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Hi lo campers; opinions needed Margie Bryant 3-22-09  
I am looking at a used hi lo camper and would like to hear from anyone who has had experience with them. Are they dependable and how well did you like or dislike them?
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Bill Grissom 9-22-09  
Have been repairing a 1978 Hi-Lo. Water got in end-caps. Replaced pitted alum roof and top Luan wood, materials $750. Should have just replaced end sheets since OK in middle.

For delaminations, drill multiple holes from inside (stop at aluminum). Spray Dow "Great Stuff" polyurethane foam. Stuff wet Q-tips in holes. Brace plywood on outside to hold wall flat. For roof, bow up w/ supports from inside. Work in stages so foam doesn't bulge walls. Your walls will be solid. Spackle & repaint inside.

Use good sealants when re-assembling - butyl rubber, PL polyurethane caulk. Use rubber washers under external screws. Don't slap together like the factory, which causes leaks. Minimize screws. I added aluminum strips across top & bottom of endcaps to keep fiberglass from bowing between screws.

Repaint w/ Interlux Brightsides polyurethane boat paint. Roll & tip method looks great. I painted window frames black for modern look. The bare aluminum was ugly and corrodes. I found vinyl channel covers for windows & side mouldings on Amazon.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed tammy 9-12-09  
Help, we just bought a 197? hi lo camper for $250. The guy we bought it from said we just need to replace the cable so we can crank it up. The only thing is... what size cable, how long a cable, and how do we install the new cable? Any help?

Window water leak Anne Smith 9-10-09  
How do I take the lg. kitchen window out so I can re- seal it?
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Ryan 10-12-09  
I have a 1987 hi low 28 foot with all the toys available at the time a/c will freeze you out, heat will burn you out, fridge will feeze, can pull with ease almost noooo added fuel mileage, pull with f250 deisel. only draw back is have nothing on the counters when down [ tv, microwave, ect,] also its great for wooded camping areas because of height, no worrys with over hanging trees and low limbs. Great putting into tight spots that you just cant get the big ones into. Overall construction, is great! Hope this helps!!
Re: Hi lo campers; replace cables Herb Wellman 10-29-09  
I have a 1993 hi lo towlite camper. the 2 rear cables are broken. how do I replace them without tearing the walls out. I have ordered the cables to fix. need how instructions. PLEASE HELP!
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Neal and Bev 2-26-10  
Another source for information on Hi-Lo trailers is at the Hi-Lo Trailer Forum
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed charles 1-30-10  
I have a 1996 HIlo and want to replace the seal between the top section and the bottom. How is this done? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Re: Lift cables adjustments Hi-Lo '01 24' charles McKay 7-17-09  
Need VERY detailed instructions on how to adjust lifting cables. Manual kinda vague on subject. Have located the adjustment nuts but am afraid of how to proceed without more info. Instructions don't make sense. Anyone who has been succesful with this please respond. Don't want to start until I'm confident with proceedure. Main problem I'm having is that the top half lowers too far and main body of upper half rests on frame. Have new bumper pads but don't think they will keep top off frame when lowered.
Re: Hi lo campers; operations questions Dick and Linda Zverloff 6-28-09  
We just purchased a 2006 HiLo and all the owner manuals were there except for the trailer itself. is there a manual that we can get that tells us how the water pumping system works.
we have filled the tank but have no water coming out of the faucets.
we need some help
Cables broke in front lift Natasha 6-13-17  
The Front left cables snapped on our 1979 hi lo fun chaser does anyone know how to replace these and what tools we will need
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed rick burcham 3-26-09  
I just bought a used 97 22'tow lite hi lo that needed repair from being towed with the top half not fully down, had to repair bottom rail on top half, adjust lift cable to level top & seal correctly & repanel inter. wall. love it, tows with almost any veh (easy pull, but can you stop it? )ck closely for roof leaks, stained panels & pushed out walls from laminate plywood/insulation sep. due to water damage ( seals recaulked /coolsealed rutine mainance & air cond./ vents resealed.up/down in sec.push a button crank jacks your camping ! hard to find & exp. too, good price,grab it quick, I had to go over 300 miles to find one I could afford ( needed repairs)if you've enjoyed popups, youd prob love a 15-17 footer, any size will tow with 70+ % less wind resist & much better gas mile. than a standard travel trailer !
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed cmorrison 4-16-09  
I have a 1996 and it has a switch just inside the door on the left that I push to get it to up and I have to pull a cable to unlock it and push the same button to let it down
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed cmorrison 4-16-09  
I know that some of the hilo's had built in radios. I am pretty sure that they all had the same wireing I was wondering if any one knew where they put the radio on a 1996.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Mark 5-5-09  
I have a 1994 hi lo trailer, 26 foot model; I noticed the roof is leaking and the ceiling is sunk down on the door side now and the wall is water logged too and coming apart near the front window above the table. I'm not sure how to fix it, and I'm afraid to find out what the cost would be, can't really sell it like that either. Other than that, it's not a bad trailer and has a big bathroom. The other problem I've had is both sofas give me problems and won't fold down properly to make up the bed is a real chore, the mechanisms don't work right.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Chuck Brown 4-30-09  
I have a 1997 TowLite, I bought it used
four years ago and I have enjoyed it very much. Just this year I have a bulge on the left side, outside by the
window and the kitchen sink right by the cable. I beleive it started from a
leak from the top. Everything works on
this camper otherwise. I would like to
get it repaired, but I afraid it
cost quiet a bit. Need help and suggestion on what I should I do to keep this camper going.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Jana Ballinger 4-29-10  
I am looking at a '93 hi-lo. We used to have a pop-up and aligning the door was always an issue. Is it an issue with hi-lo's? All the comments I've read have been very help. They sound like great campers, there are just a lot of things you have to be careful of.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed apryl Walsh 4-13-09  

I was wondering how to get the hi low campers to operate? How do you get them to go up? I have a 1980s model and I don't know how to crank it up. Please advise?
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed ED GOLEMBESKI 9-21-15  
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed steve gadbaw 3-4-13  
Has anyone taken apart the wall to replace all the wood and replace or repair the shell mine got covered in snow and started peeling the wall apart
TowLite tire changing Jim Page 11-21-12  
I recently purchased a 2000 TowLite model 170RK with a single Dexter Torflex axle. Has anyone ever removed a wheel for a tire change or bearing re-pack on one of these units? The only way I can get a wheel on or off is by deflating the tire to less than 10 psi so that the sidewall will flex enough to get the tire out of the wheel well. Any input would be welcomed.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Grant 9-22-13  
Can u lower a HILO trailer without the battery?
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed scott 8-31-14  
I got a Hilo camper we put it up but can't get it down.all the cables are in place and hooked up.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed art 5-13-10  
Have 22' hi lo,89 has any one else ran into rotted wood on upper half ledge in corners caused from water comeing off tires while towing,If so looking for advice on best methods for replacement
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Gary Burton 7-3-15  
Would like to help fellow hi-lowcampers
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed mathew 10-18-11  
I just bought a 80s model hi lo and it wont go down all the way is there a reason why it wont go down and can someone tell me if i can pull it with it up so i can work on it
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Spencer 3-5-13  
Here to read and see what is out there.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Robert Harris 11-8-10  
I have a 1984 HI-LO that is really low profile and drags occasionally. If there is a lift kit available please advise where I can obtain one to raise the unit off the ground a little higher.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed S. Rowe 8-28-11  
I have a 1991 Hi Lo Funlite. Is there a way to hand crank the lift system? I need to remove the motor for repair.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Robert Harris 11-8-10  
I have a 1984 unit that needs to be a little higher off the ground to prevent dragging the sewer lines. If there is a lift kit available please let me know where I can get one.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed leanna little 4-21-11  
I have a 1996 HILO and wondering how to get a manual. By the way I have lived in it for a year, and love it!
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Wes McCon 8-4-11  
I have a 2003 29 Classic with a broken cable on the tip out. Does anyone know how the new cable threads thru the rollers ahnd how long the cable is. Also, how do you open and close the tipout? Do ou have to pull it in by hand at any time?
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed steve 6-17-11  
My dad has a hi lo he says that it will go up just fine but when you try to get it back down after pulling the cable it won't do anything and he thinks that the cable doesn't pull out as far as it used to, he wants to get it worked on but can't put it down to take it to a dealer.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed shirley brannon 7-13-10  
Have a 87 ans cannotnget it to lower.the pump is working a d cable seems to be disengaged,tries to come down but acts like it is jammed. anyway to check the cable,we cannot find a manuel download.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed steve 3-12-14  
You don't crank it up, its hydraulic. First of all the switch must be in the proper position. Then the battery must have a good charge. But fir4st you want to make sure the pump has fluid it it and enough to do the job. Email me at spomilia@att.net and I can run you threw it.you can raise it manually with the hand pump but you should only do that after you check everything else first. Could be fluid electric.solenoid,cable issue, pulley,
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Randy Conyers 4-28-10  
I purchased a '78 hi low that had all of the manuals except for how the water system works. I need help from step 1 in filling the tank, getting hot water, how to get pressure, what is the outside hose connection outside the camper that is aligned with the sink. I don't have a clue of what I am doing.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Tony 5-24-09  
I have same problem with leaks around windows which appear to have caused wood to rot but I have not had any estimates for repairing yet. Did you get any responses?
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed steve 3-12-14  
Email me at spomilia@att.net
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Katherene 7-3-09  
I just bought a 1990 hi lo, Where is the battery located to make the top come down? or is there a different option to make it come down? Also it has not been brought down in a few years, is there something I need to oil or grease or something? This is my 1st camper and I am completely dumb about them... I didn't even know the top came down! Please anyone with any advice.. contact me asap before I mess it up somehow! Thank you
Re: Hi lo campers; operations questions steve 3-12-14  
Could be a number of things, could be in winter settings, some have external shower hookups under the drivers side sink area, they could be open. Look for water dripping out first to make sure you don't have leaks. Pump could be bad. Can you hear it. is it on. do you have power. Read ALL THE MANUALS FIRST.CAN GET THEM AT hi-lo FORUM.HOOK UP THE EXTERIOR CONNECTION FIRST AND TRY IT.LINES COULD BE PINCHED,BROKEN,OR CLOGGED.YOU CAN REACH ME AT SPOMILIA@ATT.NET
Re: Hi lo campers; operations questions tony 7-6-09  
I have a 2006 25C. I don't know if you have the Classic or the Tow Lite but
they're probably about the same. There
should be a switch on the control panel
for the pump if you're using water from
the potable tank. You could check the fuses and make sure they're all ok.
IF you hooking up from city water with
a hose you don't use the pump but you may want to get a water regulator that
screws on to the end of the hose which
helps keep the pressure in check as the water enters your system in the trailer. You can probably get a manual
from the factory. www.hilotrailer.com
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Dennis 7-27-09  
Katherene: To the right of the entrance door steps, on the lower half of the trailer, there is a hatch which contains the lift pump and a battery. The battery must be charged or, you can raise the trailer if it is plugged into a 20 AMP house receptacle.
To Raise or Lower the top, look just inside the door on the left hand side, at the bottom of the wall and there will be another small door. Inside is an electrical Rocker switch and a cable. To lower the top (after you have established a power source) Push the top half of the switch to raise the trailer, then pull the cable to release the saftey catch. Now push the bottom half and the traoler top should lower BUT, BEWARE/DANGER !!! Make sure that there is NOTHING on the counter tops or table top. Close all cabinet doors. Also, be sure the hatches on the outside are closed. When the top comes down it comes down very fast.
Yes to oil and grease. If you don't have an owners manual you should contact the factory and request one. Otherwise, you will have to "wing it" and just lube away (I use spray lithium grease) anything and everything. Also, have the wheel bearings checked and repacked. Good luck !
Re: Lift cables adjustments Hi-Lo '01 24' steve 3-12-14  
J&R trailer repair in Ohio.419-883-3001.they own the original Hilo factory now. Good people. Or try Hi-Lo forum. great group.
Re: Lift cables adjustments Hi-Lo '27 89' PAUL G. HULLER 2-14-10  
Re: window water leak steve 3-12-14  
You must remove all the screws around the entire window first. Then take a flexible ridged PLASTIC dull edge putty knife and slide it gently around the entire outside rim over and over till you reach the frame. Then wiggle it off the wall. Make sure you have someone inside holding the window ring. Or just prop a couple 1x2 braces to hold it.clean all the caulking off the frame and the camper. The caulking if original is solvent and clay base. Use mild solvent to clean most then wipe with alcohol. Before you reinstall the window put a 3/8 wide bead of good urethane sealing caulk 1/4 inch away from the edge of the opening all the way around, NO GAPS. Then put a 1/4 inch bead in the inside corner edge of the flange. Then press the window back into position GENTLY WIGGLING IT A BIT.LIGHT PRESSURE. You do not want to squeeze out all the caulk. Start your screws and tighten them slowly every other one bit by bit till just snug, finish tighten by hand till firmly snug.DO NOT TORQUE THEM DOWN TOO TIGHT. If any caulk comes out, use a caulking bead scraper tool to remove extra. You can get one at any menards for about $2.00.thats it.if you use urethane you will never have a leak and it will expand and contract with the temp.I did all the windows in my 2207T 5 yrs. ago and they are still perfect.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed steve 3-12-14  
You must remove the old cables and lay them out and measure them from center of eye to end of rod. You might not be able to get the exact size any longer, you will have to get a long or a short size. If you are not mechanically inclined.do not do this yourself.it takes a lot of time it restring the cable in the roller holes and and thread them back in proper spots. Then you will need the proper grommet crimping tool to crimp the eyelets at the right length. When you have it done you have to readjust it a short time after because they stretch a bit. Too loose and it wont go up even or can jam.too tight and you will break the cable or rip the gasket and stop off the wall. The top half must be raised and set to the proper starting position first. If you don't know what you are doing this can be very dangerouse.without the proper support and tools and experience it could very well kill you if it fell. You also must get into the pulleys,which are in the lower wall caps.J&R trailer repair. Or HILO forum for info.
Re: Hi lo campers; replace cables louis johnson 11-13-09  
How do you replace rear cable on a 1992 hi-lo 22l
Re: Hi lo campers; replace cables Lisa Moorr 3-28-16  
New hi lo owner
Re: Hi lo campers; replace cables Bob Winegarner 7-18-12  
I have a 1995 28' Hilo and the lift cables are broke, i have the new ones but don't have the manual to install them. Is there a way to get the instructions on how to install them.Please let me know.
Re: Hi lo campers; replace cables Chuck marshall 8-11-16  
My 91 Highlow trailer cables broke need to know how to fix with diagrams
Re: Hi lo campers; replace cables JAMES JONES 2-21-12  
Re: Hi lo campers; replace cables Mary McNeill 5-20-10  
I have a 1988 Hi Lo Fun Chaser with both cables broken. Where can I get the cables and whats the easiest way to replace them?
Thanks so much
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Cindy Martin 2-26-10  
There is a HiLo Yahoo group. If you have questions about how to do anything (adjust cables, repair, etc.) check out their files section. Also, the folks on there all love their HiLo and will help you with anything. I own a '69 and we've had it for 20 years. Like most, they were better made back then, but not so many amenities. Love it! They can be quite heavy so check your tow vehicles gvwr.
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed Neal 3-5-10  
The Hi-Lo Trailer Forum has instrauctions for gasket replacement, cable adjustment, manuals and more. The Hi-Lo community is very friendly and helpful. www.HiLoTrailerForum.com
Re: Lift cables adjustments Hi-Lo '27 89' Cindy Martin 2-26-10  
Check the HiLo Yahoo group files section for instructions on how to do it.
Re: Lift cables adjustments Hi-Lo '27 89' Neal 3-17-10  
You can get help from the Hi-Lo community at either yahoo or the Hi-Lo Trailer Forum. www.HiLoTrailerForum.com
Re: Lift cables adjustments Hi-Lo 16' '68 tom Hodg 10-11-12  
I'm selling a Hi-Low 16' camper, and the guy that showed up ran the top up & down 4 times and the main cable broke. I think I replaced it properly, bit not sure. The front end doesn't come up with the rear. Did I wire cable wrong or does it just need adjustment. I have never used this camper, and have forgot what holds it up when at the camp site. Is there a lever or toggle to lock in the up position?
Top door fit on 98 24' Tow Lite mac mcconahy 10-12-13  
Top half of door fits great when top is down, but will not shut all the way when top is raised. It binds on the top left and will not shut the rest of the way. Many thanks for any help
Re: Lift cables adjustments Hi-Lo '27 89' Sam 6-10-10  
I just bpught a 1978HI-LO and now the front will not raise. the back goes up and it tilts to the front, is it the cable or possibly did it get stuck and what is the best and easiest way to find out?
Re: Lift cables adjustments Hi-Lo '27 89' bob 10-19-10  
Cable adjustment
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed mark 6-21-10  
I just bought a 78 also, with no manuals not sure what model it is etc. just figured out that the frig works off elec.takes like 7 hrs. to get cold,cant try the gas yet. hose broken.would like to communicate with other people that have 78 hi lo's if you could help at all with the manuals you have,it would be greatly appreciated. thanks mark......
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed james denton 4-10-12  
I have a 1994 hilo bonvoyage camper i can get to drop what do i need to check?
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed steve 3-12-14  
Raise it up a bit first then pull harder on the cable, you should hear the lock drop out. If not,first try looking under the trailer to see if the lock is even disengaging, if so then you may have to bleed the system down slowly. I don't suggest this unless you know what you are doing, you can be crushed. Email me,spomilia@att.net
Re: Hi lo campers; opinions needed steve 3-12-14  
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