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1995 Dutchmen Manual Tom 9-15-08  
Hi all,
I have a 1995 Dutchmen, 30 ft Class A Royale Classic motorhome. I need a copy of the original owners manual.
I have contacted Four Winds who now handle Dutchmen and they sent me a virtually useless photocopy of a generic Owners Manual for $45.
If you have an original 1995 Dutchmen manual and you would like to sell it or even photocopy it (a lot of photocopying) or digitizing it for all of mankind, I would gladly pay you $50.
I have things on this motorhome that I have no idea how they work or what they are for. I have a switch on the side of the sink that if switched on has a red light....why? etc.
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual Debbie 2-1-09  
We are looking at 26 foot Dutchman Classic 1995 travel trailer. We need to find out the the weight dry and wet it also has a slide out. Can you tell us the weight? We are also looking for the owners manal or a copy. Can you give us any info ? Thanks for your help guys......DEBBIE
Re: 1995 Dutchmen trailer Manual Linda 12-13-08  
I have a 1995 classic dutchman trailer how the heck do I light the furnace and range pilot light :) any one have a manual or knowledge
thanks in advance Linda
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual danny 10-14-08  
I have a manual and can copy it. It may be a week before I can get back to my camper to get the manual. I believe my trailer is a 1995,funny I do not remember for sure.

I have a similar switch that lights red when turned on,then goes out when hot water heater lights up.

Get back by e-mail and I will get it copied,no cost except shipping.
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual MONICA LINDSEY 2-8-09  
E-MAIL ME @ llindsey@bak.rr.com
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual Ted Burlingame 10-30-08  
I purchased a 1995 29ft. Class C Dutchman motor home and would like to find the manual for this rig...or any help in obtaining one..thanks
Re: NEED A 1995 Dutchmen Manual sharon 2-24-09  
I am also looking for a 1995 Dutchman camper manual. We are also having problems with the furnace and are also wanting to do some "remodeling" and need to see diagrams. We need to know where electrical lines etc are. Are you still willing to copy yours? Please e mail me asap. Thanks
Seems like there's a lot of people looking for owners manuals.is there a site where I can find one.please help
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual Kim 7-3-16  
I have 95 Dutchman my son plugged in blow dryer everything came back on but Ac is there a fuse and where is it located plz help
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual Eddie Chavez 6-13-10  
HELP! I am in need of a 1995 dutchman 16 ft pop-up tailor manual. If any one has one or knows where i can get one please email me @ etchavez14@yahoo.com.thanks
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual James 6-7-09  
My hot water heater doesnt heat till all the water is hot on my 1995 dutchman the red light doesnt work thats probably a bad toggle but there isnt a temp setting on my heater why and how can i get it to keep heating to a certian temp continuously. Is there some kind of thermestat I could add to the unit.
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual Sean & Bobbi Jo Baker 4-13-09  
We just purchased a used 1995 dutchmen 30 Ft. trailor with no owners manual..we can not figure out how to get the heat working or where to ignite the water heater..if you can help us please call us at 618-218-8775
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Classic Owners Manual Sherry 8-19-16  
Looking for an owner's / repair manual for my 1995 Dutchmen Classic w/slide out. Trying to replace the seals around the slider and can't find a part number. Any help would be great. thanks.
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual Tom Fortin 12-7-08  
Hi Danny,
I can't believe that I did not include mu email address and you replied so long ago. I apologize.
I have been working for the BLM in Nevada and I was in a wilderness setting for 2 months but my contract time is up.
Are you still willing to either digitize or copy/ship the manual?
The copy cost and time have to be worth something and I am willing to pay.
Please reply.
Re: 1995 Dutchmen trailer Manual Tom 1-19-09  
Hi Linda,
By now... I hope you have it figured out. If not: The furnace has an auto ignitor. You don't have to light it.
The oven and range... you have to make sure that the knob that is inside the door where you fill your propane tank, that says "Vapor", is turned so that the vapor will flow to the stove.
The range has to be lit with a match or lighter (on my stove) every time, there is no pilot on my range.
Then, on your oven knob, you will see the words Pilot Light. Be ready with a good gas lighter that will stay on. Open the oven door, look under the oven pan/floor where the burner is, and in the back you will see a gizmo that is called the thermo-couple. It has to be heated in order for the valve to open and allow gas to come through. You will have to hold an open flame from the lighter on the thermocouple for 20 to 30 seconds before the signal will get to the valve to open. Then you will see a small maybe 1/2 inch blue flame. You can now ignite the burner and set it to the temp you want. Pizza?
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual Sly 4-25-09  
Can you tell me the Make and model of your refrigerator unit?
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual hank 11-11-09  
I would like to purchase a copy or buy a manual for a 1995 dutchmen c class motorhome 29ft.
Re: 1995 Dutchmen fuse panel location Chelsea 2-7-12  
Does anyone know where the fuse panel is located in a 1995 Dutchmen Classic.. Please HelpASAP
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual Juanita 4-16-12  
Seems I am also in need of a 1995 Dutchmen Manual. Just bought a 33ft pull behind that needs a little work...If someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual barry s. 8-6-11  
Does any one have a 1995 dutchmen 26 ft ct 5th wheel manual for sale please? if so please email me @ kahles2424@yahoo.com thanking you in advance.
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual john parks 3-26-12  
I am looking for a owners Manual for a 1995 Dutchmen Class A 30ft motor home.
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual Hans 4-15-11  
Need a model number for the slideout motor.
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual Penny Brookins 6-1-12  
I need and would pay for a copy of the owner's manual for a 1995 Dutchmen 27' fifth wheel camper.
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual Lindy 8-25-10  
We just purchased a 1995 Dutchman Classic 33ft 5th wheel with slide out. There is a plug in at the front and rear of the slide out on the inside of the camper. The front plug in is what ables the slide out lights above the sofa and dinette to work.

My question is what does the other plug in do?? Also three of my outlets are not working. The one under the dinette and the two in the kitchen. Does anyone have any ideas??

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh, the fuses and breaker box has been checked. Thank you.
Re: 1996 Dutchmen Manual Kevin Fischer 5-30-11  
Does anyone have a 1996 Dutchman travel trailer owners manual? I just bought this unit and since the one owner now has alzheimers, he can't assist me in any way. Not sure how to light pilots, start furnace,A/C, refridgerator, etc. Thanks for any help.
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual Arlene 5-3-16  
I am in need of a manual for a 1995 pop up trailer. Please email me a PDF file if you are able to help. Many thanks Arlene
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual teresa 6-2-13  
Hi! I have inherited a 1995 Dutchman 30ft Camper from my pawpaw. I love it, however I know nothing about it. If someone has a owners manual or know how I could get one I would greatly appreciate it! Please HELP!!!
Thank you so much!
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual rudy 10-21-14  
I just inherited a 27ft '95 Dutchmen classic 260 travel trailer and like to throw this question to anyone who can help me with:

1. It has an fridge, a/c, radio and tv, but will all or some of them run without a generator but just propane?

2. While on the road running, will the light work or any of the appliances? Thinking of overnight traveling.

3. Leveler, if it is not level, what appliance does not work?

Thanks for your assistance to this, as you might have known that I am a green horn in this RV experience.
Re: 1995 ABI Model TL Manual for Camper Dotti Ricci 1-11-15  
Looking for a manual for my
1995 Camper, Make ABI, Model TL, Body CT. If anyone can assist me in findin a place where I can purchase or download a manual for my camper I would appreciate it. Thank you
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Bert 9-17-12  
Help. I've inherited a 1995 Dutchman Classic 260. I cannot locate the breaker / fuse box. Can anyone help me out??
Re: 1995 Dutchmen slide out ruben 7-4-12  
Slide out won't open, just clicks when moving rocker switch. what could be problem
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual Bob Finney 6-14-12  
I would like to know how to adjust the slide out on a 30ft dutchmen 5th wheel camper thanks
Re: 1995 Dutchmen how to adjust slide Bob Finney 6-14-12  
Iwould like to know how to adjust the slide on my 30ft 5th camper 1995yr
Re: 1995 Dutchmen Manual Bob Finney 6-14-12  
I would like to know how to adjust the slide the camper is 30ft
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