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88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Bryan P. 10-17-05  
I have an 88 Ford Ranger that keeps sputtering or missing, It just had a tune up and a new fuel filter, plugs, points, rotor and cap, thermostat and o2 sencor, the mechanic suggested that I use an injector cleaner called sea foam, and that
would take care of the sputtering, well it hasn't and sometimes it gets pretty bad!

Any suggestions?
thanks Bryan P.
1989 ranger v6 efi dead seth 8-19-07  
My 89 ranger 2.9 v6 only has 68,000 on it and has been running great until one day i went out to get lunch and while at a stoplight the truck just died. i thought that i stalled it but when i went to start it it just turns over really fast but doesnt even pop. i now that fuel isnt the problem but what electronically could it be ? thanks need help asap
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing rich 8-23-07  
Is their any special procedure on changing the starter on a 88 ford ranger 2.9 6cyl 4wd truck
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing brian 8-17-07  
88 ford ranger stx, was running fine then it stalled, now can't get it started. checked spark, fuel, an nothing wrong. have replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, air filter, oil change, have tried everything i can think of but no luck, any1 have any ideas?
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Adam 7-31-07  
I have an 88 ford ranger STX 4x4 that ipulled out of a feild and started fixing up about 4 years ago when i was 13. i have almost finish but when i start her up she wants to die if i let the RPMs go anything under 2grand
any ideas would be great THANX
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing josh 7-28-07  
I have a 1988 Ford Ranger XLT 2.9L V6 and i had that problem until i put in all new after market parts from MSD ignitions. i put a complete Pertronix ignition system and a self management fuel system complete from in the tank to last o-ring on the injectors. after i bought a intake system from LMC truck and put a K&N air filter. since i had done all of this my truck has ran great and i can now lay rubber down on the roads. i had cost me lots of money but its sure worth it now.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing luis 6-23-15  
1989 ford ranger keeps running rough & cutting out at a speed around 45
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing jamie 8-14-07  
I have this same problem i have a 88 Ford ranger with a V6 2.9l and i just had the muffler system put in, its brand new I have checked all the fluids and oils, spark plugs, and it still runs rough when it idles and when i let off the gas slow when im driving it has a grinding noise. please email me back. i dont know much about mechanics but im tryin to learn.
86 ranger 4wd 2.9 v6 sputterig stalling etc. Bill Deremer 11-4-07  
Hi, Engine starts fine and runs great for about the first few minutes than starts missing and sending black smoke out the tailpipe. If you take your foot of the gas pedal it stalls. If you floor the gas pedal it will smooth out and run fine. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
Thanks, Bill
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing rick 1-30-08  
My 88 ranger 2.0 L is missing, losing power to the point that the speed decresses to the point of quitting. If you let it sit for a few mins it runs OK but ruff, than chokes out with in a few miles. I have put almost everything i can think of to try to fix the problem....but no luck there it doses the same....

I though you might have an idea what it might be
Re: 89 Ford Ranger Marsha 3-2-08  
My son in-law owns a 89 Ranger. He hasn't had it but a month. He had it up on the interstate and it acted as tho it was running out of gas. When he got off the interstatehe went two traffic lights and it shut of. Thinking it ran out of gas he put some in and it starts but has a awful order
and runs real rough.He changed the fuel filter and it's still doing the same thing. Any ideas??
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing willie 1-24-08  
Well it runes good for a while then it starts to sputter and smells like it is flooding if i turn it off and let th mortor complety stop then it wil run fine for while then same help plz
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Nico 1-16-08  
I have a 1988 Ford Ranger XLT 2.9L V6
and it seem that the transmission if not catching.. at 35 mph it wont shift into the next gear.. my dad says its a vacuum line.. but i cant seem to spot one.. please can anyone help
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing adam h 7-9-07  
Check your timing timing chains belts stretch overtime, check your points make sure they sure they are adjusted corectly, check your contacts in your distributor cap, you may have low compresson, also try seafoam in your intake to clean it out carbon build up can cause this also you can use tranny fluid,
Re: 88 Ford Ranger will not start in the cold erik 11-20-07  
When ever its cold outside my truck will not start, but when it warms up it starts up firt time.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing AaRON 10-18-07  
I have an 88 stx ranger that recently gave me the same problem....i would have to keep the idle up myself.. if not it would sputter and die and shoot stuff out the tailpipe...i replaced the fuel relay $1.10 and fixed it...
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Robert 6-16-07  
I've an 88, 4WD, auto transmission also that when shifted into drive, or reverse without pressing the gas acts as if it is being slightling bogged down, and then at times dies. When idling in gear it has an oscillation to the idle where it will remain pegged at around 850 for about 45 seconds then it will start with a very slight maybe 30 rpm rise and fall, like a ball being dropped it bounces back up and then down a little lower, then back up but to maybe 810, then back down. It's total oscillation is around 100rpms until it at times dies.
I thought it maybe be torque converter, or its related solenoid. However, I have found out that the fuel pressure regulator is bad, which I will replace tommorow, and repost the outcome.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Rodney v. 11-23-05  
Try the distributer it sounds like this because you pretty much changed every thing else but; check the catalitic converter
88 Ford Ranger runs rough at idle Brad 7-17-06  
I have a 1988 Ford ranger 2wd with the 2.9 V6. i just got done replacing the cap, rotor, wires and plugs. and it still idels rough. what could be the problem?
Ford 1990 2.9 V6 Gerardo Gómez 11-10-05  
Hi! I have this problem whith a ford ranger 4x4 1990 after warmed up
the motor has a false explosións when i start step on gas and has a slow response like lossing power even if i pump more fuel. how can i resolved it? I really apreciate the help. Thanks
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Phil Feinstein 10-19-05  
Start off by checking for vacuum leaks; Also; do yourself a favor and when the motor is cold, check the compression in each cylinder. Your V6 wasn't known to have head gasket problems, but it's always a good idea to check the basics.

Look by the air filter; If you have wires going to it, you have a MAF sensor and the plugs had corrosion issues from 1988 to 1994. If you don't have a MAF sensor, then look along the firewall for a MAP sensor and MAKE SURE that the vacuum hose is good (Flexible and no cracks whatsoever)

If you still can't find the problem, put a tach on the motor and pull the plugs off the injectors one by one while the engine is idling. If you find an injector that doesn't make the engine slow very much when you disconnect it, then you have a plugged injector. Also, after the engine has warmed up, pull the vacuum line off the fuel pressure regulator and see if there is gas in it (also check the hose for leaks). Gas means a bad pressure regulator, and it'll need to be replaced.

Good luck!
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Phil Feinstein 10-18-05  
Which motor is in your Ranger? The twin spark plug 4 cylinder had a problem with the crank angle sensor that would cause a problem like this; the 3L V6 with the MAF had issues with the connector at the MAF sensor and that could cause this problem. The 3L V6 with the MAP sensor is really sensitive about vacuum leaks and that could cause this problem. The 4L V6 is picky about everything, but I don't think that the 4L was an option in the Ranger in '88.

Hope that helps!
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Bryan P. 10-19-05  
The engine type probably would be good to know! It is the 2.9 v6.

Thanks for the promt response!
any helpfull advice is greatly appreciated!

Bryan P.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing rich 8-19-06  
I have a 88 ranger with 2.9l i have a provlem with it surging through driving speeds around 80 km i thinkit could be the overdrive in the tranny if anybody could give me some suggestions that would be great it only has 130 000 oringinal km on the motor and as far as i kow the tranny
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Adam 10-23-06  
Hi All!

I too have this problem. I have an 88 ford ranger with the V6 2.9liter. When i got the truck i did a full tune up on it. Wires, cap, rotor, plugs, filters, fluids, and replaced all cracked hoses.

It ran great!...for a few months.

it would then randomly run rough. i would hold the gas at 2000rmp while it ran rough. after a few seconds, it would smooth out and the rpms would get high(without my pressing the gas further).

my boss recommeded that i replace my cat convertors, so i did. the prblem went away!....for a few months...

and now it is back to its old ways. I have had the truck code checked and i have gotten codes refering to fuel delivery problems. I will investigate further. Hope someone will solve this mystery problem soon!
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Bud E 6-6-07  
86 2.9l same problem? Has anyone found any thing that fixes this problem? I tried everything on this Re: with little if any improvement? HELP by email please!
1994 Ranger Stalling Jay 3-9-08  
My truck gets stall after 20 minutes or so. I was told I had a bad ICM so it was replaced 3 times first time truck run for 6 months Ok. Second time nothing happen so it went to the dealer third time lasted two weeks. Sad about the money I put out so I had a new electronic diagnostic, changed Fuel Pump, MAF Mass AirFlow Sensor, no change yet. I was told that I shall look into something electrical that is overheating and opening or sending the wrogn info to the PCM Power Control Module. Camshaft,Cranckshaft Sensors, timing belt are pretty new as well as water pump. HELP..Oh we also checked catalytic comverter by removing O2 sensor out to see if the engine could breath but no change.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Bud 4-19-07  
Same problem on a 1986 ranger v-6, anyone solve this problem? Email if so, Thanks.....
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing ken 3-21-07  
I found the neg. wires from the neg.batt.post to the frame & to the computer sys. (the small one from the post the connector approx. 1ft.down from the battery was green &loose.)this did fix all my problems. (2.9L)88 eng. 3-21-07 Q CA.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing bruce 2-15-07  
I also have a 88 ranger 4wd 2.9L and i completly rebuilt it last march and replaced the crankshaft 3 months ago. the distributer is new along with the cats, fuel injectors, fuel tank, starter, starter cellenoid and so on...
i was driving and it was running real well than it started idle real rough almost like a stall convertor and if i held the accelerator for a second it would even out right at 850rpm. than all of a sudden the truck sputtered a few times than i lost everything but the truck was idleing. i hit the gas and it did not do a thing and would not start again. any tips will help greatly thanks.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing kyle 2-19-07  
I also have a 88 ranger 4wd with a 2.9 in it as well it wouldnt hardly idle so i replaced the fuel pump regulator and it started up fine... but my truck also sputteres and wants to die... i think also that it could be injector...
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing fletch 6-26-07  
Hey i have a 88 ranger with a 2.9 now i just changed the engine and it ran fine for a wile then one day she died so i changed every electrical component before i found the broken wire and bernt out relay well now it starts and idals fine but when its under a load between 25 and 30 grand she will become a coster pilet till it gets past that point then it will cick in and lay rubber and jerk u around but is fine till the next time u hit 25 grand any sugjestions now keep in minde it dont cut out if its in nutral or if the clutch is pushed in
Re: 94 ford ranger after 5th. gear i give it gas. it runs rough ken b. 10-7-07  
After 5th. gear its run rough.when i give it gas. i check the vauum hose. it isfine.i did change the fuel filter. could it be erg or oxgen senors. thanks ken
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Matss 8-28-09  
I have a 88 ford ranger 4x4 2.9l engine. I have changed the fuel pump in the tank about a year ago and just changed the fuel pump under drivers side. The problem is the truck runs okay and when it gets hot its like there is no gas intake we used seafoam on the injectors and still won't work.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing bart richardson 9-4-09  
My 89 ranger was sputtering, missing i worked on it and worked it a friend came ove and said clean the batter post and all the cables and it worked its run good now some small things we just over look will coat alot
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing rich 8-26-09  
Check the egr sensor, often causes a stutter in the engine when clogged, can be replaced for $50
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing brandon 8-4-09  
I have a 1989 ford ranger it starts fine and runs fine but after you run it for about 15 minutes down the road it starts to spit and sputter and acts like it is running out of gas but if i mash the clutch and give it some gas it still sputters a little but then i quites and runs ok for a little while and does it again and while i park it and let it just sit there and idle it idles rough and will sometimes die. i cant figure it out can someone please help me thanks
Re: 88 Ford Ranger stalls Bo 2-8-09  
88 Ranagaer 4 cyl starts and runs OK, but out of blue stalls, then starts and runs OK after a few minures. Any suggestions?
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing matt 6-26-09  
I have a 1988 v6 4x4 automatic ranger truck. It was running like most of the above descriptions, would not run over 2200 rpm without power loss and wanting to die and black smoke. but if you turned the key off and back on it would start perfect and run good until you went over 2200 rpm and it would do it again. replaced all tune up parts and di nothing. then i replaced the air charge sensor and nothing again.then I replaced the o2/oxygen sensor on exuast pipe////FIXXXXXXXED Problem. all runs great.
Re: 01 ranger missing ruben 11-15-09  
I've changed plugs and wires but did not help bought it used who ever had just put 4 new plugs and did not change the other 2 could tht be the problem help
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Doug 3-23-08  
My 89 Ranger( 2.9 efi ) had been running rough a few years and I finally went after it. Replace the O2 sensor and fuel filter and that helped just a little. What did the trick for me was once again, the thermostat was stuck open. After replacing it for the 4th time, it runs nice and smooth and gets an around 21MPG.
93 mustang 2.3 running really rough when warmed up Kyle 4-23-13  
Love this car, just starting running rough when it gets warmed up, feels like its missing and my brand new cat glows red let it sit for a while starts and runs fine til warm then acts up again, any thoughts, kinda desperate
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing luis 6-23-15  
1989 ford ranger keeps running rough & cutting out at a speed around 45 please help me
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing brandon 6-3-11  
I have a 88 ford ranger with a 2.8 ltr in it, just got it, ran just fine after jump starting it, got it home and shut it down then started it back up(ruff start), it started smoking grey smoke really bad i couldnt see the back end of my truck so i turned it off after letting cool i checked oil and found water and the smell of gas in oil. and now it wont start found the flywheel was hammered missing a lot of teeth and i plan on replacing motor with 2.9ltr anyone know what happened why/how would gas get in oil tank?
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Art 2-9-11  
Went to town to get some material. When came back out to go home, (after about 20 minutes), tried to start truck. It sounded and felt like it couldn't make up it's mind on which cylinders to fire. Very rough idle, very erratic rpm, then would quit. Started and ran fine going to town. Doesn't matter if clutch in or out, transmission in gear or in neutral. Replaced fuel pump and TFI. Any suggestions?
Re: 1989 Ford Ranger no distributor quits while driving and when you try to start it it will start backfiring John Collins 12-10-09  
Can you help me find the problem
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Anthony 5-3-10  
I have a 88 ford ranger 2.9 and i have no take off power i gave it complete tune up had the muffler tested still runs bad any help out there
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing josh h 11-19-08  
My truck runs on 3 cylinders spitts raw fuel out ehaust pipe and has fuel in oil. it ran fine one minute i shut it off and it immediately started this apon restart ive changer distributor cap, rotary button, plugs, wires, and fuel pump relay what else could it be?
Ranger high idle chaz 11-26-09  
I have a 1988 ford ranger xlt super and when i start my truck up it runs fine but sometimes after i drive it for a few minutes and i press in the clutch to shift or stop it will idle high form about 1500 to 3000 and if i shut my truck off and turn it back on it goes away or sometimes it just goes away after a while. how do i get rid off this problem?
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing vickers 5-1-08  
Vacum hose leak
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Trevor 5-2-08  
Same thing, idles poorly, vibrates really bad at 1 grand, replaced cat, icm, map, checked about everthing else... last time it was the map. have good compression and gas.keep ya posted
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Julie 4-30-08  
I have 86 ford ranger 2.9. It sputtered, missed, backfired. After troubleshooting, I bought the part that was to me, seemed to be the center of all the OTHER parts that could be wrong,...like the pcv, the egr, the tps, etc. So I bought the Map Sensor, disconnected the neg battery cable, unplugged the old Map and vaccuum line, connected the new sensor up and started my truck up and it runs like its new again. So for me, the map sensor was the cure for all the sputtering, missing, rich fuel, smoking, and low rpms.
A girl
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing brandon 4-16-08  
I have a 1986 ranger with new gas tank, pump, filter, distributor cap, rotor, plugs, wires, oxygen sensor, egr valve and egr pressure feedback sensor. and at 2000 rpm it cuts out real bad but it drives down the road fine. it still dont idle though
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Coot 11-2-08  
I am building a 86 4x4 with a v-6. when I picked it up it had a miss and smoked some but it had been laid up for a while, did a tune up and it would run perfect with no smoke until it would get a wild hair, then it would start smoking black as coal, smell like a two cycle outboard running, and start missing like crazy, then sometimes it would clear up. I changed Oxy sensor, air temp sensor, water temp sensor, checked timing, changed injectors, check harness for any defects, replaced ign. module. Still runs like crap. Will replace magnetic pickup and hopefully that will do the trick. Anybody else had this problem. Truck ran perfectly for about 4 hrs straight today, as soon as I stoped it, let it sit for a while, it started right up but ran like hell.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing kyle 4-5-08  
88 2.0 liter carborated. sounds like theres a pattern for this sputtering problem, mine runs different every time i get in it.... i tried doing the timing and there is no indication other that it might be a self adjusting. no marks on the pully. it is a rebuild 4 cylinder. it also sputters and when accelerating it goes in and out on the power like its miss firing. almost like its running out of gas. and on freeway especially after bout 20 miles usually. its gutless and id like to know any info you have thanks for your time.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Nathan 3-31-08  
I had this problem, I think it's similar to what your describing. I would run for about a half hour and then it would just die on me, and I have those dual pumps, a high and low pressure one. What I ended up doing was replacing the fuel injector relay switches, towards the left side (on the passenger side) of the engine, it's two gray little boxes I had to replace, also had to replace the wires on them as they were burned out completely from being against the firewall. Replaced those, ran some injector cleaner, doing fine now.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing jim 5-13-08  
Jerks when trying to hold steady speed does not do it when accelerating
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Rich 10-12-08  
The 86 won't work with a new scanner, it's OBD-1 while the new ones are -2, but there are test points on passenger firewall/fender you can use a voltmeter to test, but I think you have to have a "check engine" light on for it to store codes in the "brain"

I'm having the same problem, I thought it might be a clogged Cat (my 86 jeep had one, caused similar stutter) but now I'm thinking it's gotta be combustion related, gonna replace the TPS and mess with manual timing.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing John Bosley 10-30-08  
Go to http://fordfuelinjection.com/.
There is a very good tutorial on the entire system with instructions on how to fix the pin outs and corroded connectors.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing tim 5-19-08  
My truck, an 88 Ford Ranger 2.9 V6, is doing the wierdest things. my tach jumps radicly and my temp guage reads hot seconds after the truck is started. for a while the start would not stop spinning after i started the truck. through running and even after i turned the truck off and pulled the key out of the ignition the starter would still be turning my moter. the starter celonoid was only about 8 months old so its wasnt old or worn out. it ideals rough after a while of being started up and when i start driving it sputters and misses real bad it has stalled out on me twice recently and thats the only time it has ever happened. i have replaced the plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and the starter celonoid and the only thing that has stopped is the start doesnt stick any more. it is also backfiring into the air filter box. i have tried almost everything i can thing of just short of redoing the entire electrial system (which i cant afford) before all this started the truck ran great, no problems at all. any help on this would be great.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Amanda 8-17-08  
I have a 1988 5 speed Ford Ranger 2.3L engine. When I start the truck it acts as if it wants to stall. Also when I drive it and start to come to a stop it sometimes seems as if the accelerator is being pressed but i am not pressing it just the brake. I have a new cat and a new air temp sensor on it. What can be causing it to do this?
Re: 88 Ford Ranger idles great, dies under load, and wont start back up for about 20 mins. Dean 8-15-08  
I bought the truck with problems, most of which where solved by replacing the tps sensor, and from then on it wouldnt start back up only after i shut it off. Just recently it has started cutting off once you try to accelerated. I have replaced the pick up coil, ignition module, tps, map sensor, plugs and wires, rotor, cap and not thats its related but valve cover gaskets. I am under the impression it has something to do with a lack of fuel.. quick back history, the truck ran great until the original owner drove through a deep puddle, then it cut off and all the problems started.... someone help!!!!
thanks Dean
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Mitchell 7-1-08  
The rangers had a bad problem with the v6 motor on the heads the inner wall of the head would crack it was a design flaw your best bet is to buy proformance heads their thicker and will hold up better for the long haul.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Roger 5-20-08  
I have an 86 ranger, today I started up and It was idiling really wierd glugging up and down between 1000-2000. Then I tried going up a hill and it just died. I have been noticing sometimes going up hill I feel like im pressing the gas a little to much to go up then before.
1990 ranger 4.0 ed 3-25-09  
My ranger wont start when it is cold out. and it dont start verry good when it warm out either. it has a new fuel pump all new sensors. have changed the computer and fuel filter. if you turn the key on and off 5 times it will start right up. help please.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing David 5-12-08  
I was reading a form about your ford ranger on rvmechanic.com. you said you replaced the fuel tank. i haven't been able to find the fuel tank for my 88 ford ranger which is also 4wd. mine came with the factor 15 gal tank. could you please tell me the tank size are where you found yours.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing kyle 2-24-07  
My ranger has 2 fuel pumps, a high pressure and a lo pressure im going to change the lo pressure pump and see if it will help the way that it runs... i seen in a book that with a rough idle to check the fuel pump, because with the dual pumps if one is not working properly it wont run very good...
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing John J. Pellegrino 4-22-08  
I have had the same problem with a 1986 Ranger. the first part of the solution was a bad Throttle Position Sensor. They are noting but a calibrated Potentiometer like the volume control of a Radio. In other words they are not a heavy duty item by no means. The second part of this kind of problem is the Distributor with the Thick Film Ignition control module on the side of the distributor and these are a big problem for Fords, basically they are unreliable. The internal pick up inside the distributor are a huge source of problems also. My 2.9 L V6 would start so quick I didn't suspect the distributor for a while and the engine ran like a sick pig to the point where you would think it was wore out. With a rebuilt distributor and new Thick film ignition module it now runs like new at 160K miles. Hope this helps. By the way these distributors can be a real pain to disassemble, the gear is very tough to get off, so be warned. I got one off but not on another distributor another so buying a rebuilt solved that.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing dan stolwyk 8-23-07  
I gave my truck a tune up and it still cough and sputters. It also has a smell of gas in the oil.
Re: 1989 ranger v6 efi dead snoopdawg241977 5-19-10  
I had a similar issue and it was taken care of by replacing the solenoid and the starter. Total cost was 90 bucks. At first I went to auto parts place and the solenoid they gave me was causing it to turnover as soon as battery was plugged in so be aware of that. Luckily I took the solenoid off a Bronco II at the junkyard. Good luck!
Re: 86 ranger 4wd 2.9 v6 sputterig stalling etc. mark 5-23-08  
Ok.. same thing everyone else is posting???? what is it with these rangers? i have a 2.9 1986 4x4 auto/ super ranger.. its almost a show truck..its sweet..but it stutters, misses and coughs black smoke??, i have replaced map sensor.. checked everything in the world had two mechanics with over 25yrs.exp. ea. side by side and cant figure this out? put scanner on it will not talk to computer???, im tired of the sputtering etc.? im no beginner.. i know about timing,plugs,wires,vaccum,sensors but dont know the deal with this??
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing charles 4-15-13  
My truck was doing the same thing took it in had the trans rebuilt but got it back and it still did it found out it had a cracked valve body the plate you can take off the bottom of the trans replaced it now it works could just be the seal
Re: 89 Ford Ranger Jude Stubblefield 9-3-14  
My 1989 2.3 L ford rangers itch manual transmission sputters when doing 55 in 5 gear.what can that be?
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Tom 2-5-09  
I've been having this same problem for years, sputtering, missing, low acceleration. I finally found that using a high performance ignition coil and a high performance coil wire solved the problem. The ohm readings on the coil wires at chain auto part stores were all over the place, with readings as high as 9.5 ohms. The high performance one, read 1.5 ohms. The coils at those same places were insufficient in voltage. I also ran a second ground wire from the battery to the coil, negative side of course. P.S. A spark plug wire will fit the coil. I hope this helps. Good luck.
Re: 86 ranger 4wd 2.9 v6 sputterig stalling etc. bhsxc 6-16-08  
Late 88 ford ranger stx 4x4 2.9L motor, sputtering underload, then wouldnt start, replaced every damn thing in the starting system, well finally changed out the pickup coil inside the distributor and it almost started, then i started jittering around the wires that go into the ignition controll module (flat module that bolts to the back of the distributor) and it would start, no sputtering, no knocking nothing...so check those pickup coils and icm's, now can anyone tell me how to fix the wires going into my icm? i cant find anyshorts, connections are all fine, they just have to be played with to work
Re: 88 Ford Ranger 2.3L surge and lack of power wallace 8-30-11  
I have already done : idle air control, fuel reg, splugs & wires, carbon canister, vac lines, fuel filters all, air fliter, head, t-belt, fan clutch, oil pressure sen., new gaskets on t-body
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing Levi 10-30-11  
I have an 86 ranger 4x4 2.9l auto. Same problem. I just noticed an exhaust leak today. Would that be throwing off the computer and causing the whole mess?
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing MIKE 8-13-11  
Same problem here.Runs great when first started then hold at 2500 or go for a drive and about 5 miles it all starts to go to hell.Replaced everything but the motor and checked every connection and all specs.Tired of throwin money at this thing.Ford has no idea. It just now spit a code 41. Gona check o2 sensor next..What is wrong with thing!
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing tayler brown 11-12-15  
Try these sites for diagnosing

Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing montie 1-14-15  
88 Ford Ranger 2.9, same issue. sputtering, missing and such. It started doing this out of the blue one morning after I let it warm up. P.s- my brother took the IAC off and cleaned it while I was away one day and this happened the very next day.
Re: 88 Ford Ranger sputtering, missing edward 7-9-12  
1988 ford ranger cuts off when warms up 2.3 4cyl let set cranks run good until warms up again
Re 1990 ford ranger 4.0 chugs in gear and bogs at mid rpm jim 12-2-11  
I have a 1990 ford ranger that runs well alot of the time but more and more it chuggs alot when stopped at a light and wants to stall but when i switch t neutral it runs good again and i smell sulfer or rotten eggs it bogs at around 1500 rpm to about 2000rpm. what do you think
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