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Onan generator Johnny 7-5-03  
Have a 6.5 onan in 87 southwind,one side of coach appears to have gone down yet it fryed a tv when plugged in, How do you set the the onan to idle up and down under load ??
Re: onan generator dale 3-8-07  
I have emarld 4000 genset it starts ok but in just a few seconds it will s tart to missing. I have checked for fuel problems,checked the carb its all clean no varnish.I turned the mic. on the power would go up, down. Any ideals or suggestions.
Re: onan generator Marvin 3-5-07  
Dear Sir or Madam:
Where is the generator fuel filter located on a 1999 Pace Arrow 35U with an Onan 5500 generator?
Re: onan generator bill 6-19-07  
I have a small elect. start onan gen.dont know what size. i do know it is 120 volt outage. it ran before putting it away. now i dont know. it runs on lpg.i live central fl. if anybody wants it come and take it off my me please
Onan generator Shawn 8-2-07  
I have the new stle of onan the micro quiet. and i need to see if anyone knows how to wire it to the older stlye of onan generator. the onan genset emerald 4000
Onan generator Bren 12-23-07  
What are the point suppose to be set at on an Onan Emerald 6.5 kw? Do you have a break down of the governor? Thank you
Re: onan generator billy parker 1-30-07  
I have a onan 7000 1995 model runs great only promblem vibrates when runing could this be plugs and or fuel filter I service every 150 hrs and change plugs every 450 hrs unit has 1400 hours.
Re: onan generator Brett 6-13-06  
I have a 7.5 kw marine genset, I need a schematic for it! Anyone know where to get it on the net? I live on my boat so I need it now.
Thank you!
Re: onan generator bob 7-5-03  
Re: onan generator BILL WESTON 7-8-03  
Re: onan generator brian lansdale 12-5-05  
I need a 6.5 onan generator engine 20 hp or whole generator and engine
Re: onan generator Tracy 3-24-06  
I have onan emerald 1 gemset 4.0 1988. My question is ? I can't get no fire to the start switch, or anything. Thank's Tracy
Re: onan generator wiring Vince Wiley 5-15-08  
I need the wiring diagrams for Onan Generators 98-3430 and 98-3717.
Re: onan generator Keith 7-10-08  
I have an Onan Marquis 3, it just stopped running, I could not get fire to the plugs so I replaced the coil, capacitor, ignition control, plug wires and plugs. The motor cranks over and over but no fire to the plugs. Any ideas???
Re: onan generator Brian 1-18-11  
I have an Onan Microquiet 4000 generator, model number 4KYFA26100K in my 2005 Winnebago Sightseer.
It started surging this season. I took off the access panel and noticed that the choke assembly might possibly be broken. The square piece where the choke wire goes through is hanging on the wire and dancing around as the engine runs. The choke is open on the top and hot air pours out as it runs. I was looking for an exploded view of the choke assembly so I could see if anything was missing, or if it just fell apart and could be put back together. Please help.
Re: onan generator oneal 4-25-10  
I have a 4500 onan on a 1990 carver aft cabin got it running set up for 4 years got it running great but will not put out anything need help and wiring diar,thanks
Re: onan generator james cook 6-28-11  
My onan seems to run ok when the engine is running but not when the engine is off. Could ths be a battery problem?
Re: onan generator starter problem lee wibert 7-19-11  
Onan 4kyfa26100f will start and run some times. other times just tries to start and if i keep pushing the sw it will eventually turn over and run. voltage at selenoid drops to 6 volts when it wont turn over
Re: onan generator Errol Morgan 5-26-15  
I have a LP 6300 Model #NHEFA26110J Onan Gen in my motor home. If I download the service manual for NHE-NHEL sets will I have the right manual for my NHEFA????
Re: onan generator Joe 4-5-10  
I have an onan emerald plus gen in my 97 coach. I just had my carb changed out because it wouldn't stay running steady. Now it will run good for about 6-8 hrs then start running bad again. Any ideas what might be happening.
Re: onan generator 4.obge-1r/26100e colin parkes 11-5-09  
I am in need of an electrial schematic or diagram for Dc and also a part # for the condensor. are they positive or neg. thanks
Re: onan generator Nolan 6-2-09  
I was drydocking. Was running tv and air conditioner. My digital monitor went to beeping and showing fault problems. The monitor was showing 157 volts. I immediately shut the generator down because it generally shows between 116 and 118 volts. A week later I have cranked the generator and it is now showing 124-125 volts. Is this too high to run tv or air conditioners or should I still not run generator? The generator is an Onan Emerald Plus, 6300 Gen Set.
Re: onan generator Jose Thomas 5-6-09  
I recieved one onan generator(98) for maintenace. No previous history of this generator.When i started this votage was unstable.I found VR-21 regulator control board faulty.Repaired and returned this. Now produced voltage is 250v instead of 415v(line to line). Could somebody help to solve this problem or give terminal details of VR-21 regulator control board #332-2045
Re: onan generator - voltage Vern 6-12-09  
Ownan 7000 starts with 130 to 135 volts, buit after 10 to 15 minutes voltage drops to 60 to 65 volts.
Any solutions, Vern
Re: onan generator Mike 6-30-09  
I Have 7.5HDKAJ1145H Spec H RV generator that will not start. The start does not engage. I check the starter it is Good. Pulled all the connectors apart and found no bad connections.
Re: onan generator keith everson 7-26-09  
I have a 1980 southwind motorhome and an 650 watt onan generator, problem is, when i plug into a 30 amp the front ac works but the back don't, when i use my generator the back ac works and the front don't. i need information on how to get both ac's working, we live in phoenix az and the temp. is 114 or higher please help me..... keith
Re: onan generator 6.5NH-3CR/8390P s/n I803529815 John Janssen 10-2-16  
Just bought this gennie and am looking for wiring schematic. 98-3430. the one on inside cover not to clear.
Thanks for your time
Re: onan microquiet 4000 generator Chas 5-25-10  
Need schematics for Onan RV generator KYFA.....H
Re: onan generator David 12-5-17  
Onan generator. Nothing happening when pushing the start buttons
Re: onan generator Bill Cooley 7-21-03  
You might check the low oil preshure cutoff switch. I have had one stick and the gen set will run in "start mode" but when you release the start switch it will stop.This is because your switch is stuck open.
Re: onan generator Joe 4-9-04  
Have you found the wiring schematic for your onan generator? I have an Onan Emerald Plus in my 96' Shasta motor home and have been having wiring problems with it.I cannot find the wiring schematic either.

Can you give me some info. that might help?

Thnak you.
Re: onan generator JIM KRAMMES 6-28-04  
Re: onan generator Jerry Tow 1-5-08  
I have an Onan Emerald I genset that stops after it starts and continues to do so. I have replaced the fuelpump, then checked wiring fire, did a straight wire to hot wire that allowed me to start the motor, but no generator power. I have no wiring schematic. Can you advise me as to what might be the problem?
Re: onan generator Doug 10-22-07  
I have a 6.3 Onan generator on a 1996 Safari Sahara; the generator runs on propane. STARTS ON STARTER AND THEN STOPS. DON'T HAVE WIRING SCHEMATIC FOR TROUBLE SHOOTING; same problem as in your message above. Have you resolved this? If so, how? Where can I get a schematic?
Re: onan generator gary 6-11-11  
I have a onan 5500 generator in my motorhome. It starts fine, but after about a half hour to an hour it quits. I have replaced the carburator,
the fuel computer board, changed the oil, you name it, it just won't stay running. Any suggestions???
Re: onan generator Chevy 4-12-06  
I have the same problem, Where is that switch locatated ?
Re: onan generator alrick thompson 11-22-05  
I have a onan generator 270 kva three phase but i need to convert to single phase the software do not have the option single phase or three phase.
Can you give me some advice
Re: onan generator Dutch 9-8-07  
We are looking for an electrical schematic for our Onan Emerald 6500 Series generator. Can anybody help us find, or has a copy of a schematic. It would be a big help to me. Ser. # B94312813 gas, Model 6.3 NHEFA26110J. Please get back, thanks
Re: onan generator Mike 1-2-06  
I have an early 80s onan 4kw in my coach that has recently started a somewhat unusual problem. With full 5 minutes of spuratic rpm fluctuation, the genset finally smoothes out to a somewhat stable run but heaven forbid you turn on a coffee maker or anything else with what I would call a very low level of current draw and the generator is back to it's influx of rpm and obnoxious shaking. My diagnosis is a fuel problem of some sort but I have a full bowl on the carb and good flow out of the pump. So before spending money on moderetly educated guess' I am hoping to get some suggestions on were to start. Thanks Mike
Re: onan generator chuck 12-18-07  
I have a 6.5 onan emerald 111 with less
than 200 hrs for sale 1,700$ or offer
Re: onan generator eddie 8-4-06  
'98 RV w/onan 4KW generator. i suspect control card problems. any way i can test the card? thx, Ed
Re: onan generator Richard D. Sellers 7-4-08  
I have an Onan generator in my 1988 Winnebago Super Chief Motorhome. When I hit the starter switch I get nothing. Can you give me some suggestions on what might be the problem?
Re: onan generator Phill 5-23-10  
The hour meter does not work on my generator, is there any trouble shooting I can look at to help repair.
Re: onan generator Louis Adams 6-18-07  
I have the same problem with mine it has 15.3 hrs and is new. I was told it has a restriction in the fuel line. Did you find a problem with yours?
Re: onan generator Tom 2-23-08  
DO you still have the gen?
Re: onan generator sue 6-6-09  
Onan no start from
sorry i put in wrong email
should be as above
Re: onan generator sue 6-6-09  
1992 onan marquis 7000 in our rv will
not crank.starter has been replaced(new)
as well as selonoid but are not sure if selonoid is wired correctly.unit does nothing when attempting to start either from dash or at gen itself.i do know i have 12 volts at the selonoid. any help
would be greatly appreciated
Re: onan generator wiring Dave Sellars 7-27-08  
I need to know where the wire runs from the stop switch inside my motorhome to the onan generator.At the moment i can stert it from there but i cannot stop it.thanking you in anticipation Dave.
Re: onan generator wiring james 10-3-09  
Do you have avaivable wiring diagram for onan generator 7.5mdje -3cr/2268b serial #1269184300
Re: onan generator wiring jim pat 4-23-09  
I need info on getting 240 volts and 120 from the Onan. Have 4 wires coming in the box, M1, 2, 3, 4,
Now M2 and 4 are joined and show 120 volts and M 1 and 3 = zero volts.
That would be negative and positive for 120 volt system?
For 240 M1 for one line, M4 for the other leg and M2 and M3 together for the negative?
Re: onan generator wiring Juan 4-20-13  
Schematic for onan 4kyfa26100k
Re: onan generator wiring MIKE BOWLING 7-16-09  
I need a wiring diagram for a GGDB gernator set.
Re: onan generator wiring james 5-8-09  
Where can i get a carb kit for a emerald 6500 and maybe a wiring diagram
Re: onan generator wiring Harry Barnes 5-8-09  
I have three Onan generators that I will be taking to Orphanages in Mexico.
I would like to take the wireing diagram and Owners manual with each of them. Can I get them emailed to me or tell me where to find them. The trree model numbers are: 4.o BF 3CR/16004B Ser # 1773287724. Mod # 48GFFA26100J Ser. # A933987044 and 40CCK-1R 10476P Sewr # 0971325592 Thank you Harry
Re: onan generator wiring Loren 8-20-09  
I have an Onan generator 4.0obfa-1r/16004c in my 1982 Winebego The previous owner removed the start switch fuse holders and such I have new items listed but need a wiring diagram for such. Can anyone help me

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