsin if possible to get siding material for my used RV. A tree blew and fell on the side breaking 2 windows and badlydenting the aluminum siding.
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Re: replacement camper siding Patricia Marion 3-27-17  
I'm looking to replace the exterior siding on my 96 coachman catalina. Can you give me the name of the place I can purchase it from? Thank you
Cost of camper siding erin bush 6-5-17  
Hello to all those do-it-yourselfers out there!

I'd like to know how much people spent on re-siding their travel trailers. Wondering about the actual price people paid for their specific sized camper...?
(I have a 12 ft little DeVille)
Re: replacement camper siding Emily Van Hall 12-1-17  
We currently own a 1977 Roadrunner aproximattely 22 feet long. We believe this camper is worth saving.

The exterior siding, drain strips, and some plastic fixtures need replaced. Just last month we noticed 4 spots where it is leaking through the roof. When I know the amount of the cost of working on this I can make some decisions as to when I can get the repairs started and budget for them.

1. I would like to find someone who either sells the materials/can tell us what materials we should be looking for.(i.e replace aluminum with alamunim or should we replace with fiberglass?
A. What would the cost of aluminum be?
B. What would the cost of fiberglas b?

2 Can this or does this for us.
A. I would ask for prices quotes on both options.

3.Also the door is out of wack and would need adjusted or replaced?

WE are Willing to do the work our selves with instructions if this is an option.

Can you write back or tell me who to contact about getting this done. The camper is parked at our home and is used during fishing thounaments, camping with the family, an winter hunting season.

Emily Van Hall
Re: replacement camper siding John 4-19-13  
I'm replacing my 64 Kenskill 26ft travel trailer. I ha to torn down the roof and reframing studs, because of rotten woods. Where can I find vinyl material for the roof, and also replace all new aluminum sheets and upgrade windows. I'm planning to raise the floor to make storages

Please let me know if you know where to get those things. Also any advise, idea. Thanks, John
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Re: replacement camper siding Jim 2-21-16  
I have a 2003 coahman Rv I need a piece of siding white where van I get some thanks jim
Re: replacement camper siding Adam Adler 4-29-14  
Where can I find siding OR have someone reside a '92 Fleetwood Terry?
Re: replacement camper siding for a 2000 wilderness camper Pernell Fontenot 10-10-13  
I need to replace some aluminum siding on my wilderness camper 2000 5th wheel
Re: replacement camper siding Ace litchfield 6-2-13  
I have a 2000 wilderness fifth wheel the fiberglass siding has some rips in it where can i get the siding from
Camper siding a treadrop gary 5-30-14  
Where can I find pannels in size 4x10 ft, 5x14 ft and 5x6 ft
Re: replacement camper siding jeff 6-14-14  
I have a 23foot chevy30 dolphin mobile home with some right side exterior metal siding damage. i've removed the damaged siding and reframed the area and am looking for the replacement siding which is horizontal lap. each horizontal piece is appx. 8 inches tall. i'm in southern california,and any info would be appreciated.
Re: replacement camper siding Wayne Smith 4-2-15  
Want to reside my motorhome- either in fibreglass or aluminum, also need to know steps for taking on this project myself....help
Re: replacement camper siding RAINER SCHULZ 3-24-15  
I need aluminum Siding for a 1976 Terry Taurus 5th wheel in the LOS ANGELES Area
Re: replacement camper siding charlie 9-8-14  
I want to redo my slidein camper it is a 11m carabo.Is their a dealer in the New England area that sells the sheet siding i need.
Re: replacement camper siding RAINER SCHULZ 3-24-15  
Where can i find Siding for a 1976 terry Taurus poss. in the LOS ANGELES Area ?
Re: replacement camper siding ray webster 10-22-10  
I have a 1985 toyota New Horizon. I need the plans on how it was put together. I hit a samll rock and it tore the fender well alum piece that goes around the well to make it look neat-- off. After that I noticed that the wood was rotten and would not take the screws to put it back on. I need to know how and what to take loose, so I can replace the wood that it screws to. Can you help me out with this..........?
Thank You......
Ray Webster
Re: replacement camper siding Mike Posey 3-26-04  
I'm putting in a slide-out drawer in the side of my 23' 1985 Fleetwood Tioga Class C, and would like some siding to match existing. I need a sheet about 65" x 18". It has a horizontal "corrigated" look. I can paint to match, primarily need the material. THANK YOU !!
Re: replacement camper siding Gary CC NV 9-10-03  
"If you fiberglass, you could pass your coach off as being "less than 10 years old" and get into all of the really snooty places!
Thats a Good One. Mine is a 1987 Made of Fiberglass, how come in can't get into the "Really Snooty Places?"
Isn't that illegal?, barring people from, Open to the Public Places, Fair Housing Discrimination? I need to get a hold of my Buddy Bill Clinton, I thought he passed some Federal Law's about just this kind of Housing Discrimination.
Re: replacement camper siding w.hall 6-20-10  
Hole in trailer;

30: x 36"
Re: replacement camper siding Tinothy Jackson 12-26-10  
I am looking for fiberglass siding to repaire my 1992 Coachman Motor home Where to find the siding, Please let me
Re: replacement camper siding jim 6-7-08  
Where do I find this system 3 panels
Re: replacement camper siding Mark D. Daniels 10-22-06  
I just bought a 1978 taurus 17' camper. I have some restoration work to do and would be very interested in replacong the aluminum siding with fiberglass. Where can I obtain fiberglas siding?
Re: replacement camper siding Stu Hassell 7-17-08  
1978 vanguard 11 ft camper with fiberglass roof.Does it have Driftwood aluminum siding or Roughsawn aluminum siding?
Re: replacement camper siding Greg Spencer 6-13-07  
Hi, I am restoring an old camper and I am looking to replace the original siding. This is my first one and I am having trouble finding aluminum siding for it. I have searched extensively. I would like plain aluminum with the 3 inch brake pattern so I can polish it. I would really appreciate some help.

Re: replacement camper siding Jay Cooper 8-11-10  
My wife and I completely rebuilt the inside of our 1980 28' Prowler. It looks great and is very comfortable.
The outside siding is showing it's age.Dings, faded paint and very dated looking.
What can we do to update the outside and make it look newer and approximate cost involved ?

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.

Jay Cooper
Elizabeth City
North Carolina
Re: replacement camper siding ronald H. Williams 3-31-10  
Thank You!
I am looking for the same fiberglass panels for my 5th wheel. Supplier or a dealer/s would be great!
Re: replacement camper siding Anthony 2-26-08  
I stumbled accross this thread and just had to respond since it seems everyone that posted a response didn't answer this poor guy's question.

Go to http://www.cranecomposites.com/RV/GIII.asp.

They have what you looking for.
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Re: replacement camper siding alan 6-21-10  
Where to buy siding for my camper
Re: replacement camper siding gene campbell 10-21-12  
Where did you buy the new skin ?
Re: replacement camper siding Ed 12-24-09  
I found a listing for RV siding in Milwaukie, Oregon. They apparently carry aluminum in rolls and patterned siding as well as fiberglass rolls in 48" and 102" widths.
I've never bought from them, but they've been in business for awhile.
Re: replacement camper siding Sherri 6-21-09  
What did you find out about replacing your siding? Was it hard?
Re: replacement camper siding scott 6-30-09  
Where is the best place to buy replacement camper siding. i have fiberglass now,would like to have
Re: replacement camper siding jennifer smith 10-21-09  
Looking to replace my rv siding can you give me the name of the place where I can find it.
Re: replacement camper siding Roger Wheeler 10-23-10  
A friend of mine has a 1986 coachmen Toyota motor home and is trying to find the fiberglass siding.
Re: replacement camper siding Janice Montonye 4-19-15  
Where can I buy replacement siding for a 2008 Wildwood travel trailer?
How do I know what the replacement corrugation pattern is?
Re: replacement camper siding JEANETTE GROMAN 3-10-13  
Re: replacement camper siding sharla 5-4-14  
We are wanting to reside our fiberglass 1999 Terry camper with aluminum siding. Where can we get information on cost or how to do it?
Re: camper siding a treadrop John 8-23-14  
4 in. Aluminum siding for a 1984class royals made by carriage
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